Advantages of Touch Screen Technology

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					                                        Department of Computer Science & Engineering ::BRECW
                                   IV B.Tech CSE A General Seminar Batches (Academic Year 2010-11)

S.No. Batch No.    Roll No.   Student Name       Internal Guide   Topic Name             Objectives
                                                                  Group                  what is it?what is the need?Explain group communication in Distributed
 1     GS01       07321A0554 M. Muni Swetha      M. Hari Prasad   Communication          systems.Discuss any case study.
                  07321A0555 P. Munisha                           Systems

                  07321A0538 V. Jyothy                            Concurrency Control what is concurrency control?what is the need?explain concurrency control in
 2     GS02                                      P. Namita
                                                                  in Distributed      distributed systems? Discuss with examples.
                  07321A0526 B. Divya                             Systems
                  07321A0540 P. Kavitha
 3     GS03                                      P. Deepthi       Ethical Hacking        What is Ethical Hacking? Explain Ethical hacking ie the process involved,
                  07321A0558 K. Navaneetha                                               Discuss different stategies with examples

                  07321A0507 Y. Anisha                                                   What is Cloud Computing? How it works? What is its Architecture& its
 4     GS04                                      Ch. Bhaskar      Cloud Computing
                                                                                         applications ? Discuss about different vendors.
                  07321A0508 G. Anusha
                  07321A0510 N. Anusha Madhuri                                           what is the technology?discuss the types of honeypots?discuss merits and
 5     GS05                                      P. Sumalatha     Honey Pots
                                                                                         demerits and applications of this technology.
                  07321A0521 V. Bhavana
                                                                                         What is it?what is the need?Explain the Architecture, Applications, and
                  07321A0511 Anusha Reddy                         Wireless Mesh
 6     GS06                                      A. Sujitha                              operations of Wireless Mesh Networks.
                  07321A0517 Ch. Archana
                  06321A0532 K. Gouthami                          Palm Vein              Demonstrate the Technology& Its Framework, Merits and limitations and
 7     GS07                                    AVS Radhika
                                                                  Technology             discuss the applications.
                  07321A0560 D. Navyatha Reddy
                  07321A0528 V. Divya                             Evolution of
                                                                                         Discuss Evolution from machine level language to high level languages,
 8     GS08                                      M. Vineela       Programming
                                                                                         discuss the need for evolution. Discuss various Programming paradigms.
                  07321A0529 V. Divya
                  07321A0543 S. Keerthi                           Value Added
 9     GS09                                      K. Shireesha                             What is VAN? Discuss basic features , services,merits and demerits.
                  07321A0557 N. Namratha
                  07321A0550 B. Manjari
 10    GS10                                      M. Vinod                                What is XP? Advantages of XP, applications of XP, discuss one Case Study.
                  07321A0551 M. Manjeera
S.No. Batch No.    Roll No.    Student Name       Internal Guide      Topic Name         Objectives
                  07321A0533 P. Harika
 11    GS11                                       G. Dayakar Reddy Nano Technology       What is Nano Technology ? Explain any real time scenario & its applications
                  07321A0544 M. Keren
                  07321A0546 K. Krishna Chaithanya                    Haptic Reality     what is it?discuss any one application .Explain the functioning of any two haptic
 12    GS12                                      K. Deepthi
                                                                      Systems            devices.
                  07321A0547 N.L.Krishna Veni
                  07321A0530 V. Divya                                                    What are the satellite phones? How satellite phone different from
 13    GS13                                       P. Naresh           Satellite Phones
                                                                                         cellphones?can satellite phones be used for daily purposes justify?
                  07321A0536 M. Janaki Swetha
                  07321A0509 K. Anusha                                Software Testing
 14    GS14                                       G. Ravinder Reddy                      What are various Testing Tools? Briefly demonstrate any two advanced tools.
                  07321A0519 Beena Josephine
                  07321A0503 Aditi Srivastava                         Desktop Vedio
 15    GS15                                    M. Hari Prasad                            What is it? Briefly explain the features, architecture and its applications.
                  07321A0545 Khushboo D. Chowda
                  07321A0502 J. Arathi
 16    GS16                                       P. Namita           IPTV
                  07321A0542 S. Keerthi Reddy                                            IPTV Architecture, Working Principle& Applications

                                                                                         What is it? Explain the technology and various components of the VR
                  07321A0518 Baby Rani Sirdala
 17    GS17                                       P. Deepthi          Virtual Reality    system.mention the devices that are involved in this system.discuss
                                                                                         applications of this technology.
                  07321A0556 K. Naga Malleswari
                  07321A0506 A. Amulya                                                   What is it?what is the need? Explain different web mining techniques with
 18    GS18                                       Ch. Bhaskar         Web Mining
                                                                                         example? Discuss the applications .
                  07321A0512 V. Anusha
                  07321A0541 M. Keerthi                                                  what is it?How is it different from ordinary keyboard?What is the
 19    GS19                                       P. Sumalatha        Virtual Keyboard
                                                                                         technology?explain its applications.Discuss merits and demerits if any.
                  07321A0522 K. Deepika
                  07321A0513 B.G. Aparna                              SDLC of Open       Explain how an open source software application is is the
 20    GS20                                       A. Sujitha
                                                                      Source Software    development life cycle different from conventional software development
                  07321A0523 S. Deepika
                  07321A0527 T. R. Divya                              Measurement        what is a benchmark?what are the different benchmarks used for performance
 21    GS21                                       AVS Radhika         Benchmarks of      measurement of multiprocessor discuss with examples
                  07321A0535 Ishmeet Kaur                             Multiprocessors
                  07321A049    C. Madhuri                                                What is it? Discuss the components of robot and various generations of robot?
 22    GS22                                       M. Vineela          Robotics
                                                                                         Discuss working principle of Robot& its applications.
                  07321A0537 Jawahara
S.No. Batch No.    Roll No.   Student Name      Internal Guide   Topic Name              Objectives
                  08325A0508 P. Ramana                           Advanced Storage        Discuss Evolution of different storage technologies and What is the need for
 23    GS23                                     K. Shireesha
                                                                 Technology              evolution.discuss in detail Blu-ray technology.
                  08325A0504 V. Divya
                  08325A0511 M. Suryaja                          Touch Screen            What is it? How it works? Discuss various touch screen devices& its
 24    GS24                                     M. Vinod
                                                                 Technology              applications
                  08325A0506 V. Keerthi Andal
                  08325A0510 G. Revathi                                                  What is a firewall? How it works? Demonstrate latest advancements with
 25    GS25                                     G. Dayakar Reddy Firewalls
                                                                                         examples by taking any commercial products.
                  08325A0512 C. Swathi
                  07281A0512 A. Sonia                                                     what is it.discuss multimedia network communications and applications in
 26    GS26                                     K. Deepthi       Multi-Media Networks
                  07321A0520 E. Bhagya
                  07321A0525 M. Dharani                          Wireless Application What is it?Explain the architecture and how it works?Discuss the merits and
 27    GS27                                     P. Naresh
                                                                 Protocols(WAP)       demerits.
                  07321A0514 M. Aparna
                                                                                         What is grid computing?
 28    GS28       07321A0534 V. Hasitha         G. Ravinder Reddy Grid Computing         How it works? What is the Architecture? Demonstrate merits and challenges.
                  07321A0539 B. Kavitha
                  07321A0504 S. Aishwarya                        Virtual Private
 29    GS29                                     M. Vineela                               What is it? How it works? What is the Architecture? What are its Applications?
                  07321A0531 L. Geetanjali
                                                                 Steganography&        What is steganography& Digital Water Marking? Compare various
 30    GS30                                     K. Deepthi
                  07321A0501 V. Aakanksha                        Digital Water Marking Steganography Techniques with DWM, Its applications

                                                                                         What is it? How is it different from Conventional Cryptography? Discuss about
 31    GS31       07321A0515 S. Aplava          M. Hari Prasad   Quantum Cryptography its key distribution and applications.
                                                                                         What is it? Compare with Unix & Windows OS's and Briefly explain its merits
 32    GS32       07321A0505 P. Akhila          P. Namita        Chrome OS               and demerits

                                                                                         what is email security?what is the need?how it works? Explain by taking any
 33    GS33       07321A0559 G. Navya           P. Deepthi       E-Mail Security         commercial examples.

 34    GS34       07321A0552 Monika             Ch. Bhaskar      Tuple Spaces            What is Tuple Space? Explain types and applications of Tuple Spaces
                                                                                         What is it?what are the different threats?How those are spread? discuss how
 35    GS35       07321A0516 Md. Apsana         P. Sumalatha     Mobile Malware          to prevent them.

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