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									             REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

              & EVENT MANAGEMENT
                      ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA

                                      DUE DATES:

            Letter of Intent to Bid due Tuesday, May 23, 2006
            Proposal due Tuesday, June 6, 2006 by 12 Noon
            Interviews to occur the week of June 20th
            Award to Occur by Friday, June 30th
            Transfer & Start Date goal, Friday, July 14th

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This RFP is intended to identify a full-service Contractor/Association Management and
Event Management company to manage and execute the activities of the Orange County
chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

The objectives of NAWBO-OC are to promote the growth, stability and profitability of women
owned businesses in Orange County and to provide the Orange County chapter with the
support and services that they require. NAWBO is a premier educational, technological and
networking resource for women business owners (nine chapters in California and over 70
nationwide). NAWBO-OC has 291 members; NAWBO-OC is committed to enhancing the
overall success of women business owners by ensuring the professional development and
growth of its membership (

NAWBO-OC seeks to retain the services of an organization to provide comprehensive
administrative services. The ideal organization would not only meet the requirements as
outlined in the RFP, but they would have a qualified record which demonstrates their internal
infrastructure and their strengths utilizing a sophisticated database information system, as well
as methodology to support future technology demands to meet and exceed the membership
growth objectives of NAWBO-OC.

NAWBO – OC anticipates membership growth of 500 members by June 30, 2007 with $250,000
in revenue and an 85% member retention rate and an expanded role of NAWBO in the
community. The ideal firm will matches the professional image consistent with successful
women business owners.

As such, presentation, customer service and state of the art information systems
capability are essential.

This RFP contains four distinct bid components that need to be addressed separately in your
bid. They are:

         Association Management service needs.
         Event Management service needs to support the Remarkable Women Awards event
         Education Center service needs to support the education classes – workshops and
         Bookkeeping support service needs.


      A. Contractor's relationship with NAWBO-OC will be that of Contract Service Provider and
         nothing in this RFP nor the final Agreement should be construed to create a partnership,
         joint venture, or employer-employee relationship

      B. The Contractor/Applicant must be a full-service association management and event
         planning firm with extensive experience managing medium to large non-profit

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       C. Contractor/Applicant must demonstrate its use and knowledge of a comprehensive
          information management software application that supports their ability to provide the
                Skills and aptitude to interface with web applications and membership portals.
                Ability to provide in-depth reporting capability for all membership events and
                 activities. (See Addendum for list of activities)
                Technological foresight to manage expanding requirements as chapter demands

       D. The Contractor/Applicant must demonstrate through its internal infrastructure its ability to
          support chapters bookkeeping requirements and skills necessary to utilize integration of
          e-commerce transactions.
              Bookkeeping staff should have a solid understanding of QuickBooks Pro – as well
               as an intermediate level understanding of subsidiary ledgers and the general
               ledger to produce required documentation to chapter treasurer.


       A. Office Administration
           Provide a headquarters office facility as a central base of operations which will include
            a mailing address, telephone communication system, email & FAX capabilities,
            copying equipment, computer systems and other office equipment to support the
            association's needs.
           Provide storage for chapter’s files and records.
           Maintain a supply of letterhead, envelopes, membership kits, NAWBO-OC literature,
           Work with NAWBO CA Association Office to coordinate activities between NAWBO-
            OC and NAWBO-National.
           Answer all inquiries about NAWBO promptly and courteously, supporting NAWBO’s
            public image as a professional association.
           Respond to calls from the media quickly forwarding them to the proper sources.
           Maintain a master calendar for the chapter’s, NAWBO-OC and NAWBO national
           Receive and relay phone messages and written communications for designated
            NAWBO officers and liaisons.
           Provide written and oral quarterly reports to the board or as specified by the Board.

       B. Publications and Mailings
           Election mailing once a year, which consists of producing, labeling and mailing
            election materials to the members in accordance with NAWBO-OC bylaws. Compile
            election returns and notify the President of election results.
           Distribute member fax & email notices (frequency in accordance with Addendum).
           Distribute meeting notices via fax & email twice each month as established by the
            Program Committee.
           Produce miscellaneous membership flyers that can be distributed at meetings
            frequency in accordance with Addendum. (Newsletter is covered under a separate
            section of this document.)
           Coordinate and distribute July installation invitations.

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   C. Board and Committee Support
       Attend Board meetings (12 per year).
       Coordinate site for board meetings.
       Maintain board books to facilitate transition from year to year (provided by chapter
       Assist President in planning and coordinating annual board retreats. Prepare needed
        documentation. Attend and participate in the two-day annual retreat.
       Assist President in planning and coordinating annual mid-year retreat. Prepare
        needed documentation. Attend and participate in the one-day retreat.

   D. Correspondence
       Initiate correspondence as directed and distribute to board and committee members
        as appropriate.

   E. Membership & Database Management
       Membership Inquires:
          o Respond promptly to membership inquiries, with membership applications and
            materials sent out within 24 hours of request.
          o Have trained staff available at all times to answer questions regarding
       Meetings: Track meeting attendance numbers including breakdown of members and
        first time guests.
       Membership Applications:
          o Prepare membership applications, as applicable.
          o Send welcome letter to new members.
          o Send roster and membership materials to all members.
          o Order membership badges monthly and include in monthly program packet to the
       Chapter Membership:
          o Maintain a current computerized membership and prospect database.
          o Provide current list of members and non-renewed members and provide
            assistance to chapter monthly.
          o Send out member ship renewal invoices quarterly.
          o Work with board to track demographic information from the membership.
          o Provide delinquent dues reports to the chapter monthly.
          o Generate mailing labels/disks as requested.
          o Provide monthly reports including number of membership inquiries and
            membership status monthly.
       National Membership Coordination:
          o Coordinate and track membership records and applications. Submit quarterly
            payment to the National Association.
          o Work with National to ensure membership information is current and follow-up on
            all leads.
          o Submit quarterly payment to the National Association.

   F. Meeting Support
       Coordinate meals, audio-visual equipment, and any other program items as needed.
       Coordinate preparation of brochures, announcements and registration material giving
        sufficient notice to prospective attendees.
       Receive, process, and track reservations. (This task includes handling checks and
        credit card reservations in manner designated by the Treasurer.)

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         Prepare list of registrants & sign in roster showing membership and payment status.
         Prepare name badges for attendees and meal tickets as required.
         Coordinate on site registration and coordinate membership committee support at
         Record and deposit all payments received and send statements to attendees when
         Provide final accounting of meeting in accordance with procedures.
         Receive and track donations for fund raising events and handle them in a manner
          designated by the event chairperson.

   G. Bookkeeping and Financial Support
       Collect, deposit and record dues monies, registration fees, etc.
       Account for membership, meeting and special event monies in coordination with
        applicable officer, board member and accountant.
       Maintain and reconcile the association's checking account.
       Prepare checks and receipts and submit to the treasurer for signature.
       Prepare monthly Balance Sheet, Income Statement and General ledger and submit to
        Treasurer at least one week prior to the monthly board meeting.
       Work with the president and treasurer in order to establish an annual budget.
       Review all activities to assure accurate accounting and compliance with all non-profit
       Maintain all interest-bearing accounts as directed by the Treasurer.
       Distribute financial material to the treasurer one week prior to the board meeting.

   H. Annual Membership Directory
       Provide data as required for publication of membership directory and website
       Coordinate the publication of the printed directory and the monthly maintenance of the
        website membership database directory.
       Publish the membership directory annually.

   I.   Newsletter
         Interface with NAWBO-OC web master to provide information and articles for the
         Email reminder to all members two weeks prior to newsletter deadline.
         Receive, post track and bill advertisers as needed.

   J. Public Relations/Marketing
       Ensure that adequate marketing collateral is on hand to support inquiries and all
        upcoming events.
       Maintain inventory of press kits and perform mailings as required.
       Maintain an archive or all press releases and news clippings of any media exposure

   K. Special Events
       Include separately in this proposal cost for Remarkable Women Awards Event (900
        attendees). See Addendum.

   L. Education Center
       This is a new component and is being launched June 2006. See details for
        administration, and on site coordination activities required in Addendum 1.

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          Administer Integration and utilization of online enterprise application for management,
           tracking and analysis requirements.
          Coordinate effectively with Ed Committee in launching enterprise system for
           implementation of education center.
                 a. Auto responders from system for attendees
                 b. Registration reports
                 c. Rosters for instructors
          Coordinate for tracking and management of facilitators / instructors / participants with
           online system.


      A. Monthly Retainer
         Please provide a total proposed monthly cost for the above services and group them by
         the four categories listed in “Purpose and Intent”. This fee shall cover all office
         space and sufficient support to conduct the business of the association and perform all
         tasks as described above. The successful bidder shall provide, in addition to its own
         office, all personnel, vehicles, equipment and facilities needed to perform such services
         and shall be subject to its exclusive control.           Fees shall cover all employee
         compensation, taxes, insurance and benefits.

      B. Reimbursable and Operating Expenses
         Operating expenses for such items as meeting expenses, mailings, printing, and
         postage will be coordinated to make use of the Corporate Partners whenever possible.
         The successful bidder shall invoice on a monthly basis directly to the treasurer all-
         reimbursable expenses incurred in the performance of this contract. All such expenses
         are to be billed at cost with supporting documentation provided.


      A. Bidder shall provide the following with their proposal:
          An outline of previous relevant association management experience along with a client
           list and references.
          Financial references.
          A list of office and computer equipment and software to be used.
          Experience of staff, length of service, expertise in areas of specialization and
           availability, either full or part-time.
          Completed copy of Attachment A and Attachment B and Attachment C

      B. The Contractor/Applicant must provide support documentation of its suggested
         methodology to support needs of NAWBO-OC.
          Implementation of tasks as outlined in scope of work and general criteria utilizing their
           information management system / infrastructure.

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        Each Bid received in accordance with the RFP requirements will be evaluated by a panel
        of board members to determine the responsiveness of the proposal to the purpose and
        requirements specified. Proposals will be scored according to the following criteria:

                1. Scope of Work                              30 points
                2. Budget/Budget Justification                10 points
                3. Capabilities                               40 points
                4. Strategies                                 20 points
                5. Total Points                               100 points

VII.    TIMELINE (due dates)

         1. Tuesday, May 16th                      Release of RFP
         2. Tuesday, May 23rd                      Letter of Intent to Bid and RFP questions due
                                                   by fax: 714-730-4019 or email to
                                         , no calls will be
         3. Tuesday, May 30th                      Response to questions
         4. Tuesday, June 6th, 12 Noon             Deadline for Bids
         5. Week of June 20th                      Interviews of Qualified Candidates
         6. Friday, June 30th                      Announcement of Contract
         7. Friday, July 14                        Transfer of Records and Materials


        An original and six copies of your proposal must be received no later than 12
        Noon on Tuesday, June 6th. Faxes will not be accepted.

        Please note that it can take up to a week for items sent by U.S. Mail to be
        received. It is highly recommended that proposals be sent via over-night to:

                                           Cathy Daugherty, President
                                           NAWBO Orange County
                                           1431 La Colina
                                           Tustin, CA 92780
                                           Tel: 714-832-5333

        2.   The awarding of contracts in connection with this solicitation is subject to the final
             approval of the NAWBO-OC officers.

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        3.   NAWBO-OC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, cancel this solicitation,
             and/or request best and final offers from some or all bidders and/or move the
             implementation date. Acceptance of a bid is subject to negotiations of a final
             contract between NAWBO-OC and the Contractor.

        4.   Agencies will not be reimbursed for any expenses incurred for the development of
             their bid (including communications costs).

        5.   All materials submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of
             NAWBO-OC at the time the proposal is received.

        6.   All applicants agree that in submitting a proposal they authorized NAWBO-OC to
             verify any or all claimed information and to verify any references named in their

        7.   All proposals must be complete when submitted. No changes, modifications,
             corrections or additions may be made once the proposal is filed with the
             department. NAWBO-OC reserves the right to contact applicants during any
             proposal evaluation phase to clarify the content of the proposal.

                               FAXES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

                  TUESDAY, JUNE 6TH AT 12:00 NOON.


        The following are provided as reference and are incorporated into this RFP.
         Attachment A:       Bidder Business Representations
         Attachment B:       Mandatory PERSONNEL DETAIL
         Attachment C:       Mandatory Letter of Intent
         Addendum 1:         Detailed Task and Responsibility List (current methodology)

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                                           ATTACHMENT A
   I.   Offeror Name and Address

        Point of Contact:

   II. Business Legal Status

        The offeror is structured as a _____________________________
        (sole proprietor, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Other)

        The offeror was structured as a business enterprise in ________ (year)

        The offeror represents, pursuant to the appropriate government regulation that it
        is a (check the appropriate boxes):

        ____   small business concern
        ____   small disadvantaged business concern
        ____   woman owned business concern
        ____   Native American owned business concern
        ____   rural business concern
        ____   an historic black college or university
        ____   minority institution
        ____   Other (describe) ________________________________

   II. TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ________________________________

   III. DUNNS NUMBER (if available)_________________________________________



   Account Number:

   VI. Proof of Bonding & Errors & Omissions Insurance and/or similar insurance
   required and compliance with employment laws.

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                             ATTACHMENT "B" - MANDATORY
                                  PERSONNEL DETAIL

Include biography for key personal.

 Title                                     Salary   % of Time   Total

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                            ATTACHMENT "C" - MANDATORY
                            MANDATORY - LETTER OF INTENT

Due: Tuesday, May 23rd


      U.S. Mail or Shipping/Overnight Express:
      NAWBO-Orange County
      City, State Zip

Name and Title:__________________________________________________________



Telephone:_________________________________ Fax:


Year Business Established: __________       # of Staff: _____________

We intend to submit a proposal to provide Association Management and Event Management
support to NAWBO Orange County. We are aware that this is a non-binding letter of intent
due by noon on Tuesday, May 23rd.

RFP Questions: Submit separate sheet along with the Letter of Intent via fax or email.

        Only those that have faxed this form can participate in the official bid process

        Submit to:
              FAX: 714.730-4019

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                                      Addendum 1:
                Detailed Task and Responsibility List (current methodology)

A. Office Administration
    Provide a headquarters office as a central base of operations which will include a mailing
       address, telephone communication system, email and fax capabilities, copying equipment,
       computer systems and other general office equipment to support the association's needs.
    Maintain a dedicated OC phone line and voice-mail box (paid for by NAWBO-OC).
    Oversee the day-to-day operation of the association, under the direction of the President and
       Board of Directors. Provide moderate insight and input to all NAWBO-OC committees via phone
       and email correspondence.
    Provide support to the President's efforts to build affiliate and sponsor relationships.
       Approximately 2 hours monthly.
    Answer all inquiries about NAWBO promptly and courteously, supporting NAWBO’s public image
       as a professional association.
    Provide storage for NAWBO chapter files, records, supplies and props. This includes one filing
       cabinet, approximately twelve letter size storage boxes, signage, banners, speakers gifts,
       awards, etc.
    Maintain a supply of letterhead, envelopes, membership kits, marketing collateral, etc. to support
       inquiries and all upcoming events.

B. Publications and Member Mailings
    Election mailing once a year which consists of producing, labeling and mailing or emailing
      election materials to the members (voting members only)
    Produce and distribute member-only fax or email notices (average 1 quarter)
    Distribute meeting notices and e-news via fax or email (average 4 per month)
    Produce and distribute specialized email notifications at the direction of the board of directors (1
      or 2 per month)
    Produce miscellaneous membership flyers that can be distributed at meetings (membership
      related, program notices provide by the committee)
    Produce and distribute two monthly confirmation event email notices for all events

C. Board Support
    Attend Board meetings (12 per year)
    Under the Program committee’s direction assist or handle the arrangements for board meetings
      including booking room and refreshments as necessary.
    Under the President-Elect and/or Program Committee’s direction email NAWBO-OC “Request for
      Bid” to prospective hotels and assist with the selection and booking of the hotel for the monthly
      meetings and/or events – two bids annually.
    Prepare and send board meeting notices (1 to 2 per month)
    Provide monthly financial accounting report to the Treasurer
    Maintain committee reports and meeting minutes on file
    Compile membership and attendance data and prepare monthly a detailed Membership,
      Marketing, and Economic Development Key Indicator for Board distribution (see sample)
    Collect data and prepare monthly the Consolidated Chapter Key Indicator for Board distribution
      (see sample)

D. Correspondence
    Initiate correspondence as directed and distribute to board and committee members as
      appropriate. Correspondence will support contracted duties outlined within this document.

E. Chapter and Web site Database
    Maintain the current in-house membership and prospect database (dues and attendance
      tracking). Includes tracking of demographic information from the membership application.
    Generate mailing labels as requested by authorized Board Member
    Forward new member applications to NAWBO National for posting.

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      Upload monthly/quarterly digital prospect lists received from website visitor report into the local

F. Membership
    Answer questions regarding membership
    Compile membership packets from materials provided by the marketing committee
    Reconcile local membership reports to the National database on a monthly basis, notify National
     regarding any discrepancies
    Insure correct and accurate invoicing of annual membership renewals by the National office.
    Respond promptly to membership inquiries
    Produce and send new membership welcome packets (includes letter, roster and membership
    Order membership badges monthly
    Invoice Corporate Partners for annual dues renewal
    Provide Web Master and VP of Membership with monthly New Member description report
    Produce and provide the Economic Development Director and Affiliate Director with prospective
    Create and report on the monthly key indicator a detail break down of the full membership
     demographics includes type, number of employees, revenue amount as well as a listing of the
     Corporate Partners and their renewal payment and schedule. Provide monthly key indicator
     including list of non-renewals, renewals, new members, listing the number of employees and
     revenue for the new members as well as the chapter’s membership status (refer to sample).
    Assist Corporate Partner chair with mailing prospective packets, collecting renewal dues, as well
     as two additional solicitation projects (based on 3 hr projects) per board term.
    New Member Orientation Meetings: Create, track and mail personal invitations to new members
     for the Quarterly New Member Orientation event (text provided). The Retention Committee will
     make the follow-up calls. Handle incoming reservations, supply nametags, roster and volunteer
     information for the Quarterly New Members Orientation events.
    Create and provide a summary report each quarter (going back 12 months) of non-member
     attendance at dinner meetings. Purpose to see if there are people NAWBO-OC can remove from
     the call/note list because they are not viable prospects or if other patterns emerge.
    Create and provide a summary report each quarter (of the past quarter) of member attendance at
     dinner meetings. The Retention Committee will make follow-up calls.
    Develop a report on results of the Recruitment Committee’s calls/notes. Purpose, NAWBO-OC
     needs to begin to track the average # of meetings prospects attend before joining, the average #
     of calls and/or notes sent. Obviously, as with #1 above, close coordination and information
     sharing with the committee chair is critical.
    Send personal “hand-written” thank you notes with the NAWBO bucks (dollars to be used to pay
     for admission to NAWBO events).
    Create and track the NAWBO bucks for on-going Membership Drive.
    Package and mail with a personal note the Member Appreciation Awards quarterly to honored
    Create, track and report quarterly to the Retention Committee those to receive Member
     Appreciation Awards.
    Provide technology based program to calculate the renewal rate.

G. Annual Membership Directory
    Provide member data as required for publication of membership directory
    Coordinate the membership content for publication of the printed directory based on report driven
      layout. Customized layout and/or design will need to be bid on separately.
    Coordinate monthly maintenance of the web site membership database directory
    Produce and distribute membership roster monthly to new members.

H. Meeting, Education Seminar/Conference, Retreat Support
    Coordinate room, set-up arrangements, meals guarantee, audio-visual equipment, and any other
      program items as needed for the monthly meeting with the facility

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       Oversee the development of meeting notices and registration to ensure the registration
        information is accurate
       Email and/or broadcast fax these documents giving sufficient notice to prospective attendees
       Receive, process, and track reservations and on-site registrations
       Handle checks and credit card reservations (online system currently used through the website) in manner designated by the Treasurer
       Provide attendance lists to appropriate board members in advance for the monthly meeting
       Prepare list of registrants/sign in roster showing membership and payment status
       Provide hotel with guarantee to ensure adequate seating and meals while minimizing NAWBO’s
        exposure due to no shows, bounced checks, etc.
       Prepare name badges for attendees and meal tickets as required
       Bring meeting materials including NAWBO banners, flags, speaker gift(s), sign and brochure
        holders, signs, and opportunity drawing supplies, NAWBO brochures, membership applications,
       Staff registration and if applicable, coordinate the members assisting with registration
       Receive and verify income from opportunity drawing
       Record and deposit all payments received. It is not NAWBO-OC policy to bill nor allow non-paid
        attendees admittance to an event. Invoice when necessary
       Provide final accounting of meeting
       Track meeting attendance numbers
       Provide VP of Membership and membership committee with first timer guest roster
       Provide Economic Development Director with attendees roster
       Provide event recap report to Program Director, President, Treasurer, and Marketing Director

Summary of Event Activities
    12 monthly meetings
    1-2 educational seminars/meetings/conferences
    Annual retreat (one full day)
    Mid-year retreat (one full day)
    4 New Member Orientation Receptions (registration & prep only, attendance not required)
    4 Member Mixers (registration & prep only, attendance not required)
    Business Center (WBI) (bid separately)
    Remarkable Women Awards (bid separately)

I. Bookkeeping and Financial Support
NAWBO-OC financial accounting is managed through Quick Books online.
    Collect, deposit, and record dues monies, registration fees, etc (membership, sponsorship,
      advertising and meeting and special event monies)
    Forward invoices to local Treasurer for payment.
    Maintain and reconcile the association's checking account
    Prepare checks and receipts for NAWBO-OC and submit to the treasurer for signature
    Prepare monthly income/expenditure summaries and provide to the Treasurer, Finance
      Committee and the Board of Directors
    Review all activities to assure accurate accounting and compliance with all non-profit regulations.
    Maintain all interest-bearing accounts as directed by the Treasurer
    Produce, label and mail banner advertising invoices quarterly under the Web Masters direction.
    Produce, label, mail and track invoices for all members and event activities thru the on-line Quick
      Books program
    Update and keep current the on-line Quick Books database

J. Public Relations
    Maintain inventory of press kits and perform mailings as required. Materials provided by the
      marketing and public relations committees.
    Maintain, organize and coordinate a substantial amount of supplies and marketing materials for
      the Exhibitor Box for outside conferences and promotional opportunities.

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In 2005, there were 5 main honorees, 29 participating organizations honorees, and close to 900
attendees at the event. Planning has already begun on the 2006 event. Location coordination, honoree
and sponsorship materials packets have been updated, and 20 participating organizations have already
confirmed participation for the 2006 event. The tasks listed below are the service needs anticipated as of
the July 15, 2006 contract commencement date. Refer to attached timeline.

A. Administration
    Inform Public Relation Chair if any P.O. Honoree’s need new pictures as well as forwarding a copy of the
      Honoree Reception reservation list of attending Honoree’s.
    Send board member notices as requested by co-chairs (4 remaining).
    Fax flyers and invites as requested (3-5, flyer or invite provided).
    Respond daily to calls, emails and faxes regarding the event.
    Respond to requests for honoree, sponsorship, and program book advertising packets.
    Refer unanswerable communications to responsible RW co-chair.
    Send follow up to Remarkable Women (RW) invitation giving three-day alert to RSVP deadline (average
      of 3 notices)

B. Committee Meetings & Responsibilities
    Attend committee meetings (7 committee meetings remain, 2 hours each)
    Take minutes at each full committee meeting, submit draft to co-chairs for review and approval and
      distribute to the committee
    Email Committee meeting announcements.
    Participate in sub-committee meetings and conference calls (2 meetings, 1 to 2 hrs).
    Participate in table committee meetings (2 meetings, 4+ conference calls, 2 to 3 hrs.).
    Give input on schedule and activities.
    Work with co-chairs on hotel arrangements for reception and luncheon (reception to occur at President-
      Elects home in Irvine on September 7, 2006)
    Work with volunteer committee to obtain volunteers for the reception and luncheon.
    Provide Knowledge Management chair with digital files and hardcopies for the archive at the end of the

C. Coordination of Program Book Materials
    Coordinate the receipt of all materials, advertisements and dignitary proclamations, including follow-up
    Provide exported digital file in last name sort for the Committee Chair’s review and use.
    Provide tracking report of all materials, dignitary proclamations and advertisements received.
    Provide status reports as needed.

D. Data Base Management
    Update existing database: honorees, dignitaries, media list, past attendees, corporate partner
      guest lists, and affiliate partner lists.
    Review and remove duplicate entries
    Update and maintain separate Reception guest list
    Input honoree guest lists as needed to receive invites (est. 100-200 total)
    After completing event reconciliation provide exported digital file of full mailing list for knowledge
      management archive.

E. Financials
    Sponsors: Prepare, send and follow-up on invoices for committed contributions.
    Program Advertisement: prepare, send a follow-up invoice to advertisers (one notice only).
    Record and make all deposits for the awards event.
    Record and make all deposits for advertising in the Program book.
    Receive check requests and process for payment, if approved by a co-chairs.
    Receive and submit invoices to a co-chair for approval and prepare for payment.

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        Post all credit card payments to credit account and forward report to financial co-chair.
        Submit timely and accurate reports to the financial co-chair.
        Reconcile final revenue and expenses (closes 2 to 4 months out)
        Prepare and track any and all follow-up billing (no-shows, non-payments, etc.)
        Coordinate with financial co-chair all income and expense items. Provide set of all reports.

F. Honoree Reception RSVP System - September 7, 2006 in Irvine
    RSVP System: receive RSVP’s via email, fax and mail. Process and post within dbase
    Prepare stick-on nametags for Honoree reception (120) and insert into holders.
    Provide registration list reports to Committee Chair beginning two weeks out.
    Provide two registration rosters to the Committee Chair for check-in at the reception.
    Provide marketing materials, supplies, and NAWBO-OC banner.

G. Awards Luncheon Registration Process
    Registration plan: Admission tickets will be sent to the "Table Host" before the event
      (no badges for general attendees -- Will Call name tags for committee, dignitaries,
      honorees and press (approx. 100) and insert in holders.
    Undeliverable (late RSVP) tickets will be placed in alphabetical order at the “Will Call” desk. The
      reservation desk will consist of three 6’ tables. Three Volunteers will man each table accepting
      admission ticket. All VIP’s, including Honorees, will be handled separately from the main body of
      registrants (and receive name tags).
    Work with NAWBO Volunteer Coordinator to obtain member volunteers.
    Provide seating assignment lists (floor plan) to the attendees.

H. Awards Luncheon RSVP System
    RSVP System: Receive RSVP’s via email, fax and mail. Process and post within dbase system.
      Process payments in batches as received. Mail and/or email confirmation with luncheon admission
      ticket to all attendees.
    Provide registration list reports to Committee Chair beginning one-month out.
    Provide registration list in table sort for Table Coordinator weekly to daily one-month out.
    Coordinate with Public Relations regarding the “Honoree Table Chart” (picture, name, organization or
      award, and table number) in presentation order for the “Day Of” committee.

I.   Print/Graphic and Marketing Materials
      Prepare personalize confirmation letter with admission ticket for 800-900 attendees
      Order ribbons for badges as needed
      Produce all registration lists, VIP lists, Press lists, and special tracking reports.
      Produce copies of the “Honoree Table Chart” provided by Public Relation Chair.
      Assist with the production of the table seating assignment chart. Handle delivery of the signage.
      Assist with the preparation of all directional and registration signage. Handle delivery of all
      Forwarding information to public relations and the graphic designer to confirm they meet their
         deadlines (program book, honoree posters, signage, and table charts).

J. U.S. Mail – Labels, Stuffing and Postage
      Honoree Reception invitations to honorees, sponsors, board, dignitary, and committee members.
         Stuff, label and post approximately 300 pieces.
      Provide exported digital file of full mailing list for mailing house or committee for the award luncheon
      Bulk sort and group to each honoree (30-50) and sponsors (10-30) award luncheon invitations.
         Update and include a standardized cover letter with the packet.
      Other mailing requests from co-chairs, president or public inquiries (est. 40 additional packets).

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     Update the Main and Participating Organization (PO) Nomination Packets.
     CP & CM List: Prepare generic cover letter and application, email the main Honoree Nomination
      Packet to Corporate and Community Members requesting their nominations.
     2005 PO’s List: Prepare personalized cover letter and application, stuff, label and post
      Nomination packets to the 2005 Participating Organization (PO) Honorees.
     Full PO’s List: Prepare generic cover letter and application and email Nomination packets to all other
      Participating Organizations (PO) provided by the 2005 Affiliate Committee.
     New Prospective PO’s: Expand list as appropriate per OC Networking Directory. Prepare
      personalize cover letter and application, email and/or stuff, label and post individual Participating
      Organizations (PO) Nomination packets.
     PO Follow-up: Send two reminder notices to Participating Organizations requesting that they
      submit their “Member of the Year” nomination three weeks and then three days before the June
      30th deadline.
     Honorees: Make calls and send email reminders to the Honorees regarding the Honoree
      Reception. Collect Honoree’s bio, picture, and organizations mission statement before deadline
      date. Coordinate with Marketing/PR Chair regarding Honoree materials and missing photos. Send
      confirmation letter with luncheon details.

     CP & CM List: Prepare cover letter and sponsorship materials, stuff, and label and post
       Sponsorship packets to all NAWBO-OC Corporate Partners and Community Members.
     New Prospective Sponsors: Prepare cover letter and sponsorship materials, stuff, and label and
       post individual Sponsorship packets per Sponsorship Committee request.

K. Event: Onsite Management
Provide onsite Event Manager to oversee all the set-up, coordination and timing issues and onsite
“Registration Coordinator” to oversee the registration and VIP area as well as coordinate all onsite

    Event Manager Duties
     Volunteer Plan: Develop action plan and time line of volunteer responsibilities.
     Exhibit Area: Manage the exhibit area and direct sponsors to their table or booth space. Coordinate the
       placement of the Honoree posters.
     Banners: Collect banners from exhibit sponsors and confirm they and the NAWBO-OC banner are
       hung in the ballroom.
     Centerpieces: Confirm a volunteer is available to receive centerpieces at the hotel. Oversee
       coordination and placement.
     A/V: Confirm Hotel’s standard audio-visual equipment is working and in the correct placement.
     Staging & Luncheon Floor Plan: Confirm stage and luncheon tables match the published floor plan.
     Awards/Certificates: Confirm the awards are displayed in presentation order on the stage.
     NAWBO Material Tables: Confirm volunteers are managing the Membership and Door prize tables
       (displaying membership materials and drawing prizes as well as selling drawing tickets).
     Signage: Coordinate the placement of directional signage.
     Volunteers: Coordinate and oversee member and student volunteers; ballroom setup duties
       (centerpiece, program books, Marquee promotional item, and goodie bags).

    Registration Coordinator
     Volunteer Plan: assist in the development of the action plan and time line of volunteer responsibilities.
     Exhibit Area: assist with managing the exhibit area and direct sponsors to their table or booth space.
       Coordinate the placement of the Honoree posters.
     Coordinate and oversee member and student volunteers with their registration duties. Handle set-up.
     Assist as needed with the general coordination and all display area volunteers.
     Transport and display NAWBO-OC marketing materials in the registration area.

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                           EDUCATION CENTER SERVICE NEEDS

Educational tracks begin in June 2006 and will continue each month as specified. Currently
eight tracks are scheduled each month.

A. Administration
    Respond daily to inquiries regarding the Business Center.
    Respond to requests for information (tracks, sponsorship, and so on)
    Refer unanswerable communications to responsible chair.
    Communicate periodically with Chair regarding activities and registration.
    Support the efforts of the President to raise funds and sponsorship monies to support the
       education tracks (and the Women's Business Center -- approximately 4 hrs per month)
B. Location Arrangements
    Schedule and confirm location requests as designated by the committee. Includes costs, audio/visual,
       parking and so forth (8 sessions per month, multiple sessions).
C. Coordination of Materials
    Coordinate the receipt of course materials for each session including instructor handout, certificate,
       evaluations and other materials. Materials to be submitted via email in print-ready format. Forms to be
       standardized for mass printing and distribution to various tracks.
    Provide exported digital files to copy center for duplication purposes.
    Prepare individualized course packets.
    Provide status report to chair as needed.
D. Delivery of Instructor Packets & Session Materials to Location
    Coordinate the delivery of course materials to the "front-desk at the hotel" each month
       (ship FedEx). The speaker will pick up the packet at the front desk.
E. Point of Contact for Instructors
    Act as point of contact for selected instructors to obtain course materials. The committee is
       responsible for locating and procuring the instructors.
    Review and remove duplicate entries
    Update and maintain separate Reception guest list
    Input honoree guest lists as needed to receive invites. (est. 100-200)
    After completing event reconciliation provide exported digital file of full mailing list for knowledge
       management archive.
F. Financials
    Receive and record all payments and make and deliver deposits (the majority of payments will be
       conducted online).
    Receive check requests and invoices process for payment, if approved by a co-chairs.
    Bookkeeper to reconcile final revenue and expenses for reporting purposes.
G. RSVP System and Onsite Registration Materials
    Receive RSVP’s via email, fax and mail deposits (all activity to be conducted online).
    The online service will generate an automatic database and reservation reporting system.
    Prepare personalize confirmation email with instructions for all attendees.
    Print registration list reports from on line system and provide in instructor packets.
    Create table tents
    Print from on line system two registration rosters and packet to Instructor for check-in purposes.
H. Marketing
    Send out monthly emails to members and nonmembers regarding Education Center. Text to be
       provided by Chair.
    Forward information to Web Master for inclusion on the website.
I. Survey Function & Tracking
    Service request "input" course evaluation information into on – line application for reporting
    Analysis reports provided from online system.

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