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									                                  CAMPAIGN COMMUNICATIONS AND DONOR RELATIONS

                                                   DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATIONS
  Key Communications Contacts                          Title                  Phone                                          E-mail
                                          Executive Director of Campaign
                                          Communications and Donor
Stephanie Casenza                         Relations                                         X4-8158      
Nicole Millett                            Director of Communications                        x4-3417       
                                          Communications Project
Nina Henderson                            Coordinator                                       X4-6817      

             Type of Work                    Process/Steps for Access                       Includes                       Comments
                                                                             Cases for support, proposals
                                          1. Approved by VP/AVP/ED of        (university wide initiatives); flyers;
                                          development 2.Production           fact sheets; investment profiles; Must have approved
                                          assigned by ED of campaign         annual reports for priorities;         budget for artwork, design
Development Collateral                    communications                     logos; letterhead                      and printing
                                                                                                                    May require an approved
                                                                                                                    budget for artwork or
                                                                             Web page creation and                  design outsourcing; e-
                                                                             maintenance; creation of HTML e- mails not sent out by
                                          1. Approved by VP/AVP/ED of        mails (very limited); intranet         communications and
                                          development 2.Project assigned by (internal development toolbox)          require list maintenance
On-line communications                    ED of campaign communications creation and maintenance                    and technical support
                                          1. Approved/assigned by ED of
                                          campaign communications 2. Final                                          Ideas for content can be
Internal/External gift profiles/updates   text may require approval by VP of                                        sent to director of
and advertising                           development                        SDSUniverse; 360 Magazine              communications
                                                                             Donor Honor Roll web site (all
                                                                             content and design, not listings); Ideas for content can be
                                          1. Concept/design/content          CSU fund raising synopsis;             sent to director of
Annual Reporting                          approved by VP of development      philanthropic results                  communications
                                                                     Targeted invite, thank you,
                                                                     progress report and solicitation
                                    1. Approved by VP of development letters/e-mails from President or   Samples can be requested
                                    2. Assigned by ED of campaign    Deans; gift acknowledgement         from director of
Correspondence                      communications                   letters                             communications

                                                                                                         Development Directors are
                                                                                                         responsible for composing
                                                                                                         draft remarks for their
                                                                                                         events; development
                                    1. Draft sent to director of                                         communications drafts for
                                    communications 2. Text approved                                      President's Breakfast,
                                    by ED of campaign                                                    Tower/Heritage Society
                                    communications 3. Final forwarded   President's Breakfast; Ground    recognition events and
President’s Remarks for development to President's Office by Special    breakings; Welcome receptions    football games (DoD's can
receptions/events                   Events                              and so on                        offer key message ideas)
                                    1. Approved by the VP of
                                    development 2. Assigned by ED of    Honorary degree nominations;     Solely for units lacking
Annual Reporting                    campaign communications             Monty's nominations              development support
                                    1. Approved by ED of campiagn       Presidential forums;
Campaign/development presentations communications                       departmental                     Upon request
                                                              SPECIAL EVENTS
            Key Contacts                                  Title                              Phone                        E-mail
                                          Executive Director of Campaign
                                          Communications and Donor
Stephanie Casenza                         Relations                                         X4-8158  
Kristen Doud                              Director of Special Events                        X4-0623   
                                          Assistant Director of Special
Chris Lindmark                            Events                                            x4-2308   

             Type of Work                     Process/Steps for Access                     Includes                   Comments
Development Special Events (e.g.,         1. Work with Development             Planning, implementation and    Event assistance
stewardship and cultivation events for    Leadership Team to determine if      consulting                      determined on a
university-wide donors and prospects,     event is strategic and appropriate                                   development priority basis
naming gift recognition, donor athletic   2. Submit request for help to
receptions)                               Events Team

Presidential interaction with high-level 1. Work with Development              Liaison to President's office
prospects, donors (meetings, meals) Leadership Team to determine if            concerning meeting details,
                                         B20meeting is appropriate             catering order, parking
                                         2. Contact Events Team to request     reservation
                                         time on President's calendar and
                                         discuss required protocol

Aztec P.R.I.D.E. Student Volunteers       1. Submit request to Events Team Student volunteers interact with    Based on student
                                          including event date, time, location donors and guests at events     volunteer availability
                                          and number of students needed
                                                      DONOR RELATIONS
              Key Contacts                         Title                           Phone                           E-mail
                                   Executive Director of Campaign
                                   Communications and Donor
Stephanie Casenza                  Relations                                      X4-8158       
                                   Director of Stewardship and
Patti Scott                        Scholarship Development                        X4-0279         

              Type of Work            Process/Steps for Access                    Includes                       Comments
                                                                      Suggested minimum standards;
Develop and oversee university's                                      donor recognition walls, fixtures
acknowledgement and recognition    Written protocol is provided and   and tokens; best practices across
policies                           updated periodically               campus
                                                                                                          Sent to $10,000 and above
Letters from President Weber       Automatically generated                                                donors
                                                                      Recognition, stewardship and
Events                             See Special Events section         cultivation related activities

                                   Requested from Advancement         Standard and specialized reports,
Reports                            Services                           along with stewardship tracking
                                                                      News releases, website, 360       Level of attention varies on
                                   Contact ED of Campaign             Magazine and college-based        size of donation and
Publicity                          Communications                     publications                      wishes of donor

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