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									Faculty Satisfaction Survey-March, 2006-84 Responses
Question #1- Services You Have Used or Understand
In-Class Presentations                              45
Career Counseling                                   55
Interest Inventories                                23
Webpage                                             42

What Can I do With My Major                         24
Resume Reviews                                      56

Job Alerts                                          46
Job Fairs                                           55

Grad School Assistance                              25
Internship Assistance                               27
Internship Alerts                                   21
eRecruiting                                         17
Mentor Network                                      14
arch, 2006-84 Responses
       Question #2- Rate Class Presentations       Question #3-Job Alerts
       1. Poor-0                                 0 1. Poor-0                            0
       2. Below Average-0                        0 2. Below Average-2                   4
       3. Average-3                              9 3. Average-7                        21
       4. Above Average-13                      52 4. Above Average-29                 116

       5. Outstanding-24                       120 5. Outstanding-13                   65
       6. NA-37                                222 6. NA-31                            186

                                 Average:      4.5                       Average:       4
       77 Responses-48% Not Applicable               82 Responses-37% Not Applicable
Question #4-Internship Alert Digest       Question #5-eRecruiting
1. Poor-0                               0 1. Poor-0                             0
2. Below Average-0                      0 2. Below Average-0                    0
3. Average-5                           15 3. Average-2                          6
4. Above Average-11                    44 4. Above Average-7                   28

5. Outstanding-10                      50 5. Outstanding-5                     25
6. NA-54                              324 6. NA-62                            372

                       Average:       4.2                      Average:       4.2
80 Responses-67% Not Applicable             76 Responses-81% Not Applicable
Question #6-Webpage
1. Poor-0                           0
2. Below Average-1                  2
3. Average-3                        9
4. Above Average-25               100

5. Outstanding-18                  90
6. NA-32                          192

                      Average:    4.3
79 Responses-40% Not Applicable
Question #7-Would you like to see job and internship alerts?
Yes                                                            28

No                                                             42
70 Total Responses-60% said No and 40% said Yes
Question #8-Promptness of CS          Question #9-Courteousness of Staff
1. Poor-0                           0 1. Poor-0                              0
2. Below Average-0                  0 2. Below Average-0                     0
3. Average-2                        6 3. Average-3                           9
4. Above Average-8                 32 4. Above Average-13                   52

5. Outstanding-51                 255 5. Outstanding-58                    290
6. NA-21                          126 6. NA-4                               24

                     Average:     4.8                           Average:   4.7
82 Responses-25% Not Applicable         78 Responses-5% Not Applicable
Question #10-Knowledge of Staff       Question #11-Professionalism of Staff
1. Poor-0                           0 1. Poor-0                                 0
2. Below Average-1                  2 2. Below Average-0                        0
3. Average-2                        6 3. Average-3                              9
4. Above Average-25               100 4. Above Average-14                      56

5. Outstanding-38                 190 5. Outstanding-51                       255
6. NA-16                           96 6. NA-8                                  48

                      Average:    4.5                             Average:    4.7
82 Responses-19% Not Applicable         76 Responses-10% Not Applicable

                                                                                    A number of valuable
                                                                                    Helpful and sincere.

                                                                                    Very knowledgeable
A knowledgable and

Many student needs

Yes, Because of all

Question #12-Recommend                          Question #13-Feedback/Suggestions
Yes                                          79 Students like that you keep references on file
                                                Do you do anything proactively to reach
No                                            1 out to students in majors where there is
                                                Have had no need of 1-7 as I do not
They're paying for it - use it!                 advise majors but occasional walk thru
I've heard my students say how much             The Alumni Mentor Network is hardly
you've helped them with their resumes,          used. More advertising in this area is
I've suggested to students that they visit       More information on service/volunteer
the Career Services Office for                  related opportunities for post-graduation
                                                Thank you for your service to our
excellent resource and nice people              students!
I know the Career Services staff and            I'm a part-time contractual instructor who
know how knowledgable and helpful               often teaches non-majors classes.
Resources available in several areas.           It's hard to get eastern shore jobs &
Great help with resumes and                     internships in graphics. We need to keep
I regularly recommend that my students          Why don't you create a questionaire for
Very career services. They have had
go to comprehensive array of services           the students to see what they need?
offered. Students say nice things about
Yes, Often students just need the
reassurance of knowing they have
It is a great resource for the students.
Professional service necessary for the
job market today
I always rec CS because you are so
I always recommend Career Services to
my students for their prompt and
professional and appropriate
Career services is easy to access and
easy to use. Services cover
fundamental and necessary topics all
students should be comfortable with by
the time they graduate.
Yes, Because they know the answers to
career-related questions and are quick
and eager to help

A number of valuable services available
Helpful and sincere.
They often need help crafting a resume
in terms of structure and formatting.
Then they bring it back to me and I fix
the content.
They need to take advantage of every
opportunity for self-improvement and to
gain information to have a successful
job search.
excellent relationship between art dept
and carreer services since i've been at
SU (1997)
Very knowledgeable staff.
 You are providing neccessary services
to students
A knowledgable and courteous staff.

 I especially like the credential files.
They make a very professional
presentation and are the easiest way for
me to write many letters of
recommendation in an efficient manner.
staff helpful / knowledge provided
I always recommend your services to
my students. What you do for them is
amazing - I wish I had that at my
university (a couple of decades ago).
Many student needs you can fill.

better prepare our student for job
markets or graduate school applications

Yes, Because of all of the above.

 I do recommend Career Services to my
students. I think the services provided
are very benefical to students.
 I've worked with Becky and had her in
class. Students always say it's a good
experience and her work on the CADR
part of the website has improved it
Yes, Because the staff if professional,
knowledgeable and so student
Yes, extensive resources and
willingness to help

No                                         1
Only because I havenot yet made use of
your services.
Question #14-Your Name     Question #15-Your School
Lisa Joyner (H)            Fulton                     38
Johanna Laird (H)          Perdue                     11
Melany Trenary (F)         Henson                     20
Diane Davis (H)            Seidel                     15

Brent Skeeter (H)          Total Participants:        84
Mike Lewis (F)

Horikami (F)
Dawn Chamberlin (S) (F)
Elichia Venso (H)
Jim Hill (F)
Michael Scott (H)
Gary Harrington (F)

Paul Flexner (F)

Dennis Leoutsakas (F) (F)

Thomas Keeton (P)

Mara Chen (H)
John Tyvoll (H)

F.L. Erickson (H)

Alison Chism (F)

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