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									                                MARYSVILLE MESSENGER
                                               F ALL 2005 CITY NEWSLETTER
                                   ❖ City of Marysville ❖ 1049 State Ave. ❖ Marysville, WA 98270 ❖
                                         ❖ Internet: ❖ (360) 363-8000 ❖                                            Volume 17, No. 3

                             City dedicates Ebey Sailors delight: Waterfront Park now open
                             Waterfront Park and
                             boat launch facility
                                City elected officials and
                             other local dignitaries Aug. 13
                             dedicated Ebey Waterfront
                             Park, a new $4 million inter-
                             tidal marine park that will meet
                             boating needs while serving as
                             a magnet to draw citizens,
                             shoppers and tourists to
                             downtown Marysville.
                                City officials are awash with
                             pride over the new waterfront                                                                            Photo by Mike Robinson

                             park, 10 years in the making,
                             but in the imagination of city
                             leaders since the 1940s prior to
                             the project breaking ground in
                                                                        City officials and consultants cut the ribbon to officially dedicate Ebey
                                                                        Waterfront Park on Aug. 13. Activities included a visit, song and bless-
                                                                        ing from the Tulalip Tribes ceremonial canoe and dancers, a Dixieland
                                                                        jazz band, speeches, and the launching of the first boat by longtime
                                                                        Marysville boating enthusiast Fred Messmer. Pictured from left are
     THE HIGH COST OF        June 2005.
                                                                        City Councilmembers John Soriano, Jeff Vaughan, Lee Phillips; Mayor
     PARK VANDALISM             “We got the park, it’s great,           Dennis Kendall; Councilmembers Jeff Seibert and Jon Nehring;
                  Page 2     it’s beautiful,” Mayor Dennis              Nehring’s son, Nicholas; Juliet Vong of Hough Beck & Baird, design
    CITY WARNS ABOUT         See   WATERFRONT PARK, Page 3              planner; Jim Fagerlie with Premium Construction; & Jorge Garcia of
   ILLEGAL TREE CUTTING                                                 Architects Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone & Associates.
                 Pgs. 4-5
   CITY COUNCIL SUMMER       Marysville co-hosts Governor visit to meet with business, civic leaders
      2005 HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                            Gov. Christine Gregoire visited
                 Page 16
                                                                                                              Marysville July 23 to tour downtown
                                                                                                              Third Street businesses and speak with
    Fall 2005                                                                                                 owners, then met with City, Tulalip
       Parks                                                                                                  Tribes, Chamber, School District and
   & Recreation                                                                                               business leaders in City Hall to talk
                                                                                                              about transportation, economic develop-
   Activity Guide                                                                                             ment, tourism and education. During
                                                                                                              roundtable talks moderated by Mayor
      COMING EVENTS                                                                                           Pro Tem Jon Nehring, she heard from
                                                                                                              business leaders among the more than
     SATURDAY, SEPT. 11                                                                                       40 participants about the obstacles they
        Touch A Truck                                                                                         face conducting business in Washington
               Page 7                                                                                         state. Thank you to the many business
            10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                                                    leaders who took part.
            Asbery Field,
                                                                                                              (Above) On a tour of Third Street
            Marysville Jr.                                                                                                                          R N
                                                                                                              businesses, Gov. Christine
                                                                                                                                                  FO ATIO
                                                                                                                                               DE E
            High, 1605 7th
                                                                                                              Gregoire and First Gentle-
     SATURDAY, DEC. 3                                                                                                                        SI ECR ES!
                                                                                                                                           IN R TI
                                                                                                              man Mike Gregoire stop

                                                                                                                                        -14 S & IVI
                                                                                                              by Hilton Pharmacy
  Merrysville for the                                                                                         to talk with Owner       7        T
                                                                                                                                    ES RK AC
                                              Photo courtesy of Wash. St. Office of the Governor/Doug Buell
  Holidays, Electric         Marysville-Tulalip business leaders participate in a roundtable                  Mary Kirkland.
                                                                                                                                     G A
    Light Parade             discussion with Gov. Gregoire in the Marysville City Council
                                                                                                                                 E PA 5 P S &
         Page 7              Chambers. Seated from left are Randy Dasalla, Milgard Manu-                                       SE 200 SS
                                                                                                                                LL L
    Start: 6:30 p.m.         facturing; William P. Scrupps, Scrupps Development Corpora-
Comeford Park, 5th & State   tion; and Robert Monger, Owner of Needful Native Things.
                                                                                                                              FA C
                  City                                                     FROM THE MAYOR
                  Directory               Marysville taxpayers bear cost for park vandalism
                                             With much fanfare, the City of                 We need your help in curbing the
The City of Marysville functions best     Marysville in May dedicated the long-
when citizens, through public input and                                                  senseless crime of vandalism in our
civic involvement, share in the respon-
                                          anticipated Strawberry Fields Athletic         parks system. City police have stepped
sibility of how local government per-     Complex, with its three lighted soccer         up patrols in hopes of catching vandals,
forms. Please call the Mayor, City        fields, public restrooms and picnic            but they need the public’s help to be an
Councilmembers or City staff anytime      shelter. The new facility, in every sense      extra set of eyes and ears. Please call
with your comments, concerns & view-      of the word, is a community asset built        911 to report suspicious people and
points.                                   to give young athletes and teammates a         activity in our parks, during, and
                  Mayor                   place to show off their skills and talents. especially after hours. Gather as much
Dennis Kendall      363-8000 Office
                                             So it can only be expressed as dis-         information as possible – time, date,
                    659-5242 Home
                                          gusting that within a mere two months          place, suspect and vehicle description.
    City Councilmembers
Jon Nehring                  653-7220
                                          of its opening, Strawberry Fields in rural        Vandalism is a misdemeanor
Lee Phillips                 653-1502     north Marysville became the overnight          punishable by a maximum 90 days in jail
Jeff Seibert                 659-2226     target of mindless individuals bent on         and a $1,000 penalty, and can often also
John Soriano                 659-5314     destruction. These                                                    result in restitution
Lisa Vares                   658-1160     vandals still at
Jeffrey Vaughan              658-1535
                                                                                                               and community
                                          large broke into                        We need your help in         service. In extreme
Donna Wright                 659-7027
                                          kiosks, setting a                       curbing the senseless cases, vandalism that
             City Staff
Chief Administrative Officer              fire in one of                          crime of vandalism           reaches the level of
Mary Swenson               363-8000       them. They tore                         in our parks system.         malicious mischief,
Community Development Director            apart soccer goal                       Please call 911 to           can be treated as a
Gloria Hirashima           363-8100       nets. They stole                                                     gross misdemeanor
Public Works Director
                                                                                  report suspicious
                                          an         electric                     people and activity in       or felony, carrying
Paul Roberts               363-8100
Police Chief                              bathroom heater.                                                     even more severe
                                                                                  our parks,during,and
                                          They cut a flag- Mayor Kendall
Robert Carden
Parks & Recreation Director
                                          pole rope. They carved grafitti         especially after hours. punishment.
                                                                                                               The City Council
Jim Ballew                 363-8400       into doors and wood panels.
Finance Director                             And the destruction didn’t stop with        spends a great deal every year to develop
Sandy Langdon              363-8000                                                      these parks and provide important
City Attorney                             one visit, either. Vandals struck again
                                          within days, on Aug. 2, and again on           community facilities. Continued
Grant Weed                 363-8000
Public Works Superintendent               Aug. 5, further heightening our                destruction of parks and parks equipment
Larry Larson               363-8100       response.                                      add an extra cost burden on you, the
City Engineer                                It’s a sight that has become too            taxpayer. As a community, we must not
Kevin Nielsen              363-8100                                                      tolerate this senseless activity. Lets work
City Clerk                                common in recent summers. For
                                          Marysville, the damage adds up to an           together to address this ongoing problem,
Gerry Becker               363-8000
Marysville Fire District Chief            ugly, expensive problem.                       to ensure that our parks are clean,
Greg Corn                  363-8500          In 2005, it has cost city taxpayers         attractive and safe places where families
Human Resources Manager                   more than $10,000 to address property          and kids can relax and enjoy our quality
Kristie Guy                363-8000                                                      of life.
Municipal Court Judge                     damage caused by vandals – this does                              ❑❑❑
Fred Gillings              363-8050       not take into account the costs                   Last July during the election filing
Municipal Court Clerk                     associated with law enforcement                period, four Marysville City Council
Nancy Roden                363-8050       response. The cost is on pace with             seats were open for citizens to file, held
Marysville Librarian                      malicious activity that has occurred over by incumbents, Jeff Vaughan (Pos. 1),
Maggie Buckholz            658-5000
Community Information Officer             the past four years in our parks system.       Donna Wright (Pos. 2), Jeff Seibert (Pos.
Doug Buell                 363-8086       However, in 2005, the vandals are more         3) and Jon Nehring (Pos. 4). Facing no
      Other helpful numbers               aggressive, the destruction more acute.        challengers, these elected officials will
                                             No Marysville park site is immune,          continue in their capacity for another
City Hall/Utility Services     363-8000
Utility Billing                363-8001
                                          either. Not Jennings Park. Not Comeford four years. While somewhat unique for a
Community Development          363-8100   Park. Not the Marysville SkatePark. Not city to see no Mayor or Council races
Public Works                   363-8100   even the seemingly sacred Youth Peace          appear on the ballot, we hope that their
Parks & Recreation             363-8400   Park with its message of peace, a              return is a sign that they are performing
Senior Community Center        363-8450
Cedarcrest Golf Course         363-8460   memorial to teens who have died young          the public’s business well, and that the
Marysville Fire District       363-8500   in our community. Park maintenance             city is moving in the right direction. We
City of Marysville Jobline     363-8081   crews just recently spent hours removing invite you to be a part of the process in
Marysville Public Library      658-5000   grafitti.                                      2006.
                                                                                               GENERAL NEWS                             3
Thought of volunteering? Marysville Parks and Recreation provides opportunities
   Marysville Parks and Recreation             acres, there is plenty of extra work to be     choose from the following partial list of
offers year-round opportunities for those      done. Whether you are a group of 1 or          projects, or you may have an idea of
who would like to give back to the             101, we can put together a project that        your own. We look forward to working
community. With 26 parks totaling 389          will be meaningful and fun. You can            with you this fall!
                                                                                                                     By Mike Robinson,
                          Volunteering a la carte                                                           Parks Maintenance Manager

    ❑ Wetland Clean-up and Stewardship           ❑ Landscaping/Flower Beds
    ❑ Rose Pruning                               ❑ Tree planting (Arbor Day)
    ❑ Painting Picnic Tables and Benches         ❑ Trail/Path Maintenance
    ❑ Playground woodchip installation           ❑ Graffiti Removal
    ❑ Fence Installation, Repair, Painting       ❑ Bulb Planting
    ❑ Storm Clean-up                             ❑ Litter Patrol
    ❑ Dock & Bridge Repair/Maintenance           ❑ Noxious Weed control
                            Make-A-Difference Day
                               Saturday, Oct. 1
        Join us for this fun beautification project as we plant tulip and
                         other bulbs throughout the city.
                             Annual Boy Scout
                                                                                                                           Photo by Doug Buell
                          Christmas Tree Recycling                                     Marysville is home to many volunteers who share
                                 Jan. 7, 2006                                          in the rewarding experience of giving back to
 Once your tree is collected by the Boy Scout Troops, park employees chip              their community. Pictured are Marysville Kiwanis
  the material into mulch for trail maintenance. Remember that we cannot               Club members Tom King and Ken Ploeger, who
                      accept flocked or tinseled trees.                                were part of a team last Arbor Day that planted
     Call Marysville Parks and Recreation at (360) 363-8406 for more info.             starter evergreen trees at the entrance to Kiwanis
                                                                                       Park near Sunnyside Elementary.
WATERFRONT PARK Continued from Page 1                                                         into the Snohomish River Delta’s rich tidal
                                               restroom facilities, Ebey fish plaza, picnic
Kendall says.                                  pavilion, space for public fishing, walking    estuary, an area shared by all sorts of
   “Ebey Waterfront Park will provide          trails, landscaping, wetland restoration and   wetland animals, birds and marine wildlife.
access to the Snohomish River Delta and        wash-down stations. Parking is available          The Tulalip Tribes ceremonial canoe and
Port Gardner Bay for pleasure boaters,         for 46 car-trailer combos and 32 regular       dancers were on hand, as well as Stan
anglers and hunters, but it will also serve    parking spaces.                                Jones Sr., who wish the park well. As a
as an invaluable resource for economic                                                        young boy, he paddled many trips up Ebey
                                                  A special attraction is a playground
development, downtown revitalization and                                                      for the good fishing, Jones said on an
                                               imported from Denmark that incorporates        earlier occasion.
tourism along the city’s southern              a colorful maritime theme into climb-on
gateway,” Mayor Dennis Kendall says.                                                             Ballew emphasizes that Ebey is a tidally
                                               equipment shaped like channel markers,         influenced, navigable waterway that
   “The waterfront park adds to the            bell buoys, and other icons of the sea, says
attractive, pedestrian-friendly downtown                                                      requires boaters to pay attention to channel
                                               Jim Ballew, Parks and Recreation Director.     depths and obstacles. Signage is placed
we want to create,” the Mayor adds. “The
                                                                                              recommending that boaters exercise
park builds on and complements the                   Ebe y W at er fr ont P ar k
                                                             ater front Par
                                                     Ebey Waterfr           ark               caution at low tides when utilizing the park.
success we achieved with the State Avenue      Location: 1404 First St.                          Park construction began in June 2004
improvement project completed in 2004.”        Hours: Dawn to dusk                            by general contractor Premium
   The 5.4-acre park, located south of First   Water access: 4-lane boat                      Construction of Everett, on a project
Street between SR 529 and the privately-        launch (boats, canoes, kayaks)                designed by the Hammond Collier Wade
owned Geddes Marina, will become the           Opened: August 14, 2005                        Livingstone team, including landscape and
city’s only publicly-owned access to its                                                      urban design consultants Hough Beck &
waterfront on Ebey Slough. Marysville             The Aug. 13 event on Homegrown              Baird, Inc., and Arai-Jackson Architects,
purchased the property for $880,569 in         Festival weekend was preceded by a             all of Seattle. Asst. City Engineer Jeff
1998 from Welco Lumber Co., applying a         dedication of the Street of Families           Massie served as Project Manager.
state Interagency for Outdoor Recreation       lampposts along Third Street, bought by           The boat launch opened for public use
(IAC) grant that assists communities in        families with deep roots in Marysville’s       was Aug. 14. Hours are dawn to dusk.
buying and developing property for             history. The Mayor paid tribute to the         Premium Construction will remain on site
motorized boating access. In sum, IAC          families, saying, “These founders would        until the contract is completed in
provided $817,000 toward planning and          be proud of this waterfront project.”          September, Ballew says. For more
construction.                                     The park could also serve as the            information about the project and
   Park features include four-lane public      trailhead for a future trail network that      dedication, contact Parks and Recreation
boat access, a short-stay moorage float,       would extend west along the Ebey channel       at (360) 363-8400.
I-912 repeal of 9.5 cent gas tax would impact 5 Marysville-area transportation projects
   Funding toward planning and                 ❑ Highway 9 Corridor Improvements - $123 million 2010 – This project would
construction of five Marysville-area           increase traffic flow and enhance motorist safety traveling the SR 9 corridor from
projects in the 2005 Transportation            Clearview to Arlington. The project would widen SR 9 to two lanes in each
Partnership Fund package for Snohomish         direction, as well as widening and improving seven intersections including Soper
County ($472.3 million) would be               Hill Road, SR 528 (where commercial development is expected to occur), 84th
eliminated if voters approve Initiative 912    Street NE and 172nd Street NE.
in the coming November election,               ❑ SR 529/Ebey Slough Bridge - $28 million 2008 – This project, on the books
according to an Association of Washington      since at least 1999 when it was later shelved due to lack of state transportation
Cities report. (The projects are shown at      funding, would replace the current swing-gate, iron-girder bridge with a wider, more
right).                                        elevated fixed span bridge designed to current standards.
   During the 2005 session, the Legislature    ❑ I-5/172nd Street Interchange Improvements - $17.8 million 2009 – The first
passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill        phase of this 6-lane interchange bridge is already under way, and vital to reducing
6103, an $8 billion investment in              congestion between the Smokey Point and Lakewood areas. Funds within the 9.5-
                                               cent gas tax would help build a new loop ramp for westbound 172nd to southbound
transportation over the next 16 years. The
                                               I-5 traffic, and realign and widen both the southbound and northbound access
revenues include a 9.5 cent gas tax increase
                                               ramps to connect the new bridge.
phased in over four years and weight vehicle   ❑ 1-5/116th Street Interchange - $900,000 – WSDOT’s contribution to this Tulalip
fees on vehicles less than 8,000 lbs.          Tribes project would provide for interchange improvements in this increasingly
   An organization filed Initiative 912 that   heavy commercial corridor, reduce choke points on freeway exits, and reduce
would repeal the 9.5-cent gas tax enacted      traffic congestion.
by the Legislature and signed into law by      ❑ 172nd Street/Lakewood Schools sidewalks - $500,000 2007 – Funds would
Gov. Christine Gregoire.                       install sidewalks through a small business district adjacent to four schools in the
                                               Lakewood School District, and on the south side of 172nd Street, for the purposes
      L OC AL S ALES TAX RATES                 of pedestrian safety.
 Community              Sales Tax Rate (%)
                                               Safety Town sees off first class of safe n’ ready young grads
 Arlington              8.5
 Bothell                8.8 and 8.9
 Edmonds                8.9
 Everett                8.6
 Lake Stevens           8.5
 Lynnwood               8.9
 Marysville             8.5
 Mill Creek             8.9
 Tulalip Reservation    8.9
  (non-tribal member)

Shopping In Marysville keeps
local sales tax dollars at home
                                                                                                                          Photos by Doug Buell
   A portion of the sales tax you pay goes     Pictured left, young graduate Juliann LeClair steers her way through Safety Town Village.
to the community where the business is         Right, Cade Tucker prepares to enter a crosswalk to receive his Safety Town certificate
located. When you shop locally, you can        from Marysville Fire District Battalion Chief (and Grandfather) Rex Tucker, while Kyla
avoid higher tax rates charged in some         Morrison adjusts her cap for the big moment.
other areas, and put your tax dollars             Dressed in their graduation caps and           Students practice their pedestrian and
toward municipal services here in town.        custom blue T-shirts, 4-6 year old students    bike skills in Safety Town Village, a
   Of the 8.5% sales tax rate charged here,    at the Marysville Community Campus on          miniature modified town with street signs,
one tenth (0.85%) becomes City revenue.        July 1 made their way across a makeshift       lights, crosswalks, and buildings donated
When we shop outside the City, we              streetlight crossing as their parents looked   by local businesses. In an atmosphere both
diminish Marysville’s ability to provide       on, the last step toward getting their         fun and informative, students during
vital public services. Marysville receives     certificate symbolizing completion of          graduation also sang songs and
about $2.5 million annually in sales tax       Safety Town.                                   demonstrated the safety skills they learned.
revenue - only a portion of the true “buying      Marysville Parks and Recreation                Want to know more about how your
power” of our community. This revenue          launched Safety Town in 2004, a program        child can be a graduate of Safety Town?
is part of the City’s General Fund, the same   that helps kids understand safety issues       Two more sessions are scheduled for
fund that pays for police patrols, senior      important in their everyday lives. Topics      summer 2006.
services, recreation programs and other        included pedestrian and bike safety, how          Watch in a future edition of this
critical activities.                           to phone 911 in case of emergency, fire        newsletter for more details and other
   Marysville’s competitive sales tax rate     protection, seat belt safety and much          media, or call Marysville Parks and
means shopping here can save you money.        more.                                          Recreation at (360) 363-8400.
                                                                                                   GENERAL NEWS                        5
Waterfront park not the only sign of ‘extreme makeover’ in downtown Marysville

                                                                    Mayor Dennis Kendall cuts the ribbons to release balloons dedicating
                                                                    the Street of Families lampposts along Third Street on Aug. 13. A
                             Photos by Doug Buell                   moving ceremony during the Homegrown Festival drew family
Brand new flag joins                                                members from among the 14 families who donated $3,500 for each
                                                                    light (pictured left) in memory of a pioneering ancestor or loved one.
Grand Old flag                                                      The lampposts extend along Third from State to Columbia Avenue.
                                                                    Also pictured are two downtown business leaders who helped
   The City of Marysville is flying its own                         spearhead the effort: Darlene Scott, owner of Carr’s Hardware (left)
official flag now, joining the American and                         and Mary Kirkland, owner of Hilton Pharmacy (center). Both women’s
Washington state flags around the city.                             families were among the names who purchased a lamppost.
   Parks maintenance crews hoisted three                           This new gateway clock will greet visitors at Marysville’s southern
of the new flags on Flag Day in June. The                          entrance along State Avenue/SR 529. The cable-car green clock with
flags are white, embossed with the new                             gold gilding stands 18 feet tall at Ebey Waterfront Park along State,
blue and green city logo that the City                             and the style fits well with street lamps installed along State and Third
Council adopted in January. Look for the                           that are part of downtown beautification. The antique clock is engraved
                                                                   with “City of Marysville” above the clock face and “Est. 1891” below.
new flag over municipal buildings and city
parks.                                                             A very special thanks to the families of Harv and Jan Jubie, and Larry
                                                                   and Linda Jubie, who donated the clock to the City at a cost of more
                                                                   than $20,000

                                                                                                       MARYSVILLE MESSENGER
Citizens join                                                                                      The Marysville Messenger is an offi-
                                                                                                cial publication of the City of Marysville
Marysville                                                                                      and is distributed quarterly to Marysville
Police for                                                                                      residents and Marysville-area utility cus-
                                                                                                tomers. The Marysville Messenger is
National Night                                                                                  printed by Marysville Printing.
Out Against                                                                                        We welcome your comments about
                                                                                                this publication. Please write to
Crime Aug. 2                                                                                    Marysville City Hall, 1049 State Ave.,
                                                                                                Marysville, WA. 98270. Email
                                                                                                              Dennis Kendall
                                                                                                     Chief Administrative Officer
Marysville’s National Night Out Against Crime event was presented at its new location in                      Mary Swenson
downtown Comeford Park on Aug. 2. By all accounts, attendance exceeded previous years                             Editor
when Police conducted Night Out in the Public Safety Building parking lot. K-9 and Taser                        Doug Buell
demonstrations were a hit with young and old, and a variety of booths and demonstrations                 Contributing Writers
staffed by law enforcement, fire officials, city employees and nonprofit organizations. The              Jim Ballew, Doug Buell
Lost Cats performed music from the Morning Rotary Gazebo, and Marysville Kiwanis                        Kayla Flynn, Tara Mizell,
operated the food concessions. Marysville Seniors Against Crime estimated that it registed                    Mike Robinson
about 100 children for KidCare ID kits.
  6       GENERAL NEWS
Marysville Seniors Against Crime (M.S.A.C.)                                 NEWS NOTES & NEWSMAKERS
seeks volunteers 55-plus
   Marysville Seniors Against Crime (M.S.A.C.) is looking for         Employee involvement around the community
interested individuals ages 55 and older to volunteer their time to      While there is one side to City of Marysville employees and
one of the region’s most recognized crime prevention units.           elected officials that you may be familiar with or come into contact
   “We are committed to helping citizens of all ages live safer and   with, there is another “behind the scenes” side to these people that
happier lives,” says Bud Causer, Crime Prevention Coordinator,        you may not be aware.
who has worn the blue M.S.A.C. jacket for five years. “In order to       City of Marysville employees each year volunteer thousands of
effectively reduce crime in our community, citizens must play an      hours of involvement in a number of special causes that benefit
active role. We provide the eyes and ears to help support police.”    our community members and others.
   M.S.A.C. needs people to volunteer one day a week who are at          “Each year, we call upon citizens to volunteer their time through
least 55 years old and able to walk reasonable distances. To sign     a variety of programs and opportunities, but we also practice what
up, you must undergo an interview, a background check and             we preach,” Mayor Dennis Kendall says. “Giving back to the
complete an application. Forms are available at the Public Safety     community is good for the welfare of us all. Generous volunteerism
Center, 1635 Grove St. Call (360) 363-8325 to obtain a form.          and selfless dedication make Marysville a better place to live, and
   The 28 M.S.A.C. volunteers fill a vital role in the community.     I am grateful to our employees for their efforts.”
Most recently, citizens may have seen them at Night Out Against          Here are just some of the causes in which City employees and
Crime or the Homegrown Festival signing up children for KidCare       elected officials are involved each year:
ID kits. These kits are provided to parent and include the child’s
photograph and fingerprints to help police identify them if they         ✔ American Cancer Society Relay for Life
are missing. Throughout the year, M.S.A.C volunteers coordinate          ✔ Torch Run Relay for Special Olympics (Police)
the Neighborhood Block Watch program, provide vacation and               ✔ Marysville YMCA Invest in Youth Program
security house checks, community and school crime prevention             ✔ Snohomish County United Way Campaign
presentations, graffiti removal, removal of illegally placed yard        ✔ Marysville Food Bank food drives/Operation Marysville
and garage sale signs, and a couple dozen more programs.                       Community Christmas
   When school is in session, M.S.A.C. volunteers provide the            ✔ Housing Hope Bowl-a-Thon
invaluable job of patrolling school grounds and monitoring speeds        ✔ Kendrick Fincher Memorial Foundation (gives free water
in school zones and neighborhoods for the sake of student safety.              bottles for sports teams, in memory of a young football
   To become and M.S.A.C. volunteer, call (360) 363-8325.                      player who died on the field of heat stroke)

                                                                      Channel 21 message board undergoes revamp
                                                To these                 With the City of Marysville’s cable access station TV21 ready
                                       City of Marysville             to hit the airwaves with a newer, flashier bulletin board message
                                              Employees               system in September, we would like to invite nonprofit groups,
                                                                      organizations, churches and other non-commercial groups to

                                                                      become regular users.
             Dana Lambert, Maintenance Worker II - Utility
                   Operations, December
                                                                         Promote your activities and events for free by reaching about
                                                                      8,000 Comcast cable subscriber homes around Marysville. Events
 YEARS                                                                and activities must occur within Marysville and/or involve groups

  20          Tony Newman, Lead Worker II - Streets,                  that host meetings in Marysville.
                     December                                            If you would like to become an authorized user, request an
                                                                      information packet by calling City Hall at (360) 363-8000. You
 YEARS                                                                can also download the necessary TV21 documents by visiting the

  10         Lois Moman, Maintenance Worker II - Utility              city web site at Click on the “Documents Now”
                     Operations, October                              link. Messages typically run 3 weeks, and are posted the Friday
             Rick Sparr, Police Office, December                      after we receive your paperwork. Photos and graphics welcome!
 YEARS       Dave Vasconi, Community Service Assistant -
                     Police, December                                 Congrats to Employee of the Month for June
             John Hendrickson, Police Office K-9 Unit -                                    June 2005 - Maryke Burgess, Senior/
                     December                                                          Community Center Coordinator, for single-

      5      Lito Imadhay, Procurement/Distribution Asst. -
                     Shop, October
             Eric Steinbach, Construction Inspector -
                                                                                       handedly managing the City’s center and its
                                                                                       lengthy menu of activities, classes and events.
                                                                                       Hired in June 2002, Burgess’ high-spiritedness
                     Community Development, October                                    and commitment to senior services have
             Bob Scott, Lead Worker II - Shop, October                                 energized the center, which averages 1,220
             Justin Palitz, Maintenance Worker II - Parks,                             visits a month, and offers an average 22
                     November                                                          classes per week, with more than two special
             Linda Sambuceto, Custody Officer, November                                events weekly. Most recently, she took on the
             Patti Moretti, Accounting Technician - Finance,          added responsibility of developing and managing the City’s annual
                     November                                         Sounds of Summer Concert Series, including establishing a
                                                                      new lunchtime series of mid-week concerts.
  MARYSVILLE PARKS & RECREATION FALL ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE                                                                                                             7

                                 CONTENTS                                                       Fast Feet for the Food Bank Nov. 13
                                                                                                   The Fast Feet for the Food Bank 5k course begins in Jennings
                                                                                                Park. The course covers just 1.5 miles of trails that wind their
   Special Events.......................................................................... 7
                                                                                                way through the park, across bridges, and by a fishing pond.
   Youth Classes........................................................................... 8
                                                                                                The route is repeated twice to complete the course. The 1.5-
                                                                                                mile walk is the same course without the repeat of the course.
     A.S.A.P. - After School Activities Program                                                 This scenic route is a great run/walk for all nature lovers!
   Youth Classes/Arts & Crafts............................................... 9                 Registration is at 11 a.m., with the Fast Feet run at noon,
   Youth Athletics....................................................................... 10    followed by the walk at 1 p.m. Pre-registration $10; day of race,
   Adult Classes....................................................................11-12       $15. All proceeds benefit the Marysville Food Bank.
   Facility Rentals....................................................... 13
                                                                                                               ❑ Fast Feet for Food Bank - All ages
 For a copy of the Fall 2005 Marysville Parks and Recreation Class                                                                      Jennings Memorial Park,
 Registration Form, please turn to Page 14.                                                                                                     6915 Armar Road
                                                                                                                                                  Sun.    Nov. 13
                        SPECIAL EVENTS                                                                                   Run - Noon, Walk 1 p.m. $10 pre-register
                                                                                                                                                   $15 day of race
                          Touch A Truck on Sept. 10 puts                                                            All entrants will receive a specially designed T-shirt
                          kids in driver’s seat of big rigs                                     16th Annual Turkey Chase Fun Run Nov. 23
                                           10am-1pm Saturday, Sept. 10
                             Free!       (no horn-honking from noon-1 pm)
                                         Marysville Jr. High, 1605 7th St. NE
                                                                                                                              CAN YOU GO THE DISTANCE?
                                                                                                                    Kindergarten                 2   100-yard dashes
                                                                                                                    1st Grade                    1   lap around ballfield
    The City of Marysville is hosting Touch a Truck. Children of
                                                                                                                    2nd & 3rd Grade              2   laps
all ages will have the opportunity to sit in the seat, honk the                                                     4th & 5th Grade              3   laps
horns, and kick the tires of some of the City’s biggest rigs.
Vehicles include: dump trucks, backhoe, vactor truck, police                                        Children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 are invited
vehicles, street sweeper, fire engines (Marysville Fire District),                              to add extra excitement this Thanksgiving Holiday by entering
garbage trucks, a Community Transit Bus, Snohomish County                                       in the 16th Annual Turkey Chase Fun Run. All entrants will receive
Search and Rescue, and an aid car. Come join the fun, horns                                     a special Turkey Chase T-shirt and have a chance to win prizes
and sirens will be from 10am-noon. Co-sponsoring youth bike                                     in a random drawing at the conclusion of the run. Cost is $10.00.
helmet fitting is the Marysville PTA. PTA will provide bike helmet                              Advanced registration is required. Registration forms can be
fitting and information for parents and children on the importance                              picked up at the Parks and Recreation Office 6915 Armar Road.
of Bike Safety. Helmets will be available for $9.                                               Donations for the food bank will be accepted.
   Bring a camera - this is the perfect photo opportunity!
                                                                                                                 ❑ Turkey Chase Fun Run - K thru 5th Grade
Walk Across Washington                                                                                                          Jennings Memorial Park Ballfield,
                           Join thousands of walkers around                                                                                   6915 Armar Road
                                                                                                 Cost includes special
                         Washington state for Walk Across                                        Turkey Chase T-shirt!                        W         Nov. 23
                         Washington, sponsored by the                                                                                         2:45 p.m.      $10
                         Association of Washington Cities and
                         participating communities. Marysville                                  Be part of the holiday magic with Merrysville
                         has planned a three-mile walk on
                         Saturday, Oct. 15 starting in Jennings                                 for the Holidays, Electric Lights Parade Dec. 3
                         Memorial Park. Registration is at 8:15                                    Wintery wonderland lights and sounds are never more twinkly
a.m. in Jennings Park, followed by the walk at 9 a.m. T-shirts                                  and magical in Marysville than during the Merrysville for the
will be available for purchase on event day. For more information                               Holidays community celebration. Join the fun Saturday, Dec. 3
or to register ahead online, visit                                      in downtown Comeford Park, Fifth Street and State Avenue.
                       ❑ Walk Across Washington - All ages                                         This special event is a time for individuals, service clubs,
                             Jennings Memorial Park, 6915 Armar Rd.                             sports organizations and businesses to participate in one of
                                                          Sat.   Oct. 15                        Marysville’s major annual events. Get in the holiday spirit by
                                                                                                joining Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Marysville Parks and
                                   Time: 8:15 register/9 a.m. walk Free
             this                                                                               Recreation for the 2005 Merrysville for the Holidays Electric
 C o m i n g ! Father-Daughter Valentines Dance                                                 Lights Parade. Music will be provided in the park. This year’s
                                                                                                parade starts at 6:30 pm. The celebration continues in Comeford
                  Dad and daughter(s) can create lifetime                                       Park with a family outdoor concert a 7 p.m., the Watertower
memories with this newest Marysville Parks and                                                  lighting, food vendors, and holiday bonfire. Volunteers to help
Recreation event offering. Tickets available starting Jan. 9                                    with the parade or other aspects of the event are always needed.
for this Saturday, Feb. 11 evening dance at Cedarcrest                                                     Want to be in the parade? Here’s how!
Middle School. Full details to follow in the Winter 2006
Marysville Messenger. Or visit the city web site                                                   Register as a parade entrant starting Sept. 1. Parade lineup
at, or call (360) 363-8400.                                                 will begin at 5 p.m., with judging at 6 p.m. Cost to participate is
                                                                                                $10 per entry. Both walking and motorized entries are welcome.
                                                                                                Motorized entries must be festooned with lights, and have valid
                                                                                                and current Proof of Insurance. More info? Call (360) 363-8400.
                  YOUTH CLASSES                                     Kindermusik – Imagine That
                                                                    When:         Begins Tuesday, Sept.13 or Wed., Sept. 14
                                                                    Where:        Marysville Library Large Meeting Room
                        With Kindermusik, a good                    Time:         Tuesday, 11:00-11:45am
                                                                                  Wednesday, 1:30-2:15pm or 5:15-6:00pm
      Fall 2005         beginning never ends                        Age:          3 ½ years to 5 years
  Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement              Cost:         $140 or 4 monthly payments of $35
program based on the belief that every child is musical and every                 (15 classes)
parent is the child’s most important teacher. The class will help   Supplies:     $65 for new student materials or $60 for
nurture a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and                     previously enrolled Imagine That student,
physical development. Call the Parks Office for specific details.                 material fee payable to instructor, Chris Floyd
                                                                    Description:    Imagine That takes you and your child on a
   This fall, longtime Instructor Chris Floyd offers more                           musical journey of discover y and
Kindermusik classes than ever - you’re sure to find one that is                     exploration…a journey limited only by the
just right for you and your child.                                                  power of imagination. Pretend play activities
                                                                                    are integrated with music, vocal development,
  Classes are Tuesdays or Wednesdays in the Marysville Li-                          storytelling, movement and literature to capture
brary Large Meeting Room, 6120 Grove St. Class costs vary.                          your child’s potential to learn and to encourage
For complete details, see below. Please call the Parks Office at                    cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and
(360) 363-8400. Sessions fill quickly!                                              individuality. Imagine That! is designed for
                                                                                    active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative
Kindermusik – Village                                                               3- and 4-year-olds and encourages
Instructor:   Chris Floyd                                                           socialization, sharing, and participating in group
When:         Session I, starting Wed., Sept. 14                                    activities. Singing becomes a focus for
              Session II starting Wed., Nov. 9                                      enhancing the preschooler’s vocal
Where:        Marysville Library Large Meeting Room                                 development as her expressive language is just
Time:         12:20-1:05pm                                                          beginning to emerge. Parents are invited to
Age:          0 – 18 months                                                         participate in the last 15 minutes for Sharing
Cost:         Program fee $70 per session or 2 monthly                              Time of the 45-minute class.
                       payments of $35
Supplies:     $32 per session payable to instructor.                Kindermusik – Young Child Semester I
Description:  Village provides a delightful environment unlike      When:         Begins Tuesday, Sept. 13 or Wed., Sept 14
              any other. Through a unique blend of multi-level      Where:        Marysville Library Large Meeting Room
              activities that includes creative movement,           Time:         Tuesday, 12:45-1:45pm or
              vocal play, object and instrument exploration,                      Wednesday, 4:00-5:00pm
              and a colorful literature component, your baby’s      Age:          4 ½ years - 6 years
              growth and development are stimulated and all         Cost:         $176 or 4 monthly payments of $44 (15 classes)
              of his senses engaged. Village incorporates           Supplies:     $96 for new student materials or $76 for
              the most current research on early childhood                        previously enrolled Young Child student,
              development and provides families a special                         material fee payable to instructor, Chris Floyd
              place for learning and connecting with other          Description:  Kindermusik provides the opportunity to
              parents and babies through music and                                explore voice development, rhythm, notation,
              movement.                                                           musical symbols and authentic pre-keyboard,
                                                                                  string and woodwind instruments. Young Child
Kindermusik – Our Time                                                            I helps develop a confident, joyful voice for
Instructor:   Chris Floyd                                                         singing and speaking, and essential building
When:         Starts Tuesday, Sept. 13 or                                         blocks for a future of learning. Designed for
              Wednesday, Sept. 14                                                 children ages 4½ to 6 years, classes meet
Where:        Marysville Library Large Meeting Room                               once a week for one hour. Students explore
Time:         Tues., 10:00-10:45am or 6:00-6:45pm                                 many facets of musical symbols and authentic
              Wed., 10:00-10:45am or 11:00-11:45am                                pre-keyboard, string and woodwind
Age:          18 months – 3 ½ years                                               instruments. Young Child III helps develop a
Cost:         $140 or 4 monthly payments of $35                                   confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking
              (15 classes)                                                        as well as essential building blocks for a future
Supplies:     $54 material fee payable to Instructor.                             of learning. For children ages 6 to 7 years,
Description:  Our Time encourages your child to uncover                           classes meet once a week for one hour.
              an engaging musical world while building                            Students explore many facets of the musical
              confidence, self-control and communications                         experience: speaking, singing, moving,
              skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming and                      dancing, listening, and playing instruments, as
              object identification foster language skills.                       well as learning about reading and writing music.
              Creative movement to various musical “moods”                        As the capstone to the child’s Kindermusik
              develops a sense of balance, timing and spatial                     journey, Young Child broadens the child’s
              awareness. Listening and turn-taking                                introduction to the fulfillment and excitement
              encourage blossoming social skills.                                 of musicianship.
                                                                         PARKS & RECREATION CLASSES
                                                                                 RECREATION                                               9
A.S.A.P. - After School Activities Program                                               YOUTH ART CLASSES
   ASAP is an award-winning annual After School Activities
Program at Marysville Middle School that gives students the              Basic Drawing for Beginners to Advanced
opportunity to receive homework assistance, play games, arts                This fun and creative class guides budding artists while
and crafts, special events, sports, foos ball, air hockey, ping          they explore and develop the basic skills to draw animals,
pong and other activities with their friends. Students can choose        people, flowers, still life and landscapes using graphite pencils.
the days they wish to attend. Registration forms are available           Each session meets for 4 classes.
in the MMS office or at the Parks and Recreation Department
                                                                                                                    Instructor: Vicki Carver
                       Instructor: City of Marysville and Tulalip
Office. A.S.A.P. is funded by the Marysville Parks & Rec Staff
Tribes charitable grants. Free, but $10 p/mo. donation welcome.                                     ❑ Session I - Ages 7-13 years
                            for Yout
                   Spanish for YouthAges (all Marysville                                              Marysville Community Campus,
                     Instructor: Marysville Parks & Rec Staff
                  Middle School students)                                                             7431 64th Drive
             ❑ A.S.A.P - Open to Marysville Middle School
                                    Middle School Cafeteria
                Students                                                                                                Th Sept. 22-Oct. 13
                                    Classes M-Th, starting Aug. 4                                          2:00-3:30pm - Home School $49
                              Marysville Middle School Cafeteria           Supplies: Graphite
                                  Program M-Th, starting Sept. 19         Pencils (2H, HB, 6B),             4:00-5:30pm - After School $49
                                                                         pencil sharpener, white    ❑  Session II - Ages 7-11 years
                                                                           eraser, Strathmore
Spanish for Youth                                                         Drawing Pad (50lb or
                                                                                                       Community Campus, 7431 64th Dr. NE
   Youth will learn to play, sing, dance, read stories, numbers,         70lb with spiral at top)                      *Th Nov. 17-Dec. 15
shapes, ABCs and syllables in Spanish over the course of 10                                                               (*No class on Nov. 24)
weeks. Our energetic instructor, Mary Toews, will help make                                                  2:00-3:30pm - Home School $49
learning Spanish easy and fun!                                                                               4:00-5:30pm - After School $49
                                    Instructor: Mary Toews
            ❑              outh
                      for Yout
              Spanish for Youth - Grades K-5th                           Clay Play for Mom and Me
                *Marysville Public Library Lg. Meeting Rm.
                                                                            Parents will have the opportunity to assist their little one
                           * Oct. 27 class meets in Small Meeting Room
                                                                         and create a hand print, ornament, lace pot and vase during
                                Th      Sept. 22-Dec. 1 (10 classes)     this 4-week class. Projects will be perfect for holiday gifts!
                                                 4:15-5:00pm $99
                                                                                                                     Instructor: Vicki Carver
Finger Dancing for Infants - Preschool                                                                Clay Play
                                                                                                    ❑ Clay Play - Ages 3-6 with adult
   Be on the cutting edge of educational programs for your child.                                     Marysville Community Campus,
The Finger Dancing program teaches American Sign Language                         Supplies:           7431 64th Drive NE
(ASL) through the use of music, dance, drama and play                       All clay, glazes and                        Th Oct. 20-Nov. 10
                                                                          firings included in fee                      10:00-11:00am  $49
activities. Children learn basic signs, finger spelling, games
and songs. Sign language has many benefits for your child in
language communication skills and cognitive development.                 Drawing and Watercolor
Register anytime; classes are ongoing.                              This fun and creative class guides budding artists while
                                  Instructor: Colleen Thomason they explore and develop the basic skills to draw animals,
           ❑ Finger Dancing for Infants                          people, flowers, still life and landscapes using graphite pencils
                                                                 and watercolor. Each session meets for 4 classes.
                 A Sign Language Spot, 514 State Ave. Suite 105
                               M      11:00-11:45am 0-2 yrs.                                               Instructor: Vicki Carver
                               Th     10:00-10:45am 2-3 1/2 yr.    Supplies: Graphite      ❑ Session I - Ages 7-13 years
                               Th 11:00-11:45am 3 1/2-5 yrs. Pencils (2H, HB, 6B),           Marysville Community Campus,
                                                     $45 p/month pencil sharpener, white     7431 64th Drive NE
                                                                   eraser, Strathmore                        W      Sept. 21-Oct. 12
   Supplies: Participants will receive weekly handouts in         Drawing Pad (50lb or
   English or Spanish, detailing signs that are being taught.    70lb with spiral at top),         2:00-3:30pm - Home School $49
                                                                 and Crayola watercolor            4:00-5:30pm - After School $49
Babysitting Basics
  Camp Fire USA will teach youth the “how-tos” of babysitting.
Topics include: Proper ways to hold a child, what to do in an            Clay Exploration
emergency, infant and toddler care, play ideas, beginning
                                                                           This class is designed to help youth learn techniques for
behavior management, age characteristics, emergency
procedures, finding sitting jobs and working with parents.               pulling, pushing, poking, rolling, pressing, stretching, glazing,
                                                                         smoothing clay and just plain having fun! Projects may include
                                     Instructor: Camp Fire USA           a pinch pot, small animal sculpture, slab-rolled vase and lace
                                  ❑ Session V Grades 5-7                 bowl.                                  Instructor: Vicki Carver
                                    Jennings Park Barn                                      Clay Exploration
                                                                                          ❑ Clay Exploration - Ages 7-13
                                               Sat. Sept. 17, 24                               Community Campus, 7431 64th Drive NE
                                                  9am-1pm $30                                            W      Oct. 19-Nov. 4 (4 classes)
 Sponsored by Marysville          ❑ Session VI Grades 5-7                                              2:00-3:30pm - Home School $65
Parks and Recreation and            Jennings Park Barn                                                  4:00-5:30pm - After School $65
      Camp Fire USA                              Sat. Oct. 22, 29                                    (price includes firing, clay & glazes.
                                                  9am-1pm $30                                                All supplies included.)
Drawing and Oil Pastels                                                  High School 3-on-3 Basketball League
  Youth will be taught the basics of drawing with graphite                  Play like the pros, look good and have fun! Our 3-on-3 league
pencils and oil pastels in this unique class offering.                   is fast and fun. Games will be played at Cedarcrest Middle
                                           Instructor: Vicki Carver      School at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00pm. Offense calls the fouls. All
                            ❑ Session I - Ages 7-13 years                games are 55 minutes in length. The top six teams will advance
Supplies: Oil pastel set,     Marysville Community Campus,               to a single elimination tournament. Maximum of 12 teams.
    graphite pencils          7431 64th Drive NE
      (2H, HB, 6B),                                                           Registration will be from Sept. 1 thru Oct. 15. Register
Strathmore drawing pad
                                            W    *Nov. 16-Dec. 14             between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Parks and
     (50 lb or 70 lb)                            *(no class on Nov. 23      Recreation office, 6915 Armar Road. If work week times do
    with spiral at top,            2:00-3:30pm - Home School $49             not fit your busy schedule, try these special evening and
    white eraser and               4:00-5:30pm - After School $49           weekend registration times & dates for your convenience:
    pencil sharpener
                                                                            Weeknight: Wed.      Oct. 5     6-8pm    Lakewood MS
                                                                            Weeknight: Mon.-Fri. Oct. 10-14 6-8pm
                   YOUTH ATHLETICS                                          Weekend: Sat.        Oct. 15
                                                                                                                     Jennings Park
                                                                                                            11am-4pm Jennings Park

Recreational Youth Basketball League                                       Jennings Memorial Park is located at 6915 Armar Road.
                                                                         Lakewood Middle School is located at 16800 16th Drive NE.
   Lace them up, cinch up those shoes and hit
the hardwood! Grab a basketball as the                                                               ❑ 3-on-3 Basketball - Grades 9-12
Marysville Parks and Recreation offers its                                                                        Cedarcrest Middle School,
popular basketball league for youth in grades                                                                      6100 Av. and 152nd St. NE
1st-8th. The program for students in grades                                                                     Days TBA
1st thru 8th focuses on basic fundamentals,                                                                     6:00, 7:00, 8:00pm
teamwork, and good sportsmanship for all in a                                                                    $100 per team
recreation league environment. Registration is
Sept. 1-Oct. 15 (after this date registrations
                                                   YOUTH                 Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu 4 Kids
                                                BASKETBALL                  Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu classes
will be accepted on a space available basis
with a $5 late fee.) Volunteer coaches meeting                           for children ages 4 & up. These classes
                                                                         are a fun and exciting way for children
will be 9am Saturday, Nov. 5 at Cedarcrest Middle School.
                                                                         to build confidence, increase self-
Volunteer coaches are always needed.
                                                                         esteem and learn self-defense. Everyday
     Registration will occur from Sept. 1 thru Oct. 15. Register         a portion of the class is dedicated to
      between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Parks and               teaching children the Life Skills they
    Recreation Office, 6915 Armar Road. If work week times do            need to succeed, such as respect,
     not fit your busy schedule, try these special evening and           honesty, discipline and good manners.
    weekend registration times & dates for your convenience:
   Weeknight: Wed.      Oct. 5     6-8pm    Lakewood MS                                                               Instructor: Carl Doup
   Weeknight: Mon.-Fri. Oct. 10-14 6-8pm    Jennings Park                                          ❑ Tae Kwon Do/Kung Fu - Ages 4 & older
   Weekend: Sat.        Oct. 15    11am-4pm Jennings Park                                                          Kung Fu 4 Kids Academy,
                                                                                                                                   804 Cedar
   Jennings Memorial Park is located at 6915 Armar Road.
Lakewood Middle School is located at 16800 16th Drive NE.                                                 Classes M-F, you choose the 2 days
Cost to participate is $66 for the first family member and $60                                                          of the week to attend
for each additional family member.                                                                              4:30-5:15pm or 5:15-6:00pm
                                                                                                                     $69 (2 classes per week,
Ultimate Sports Basketball Camp                                                                            FREE trial lesson, FREE uniform)
   The Ultimate Basketball Camp is designed to help develop a
young athlete’s fundamentals and individual skills needed for            Tae Kwon Do/Kung Fu Classes for Teens
                              basketball. Fundamentals are                  Shi Dao Kung Fu offers teens the chance to learn the power
                              taught with a variety of drills and        of Tae Kwon Do balanced with the grace and beauty of Kung
                              skill-oriented games. Techniques           Fu. This physically challenging class will push teens as they
                             covered during camp are: ball               learn the value of hard work and determination. Respect,
                             handling, shooting techniques,              leadership and integrity are also a primary focus. This class is
                             passing, free throws, rebounding,           not competitive and students are encouraged to learn at their
           individual/team defense, triple threat, and                   own pace.
                                                                                                                      Instructor: Carl Doup
sportsmanship. Minimum camp size: 15; Maximum: 40. Deadline
to register is December 20 or until full. Advance registration                                     ❑ Tae Kwon Do/Kung Fu - Ages 11-18
is required.                                                                                                      Kung Fu 4 Kids Academy,
                        ❑ Ultimate Basketball Camp - 7-14                        Supplies:                                       804 Cedar
                             Cedarcrest Middle School Gym,                   Extra equipment                     Classes Monthly M, W & F
                             6400 88th St. NE                             required for sparring               6:00-7:00pm $79 (per month,
                                            T, W & Th    Dec. 27-29       (light contact only) -                    includes FREE uniform)
                                                   9am-noon $55               $95 payable to
                                                                               the instructor
                               Price includes a great looking T-shirt
                                           PARKS AND RECREATION CLASSES/ACTIVITIES
                                                     RECREATION                                                                11
Youth Soccer Skills Challenge                                        Hypnotherapy - Smoking Cessation
   The Washington State Recreation and Parks                            Using hypnosis as a means of quitting
Association (WRPA) Soccer Challenge is an                            smoking is a popular method for breaking the
energetic and exciting forum for all interested                      habit. Many factors keep a person smoking. Find
boys and girls, 14 years old and younger, to                         out why hypnosis works in this four session
demonstrate, refine and compete against their                        class, and why other methods fail to break the
peers in the skills of soccer. Opportunity is given                  addiction successfully.
to youths who want to demonstrate their skills in a                                                 Instructor: Kimberlee Danielson
progressively higher level of competition. Winners in each age                                           apy
                                                                                              ❑ Hypnotherapy - Adult
group and gender will advance to WRPA State competition held                                    Ken Baxter Senior/Community Ctr.
Oct. 17 in Aberdeen, to represent Marysville in the State                                       514 Delta Ave.
Championships. Advanced registration required.                                                  Tues.     Sept. 20-Oct. 11
                         AGE DIVISIONS                                                          7:00-8:30pm                $80
             Boys     6 & under 7-9 10-12 13-14
             Girls    6 & under 7-9 10-12 13-14                      Hypnotherapy - Weight loss
          Age determined by participant’s age on Nov. 30, 2005.         Find out how to manage your weight with hypnosis. Find
                                ❑ WRPA Soccer Challenge              out why diet, willpower, goals and a positive attitude are not
                                   Strawberry Fields Complex,        enough to take weight off and keep it off. This class that meets
                                   6100 Av. and 152nd St. NE         for four sessions will address many of the reasons why extra
                                           F          Oct. 14        weight happens, and how our minds can tell the body to release
                                           10am               $10    the extra weight for good.

                   ADULT CLASSES
                                                                                                   Instructor: Kimberlee Danielson
                                                                                             ❑ Hypnotherapy - Adult
                                                                                                Ken Baxter Senior/Community Ctr.
Nutrition                                                                                       514 Delta Ave.
   Marysville Parks and Recreation is pleased to offer classes                                  Tues.     Oct. 18-Nov. 8
this fall on a variety of nutritional topics, guided by Instructor                              7:00-8:30pm              $80
Karen Lamphere. A supply fee of $3 payable to the instructor.
                                                                     Spanish for Adults
                                   Instructor: Karen Lamphere      Going on a trip? Or work with Spanish speaking persons?
                        ❑ Nutrition - Ages: 16-Adult             Or just want to learn the language? Our energetic instructor
                                  Jennings Memorial Park Barn Mary Toews, will help make learning Spanish easy and fun!
                                                6915 Armar Road Class meets for 10 sessions. Supplies: pen and paper.
                           M        (see class dates below)                                           Instructor: Mary Toews
                           7-9pm        $20 per class                                   ❑ Spanish - Adult
                                                                                              Marysville Community Campus,
Cooking Monday to Friday - Oct. 17                                                                         7431 64th Drive NE
   Quick, healthy meals for busy families? Who doesn’t need                                             Sat. *Sept. 24-Dec. 3
that? Now that school is in session and the activities have                                               (* No class on Nov. 26)
begun, it seems there is never enough time to think about dinner                                   9:00-10:00am              $99
preparation every night. Karen offers several solutions with
some of her favorite busy day entrées, Confetti Chicken Wraps, Beginning German for Adults
Quinoa con Pollo, Mediterranean Quesadillas, and multiple easy     Learn to understand the German language with a main focus
variations of pasta entrées                                      on basic sentence structures and conversational topics.
                                                                 Instructor Sandy Clark will provide some history and an
Conquering Cravings - Nov. 7                                     overview of other German-speaking countries in Europe.
   Do you find yourself struggling to stay awake at 3pm Supplies: pen and paper.
everyday? Are you constantly craving carbohydrates or sweets                                         Instructor: Sandy Clark
and want to understand why? Discover easy ways to find energy                           ❑ Beginning German - 16-adult
and balance through your food choices. Learn how certain foods                                Marysville Community Campus,
and eating styles contribute to cravings, and how to select                                                7431 64th Drive NE
foods that will balance and sustain your energy level. You will                                          Sat. Sept. 24-Oct. 29
sample several recipes and leave the class with practical ideas                                    10:30am-noon              $60
for improving your energy and health.
                                                                                 Inclement Winter Weather Policy
Easy Holiday Appetizers - Nov. 21                                        The City of Marysville values our citizens’ safety. In the
   The holiday entertaining season is here. Prepare for parties        event that the Marysville School District announces limited
by learning several easy hors d’oeuvres that you can whip up           bus transportation or cancels classes due to poor weather,
in a flash and pass around on a platter with pride. Expand your           the City will close the Ken Baxter Senior/Community
repertoire beyond your old stand-by party dishes. This hands-           Center, and all City recreational/athletic programs will be
on class shows you how to create an impressive line-up of               cancelled. For weekend youth basketball game status call
easy yet elegant hors d’oeuvres to help with your holiday                                     (360) 363-8400.
entertaining needs. Bring a knife to class.
Conversational Signing for Adults                                    Dog Obedience
   Students will learn basic sign language to enhance your              The Canine Behavior Center dog obedience course includes
communication skills, Deaf History/Culture, and miscues in           eight one-hour obedience classes with your dog. All of the basic
signing. No matter if you would like to learn very basic signs or    obedience commands are covered over the course of the class.
be able to carry on full conversations, we are here to get you       All dogs must be fully immunized for their age.
started. This class is designed to teach you sign language in
the way you think and speak as a hearing person. This will give                                    Instructor: Canine Behavior Center
you the greatest feeling of success and build your confidence.                                  ❑ Dog Obedience - 4 months and up
This kind of Sign Language is known as Pidgin Sign English                                                    Rotary Ranch Petting Zoo
(PSE). It uses all the American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary,              Supplies:                      in Jennings Memorial Park,
                                                                      Instructor will provide                          6915 Armar Road
facial expressions and body language with the word order of
                                                                           a list the first
the English language to help facilitate learning and                       day of class                               M Oct. 17-Dec. 5
communication between the deaf and hearing more easily. This                                                  7:15-8:15pm         $110
class will include non-standard quizzes. Certificate of hours of
Participation and Completion will be awarded.                        Basic First Aid
                               Instructor: Colleen Thomason              This course will cover initial assessment, EMS activation,
                       ❑ Conversational SIgning - Adult
                         Conversational                              standard precautions, burn care, bleeding, shock, sudden
                                       A Sign Language Spot,         illness, heat/cold emergencies, dislocations and fractures as
         Supplies:                                                   well as specific body injuries. Meets requirements for DSHS,
                                                514 State Ave.
 $35 for course manual                                               WISHA, OSHA, and L& I. Certification is from the American
        payable to         T Sept. 20-Oct. 25 7:00-8:30pm            Safety and Health Institute and is valid for 2 years.
 A Sign Language Spot      W Sept. 21-Oct. 26 1:00-2:30pm                                                     Instructor: Sheila Davis
    first day of class    (6 classes per session)          $95                                           Bee Safe Education Training
Tai Chi Chuan                                                                                    ❑ Basic First Aid - Ages 12 to adult
    An internal form of Chinese Martial Arts, combining relaxation                                         Marysville Public Library
of mind and body. Enjoy the health benefits of better blood                                                             6120 Grove St.
circulation, increased flexibility, better balance, stress relief                                            Sat.      Nov. 5 or Dec. 3
and enhanced lung function. This is a non-competitive and fun                                             10:00am-1:00pm           $20
form of exercise. Tai-Chi will create a sense of well being and           Supplies: All participants will receive the training book and
harmony of life; a great way to combat the hectic American                         First Aid card after completion of class
lifestyle. Course runs for 13 classes.
                                    Instructor: Gordy Halgren        Adult/Infant/Child CPR
                         ❑ Tai Chi Chuan - Adult                        This course will teach chain of survival, activation of 911,
                               Marysville Community Campus           emergency response,understanding what CPR is, manikin
                                                                     practice of CPR, and choking. The class also discusses specific
      Supplies:                             7431 64th Drive NE
                                                                     childhood injury prevention and safety tips as well as adult
   Wear comfortable                       W Sept. 21-Dec. 14         information on heart attacks and strokes. Certification is from
       clothing                 6:30-8:30pm - Beginning     $45      the American Safety and Health Institute.
                                7:00-9:00pm - Intermediate $45                                              Instructor: Sheila Davis
Kung Fu for Adults                                                                                       Bee Safe Education Training
   With a focus on health, fitness and practicality, adults are                                  ❑ CPR - Ages 12 to adult
taught traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Various aspects of other                                              Marysville Public Library
martial arts (Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do and more) are                                                            6120 Grove St.
also explored. This class is not competitive and students are                                               Sat.      Nov. 5 or Dec. 3
encouraged to learn at their own pace.                                                                  1:45-4:45pm               $20
                                          Instructor: Carl Doop           Supplies: All participants will receive the training book and
                         ❑ Kung Fu - Adult                                           CPR card after completion of class
      Supplies:                       Shi Dao Kung Fu Academy
     Free uniform                               804 Cedar Ave.       Bloodborne Pathogens
                                 Tue. Choose which days M-Th           This class focuses on bloodborne diseases (HIV/AIDS,
                                 7:00-8:30pm         $79 p/mo.       Hepatitis B & C), the use of personal protective equpment and
                                                                     the requirements of an exposure control plan. Meets
Self Defense for Women                                               requirements for DSHS, WISHA, OSHA (29 CFR regulations),
   This self-defense class is focused on women’s needs. The          and state L & I. Certification is from the American Safety and
class will cover safety, awareness, and basic self-defense           Health Institute.
techniques to help get out of potentially dangerous situations.                                              Instructor: Sheila Davis
                                        Instructor: Carl Doop                                            Bee Safe Education Training
                        ❑ Self Defense for Women - Adult                      Supplies:          ❑ Bloodborn Pathogens - Ages 12-adult
      Supplies:                                                             textbook will                  Marysville Public Library
                                   Shi Dao Kung Fu Academy                 be handed out
   Wear comfortable                            804 Cedar Ave.                                                           6120 Grove St.
       clothing                                                               at class
                           Choose: Sept. 21, Oct. 19 or Nov. 16                                                          T     Oct. 18
                                    9:30-11:30am           $20                                           7:00-8:30pm              $15
Fundamental Yoga
   The goal of this class is to help you relax and learn yoga in                   City of Marysville Rental Facilities
a casual environment. Standing and seated stretches, flowing                      Available for Various Special Events
sequences and balancing postures are performed. Classes
conclude with 5-10 minutes of relaxation. Poses can be modified                                          Jennings Memorial Park Barn
allowing all levels of students to participate. Among its many                                                 6915 Armar Rd.
benefits, yoga can help to increase flexibility, reduce stress                                    Capacity      50
and improve strength and posture.                                                                 Cost per/hr $13
                                          Instructor: Vicki Morrow
               ❑ Fundamental Yoga - Adult                                                         Cost per/day $58
                                         Shi Dao Kung Fu Academy                                  Conveniences
                                                     804 Cedar Ave.
                                             Tues. & Thurs. monthly                                             Barbecue Shelter
                                                      9:30-10:30am                                           6915 Armar Rd. (seasonal)
                                             $55 p/mo. 1 class p/wk.                              Capacity      50
                                          $75 p/mo. 2 classes p/wk.                               Cost per/hr $13
 Supplies: Yoga mats are optional. Classroom floor is sturdy, mat-like                            Cost per/day $58
  surface. Mats for sale at studio for $10. Some students might also
prefer a small blanket. Depending on flexibility, a blanket can make for                          Conveniences
 a more comfortable experience, and is recommended for beginners.
                                                                                                            Lions Centennial Pavilion
 Marysville Parks & Rec offers many ways to pay                                                                 6915 Armar Rd.
    All classes and activities offered through the                                                Capacity     N/A
 Marysville Parks and Recreation Department may be                                                Cost per/hr $13
 paid for by cash, check, money order or major credit                                             Cost per/day $58
 card. Unless otherwise specified, please make checks   s r r           TM

 or money order payable to City of Marysville. Visa                                               Conveniences
 and MasterCard users must pay in person at the Parks
 Office, 6915 Armar Road.                                                                              Marysville Library Meeting Room
 Please note that pre-registration of one week is required for                                                  6120 Grove St.
 all classes appearing in this newsletter. Application Forms,                                     Capacity     120
 and flyers for most classes, are available. Please call 360-                                     Cost per/hr $13
 363-8400 to obtain a copy, or visit the Parks and Recreation
                                                                                                  Cost per/day $58
 Department Office in Jennings Memorial Park, 6915 Armar
 Road, Marysville, WA 98270 .                                                                     Conveniences
                                                                                                       Ken Baxter Senior/Comm. Center
Sounds of Summer Concerts wow the crowds                                                                       514 Delta Ave.
                                                                                                  Capacity     100
                                                                                                  Cost per/hr M-Th-$35 F-Sat-Sun-$45
                                                                                                  Cost per/day -

                                                                              The Senior/Community Center is available evenings & weekends
                                                                              only. Call (360) 363-8400 for more information.

                                                                                          handi-                                        alcohol
                                                                              restrooms   capped-      electricity   kitchen   coffee   allowed

                                                                              Rent the Senior Center for special occasions!
                                                                                 The Ken Baxter Senior/Community Center (KBSCC)
                                                                              is a great place to have your celebration. We are centrally
                                                        Photo by Doug Buell   located in the heart of Marysville with affordable rates.
Playing to a noon-time crowd in Comeford Park, Craicmore and
their unique blend of Celtic music was among several musical per-               Our facility is perfect for birthdays, baby showers,
formers this year who amazed crowds during the 2005 Sounds of                 anniversary parties, receptions, meetings and much more.
Summer Concert Series. The Friday night concerts in Jennings Park             Call us today to book your next event. For more info, please
drew 2,160 listeners over 6 weeks; the new Wednesday lunchtime                call us at (360) 363-8450.
series drew more than 1,000 lunchtime music-lovers.
                                2005 Fall/Winter Registration
                     REGISTRATION MADE EASY!                                                              CANCELLATIONS
              MAIL IN the completed Registration Form below.                             If your class is canceled, we will notify you by phone.
              Please include check or money order payable to:                            You will receive a full refund if the class is canceled.
              “City of Marysville” for the amount of class(es)                                                  REFUNDS
              and mail to: Marysville Parks and Recreation                               Written request for refund received in the Parks &
                                                                                         Recreation Office no less than 10 working days prior
                                  6915 Armar Road                                        to the first day of class will be refunded, less a $5
                                  Marysville, WA 98270                                   administrative fee.
                                                                                         Refunds take a minimum of 15 days to process.
        WALK IN and register in the Parks and Recreation
        Office located in Jennings Memorial Park.
                                                                                         A separate form is required for the following:
        OR CALL US at                                                                         ASAP              Youth basketball
        (360) 363-8400 for more details.                                                      Ultimate Sports 3-on-3 basketball
CALL US FAX (360) 651-5089

                                   Registration Form Per Person/Family
Please print & fill out completely.
NAME (Parent or Guardian if under 18)

                                                                                City                                   State                  Zip
HOME PHONE                                       WORK PHONE                                    e-mail

     PARTICIPANT NAME                BIRTHDATE            CLASS/PROGRAM                        DATES            DAY(S)          TIME           FEE

 Shirt size ❑ YS ❑ YM ❑ YL                                                                                         TOTAL FEES:
               ❑ AS ❑ AM ❑ AL ❑ AXL
    For and in consideration of the opportunity offered to participate in the above named
 activity offered by the Marysville Parks and Recreation Department, I, as evidenced by                 Amount Enclosed: $
 signature, do hereby hold harmless, release and waive all claims I/my child may have
 against the City of Marysville, its officials, employees, agents or contracted instructors, and        ❑ Check #
 any other person(s) involved in the above named activity/activities for any and all injuries,          ❑ Money Order
 losses or damages suffered by me or my child as a result of our participation in the above             ❑ Cash (Please do not mail cash.)
 named activity/activities. I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury,      ❑ Visa/MasterCard
 losses or damages suffered.                                                                             Expiration Date
 SIGNATURE                                                                                                                        651-5085
                                                                                                                  Visa/MasterCard Number
 SIGNATURE (if under 18)                                                                                           Print Name of Cardholder
                                          “Parks & Recreation - the Benefits are Endless”
                                                                                                                     Cardholder Signature
                                                                  GENERAL NEWS - PUBLIC WORKS                                                 15
Cutting trees, native plant life in open space or protected areas prohibited
   In August 2003, a resident cut down            All too often they are are used as illegal      filed suit in Snohomish County Superior
trees in public open space property behind        dumping sites, as personal woodlots, or         Court to recover damages, Weed says.
his Marysville home in the foothills above        as private areas by adjoining neighbors            A state statute allows the City to recover
Cedarcrest Golf Course.                           who have trees and plant life removed,          treble, or triple, damages for illegal tree
   While downing the trees may have                                                               cutting, commonly known as “timber
afforded better views from his home, it

also cost the man nearly two years of                  The City will continue to                     The City regulates activities within
protracted litigation, ultimately resulting        aggressively protect its open space            critical areas such as wetlands and sensitive
in a $10,635 judgment awarded to the City          and native growth protection areas             habitats. The Zoning Code (Title 19) found
in June 2005. The resident has since moved
elsewhere, and satisfied the judgment in
                                                   and will pursue other trespassers,
                                                   illegal dumpers and illegal tree
                                                                                                  in the Marysville Municipal Code lists
                                                                                                  these regulated activities, specifically in
full, City Attorney Grant Weed says.               cutters to judgment.         Grant Weed        Chapters 19.24.070 and 19.24.190.
   This story illustrates all too well the risk                                 City Attorney        Examples of regulated activities include
that people run if they engage in illegal                                                         dumping, removing or dredging soil and
activities that impact protected areas such          trimmed, or cut down to enhance              other materials, and destroying or altering
as open space, native growth areas, and           neighboring lots’ views.                        habitat. There are exemptions, but it is
critical areas such as wetlands, which               “The City will continue to aggressively      important to refer to city laws before taking
includes streams and stream buffers.              protect its open space and native growth        action, or consult the Municipal Code (on
   City officials remind the public that          protection areas and will pursue other          the web at
many residential areas in Marysville              trespassers, illegal dumpers and illegal tree      To report suspicious activity occurring
contain or adjoin open space, protected           cutters to judgment,” Weed says.                in an open space or native growth area in
native growth or wetlands. These unique              In the example cited above, when the         Marysville, Call Code Enforcement
public areas are threatened by many risks.        illegal activity was discovered, the City       Officer Paul Rochon at (360) 363-8208.

The ins and outs of roundabouts: 108th Street NE and Shoultes Road drivers, be prepared
   Single-lane roundabouts can be an intimidating, nerve-wracking
form of traffic control for first-time users.
   But look at this way: At least it isn’t the dozen unpainted lanes
circling the Arc de Triumph in Paris, like Clark Griswold and did
in the comedy film National Lampoon’s European Vacation.
Roundabouts are a staple of driving in Europe, East Coast U.S.
and yes, even closer to home, in the City of Arlington. In fact,
roundabouts are becoming a common site on local roads because
of two important benefits - shorter wait times at the intersections
and improved traffic safety.
   Now it’s time for Marysville-area drivers to get a head start on
how to drive a roundabout.
   Snohomish County Public Works in June began installing a
roundabout at 108th Street NE and 51st Avenue (Shoultes Road)
near Marysville-Pilchuck High School (MPHS). Early in the
planning phase, the project team met with MPHS and Marysville
Fire District representatives to ensure that emergency response                                               Courtesy of Snohomish County Public Works
issues were addressed.
   Currently there are long backups and lengthy delays at the                4 Simple Rules to Navigate the Roundabout
intersection. The new, single-lane roundabout will better
accommodate projected traffic needs and be ready by the first week              at 108th Street NE and Shoultes Road
of September.
                                                                           STEP 1 Slow Down.
   Travel lanes, a center landscaped water quality pond, curbs, bike
lanes, planter strips and sidewalks will be built, as well as pedestrian   STEP 2 Yield. Wait for a gap in the traffic, remembering
crossings at each leg of the roundabout. The roundabout will have                 that those in the roundabout have right-of-way.
instructional signage and street lights, but no traffic signals. City      STEP 3 One Way. All vehicles in the roundabout travel
utility services relocation is also part of the project.                          in ONE DIRECTION: to the right.
   Drivers using the roundabout must slow down, yield to vehicles          STEP 4 Exit. Use your turn signal, & exit the roundabout.
already in the roundabout who have the right-of-way, wait for a
gap in traffic, travel in one direction, then turn signal when exiting
the roundabout.                                                             ❑ Never try to overtake another vehicle, bicycle
   For more about this project visit:           or motorcycle on a roundabout.
documents/Departments/Public Works/roads/projects.                          ❑ Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
                                                                                                 GENERAL CITY NEWS
Bottom row, seated from left: Councilmember
Jeff Seibert, Mayor Dennis Kendall and
Councilmember Jon Nehring, who also
serves as Mayor Pro Tem; top row, from left:
Councilmembers Donna Wright, Lee Phillips,
Jeff Vaughan, Lisa Vares and John Soriano.

                                                                                                                                           Portrait by Clear Image Portrait Studio
   Dennis Kendall      363-8000 Office
                       659-5242 Home
       City Councilmembers
   Jon Nehring                 653-7220
   Lee Phillips                653-1502
   Jeff Seibert                659-2226
   John Soriano                659-5314
   Lisa Vares                  658-1160
   Jeffrey Vaughan             658-1535
   Donna Wright                659-7027

                                               CITY COUNCIL IN SESSION
                     MAY                            Between June and August 2005, the          tures and lighting.
   ◆ Approved Phase I of a city jail ex-         Marysville City Council took action on           ◆ Recognized Eagle Scout Richard L.
pansion/remodel plan at an anticipated          100 agenda items. Below are some of the        Bates, III. The Mayor praised his over-
cost of $372,550, based on an 2003 study.       highlights from their work and delibera-       sight of the building of a platform for an
An interlocal agreement with a neighbor-       tions. To view the actual Council minutes,      amphitheater at the Masonic Park in
ing agency will provide funding to offset         visit the City of Marysville website at      Granite Falls.
the cost of the remodel by the end of                 ◆ After presentation and public com-
2006.The remodel would add 10 beds,                                                            ment, approved the City’s 6-Year Trans-
bringing the total to 47, expand the day       fessional Services Agreement with Har-          portation Improvement Plan (TIP), re-
room, add two more showers and a Video         ris & Associates totaling $906,620 for          quired annually for transportation planning
Arraignment/Visitation Room.Marysville         construction management services on             under the state Growth Management
contracts bed space with the Tulalip           the State Avenue widening project from          Act.Highlight road improvement projects
Tribes, Arlington and Lake Stevens.            116th north to 136th Street NE.                 include reconstruction of State Avenue
   ◆ Passed a resolution to sponsor the           ◆ Authorized the Mayor to sign a             from 100th to 152nd Street NE; widening
Marysville Fire District’s request to join     crossing widening agreement from 3 to 5         116th Street NE from I-5 to State; and
the Association of Washington Cities’          lanes with Burlington-Northern Santa Fe         improvements to the 51st Avenue corri-
Employees Benefit Trust                        for mainline grade crossing improvements        dor. Council also included the Multimodal
   ◆ Authorized the Mayor to sign a one-       at 116 and State, improvements at the           Transit Center proposed project at 116th
year rental agreement with Skagit Harley-      128th Street NE rail crossing, sidewalks        Street and realignment of 67th Avenue
Davidson for a third police motorcycle.        and a traffic signal.                           near 44th Street.
   ◆ Recognized Eagle Scouts Jacob                ◆ Awarded a $94,776 contract to                 ◆ Approved a Professional Services
Wilcox and Taylor Duce. Wilcox’s Eagle         Sahlberg Equipment for purchase of a            Agreement with Otak for 60% Design of
Scout project involved construction of         Motor Grader Maintainer.                        North Marysville Regional Detention
concrete fire pits and fencing at a local                        JULY                          Pond #2, which would get them through
campground. Duce collected more than              ◆ Authorized Mayor to sign $30,000           permitting, but would still require final
800 books to benefit the Providence Hos-       Community Development Block Grant for           design afterwards.
pital Children’s Pavilion.                     renovation of the Comeford Park public             ◆ Adopted an ordinance that expands
                     JUNE                      restrooms.The project includes ADA ac-          the Parks & Recreation Board’s area of
  ◆ Authorized the Mayor to sign a Pro-        cess improvements, new furnishings, fix-        representation to include Lakewood.

                            City of Marysville                                                                            PRESORTED
                            1049 State Ave.                                                                                STANDARD
                            Marysville, WA 98270                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                          Postal Customer                                               MARYSVILLE, WA
                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 80

                                                                                            Printed with soy based ink on recycled paper

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