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									Technology         Title / Topic          Presenter    Status     Day
area                                                            Duration

Adabas       Back to Adabas basics    Jim Poole, EDS    ok      Eduday,
             with a touch of V8                                 full day

EntireX      EntireX Communicator –   Dave Hupp,        ok      Eduday,
             Broker Services and      Software AG               1/2 day

EntireX      EntireX Communicator –   Dave Hupp,        ok      Eduday,
             Creating Web Services    Software AG               1/2 day
Natural/RPC Natural and RPC            Jacques Rossouw,   ok   Eduday,
                                       Software AG             1/2 day

Natural/XML Building Web Applications Jacques Rossouw,    ok   Eduday,
              using Natural, XML and   Software AG             1/2 day
              Web Services
Natural   Natural Fundamentals    Jim Wisdom,         ok   Eduday,
                                  Boston University        1/2 day

Natural   Natural Programming     Steve Robinson      ok   Eduday,
          Structures                                       1/2 day

Adabas    What it means to be a   Dieter Storr, LA    ok   Eduday,
          Database Admin - best   Times                    1/2 day
Natural   What it means to be a      Darrell Davenport,   ok   Eduday,
          Natural/Natural Security   Washington State          1/2 day
          Admin - best practices     University

Natural   Natural for Open Systems Hubert Kwasniok,       ok   Eduday,
          and Single Point of      Software AG                 1/2 day
          Development (SPoD)

Natural   Natural Business Services Mark Barnard,         ok   Eduday,
          for Construct Users       Software AG                1/2 day

As we measure our experience with Adabas in decades, there are many
basics that we forget. The first half of this class will cover selections from
Adabas Internals and Performance as well as Adabas utilities to help
remind us what we're supposed to know. Topics will include:
• reuse ds/isn
• tips on the Adaord utility and other select utilities
• basic internals workings
The second half will cover observations and tips on V8.
This presentation will cover some of the fundamentals of EntireX, using
EntireX Broker Services, and discuss various security options.

Topics covered will include;
• Overview of EntireX
• How to use EntireX to integrate with legacy applications
• Components of EntireX Communicator

o Configuration Options with Broker services

• Communication models used by EntireX
• Difference between Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and the Advanced
Communicator Interface (ACI).
• How to use Units-of-Work and Persistence
• Integrating Security
o EntireX Security
o Interfacing with RACF, Top Secret, ACF2
o Trusted User Concept
o Natural Security
o Encryption
This presentation will cover how to use EntireX with RPC Servers to
implement Web Services.

Topics covered will include;
• Overview of RPC
• Available RPC Servers
• Using RPC to achieve integrating goals
• Creating Web Services with EntireX Communicator
In the last couple of years it has increasingly become more important to
be able to access out mainframe Natural Adabas data from external
sources such as the Web and client applications. Natural RPC (Remote
Procedure Call) enables customers to invoke NATURAL subprograms
that reside on remote servers. The RPC mechanism provides a
transparent layer of communication between client and server
environments for existing user applications based on NATURAL. Natural
RPC exploits the advantages of client server computing.
In this class, you will learn what are the prerequisites and components
required to set up Natural RPC and how EntireX can connect Natural
services (subprograms) to clients with EntireX RPC.


In the last couple of years it has increasingly become more important to
be able to access out mainframe Natural Adabas data from external
sources such as the Web and also to be able to access and process Web
data sources such as Web Services from Natural.
In this class participants will learn how Natural, XML and Web Services
can be used to add value to your existing system by integrating data from
various data sources.


Protocol (SOAP)
This presentation combines what has in the past been presented as the
first two portions of the Natural Training Track. The syllabus includes:

Part 1 – Defining Natural data

• Data types,
• Redefinitions ,
• Data structures,
• Defining arrays,
• structured arrays,
• DDM views,
• Move options,
• Arithmetic - its rules and performance,
• Hex representations

Part 2 - Manipulating Natural Data

• Date arithmetic,
• String manipulations,
• Examine options,
• Compress statement,
• Separate statement,
• the Natural SORT,
• The Natural Stack
Loop structures, decision structures, the power of Examine, Compress &

Tasks of a DBA
- Help to determine the database design
  - Hardware level
  - Application design level
- determine the ADABAS parameters
- Help to determine the transaction design
- Coordinate the online and batch processes
- Develop Back-up and recovery procedures
- Ensure (force) quality assurance and quality control
- Educate and train staff members
- Help to determine data security
- Help to determine standard routines and Help functions
- Maintain and optimize the database system
- Ideal DBA profile -- technically and personally
- Future requirements
- Position of the DBA in the enterprise
This session is a review of my experiences and thoughts as a Natural
Administrator for 20+ years. Computing has changed dramatically. Along
the way I've learned a few tricks and collected a few tools to help get the
most from the Natural environment.

But every business has unique policies and business requirements. Come
learn from my mistakes and victories, and share your war stories. Let us
share our "best practices", for all future Natural administrators; whether it
is for those new to Natural or for our own future benefit.

Developers can perform remote development and maintenance of
applications on any platform directly from the Windows desktop to reduce
time-to-market and cost-of-maintenance-while increasing quality. This
presentation will discuss: how to re-engineer very large and long-lived
business applications through versatile code analysis and restructuring,
how to enable code to be modularized for exposing the application as a
service to Web interfaces or other applications, remote debugging of
mainframe and Unix applications, maintenance of documentation objects,
model-based application generation, and much more.

This class serves as an introduction to Natural Business Services for
users who have developed with Construct in the past. We'll learn how we
can leverage the power of Construct code generation to create service
enabled applications using new features of Natural Business Services.
We'll also discuss how the products are combined together and how you
can still run Construct in stand-alone mode.
Technology area                     Title / Topic                      Presenter            Presentation       Day
                                                                                               status       Duration
crossvision       BPM and SOA – Bringing People, Processes and   Patti Jeffries, Software        ok         Thursday
                  Systems Together                               AG                                          morning
crossvision       CENTRASITE : Using an SOA to Maximize the      Bjoern Brauel,                 ok         Wednesday
                  Value of Your Legacy Applications              Software AG                                afternoon
crossvision       Preserving legacy applications with ApplinX    Rod Carlson, Software          ok          Thursday
                                                                 AG                                         afternoon

EntireX           EntireX Communicator - Troubleshooting the     Dave Hupp, Software            ok          Thursday
                  EntireX Environment                            AG                                         morning
EntireX             EntireX Communicator - There Is More To It Than      Dave Hupp, Software     ok
                    Broker                                               AG

crossvision &       Using Application Designer & Application Composer    Bjoern Mueller (R&D),   ok    Thursday
Natural             to create new Business Services                      Software AG                   morning
crossvision Keynote From Data to Business Information: the Crossvision   Ivo Totev, Software     ok   Thursday, 1
                    SOA Suite                                            AG                               hr

ETS Main Keynote    Software AG Strategy & Vision / Adabas/Natural      Joe Gentry, Software     ok   Wednesday,
                    Strategy & Vision                                   AG                              1.5 hrs.
Natural             Increasing Productivity with Natural for Eclipse    Karlheinz Kronauer,      ok    Thursday
                                                                        Software AG /
Natural             Change Management For The Natural Environment Jim Bando, Software            ok    Thursday
                    (PAC)                                               AG                             afternoon
Natural             Building new SOA and AJAX-based business            Mark Barnard (R&D),      ok      Friday
                    applications (Natural Business Services and         Software AG                     morning
SOA                             Composer & Designer)
                    Application to Mainframes - Securely connecting the John Power, Risaris
                    From SOA                                                                     ok
                    old and the new                                     Limited

Natural             Natural Engineer - Refactoring: From monolithic      Karlheinz Kronauer,     ok    Thursday
                    applications to service-oriented application         Software AG                   morning
Natural             Natural Vision and Product Strategy                  Karlheinz Kronauer,     ok   Wednesday
                                                                         Software AG
Natural   Natural Administration Issues for                    Hubert Kwasniok         ok     Friday
          Unix/Linux/Windows                                   (R&D), Software AG            morning

Natural   Natural for DB2                                      Darrell Skildum,        ok     Friday
                                                               Software AG                   morning

Natural   Natural V4.2 for the mainframe and Natural 6.2 for   Hubert Kwasniok         ok   Thursday
          Open Systems                                         (R&D), Software AG           afternoon

All       Legacy Modernization Strategy - Portfolio Overview   Guido Falkenberg,       ok
                                                               Software AG

                                         ADABAS                Track
Adabas    Adabas V8 for the mainframe, Adabas v5 for Open      Becky Albin, Software   ok   Wednesday
          Systems and the Adabas Manager                       AG                            afternoon

Adabas    Adabas Vision and Product Strategy                   Bruce Beaman,           ok     Wed.
                                                               Software AG                  afternoon
Adabas    1. Are we closer to 24X7 ?                      2.   RoundTable              ok    Thurs.
          Distributing Adabas Utilities               3. Is                                 afternoon
          Replication the only way or the best way?
Adabas   Adabas Recovery using "fast backup" software            Rich Crumley, Morgan          Thurs.

Adabas   Adding Value to Adabas - FastPath, Vista, Delta         Bruce Beaman,            ok   Wed-Fri
         Save, & Cluster Services                                Software AG
Adabas   Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) against         Becky Albin, Software    ok   Wed-Fri
         Adabas using SQL Gateway                                AG
Adabas   Event Replicator for Adabas: Off-the-Shelf Real-        Becky Albin, Software    ok   Wed-Fri
         Time Data Replication - Part I, the Software AG story   AG

Adabas   Everything you Wanted to Know about Sx                  Jim Poole, EDS           ok   Thurs.

Adabas   Security in the 21rst century                           Brian Johnson, Eaton     ok   Wed-Fri

Adabas   Little Known Features - Adam files, multi-client        Dieter Storr, LA Times   ok   Thurs.
Adabas             Adabas Multifetch, In and Out of Natural          Jim Poole, EDS            ok      Fri. morning

Adabas             How We Cut Costs by Implementing Adabas Vista     Ilan Hirschowitz, Spl     ok

Adabas             Adabas Transaction Manager - back to the future   Bernd Bohne, Sparda-      ok
                                                                     Datenverarbeitung eG

Adabas             How VISTA is Used at Morgan Stanley               Malcoln Chimes,           ok       Wed-Fri
                                                                     Morgan Stanley

                                  Natural / Natural Training Track
Natural            1. Reactions to futures                           RoundTable, Darrell       ok
                   2. Change Enhancements                            Davenport moderator
                   3. etc.
Natural            Mainframe Natural TnT                             Darrell Davenport,      Wed-Fri     1.50 hr.

Adabas / Natural   Natural Adabas Database Access Performance Tips Jim Bando, Software         ok
Natural            Natural exits, including USR modules, Sysmain             Wayne Campos           ok
                   exits, Logon exits, NatSec exits.
Natural            Invoking Natural Objects                                  D. Hamilton            ok
Natural            Batch topics                                              R. Zbrog               ok
Natural            Windows & Maps                                            D. Hamilton            ok
Natural            Natural utilities and commands – online and batch         D. Davenport           ok
Natural            Terminal commands, session parameters and                 J. Wisdom              ok
                   system variables
Natural            Natural Studio Customization & Navigation                 R. Zbrog or C. Scott   ok
Natural            Developing Natural Studio Plugins                         R. Zbrog or C. Scott   ok
Natural            Developing Natural with Eclipse - Part I                  Innowake               ok
Natural            Developing Natural with Eclipse - Part II                 Innowake               ok
Natural            Natural Monitoring and Productivity Tools                 Jim Bando, Software    ok
Adabas / Natural   Tips & Techniques for intalling Natural / Adabas on       Jim Bando, Software    ok
                   Mainframe / PC                                            AG
Natural            The is/outs of Sysobjh and defining utility profiles to   Andy Engels,           ok
                   Natural Security                                          Landauer, Inc.
Natural            Natural Internals                                         Andreas Scheutz,
                                                                             emeritus Natural
                                                                             Developer from
                                                                             Software AG
Natural            Change Management For The Natural Environment             Jim Bando, Software    ok
                   (PAC)                                                     AG

                                           Other User Presentations
Adabas/SQL         Data Replication with SQL                                 Andy Engels,           ok
                                                                             Landauer, Inc.

Auditing           Leveraging PAC to Pacify the SOX Requirement at           Ed Hebenstreit,        ok
                   Northeast Utilities                                       Northeast Utilities
Natural/Connectivity Network printing, faxing and e-mail from mainframe   Ranga Nathan, BAX        ok
                     Natural                                              Global Inc

Web/Connectivity    Tamino: Getting there                                 Curtis Pew, University   ok
                                                                          of Texas at Austin
Web/Connectivity    Employee Empowerment Naturally: Payroll What          W. David Wimberly,       ok
                    If s on the Web                                       University of Arkansas

Natural             Debugging Natural Programs                            Jean Chamberlin,         ok
                                                                          Penn State University

Adabas/Natural      Refreshing the Test Environment from Production       Richard Bartkus, BAX     ok
development         Weekly                                                Global
Web/Connectivity   Application Reengineering Effort Pays Big        David Love, California   ok
                   Dividends in eServices                           Board of Equalization

Web/Connectivity   Can what your CIO doesn‟t know be hidden by Web Phil Hawkins, Penn        ok
                   Services?                                       State University

Auditing           Connecting Sarbanes to Oxley                     Faye Windhorst,          ok
                                                                    Landauer, Inc.
Natural/Web        XREF, ADA-REF, and Code Listings on the Web: A   Steve Rung, University   ok
                   Top Shelf Toolkit for a First Class University   of Texas at Austin
Web/Connectivity   Application Reengineering Effort Pays Big Dividends David Love, California    ok
                   in eServices                                        Board of Equalization

Natural/Web        Empowering Campus Communication: The UT              Tim Chamberlain,         ok
                   Austin Group E-mail System                           Deanna Bearden,
                                                                        University of Texas at
SOA                Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - What is it ?   John Power, Risaris      ok
SOA   XMLIT - Using the COM-PLETE http server to          Pasquale Ioccola
      deploy Web Services in an SOA Architecture

SOA   Implementing a standard SOA - Introduction to the   John Power, Risaris   ok
      standards                                           Limited

                               Vendor Presentations

This presentation and demonstration of ApplinX will highlight Software AG„s
offering for rapid legacy modernization. It will explain how to turn valuable
legacy assets into modern Web/Portal environments and also provide a
toolset to create legacy Web Services for establishing a service-oriented
This presentation will cover how to troubleshoot and debug the EntireX

Topics covered will include;
• Common Errors
• How to trace the various Broker components

• Troubleshooting Security Problems
This presentation will cover some of the EntireX Communicator
components other than Broker. Additionally, actual customer
implementations will be discussed using Broker Services and the EntireX
RPC Servers.

Topics covered will include;
• EntireX Broker Services
• Configuring the

• EntireX Security
• EntireX RPC Servers

presentation on the crossvision suite and how it can complement
Adabas/Natural and bridge the gap between the technical community and
business users

This presentation will highlight how SOA standards offer the ability to directly
and securely access ADABAS, Natural and other resources on the
mainframe from JAVA, .NET, PHP, RUBY or any other technology that can
consume a Web Service.
Natural resides on the most widely spread hardware platforms. In order to be
customized in the best possible way for the hardware and the operating
system, attention must be paid to a number of prerequisites. This
presentation gives a detailed overview of the different topics and the
influence that each topic has on the user. Audience: Administrator,
Application Developer
The purpose of this presentation is to widen the concept of how to code
against DB2. Topics covered include: using the ‘explain’ from Natural,
Logging the DB2 calls, effective DB2 coding techniques and recoding to
improve efficiency (coding to let DB2 do what it does best). Audience:
Natural DB2 Application Developershas an influence on the coming Natural
The globalization of the markets also and Administrators.
versions. As a first step, Natural Open Systems Version 6.2 will offer
Unicode support. This facilitates the development of applications that are to
be used in different regions of the world. Besides Unicode support, this

Adabas v8.1 will be arriving in several months! V8 will have many new and
exciting new features, such as: Large Objects, unlimited record sizes,
increase in the maximum number of occurrences for MU/PE fields,
increased number of physical and logical extents, and lots more. And what if
you found out that Adabas on the mainframe could be installed from a
CD??? Many of the same features for Adabas v8 on the mainframe will be
available with Adabas V5.1, along with non-descriptor searches, Unicode
support, Long Alpha fields, lots of utility changes and other enhancements.
Along with the new releases of Adabas, the Adabas Manager will be
released. The Adabas Manager is a web browser based version of the old
standby Adabas Online Services. Get a look at this new interface for the
We are integrating fast backup processes into our recovery procedures to
shorten the duration of an outage in the case of database or file failure. To
accomplish this, we substitute fast backup processes in place of selected
Adabas utilities to recover an Adabas database or file.

Take a look at the newly renamed Event Replicator for Adabas. There have
been a lot of enhancements to the product since last year‟s Natural
Conference. Event Replicator provides a complete solution right out-of-the-
box, and is still the only product that provides real-time data replication of
Mainframe Adabas changes to any target (Adabas, DB2, Oracle, etc).
Various customer implementation scenarios will be presented.
Some of the new features of Event Replicator for Adabas are: interface to
Predict, enhanced subscription definitions, Adabas Manager plug-in, target
application embark on changes into the appropriate format and deliver
Rather thanto transform generalized and simplified rules on Find vs. Read,
Find, Sorted by, etc, this is an in-depth internal discussion about how Finds
(Sx's) and Lx's are executed by Adabas. Reporting methods are given that
can be used to analyze new releases of Natural and Adabas. By showing the
relative costs in cpu, io and throughput, each shop can make their own
decisions. The presentation ends by comparing the relative costs of various
access methods.
With the introduction of Multifetch as part of the Natural language, it is even
more critical for all involved to understand how Multifetch works, the
tradeoffs between doing it within the Natural language versus batch, and the
performance issues. This presentation will detail the internals involved, how
performance can be improved or destroyed and some guidelines on how to
size presentation plans to showsituations to avoid.
Our the parameters as well as the immense benefits this organization
achieved from implementing Adabas Vista. The site had a massive amount
of historic data accumulated over a 15 year period, all of which was held in
one production database. The data was previously kept in massive
expanded Adabas files of over 300million records. Most of the data was
historical & accessed by a date descriptor. The project included archiving to
a history database 35% of production data volume from 3 of the largest files.
This was allSparda-Datenverarbeitung eG in 1989 was a typical VSAM-User.
Historically done transparent to the application.
Using in the beginning the ADABAS VSAM-Bridge SDV became step by step
a big ADABAS-User. Today, every day millions of CICS-Transactions will be
synchronized via ADABAS Transaction Manager and the CICS Resource
Manager Interface. Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG is an IT-Provider in the
german retailbanking-business. Sparda-DV is currently on it's way
implementing ADABAS Cluster Services. Vista translation using Vista to
Converting from homegrown translation to
provide highly customisable and private testing environments. Mixing test,
QA and Prod versions of files using Vista API to dynamically switch to
different versions of files.

• Tips 'n Techniques
• User written tools
• Little known commands
• Enhancements
• Documentation
• Performance monitoring/testing
• Enterprise integration                                             Security:
Files (code pages, transfers, etc.), Admin. (sysmain, sysobjh, etc.)
USR modules, logon exits, Sysmain exits, Natural Security subprograms,
RDC exits

By using the Connx/Software AG ADABAS SQL Gateway, data can be
replicated from SQL Server to ADABAS with no impact on the new
application if the replication gets turned off later. This presentation will
discuss how a NATURAL program can listen for work presented to it by a
With the advent of Sarbanes Oxley, came the monumental task of tightening
up and documenting the changes process. Little did I know how much
tightening and documenting would be involved. The first round of this
process proved to be a nightmare and there had to be a better way. The
Mainframe still represents the last mile in a multi-platform IT infrastructure.
Natural can integrate with other platforms using no-cost socket interface
provided with TCP/IP. In this presentation we use leverage Linux to send
print streams, fax and email from Natural. We will also explore two-way
integration. a Tamino database. How can you access it? Learn about X
So you've got
Machine commands and the various APIs, both supported and unsupported,
for accessing a Tamino database. the mundane mainframe based payroll
This presentation focuses on how
application has been brought to the web and made available to all
employees. First it will demonstrate how an employees can view their future
earnings and play what if with their taxing and benefit options in order to see
the bottom line affect of changes on their net pay. Second it will review how
this batch application was made available on the web by using Natural as the
CGI, component design, and avoidance of any Adabas abuse (full payroll
In this session we will talk and after simulation Natural code. This
calculations performed beforeabout how to debugfor only 50-60 Adabas
session will cover the fundamentals of the Natural Debugger and how
the ADABAS log can help application programmers debug their
code. While the Natural Debugger is a great tool there are times when
it requires more work to use then is justified for the problem at hand.
We will talk about other Natural strategies that you may use at times
such as these. We will also talk about how a common tool such as
TextPad can assist you in debugging your code. Finally, Natural
offers you commands that you can execute to view your code in a
different way. begining of data problems programmers/analysts at
Since almost theIn the end manyprocessing,are solved by looking prefer
to test applications and application changes with "real" production data. This
paper (presentation) examines the solutions that BAX considered, the pros
and cons of each, the implementation of the process and what we have
learned in the process.
The California Board of Equalization's (BOE) Integrated Revenue
Information System (IRIS) reengineering effort during the 1990's plus the
selection of EntireX for cross-platform messaging has BOE well positioned
for eServices. The IRIS effort converted multiple stand-alone systems into a
single ADABAS/NATURAL mainframe system with a normalized data model,
corporate database, and programming code that implemented object
oriented programming principals through the use of Construct and the
development of common objects. EntireX RPC is used primarily to expose
IRIS to mid-tier Java/Web applications. Additional mid-tier Java applications,
accessed via EntireX ACI, provide a standardized interface for mainframe
and/or mid-tier processes to: Microsoft Exchange LDAP queries, data
encryption, third-party Web Services via WSDL, e-mail composition and
This presentation investigates how Software AG‟s web services technology
delivery. BOE is using the ADABAS/NATURAL/EntireX/Java infrastructure
“could” help answer all these questions, and ease the transition into the
glamour world of open systems solutions. Together with Software AG
technology, we technologists can attempt to silence the ever growing
population of managers in our organizations that continue to be more and
more critical of our legacy systems. In addition, it poses technical
challenges to Software AG and asks for feedback from the people most
concerned with the questions they areaudit data answer about their own
This presentation will cover capturing forced to from an existing application,
converting it to historical information, and building queries. This application
The UT Austin development it needs special handling for both internal and
bypasses normal controls socommunity has taken its Natural programming
environment to the next level with this toolkit. Users generate dynamic lists
to answer these important questions:
•Who is accessing that module I plan on modifying and how can I contact
•Are any programs really accessing the file through that super-descriptor?
•What does that code really do that I am calling from my STEP-LIB?

We will present a web site which allows programmers to interactively list
This discussion will show: how BOE started extending backend IRIS
Services to the Web with EntireX ACI as soon as 1998; by late 2000, how
BOE partnered with an Electronic Return Originator (ERO) to provide real-
time tax filings with XML interfaces; how a Business-to-Government (B2G)
tax eFiling project brought with it JAVA and staff-written mid-tier JAVA
servers; how the mid-tier JAVA methods have been encapsulated so they
can be accessed from the mainframe without mainframe programmer
knowledge of JAVA and EntireX; and, how the introduction of EntireX RPC
has unlocked has full potential of the IRIS service-oriented architecture forto
Group E-mail the become a preferred way of communicating information
students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin. This
application enables anyone on campus to send university-sanctioned e-mail
to any number of university constituencies. Employing a web interface with a
We have all at this stage E-mail leverages Natural modules campus-wide
Natural back-end, Group heard about Service Oriented Architectures or to
SOAs but how many of us really know what this means ? Many of the first
assembler programmers on IBM 360 could legitimately state that they were
implementing services and thus a services oriented architecture and since
then, programmers on different platforms in different languages have been
doing the same thing. This session will get under the hype and get down to
what SOA really means and how it can really help in today's complex
environments and why. You should also come out of this session being able
to differentiate between SOA implementations that are 'proprietary' and
those that are truly open.

To attend this session, it would be useful to have some knowledge of
existing or more traditional approaches for application integration.
The agency of Health and Human Services within Commonwealth of MA has
invested in a SOA architecture to remove departmental Silos across the 15
agencies that operate under the agency. MassHealth IT, part of MassHealth
division, had developed a large number of departmental solutions that
exposed in a web wrapper some Natural/Abasas applications. Part of these
solutions were based on using the COM-PLETE http server, this allowed to
directly reuse Natural objects without using any middleware. This
presentation will demonstrate an architecture that will include the COM-
PLETE http server in an infrastructure that is not Software AG centric. The
architecture will allow to expose the solution implemented via the Http server
to both internal and external user, honoring architectural constrains such as
single sign-on, common look and feel and open standards based on web

This session will go into more technical detail about the de facto standards
that are being used to day to implement truly interoperable systems as
against the proprietary SOAs that some organizations are offering. It will
discuss in more technical detail how the standards work and why. It will also
end in a short demo showing how the standards allow interoperability.

To attend this session, you should have some technical knowledge about
connecting applications and systems together and the problems there are
with today's 'traditional' methods to achieve this. Some knowledge of TCP/IP
and HTTP is also desirable.

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