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Radio combined with Internet advertising create a powerful ROI
The Radio Advertising Effectiveness Laboratory (RAEL) just concluded the fifth in a series of eight studies designed to explore
Radio’s advertising strengths. Their findings in this study determined that adding Radio to an Internet advertising
commitment increases the recall of the advertising by up to 58% – and increases the ROI of the advertising.
This latest RAEL Study demonstrates that Radio can bring the following to Internet advertising:
1) Improves Recall of Advertising                                              RAEL COMPARISON OF RECALL SCORES
   Using Radio in conjunction with an Internet advertising schedule            Internet Advertising alone vs. a mix of Internet
   improves the recall of the ads as much as five times!                       & RADIO – Unaided Recall and Aided Recall                 &
                                                                               BOTH SCORES IMPROVE                                     RADIO
2) Drives traffic to the web                                                   MARKEDLY WHEN RADIO IS USED!                          together

   Radio advertising markedly improves traffic to a brand’s website.                                  27%
   In fact, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said that hearing things                                                    25%
   on the Radio reminded them to look things up on the web.                                          Internet
3) Delivers light users of other media                                                     6% together
   Using Radio & Internet together delivers light users of other media.                   Internet
   41% of light TV viewers are heavy users of Radio and the Internet.                      Alone
                                                                                       Unaided recall                     Aided recall
4) Connects with consumers differently than the Internet
   While the Internet connects on a factual level, Radio makes emotional connections with a local orientation.
5) Adds mobility and proximity to purchase to an internet campaign
   Radio is a mobile medium with the majority of daytime listening occurring away from home and close to the point of
   purchase of most major shopping. While Internet mobility is growing, only a very tiny portion of Internet users have ad-
   supported mobile Internet.

Meanwhile, the Internet Brings:
1) Visual images
   These images complement Radio’s theatre-of-the mind description.
2) Detailed factual information
   Not only can the Internet provide factual information, it provides links to websites that give additional information, both
   visual and textual.
Bottom Line:
This study has many important implications, especially for advertisers who have cut their mainstream ad budgets and beefed
up spending on their websites. One of the best examples of this is the automotive industry. While auto brand websites
provide a level of detail important in selling cars, consumers still have to be delivered to these websites, just like they need to
be delivered to a dealer’s showroom. This study demonstrates the synergy produced when radio is added to the Internet, how
it increases Internet traffic to a website and ultimately foot traffic to a dealership.
                                                                                                        Source: Radio Advertising Effectiveness Laboratory, 2007

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