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					“Student Success Through Teacher Accountability"
                                                 Arizona Career Ladder Network, Adopted 1996

                                         Kyrene School District
                                         8700 S. Kyrene Road
                                           Tempe, AZ 85284
                                       Telephone: 480-783-4128

                           Career Ladder Program
                             Table of Contents

Important Dates
Important Dates

Mission Statements
Purpose Statements
Belief Statements
Definitions (What is?)

Your Participation in Career Ladder
Career Ladder Levels & Focus
Required Standards for Each Level

Placement Progression Schedules
Placement Progression Schedules
Placement Progression Schedules for Alternative Kyrene Pay for Performance Program (AKPPP)

Salary Information
Career Ladder Compensation
Current Career Ladder Placement
Career Ladder Formula Example
Career Ladder Salary Addendum Sample

Your Career Ladder Portfolio
Items in a Portfolio
Summative Placement Requirements
Teacher Evaluation Forms
Alternative Career Ladder Observation/Conference and Teacher Evaluation Sample Form Figure 1
T-3 Teacher Observation/Evaluation Form Sample Figure 2
Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Form Sample Figure 3
Standard Teacher Evaluation Form Sample Figure 4
T+3 Observation/Conference Form Sample Figure 5

Professional Growth Plan (PGP)
What is a Professional Growth Plan
Professional Growth Plan Information

Documented Role(s)
Documented Role(s) Approval Letter Sample
Documented Role(s) Log Sample

Career Ladder Staff/Professional Development
Conference Attendance Program (CAP)
Conference Attendance Request Sample Form
Teachers Observing Teachers (TOT)
Reader’s Club Program
Reader’s Club Request Sample Form

Portfolio Evaluator
Portfolio Evaluator Criteria

Evaluation and Placement
Evaluation and Placement Process

Guidelines for Probation

Appeals Definition and Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Student Outcomes Plan (SOP)
Student Outcomes Plan Purpose and Process
Fall Feedback Requirements
Part-Time Requirements
Alternative Requirements for Retiring Teachers
Student Outcomes Plan Sample Cover Sheet
Student Outcomes Plan Descriptions:
Section 1 - Population/Calendar
Section 2 - Outcomes/Targets
Section 3 - Assessments
Section 4 - Integration
Section 5 - Advanced Level of Instruction: Analysis of Population (Experienced and Career Level Only)
Section 6 - Advanced Level of Instruction: End of Year Analysis (Career Level Only)
Section 7 - Use of Data
Section 8 - Reflections (Optional for teachers currently compensated at the Career Level)
How Will the Student Outcomes Plan be Evaluated? (Scoring Checklist)
Quality Standards Evaluation Tool

Student Outcomes Plan Samples
Student Outcomes Plan Samples

Career Development Project Proposal
Career Development Project Proposal Purpose
Career Development Project Proposal and Sample Cover Sheet
Career Development Project Proposal Documentation Requirements
Career Development Project Proposal Sample Form
Career Development Project Proposal Final Project Results
Career Development Project Proposal Standards Rubric

Career Ladder Alternative Student Plan (CLASP)
CLASP Information
CLASP Portfolio Requirements
CLASP Portfolio Checklist
CLASP Quality Standards Evaluation Tool

National Board Certification
National Board Certification Process
National Board For Professional Teaching Standards Career Ladder Sample Cover Sheet
National Board Certification Option Documentation Requirements for Fall Submission

School Improvement Plan (SIP)
School Improvement Plan Information

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