Advantages of Suppliers in Business by jmf17716


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SWOT Analysis

                       Strengths                                               Weaknesses
core competencies in critical areas                     too many goals
solid finances                                          lack of strategic focus
market leader                                           obsolete facilities
proprietary technology                                  outdated technology
cost advantages                                         inexperienced managmeent
good marketing skills                                   manufacturing problems
good technical and work force skills                    lack of growth capital
superior brand names                                    weak cash flow
web skills                                              cannot implement plans

                      Opportunities                                              Threats
expansion to new markets                                global competition
product lines can be broadened                          substitute products are available
transfer technical skills to new products               slow market growth
low industry rivalry                                    legal and regulatory requirements
minimal regulatory requirements                         recession cycle
new emerging technologies                               strong customers or suppliers
growth cycle                                            new competitors
business to business on the internet                    e-commerce

Source: Westcott, R. T. (2001). Certified manager of quality/organizational excellence handbook,
  3rd ed., 2001. Milwaukee, WI, ASQ quality press, p.106.


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