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                                                               Academy Session III
Date of Training: June 2, 2004                                     Time of Training: 8:30-4:00
Community partner teams will focus on comprehensive family and youth resources. To accomplish this task, each leadership team will need to assess
the strengths, areas for improvement, opportunities and threats in this area. In addition, specific strategies will be identified.

Training Objectives: Participants will
1. Relate the importance of the coordination and integration of services for youth and families as part of the philosophy of community schools that is
   based on the research regarding the most impact and best outcomes for youth and related to facilitating the five conditions of learning.
2. Identify the importance of partnership in CFYR and the attributes/skills needed for developing sustainable partnerships & resources for families and
3. Develop key strategies on promoting the importance of and increasing the parent involvement at their school sites.

Trainers: Yvonne Green, Janice Chu-Zhu, Lisa Villarreal, Renee Nolte Newton
Location of Training: Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center – Stanford University

Pre-conference Assignments
Visioning - come out with shared vision statements as it relates to providing comprehensive services to families (worksheet)
Develop a vision together– core features of philosophy that is exemplified in the operations
             – self-exploration on what are our values, (meaning making and values clarification) - worksheet
             – theories of understanding and the influence those perspectives and lenses have on what is provided and affects the common vision and
                 strategies that will be developed (e.g. teen pregnancy – abstinence v. holistic view of sexuality. Another example is in MH and what’s
                 most effective for this age group e.g. working in groups v. individual talk therapy
•Vision = where you are headed
•When visioning change, ask yourself, "What is our preferred future?"
•Visioning allows you to:
–identify direction and priorities;
–promote commitment;
–build ownership through involvement;
–promote focus

Analysis of family, school and community needs ( e.g. matrix of family and community services, open-ended questions, etc.).
Needs Assessments of communities at school sites
            – ID what is needed and priorities
Who are they targeting? – worksheet Why them? What is unique to them?

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                                              Academy Session III
Trainer   Time                Topic           Activity and Location              Documenters (D)           Resources Needed
                                                                                   Small Group
                                                                                  Facilitators (F)
ALL       7:00   Set Up                Set Up                                (room) – A/V set up         7 Easel pads
                                       Entire Area                           same as before. 6 tables    7 sets of markers
                                                                             with room for up to 10-12   5 rolls of painter’s tape
                                                                             at each table ideal. .      name tags in basket
                                       Breakfast arrives at approximately                                extra binders
                                       8:00am?                                                           binder packets (85)
                                                                                                         2 easel stands
                                                                                                         sign in sheet
                                                                                                         course registration
                                                                                                         forms with clipboard
                                                                                                         and pen
                                                                                                         (7) laptops total
                                                                                                         Signs w/school names
                                                                                                         Pens, paper
          8:30   Participants Arrive   Sign in at lobby, pick up packets,    Lobby:
          (30                          name tags and sign up for course if   2 rectangular tables for
          min)                         interested                            registration

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                                                          Academy Session III

Trainer    Time                       Topic                                           Activity                     Documentors (D)      Resources
                                                                                                                   Small Group           Needed
Cheryl    9:00-   Welcome and Introductions                        Introduce facilitators and logistics                                PowerPoint
          9:05                                                                                                                         loaded #1-2
JCZ       9:05    Objectives By the end of this session            • Establish coordinated and integrated                              PPT 3
                  participants will be able to:                      services as a best practice of community
                                                                     schools                                                           Articles on
                                                                   • Link school success with the high impact                          integrated
                                                                     of integrated services                                            and
                                                                   • Identify strategies for developing                                coordinated
                                                                     sustainable partnerships for CSFY                                 services
                                                                                                                                       impact on
                                                                   • Develop key strategies for increasing                             youth
                                                                     parent involvement at school site
YG/JC     9:10    Icebreaker
JCZ       9:20    Developmental Triangle PPT                       CS engages families and youth based on a                            PPT 5
                  Transition: In our first session we shared the   strengths model rather than a deficits model.
                  CS triangle with you , …today we look at the     We focus on where families and youth are
                  third side of removing barrier and promoting     thriving as well as where they need support.
                  resilience & school success
YG        9:25    Definition: What do we mean by comprehensive     Key messages:                                                       PPT #4
                  services? Coordinated, integrated?                not just another program ... it’s a                               Epstein
                                                                      philosophy, it embodies a way of                                 Quote
                                                                      thinking and operating, assessing.,
YG                Rationale Resilience Transition: CICS has a      Key Message:                                                        PPT 6
                  tremendous power to support school, family and    Resilience supports school success
                  community success because it helps to build       Using the Resilience & Youth
                  resilience – the ability to bounce back in the      Development Module- –
                  face of adversity                                identifies CS as a resilience strategy
YG                Transition: The coalition for CS combed          Key Message: CS supports 5 conditions of        Making the          PPT 7
                  the research on achieving schools and            learning                                        Difference, p. 15
                  identified conditions for learning and CS                                                        for conditions of
                  helps schools achieve some of these                                                              learning
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                                                           Academy Session III
Trainer   Time                         Topic                                          Activity                      Documentors (D)         Resources
                                                                                                                    Small Group              Needed
YG        9:35    Transition: So what are some of the                Key Message: Many models of CS –all with                              PPT 8 & 9
                  characteristics of CS? And what does it work?      the goal of improving outcomes.                                       &
                                                                     CS models that show the difference in the                             Models of
                  Models of Comprehensive services – Beacon,         method or approaches e.g. co-location,                                service
                  SUN, CAS – compare co-location, coordination       coordinated and coordinated & integrated                              delivery
                  and integration. Moulton (briefly)                 services. CAS, Beacon, & SUN
YG        9:45    Visioning:                                         Site teams Activity                            Facilitator:           PPT 10 & 11
                   Refer to visioning activity                        share key words & phrases for the vision    *Primary task is the
          30       Provide 5 mins for individuals to work on            from pre-assignment                        vision statement..     Worksheet 2
          mins       vision of comprehensive services – identify       develop site vision                         *From the              Markers,
          team       important words & phrases                         identify benefits & challenges - for any    discussion, chart on   crayons,
          work     As group spend 10 minutes sharing key                - principals, parents, staff, providers,   easel paper the        drawing
                     words and phrases for your vision, begin to         youths                                     benefits &             paper
                     choose common ones for vision statement                                                        challenges .
                   Spend 10 mins creating a vision statement, &                                                    * Post drawings &
                     draw it. Talk about the challenges & benefits                                                  B & C on the wall
                     of CS.
                   Be ready for 1 min sharing drawing/vision
                   Encourage others to visit
                   Review
          10:15   Break
JCZ       10:30   Transition: Refer back to observations from        Refer to definition & importance of                                   Insert
                  drawings & B&C                                     collaboration
                                                                                                                                           2 PPT from
                  Revisit collaboration from ACSD I
                  Strong collaboration & partnership skills are
                  the engine of high impact CSFY.

5/10/04                                                                                                                                               4
                                                              Academy Session III

Trainer   Time     Topic                                               Activity                                        Documenters (D)        Resources
                                                                                                                       Small Group            Needed
                                                                                                                       Facilitators (F)
JCZ       10:35    Self assessment of partnership quotient             Key message: Great partners know                Facilitator:           Dent’s self-
                    10 minutes to complete questionnaire              themselves – what they bring, strengths &       Assessment &           assessment
          30        5 minutes to score                                weakness                                        scoring sheet in E     tool, copies
          mins     debrief & introduce attributes                      Activity: Self assessment                       & S to be              of the rating
                   Stephen Dent, partnership guru identified                                                           distributed            sheet and
                   6 attributes of Partnership Quotient/Intelligence                                                                          descriptors
                   $                                                                                                                          PPT 12
YG        11:05    There are 3 types of trust                          Key message: Trust is glue of all partnership                          PPT 13

JCZ       11:10    Intro to Partnership Continuum &                    Key Message: we experience partnership          Facilitators: Assist   PPT 14, 15
                   Relationship Development                            daily in relationships.                         with charting per
          20 min   Stages of Relationship Activity                                                                     Forming,
                    Each table gets a question                                                                        Norming,
                    2 groups for storming and performing                                                              Storming,
                    Break in pairs and discuss                                                                        Performing
                    5 minutes discussion per pair
                    10 min Large group shout out
                    Chart responses – Facilitators
                    Introduce the stages of partnership continuum
  YG      11:30    Case Study: Moulton Extended Learning                    School Profile – the partnership                                  PPT 16-20
                   Center, Des Moines, IA
YG        11:40    Taking Your Partnership To The Next Level           Activity: Taking your partnership               Facilitators: each     PPT 21
                                                                       Resource: Principles of Partnership -           site to explore and
                                                                                                                       identify how to
                                                                                                                       move partnerships
                                                                                                                       to another level

5/10/04                                                                                                                                                 5
                                                          Academy Session III

Trainer   Time                           Topic                                        Activity                     Documenters (D)      Resources
                                                                                                                     Small Group         Needed
                                                                                                                    Facilitators (F)
Lisa V.   12:00   Lunch                                             Sustainability Roundtable for elect group of                       Sustainability
                                                                    7-8 principals, supt.,.                                            Handouts
Lisa      12:45   Framing the Afternoon on Parent                   Comments from Lisa V                                               PPT
Lisa      1:00    2 Concurrent Workshops on Parent Involvement       Parents are powerful - elementary                                PPT
Renee             / Round Robin Style                                Parent assessments - middle                                      PPT
          1:50    Break
Lisa      2:00    2 Concurrent Workshops on Parent                   Parents are powerful - middle                                    PPT
Renee             Involvement/ Round Robin Style                     Parent assessments - elementary                                  PPT
          2:50    Break
Mike &    3:00    Community Planning Time                           Next Steps
Maria             Worksheet integrates strategic planning & needs   Taking the learning home
                  assessment & partnership
Cheryl    3:40    Evaluation                                                                                                           Written
Cheryl    4:00    Closing
                  Research Integration

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