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					                               LIST OF PROJECTS RECEIVED

                                       Up to 31.12.2009

S.No.      File No.                    Title                                     Name & Address
   1.   SR/NM/NS-     Investigations on alkali halide based          Dr. C.K. Mahadevan
        01/2009       dielectric materials of nanoparticle           Department of Physics
                      aggregation.                                   S.T. Hindu College

   2.   SR/NM/NS-     Computer modeling of nanocrystalline           Prof. Satya Prakask
        02/2009       materials.                                     Department of Physics
                                                                     Panjab University

   3.   SR/NM/NS-     Ultrasonic         assisted           insitu   Dr. P. Shakkthivel
        03/2009       electrodeposition of nano-TiO2 for high        Department of Nanoscience and Technology
                      efficiency dye sensitied solar cells.          Alagappa University
   4.   SR/NM/NS-     Sustained Release of Methotrexate from         Dr. Arpita Bhattacharya
        04/2009       Chitosan      Reinforced      Alginate         Amity Institute of Nanotechnology
                      Nanocapsules.                                  Amity University
   5.   SR/NM/NS-     Development of lebel-free SPR biochips           Dr. Praveen Singh
        05/2009       for biosensing of selected pathogens.            Biophysics and Electron
                                                                       Microscopy Section
                                                                       Indian Veterinary Research Institute
   6.   SR/NM/NS-     Biologically    synthesized         gold         Dr. V. Ganesh Kumar
        06/2009       nanoparticles     using         seaweed          Centre for Ocean Research
                      Saragassum spp for antidiabetic studies          Sathyabama University
                                                                       Chennai-600 119
   7.   SR/NM/NS-     Nanoencapsulation of Biologically Active         Dr. Subhash Chandra Yadav
        07/2009       Peptides from Himlayan Medicinal Plants          Biotech Division
                                                                       Institute of Himalayan Bioresources
                                                                       Palampur-176 061
   8.   SR/NM/NS-     Development of Innovative Peptide and            Prof. Vireder S. Chauhan
        08/2009       Peptide     Hybrid     Material     Based        International Centre for Genetic
                      Multifunctional Nanostructures for Cancer        Engineering and Biotechnology
                      Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivary               Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
                                                                       New Delhi-110 067.
9.    SR/NM/NS-   To Study the Antibacterial Characteristic    Prof. J. Behari
      09/2009     of Ag-nanoparticle against Waste Water       School of Enviromental Science
                  Living Contaminants.                         Jawaharlal Nehru Univerity
                                                               New Delhi-110 067.

10.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Nanoclay for the              Prof. Ravindra W. Gaikwad
      10/2009     Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage              Department of Chemical Engineering
                  Wastewater                                   Pravara Rural Engineering College
                                                               Admedanagar-413 736.
11.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Novel Carboxymethyl           Dr. R. Jayakumar
      11/2009     Chitosan        Derivatives   Based          Amrita Centre for Nanosciences
                  Nanoparticles with Natural Curcumin          Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and
                  Drug for Oral and Transdermal Drug           Researach Centre
                  Delivery Applications.                       Cochin-682 026
12.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis,Characterization            and    Dr. G.T. Chandrappa
      12/2009     Applications     of        Functionalized    Department of Chemistry
                  Nanomaterials.                               Central College Campus
                                                               Bangalore University
                                                               Bangalore-560 001.
13.   SR/NM/NS-   Electrical and Optical Characterisation of   Dr. J.Josephine Theresa
      13/2009     Cadmium Selenide Multilayer Nano Films       Centre for Nanoscience and
                  by Magnetron Sputtering.                     Nanotechnology
                                                               Sathyabama University
                                                               Jeppiaar Nagar
                                                               Rajiv Gandhi Road
                                                               Chennai-600 119
14.   SR/NM/NS-   A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of      Mr. R.Senthikumar
      14/2009     Different Types of Nanotubes and             Institute of Road and Transport Technology
                  Nanomembranes of Water Purification.         Erode-638 316.
15.   SR/NM/NS-   Studies on the Use of Nanophosphors in       Dr. B.P. Chandra
      15/2009     Mechanoluminescent Stress Indicatior         Shri Shankaracharya College of
                  and Fracture Sensor.                         Engineering & Technology
                                                               Bhilai-490 020.
16.   SR/NM/NS-   Electrochemical Machining of Complex         Dr. P. K. Srivastava
      16/2009     Nanostructures with Ultrashort Voltage       Department of Applied Chemistry
                  Pulses.                                      Birla Institute of Technology
                                                               Ranchi-835 215.

17.   SR/NM/NS-   Surface Electrophoresis of DNA across        Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya
      17/2009     different surfaces with different energy     Department of Mechnical Engineering
                  levels.                                      Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur
                                                               Kanpur-208 016.
18.   SR/NM/NS-   Antimicrobial  Effects    of   Carbon        Dr. Subhranshu Sekhar Samal
      18/2009     Nanotubes Synthesized for Soot               Sathyabama University
                                                                 Old Mamallapuram Road
                                                                 Jeppiaar Nagar
                                                                 Chennai-600 119.

19.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanocomplexes for the Targeted Drug            Dr. K. Ruckmani
      19/2009     Delivery to the Inflamed Site of Lungs         Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
                                                                 Anna University
                                                                 Tiruchirappalli-620 024.
20.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis and Characterization of              Dr. P. Selvaraj
      20/2009     nanoselenium and nanoiron particles and        Department of Vet. Physiology
                  their biological effects on pig model          Veterinary College and Research Institute

21.   SR/NM/NS-   Studies on pervaporative removal of            Dr. Samit Kumar Ray
      21/2009     Volatile Organic compound (VOC) from           Department of Polymer Science and
                  water using nano-particle filled polymeric     Technology
                  membranes                                      UCST
                                                                 University of Calcutta
                                                                 92, APC Road
                                                                 Kolkata-700 009
22.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of novel Force Microscopic         Dr. Shivprasad V. Patil
      22/2009     Techniques for Nano-Bio-Mechanics              Indian Institute of Science Education and
                                                                 1 Floor, Sai Trinity Complex
                                                                 Sutarwadi Road
                                                                 Pune-411 007.

23.   SR/NM/NS-   Development,    Characterization and           Dr. Alka Gupta
      23/2009     Theoretical Studies of Peptide Based           Department of Chemistry
                  Nanostructures                                 Dayal Sigh College
                                                                 Lodhi Road
                                                                 New Delhi- 110 003
24.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis and Characterization of              Dr. G. Thilagavathi
      24/2009     Titanium      Dioxide       and       Silver   Department of Fashion Technology
                  Nanocomposite and its Application on           PSG Collge of Technology
                  Medical Textiles for Multifunctionality        Peelamedu
                                                                 Coimbatore-641 004.

25.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanostructured Transition Metal Borides        Prof. Ashok K Ganguli
      25/2009     for   Anticorrosion  and    Super-Hard         Department of Chemistry
                  Coatings                                       Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
                                                                 New Delhi-110 016.
26.   SR/NM/NS-   Development Of Low Cost Electronically         Dr. Mahendra Yadav
      26/2009     Conductive Polymer/Nano-Sized Valence          Department of Applied Chemistry
                  Transition Metal Oxide Composite               Indian School of Mines University
                  Electrodes For Electrocatalysis Of             Dhanbad-826 004.
                  Oxygen Reduction In Fuel Cell
27.   SR/NM/NS-   Porous Functional Films for the             Dr. Amitava Das
      27/2009     Colorimetric  Detection    of Anionic       Analytical Science Discipline
                  Analytes/Heavy Metal Cations                Central Salt & Marine Chemicals
                                                              Research Institute
                                                              Bhabnagar-364 002.
28.   SR/NM/NS-   Integrated   Design      of   Catalytic     Dr. Ch. Subrahmanyam
      28/2009     Nanomaterials for Three Phase Selective     Department of Chemistry
                  Hydrgenation Reactions                      National Institute of Technology-Trichy
                                                              Trichy-620 015.
29.   SR/NM/NS-   Exploratory study of nanostructure of       Dr. Hrishikesha Dhasmana
      29/2009     TiO2    andZn   O    for photovoltaic       Lingaya’s Institute of Management and
                  applications                                Technology
                                                              Faridabad-121 002.

30.   SR/NM/NS-   Electronic   Properties   Conjugated        Prof. Shyamal Kumar Saha
      30/2009     Polymer Nanotubes/Nanorods                  Department of Materials Science
                                                              Indian Association for the Cultivation of
                                                              Kolkata-700 032.
31.   SR/NM/NS-   Studies of novel electronic phenomena in    Prof. R.C. Budhani
      31/2009     nanostructured oxide interfaces             Department of Physics
                                                              Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur
                                                              Kanpur-208 016.

32.   SR/NM/NS-   Incorporation of Drugs into Functionlized   Dr. P. Kumaresan
      32/2009     Carbon      Nanotubes      for   Medical    Department of Physics
                  Applications                                Adhiparasakthi Engineering College
                                                              Melmaruvathur-603 319.
33.   SR/NM/NS-   Investigation of Synthesis and Self         Prof. D. Rajan Babu
      33/2009     Assembled Monolyers of Rare Earth           School of Science and Humanities
                  Doped FeCo Nanoparticles for Ultra High     VIT University
                  Density Data Storage Applications.          Vellore-632 014.
34.   SR/NM/NS-   Metal Nanoparticles Embedded in Oxide       Dr. Tapas Kumar Kundu
      34/2009     Thin    Films   for  Memory    Device       Department of Physics
                  Applications.                               Siksha-Bhavan, Visva-Bharati
                                                              Santiniketan-731 235.

35.   SR/NM/NS-   Novel comcepts for drinking        water    Prof. T. Pradeep
      35/2009     purification using nanomaterials            DST Unit on Nanoscience
                                                              Department of Chemistry and SAIF
36.   SR/NM/NS-   Centre        for       Nanomechanical      Dr. D. Arivuoli
      36/2009     Characterization                            Department of Physics
                                                              Anna Univeristy
                                                              Chennai-600 025.
37.   SR/NM/NS-   Graphene          based          polymer    Dr. R Vasudevan Iyer
      37/2009     nanocomposite.                              Department of Science and Humanities
                                                              PES Institute of Technology
                                                              100 ft ring road
                                                              Banashankari III stage
                                                              Bangalore-560 085.
38.   SR/NM/NS-   Tribological Behaviours of Surface          Dr. P. Thillai Arasu
      38/2009     Functionalized Molybdenum Sulphide          Department of Chemistry
                  Nanoparticles― A Novel Type of              Kalasalingam University
                  Additives in Lubricating Oil                Anand Nagar
                                                              Krishnankoil-626 190
39.   SR/NM/NS-   Cyclability    and     Rate   Capability    Dr. Aninda Jiban Bhattacharyya
      39/2009     Performance Studies of Rechargeable         Solid State Structural Chemistry Unit
                  Lithium        Batteries     Containing     Indian Institute of Science
                  Nanostructured Electrode Materials and      Bangalore-560 012.
                  Soft Matter Electrolytes.         
40.   SR/NM/NS-   Formulation of Novel Biodegradable          Dr. P. Tharmaraj
      40/2009     Nano particle Based Anticancer Drug         Department of Chemistry
                                                              Thiagarajar College
                                                              Madurai-625 009.
41.   SR/NM/NS-   Ab-initio study of doped nanostructucters   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava
      41/2009                                                 Applied Science Group
                                                              ABV-Indian Institute of Information
                                                              Technology & Management
                                                              Morena Link Road
                                                              Gwalior-474 010.
42.   SR/NM/PG-   P.G. Teaching Programmes (M.Sc Nano         Prof. Rakesh Kumar
      01/2009     Technology) in Nano Science and             Department of Physics
                  Technology at Ch. Charan Singh              Ch. Charan Singh University
                  University, Meerut.                         Meerut-250 004
43.   SR/NM/PG-   Post-Graduate Teaching Programme            Prof. N.M. Ramaswamy
      02/2009     (M.Tech. Nanotechnology)                    Director
                                                              Biotechnology Centre
                                                              Anna University Coimbatore
                                                              Academic Campus, Jothipuram
                                                              Coimbatore-641 047.
44.   SR/NM/NS-   Setting up of Nanoscience Unit at IISER,    Prof. Sulabha Kulkarni
      42/2009     Pune                                        Indian Institute of Science Education &
                                                              900, NCL Innovation Park
                                                              Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
                                                              Pune-411 008.
45.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Multifunctional Metal        Dr. Aparna Mondal
      43/2009     Oxide Nanocomposites: Nanoporous,           Department of Chemistry
                  Magnetic and Luminescent.                   National Institute of Technology, Rourkela-
                                                               769 008.
46.   SR/NM/NS-   Computational Study of Functionalized        Prof. Satyavani Vemparala
      44/2009     Nanoparticles.                               Institute of mathematical Sciences
                                                               C.I.T Campus, Taramani
                                                               Chennai-600 113.
47.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis and characterization of highly     Dr. Mukkanti Khagga
      45/2009     active hybrid bimetallic nanoparticles and   Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences
                  amphiphillic metal/polymer composite         Institute of Science and Technology
                  nanoparticles for the removal of metals,     J.N.T. University, Kukatpally
                  organic and inorganic ions.                  Hyderabad-500 085.
48.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of smart self-healing            Dr. DDN Singh
      46/2009     protective coatings incorporating nano       National Metallurgical Laboratory
                  capsules.                                    Jamshedpur-831 007
49.   SR/NM/NS-   Formulation and Evaluation of Anticancer     Dr. C. Vijaya Raghvan
      47/2009     Nanoparticles for Colorectal Cancer.         Department of Pharmaceutics
                                                               PSG College of Pharmacy
                                                               Post Box No. 1674, Peelamedu
                                                               Coimbatore-641 004.
50.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of magnetic nanoparticle         Dr. Keka Sarkar
      48/2009     based biosensor for early diagnosis of       Department of Microbiology
                  cancer                                       University of Kalyani, Kalyani
                                                               Nadia-741 235 (W.B.)
51.   SR/NM/NS-   Multi-junctioned   Polarized    Quantum      Dr. Somobrata Acharya
      49/2009     Materials for Photosensitive Applications.   Centre for Advanced Materials
                                                               Indian Association for the Cultivation of
                                                               Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032.
52.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanoporous Polymeric Adsorbents for          Dr. Reddithota J. Krupadam
      50/2009     Removal of Pesticides from Drinking          National Environmental Engineering
                  Water.                                       Research Institute
                                                               Nehru Marg
                                                               Nagpur-440 020.
53.   SR/NM/NS-   Polymer Nanofilters for     Energy and       Dr. Y.K.Vijay
      51/2009     Biological Applications.                     Department of Physics
                                                               University of Rajasthan
                                                               Jaipur-302 004.
54.   SR/NM/NS-   Biocompatibility Studies of Functionalised   Dr. D. Sasmal
      52/2009     Carbon Nanotubes.                            Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                                               Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra,
                                                               Ranchi- 835 215.
55.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of technique for synthesis       Prof. Satyendra Mishra
      53/2009     of metal nanoparticles and its application   Department of Chemical Technology
                  in conducting polymers.                      North Maharashtra University
                                                               Jalgaon-425 001
56.   SR/NM/NS-   Centre of Excellence in Nanoscience &        Prof. Sabu Thomas
      54/2009     Nanotechnology                               Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
                                                               Mahatma Gandhi University
                                                               Kottayam-686 560.
57.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanoscale Sensor Development           for   Dr. A. Arumugam
      55/2009     bacterial Pathogen Detection                 Department of Nanoscience & Tech.
                                                               Alagappa University
                                                               Karaikudi-630 003
58.   SR/NM/NS-    DST Unit on Nanoscience                     Prof. T. Pradeep
      56/2009                                                  DST Unit on Nanoscience
                                                               Department of Chemistry and SAIF
59.   SR/NM/NS-   Investigation on the Synthesis of            Dr. S. Balakumar
      57/2009     Perovskite-Spinel Ferrites Multiferroic      National Centre for Nanoscience and
                  Nanocomposites                               Nanotechnology
                                                               University of Madras
                                                               Chennai-600 025.
60.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis of Anode-supported Solid           Prof. Kantesh Balani
      58/2009     Oxide Fuel Cell with Improved Ionic          Department of Materials and Metallurgical
                  Conductivity                                 Engineering
                                                               India Institute of Technology Kanpur
                                                               Kanpur-208 016
61.   SR/NM/NS-   Development  of   Nano     Structured        Dr. A Samson Nesaraj
      59/2009     Ceramic Composite Materials for Low          Department of Chemistry
                  Temperature Solic Oxide Fuel Cells           Karunya University
                  (LTSOFC)                                     Karunya Nagar
                                                               Coimbatore-641 114
62.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis of core/shell nano magnetic        Dr. P.E. Jagadeesh babu
      60/2009     hollow particle using yellow12 &             Department of Chemical Engineering
                  polystyrene beads as template and            National Institute of Technology
                  further studies on their structural,         Karnataka,Surathkal
                  magnetic properties, template release        Mangalore-575 025.
                  kinetics and targeted mobility (controlled
                  Brownain movement).
63.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis, characterization and study of     Dr. M.K. Kokila
      61/2009     luminescent properties of nanostructural     Department of Physics
                  doped and undoped inorganic metal            Bangalore University
                  oxides                                       Jnanabharati Campus
                                                               Bangalore-560 056.
64.   SR/NM/NS-   Study     of   Surface    Plasmons in        Prof. P. Arun
      62/2009     nanocrystalline Thin Films: Possible         Department of Physics & Electronics
                  Applications for Biosensors                  S.G.T.B. Khalsa College
                                                               University of Delhi
                                                               Delhi-110 005
65.   SR/NM/NS-   Cross-linked  polymeric   cages    for       Dr. Sangeeta N. Kale
      63/2009     encapsulation and sustained release of       Department of Electronic-Science
                  nanomaterials/drugs                           Fergusson College
                                                                Pune-411 0004

66.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis of various types of hollow silica   Dr. Venkatathri Narayanan
      64/2009     and introduction of catalytic active centre   Department of Chemistry
                  on hollow nanocuboids                         National Institute of Technology
                                                                Warangal-506 004
67.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanoscale Fabrication of Aligned Nano-        Prof. Sagar Mitra
      65/2009     architectured Copper Current Collectors       Department of Energy Science and
                  covered with Metal Phosphides as Anode        Engineering
                  for Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery       Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
                  Applications                                  Powai
                                                                Mumbai-400 076.
68.   SR/NM/NS-   Biomedical Nano Science Centre                Prof. S.H. Pawar
      66/2009                                                   Department of Technology
                                                                D.Y. Patil University
                                                                Kolhapur-416 006

69.   SR/NM/NS-   Convective Heat Transfer Characteristics      Dr. Kaza. V.N. Srinivasa Rao
      67/2009     of Biodegadable Nanofluid- Comparison         Department of Mechnical Engineering
                  of Performance with Conventional              Vignan’s Engineering College
                  Nanofluids                                    Vadlamudi
                                                                Guntur-522 213
70.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Low Cost Solar                 Dr. K.V. Sharma
      68/2009     Photovoltaic Panels  using Nano               Centre for Energy of Engineering
                  Polymers for Enhanced Conversion              J.N.T.U. College of Engineering
                  Efficiency                                    Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500 085

71.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of lithium conducting             Dr. R.S. Gedam
      69/2009     glasses   and      glass ceramics by          Department of Applied Physics
                  nanocrystallization                           Visvesvaraya National Institute of
                                                                Nagpur-440 010

72.   SR/NM/NS-   Single Layer Block Copolymer Micelles         Dr. Rahaman Laskar
      70/2009     Mediated Synthesis and Patterning of          Chemstry Group
                  Semiconducting Nanoparticles on Silicon       Birla Institute of Technology & Science
                  and their Device Implications.                Pilani
                                                                Rajasthan-333 031

73.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Folic Acid Conjugated          Dr. Ganesh Venkataraman
      71/2009     Iron Oxide Nanovesicles for Radio             Department of Human Genetics
                  Frequency Ablation of Carcinomas              Sri Ramachandra University
                                                                Chennai-600 116.
74.   SR/NM/NS-   Fabrication and Characterization of           Dr. H.S. VIrk
      72/2009     Semiconductor         Nanowires  for          Department of Applied Research
                  Applications in Opto-electronics              DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology
                                                                Kabir Nagar
                                                                Jalandhar-144 008.
75.   SR/NM/NS-   Metal nano-cluster organizates by            Dr. Aruna Dhathathreyan
      73/2009     biomolecular     templating   using          Chemical Laboratory
                  cubosomes and lyophilisomes                  Central Leather Research Institute
                                                               Chennai-600 020.
76.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis     and  Applications         of   Dr. Thomas Varghese
      74/2009     Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides          and    Department of Physics
                  Sulphides                                    Nirmala College
                                                               Muvattupuzha-686 661
                                                               Ernakulam Distt.
77.   SR/NM/NS-   Studies      on      formulation    and      Dr. G.P. Bandopathyaya
      75/2009     characterization of alginate nanospheres     Department of Nuclear Medicine
                  for targeted radionuclide therapy of         All India Institute of Medical Sciences
                  Neuroendocrine Tumors                        New Delhi-110 029
78.   SR/NM/NS-   Nano Fiber Network Ion Conducting            Dr. D. Sangeetha
      76/2009     Polymer Composites for Fuel Cells            Department of Chemistry
                                                               Anna University
                                                               Chennai-600 025
79.   SR/NM/NS-   Transition Metal Doping and organic          Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan
      77/2009     capping in ZnO thin films for spintronics    Department of Physics
                  applications                                 National Institute of Technology
                                                               Tiruchirappali-620 015.
80.   SR/NM/NS-   Study of graphene interaction with blood     Dr. Debabrata Dash
      78/2009     platelets: development of graphene-          Department of Biochemistry
                  based biosensor against hyperactive          Institute of Medical Sciences
                  platelets in circulation                     Banaras Hindu University
                                                               Varanasi-221 005

81.   SR/NM/NS-   Set up a dual camera small angle x-ray       Dr. Ashish
      79/2009     scattering instrument for nanostructure      Institute of Microbial Technology
                  analysis of biomolecules                     Sector 39-A
                                                               Chandigarh-160 036
82.   SR/NM/NS-   Preparation and characterization of Nano     Dr. T.T. Sreelekha
      80/2009     –fibers from antitumor polysaccharide        Laboratory of Biopharmaceuticals
                  PST001 and elucidation of its potential as   Division of Cancer Research
                  anticancer drug and/or drug carrier          Regional Cancer Centre
                                                               Thiruvananthapuram-695 011
83.   SR/NM/NS-   Synthesis and characterizatio of carbon      Dr. Raji George
      81/2009     nanotube reinforced aluminum ally            Department of Mechanica Engineering
                  composites                                   M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
                                                               Bangalore-560 054.
84.   SR/NM/NS-   Fabriaction and characterisation of nano     Dr. K. Jeyasubramanian
      82/2009     conducting polymeric film and their          Department of NanoScience and
                  blends by sputtering: for opto electronic    Technolgoy
                  devices                                      Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
                                                               Mepco Engineering College
                                                               Virudhunagar-626 005.
85.   SR/NM/NS-   Unit Nano Bio Science & Technology           Dr. Amitava Mukherjee
      83/2009                                                  School of Bio Science & Technology
                                                               VIT University
                                                                 Vellore-632 014
86.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of Novel Force Microscopic         Dr. Shivprasad V. Patil
      84/2009     Techniques for Nano-Bio-Mechanics              Indian Institute of Science Education
                                                                  and Research
                                                                 1 Floor, Sai Trinity Complex
                                                                 Sutarwadi Road, Pashan
                                                                 Pune-411 007.
87.   SR/NM/NS-   Semiconductor micro plates fabrication        Dr. S. Saravanan
      85/2009     on GaAs substrates by strain driven self      Sona College of Technology
                  assembling technique                          Sona Nagar
88.   SR/NM/NS-   Development of nanosize heterogenous          Dr. Arun V. Salkar
      86/2009     catalysts for detoxificationof toxic gases.   Department of Chemistry
                                                                Goa University
                                                                Taleigao plateau
89.   SR/NM/NS-   Experimental       Investigations      on     Dr. D.Gangacharyulu
      87/2009     Nanofluids in Heat Transfer Applications      Department of Chemical Engineering
                                                                Thapar University
90.   SR/NM/NS-   Metal     Oxide    and     Semiconductor      Dr. S.B. Ogale
      88/2009     Quantum dot based Nano-structured              Physical and Materials Chemistry Division
                  films: Optoelectronic Properties               National Chemical Laboratory
                                                                 Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,Pashan
                                                                 Pune-411 008.
91.   SR/NM/NS-   Development         and       performance      Dr. Kamal K Kar
      89/2009     evaluation of carbon nanocoil structure        Department of Mechanical Enigneering
                  for the catalyst support in PEM fuel cells     Indian Institute of Technology
                                                                 Kanpur-208 016

92.   SR/NM/NS-   Nano structured multifunctional magnetic       Prof. D Bahadur
      90/2009     nanoparticutes                                 Department of Metallurgical Engineering
                                                                 and Materials Science
                                                                 Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
                                                                 Mumbai-400 076.

93.   SR/NM/NS-   Interaction of biogenic nanoparticles with     Dr. P. Usha Rani
      91/2009     bioactive molecules and their application      Biology and Biotechnology Division
                  possiblities in agriculture                    Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
                                                                 Hyderabad-500 607.

94.   SR/NM/NS-   Preparation     and      Screening    for      Dr. Bahar Ahmed
      92/2009     Antihepatotoxic Activity of Nanoparticles      Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
                  of Some Establised Antihepatotoxic             Jamia Hamdard
                  Phytoconstituents                              Hamdard Nagar
                                                                 New Delhi-110 062

  95.    SR/NM/NS-   Development and Evaluation of Low Cost        Dr. K. Venkateskumar
         93/2009     Nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s Disease         Department of Pharmaceutics
                                                                   KMCH College of Pharmacy
                                                                   Kovai Estate
                                                                   Kalapatti Road
                                                                   Coimbatore-641 048.

   96.   SR/NM/NS-   Nanosensor       Array      based      on      Dr. Mahendra D Shirsat
         94/2009     Metalloporphyrins Functionalised SWNTs         Department of Physics
                     for Real-Time Monitoring of Toxic Volatile     Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
                     Organic Compounds                              University
                                                                    Aurangabad-431 004

   97.   SR/NM/NS-   Development       of    solid    supported     Dr. Pralay Das
         95/2009     bimetallic nano catalysts and their            Natural Plant Product Division
                     applictions in coupling reactions              Institute of Himalayan Bioresource
                                                                    Palampur-176 061

  98.    SR/NM/NS-   Fabrication of organic nanostructures for     Dr. C M Joseph
         96/2009     semiconductor devices                         Department of Physics
                                                                   Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering
                                                                   Kumaraswamy Layout
                                                                   Bangalore-560 078.

  99.    SR/NM/NS-   Photophysics of Nanosystems.                  Prof. A.K. Sood
         97/2009                                                   Department of Physics, Indian Institute of
                                                                   Science, Bangalore - 560 012

100.     SR/NM/NS-   Research     Activites    under     Nano     Registrar, JNCASR, Bangalore
         98/2009     Mission

101.     SR/NM/NS-   Theragnostics, Re-Generative Medicine         Prof. Shantikumar Nair
         99/2009     and Stem Cell Research Using Cell-            Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and
                     Targeted Nanomaterials                        Molecular Medicine, Ponnekara P.O.,
                                                                   Kochi – 682 041

102.     SR/NM/NS-   Porous Silicon based Biosensors               Dr. V. Vasu
         100/2009                                                  School of Physics
                                                                   Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy

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