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The product / service mix is good

The product / service is mature

The product / service is declining

The product / service is growing

The product / service mix is current

Products / services are updated appropriately

New products / services are always in development

Time to market for new products / services is good

Pricing of new products / services is good

Resources are appropriate for research and

Development is integrated with sales & customer info.
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Knowledge of the customers is good

Communication with our customers is good

Knowledge of our customers' needs are good

Customer data is compiled and distributed

Customers are satisfied

Customers are retained

Customer complaints are negligible

Customer complaints are carefully handled

Customer service processes are regularly assessed

Unprofitable customers are discouraged

Profitable customers are nurtured
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The promotional plan is good

The advertising plan is good

The marketing materials are good

The market penetration is good

The markets penetrated are appropriate

Market share is growing

Market research is plentiful

New markets are regularly assessed

Knowledge of the competition is accurate

The company is clearly differentiated from its competition

The ability to respond to market change is good

The sales people are well trained

The sales people are successful

Sales and marketing work well together

Individual sales people are incented based on profitability

The pricing models are good

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