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									CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2010 Topics for CFS

M-health Devices – Abstracts to this topic should provide an in-depth update on the challenges of bringing new
medically-oriented mobile devices to market, including regulatory requirements, physician/patient adoption and
other issues.

Chronic Disease Management & Compliance – We are seeking case studies detailing the unique capabilities of
mobile-enabled medical devices to manage chronic disease and ensure patient compliance with doctor

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics – Applications to this topic should offer an explanation of how mobile and
wireless technologies are enhancing the ability of physicians to monitor and diagnose patient ailments, with
emphasis on the specific technologies and user interfaces required to achieve optimal results.

Mobile Barcode Scanning – We are seeking abstracts that offer a fresh look at the latest and greatest uses of 2D
barcodes, from extended packaging on consumer goods to mobile financial services.

Mobile in Retail Environments – Applications to this topic should outline innovative ways in which brands,
retailers and advertisers are using the mobile channel to engage consumers while they are within brick and
mortar stores and in the purchase/decision process.

Mobile Money: Commerce – Submissions for this topic should cover the latest technology and enabling
companies that are testing and rolling out solutions to utilize the mobile phone at the check-out, replacing cash,
check or charge. We are seeking examples of campaigns that merge promotions with ”customer relations and
loyalty” to stimulate purchases.

Mobile Payments –Application providers, credit providers and enablers of payments through the multiple
channels should discuss in the application how they are best addressing the unique U.S. environment to allow
consumer to transact over their mobile phone.

Mobile Banking- Abstracts for this topic should address the current trends of offerings from U.S. Banks.
Mobile Money: NFC – Near Field Communication. We expect a roundtable view of a full ecosystem of providers
in this space. We seek abstracts that present a futuristic view of what U.S. payments can look like when NFC
becomes ubiquitous. Abstracts that discuss the various stages of NFC adoption in the U.S. are welcomed.

Mobile Money: Mobile Internet Solutions – Abstracts submitted for this topic should present an overview of the
major issues on migrating on-line/ internet experiences to the mobile; the consumer viewpoint of what is gained
and what is lost in the migration.

Smart Energy – We are seeking case studies that overview smart grid solutions and offer insights into how
wireless technology is being used to improve efficiencies in delivering and managing energy services.

Location Based Services: Fleet management – Abstract submissions should include case studies of how
Enterprises are using LBS to improve efficiencies of their field workers fleet management.

Location Based Services: We seek examples of applications that utilize LBS as part of providing a richer
consumer experience that may not be perceived by the customer as solely LBS-related. We expect a close look
of how embedded mapping and navigation tools are enhancing utility of the application, and its value to the end

Smart Car –Abstracts for this topic should cover “bumper to bumper” applications surrounding the vehicle
experience. We expect wireless monitoring and machine to machine information to turn vehicles into
productive and interactive tools for enterprises, and hope that abstracts submitted will speak to this experience.

Smart House – Abstracts for this topic should cover “door to door” applications which enable wireless
monitoring of household activities. We expect a series of cases of specific applications to be highlighted that
show how efficient, effective and reassuring wireless applications can be in a household.

Applications: Entertainment and Social Networking –Providers of entertainment and social network apps should
submit abstracts that summarize their consumer experience and the value of fun over the mobile.
Consumer Electronics – Applications to this topic should offer an in-depth look at the latest and greatest mobile-
enabled consumer electronics on the market and in development with explanations of the distinct services they
will bring to their users. The trends in mobile-enabled tablets and navigation devices should also be addressed.

Mobile Content Issues – We are seeking abstracts that provide an update on the state of mobile content with a
hard look at the trend toward app store distribution and the distinct challenges and opportunities this new
paradigm presents for the industry’s various players as a whole.

Mobility ROI – Abstracts for this topic should examine how the enterprise is realizing greater ROI by enhancing
customer relationship management through mobile devices and applications. Special emphasis should be
placed on how companies are reaping the benefits of mobile CRM, field service and sales force automation
processes with the latest offerings that control management, security, and compliance.

New Devices – Abstracts should highlight the capabilities of new devices or hardware being issued by leading
equipment manufacturers and include their potential to revolutionize the efficiency of the enterprise. Specific
attention could be paid to the functionality, access speeds, and bandwidth requirements necessary for devices
to work properly and meet the needs of the enterprise client.

Enterprise Field Service Management – A session on this topic would focus on field service management and its
attempts to optimize processes and information needed by companies who send technicians or staff into the
field. Abstracts should involve intelligent scheduling and solutions that seek to dispatch multiple technicians to
different locations daily, while minimizing cost and maintaining good customer service.

Cloud Related Topics – We are seeking submissions focused on Internet-based computing, whereby shared
resources, software, and information are provided to mobile devices on demand. Abstracts should focus on
software as a service solutions for users who no longer have need for expertise in, or control over, the
technology infrastructure in the cloud that supports them.

Mobile VPN – Abstracts to this topic should include solutions that incorporate mobile virtual private networks
(m-VPN) and provide mobile devices with access to network resources and software applications on their home
network, when they connect via wireless networks. Advantages of m-VPN could also be discussed including
situations where workers need to keep application sessions open at all times, throughout the working day, as
they connect via various wireless networks, encounter gaps in coverage, or suspend-and-resume their devices to
preserve battery life.
Billing Solutions – A session on enterprise billing options would highlight the solutions that enable businesses to
charge services to their monthly carrier statements. We are seeking abstracts that focus on the solutions that
offer business customers the ability to accept and process credit and debit card payments from their mobile

Mobile Supply Chain – Abstracts should address mobile supply chain management (m-SCM) as a potential source
of cost reduction and tool to increase supply chain performance in the enterprise. Submissions could include
the implications of mobile or wireless technology for successful implementation of m-SCM and their competitive
advantage along the supply chain and strategic partnerships.

Mobile Resource Management – Abstracts to this topic should address solutions which enable enterprises to
optimize mobile work-force operations through mobile GPS tracking and navigation, job dispatching, and
wireless time sheets and forms. Submissions can also address how Mobile Resource Management enterprise
applications help the enterprise increase profits, work-force productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Is There Room For Cable? – Landmark deals between wireless carriers and cable operators are gaining traction.
While none of these deals has been finalized, the prospects of cable joining the wireless community cannot be
ignored. We are seeking abstracts that explain the enterprise impacts of cable joining the wireless party and the
ensuing consequences for the enterprise.

Mobile Marketing Analytics – Abstracts should focus on the role of analytics and metrics in driving mobile
promotion. Submissions could address a number of important topics that include mobile analytics from which
metrics are most compelling or essential to accelerate mobile spend to the lag time between the emergence of
critical metrics and the increase in spend that should follow.

Strategic Thinking in Mobile Promotion – Abstracts should include current innovative thinking related to mobile
promotion and the most compelling approaches currently employed to accelerate and deepen consumer
interaction at each step of the process. Those interested in speaking should outline innovative techniques used
to build brand awareness, interest, awareness and recognition through the mobile device.

Mobile Merchandising versus Advertising – A promising twist to mobile marketing campaigns is the emergence
of mobile merchandising. Marketers are maximizing merchandise sales by using product selection, product
design, product packaging, product pricing, and product display within mobile applications to stimulate
consumers to spend more. Abstracts should provide commentary regarding the effectiveness of merchandising
to provide the call to action that is so essential to mobile campaigns and expound on the overall comparison of
merchandising versus advertising.

Impediments in Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing is becoming a more important piece of the overall
advertising budget for many companies. Yet significant impediments remain as marketers, brands, and wireless
service providers continue to struggle with a number of issues that are preventing or inhibiting growth.
Applications for a session on this topic should explain the current impediments that are limiting brands,
marketers, or wireless service providers from engaging the other in mobile campaigns. They should also discuss
the related solutions or actions that are needed to engage reluctant parties.

Enablers in Mobile Marketing – A significant portion of the mobile marketing process is the underlying services
delivered by third-party providers. Often, these services make the difference between a campaign that
succeeds and one that fails. We are seeking applications that describe not only the companies providing these
support services, but also other essential services that are coming into play as more complex applications are
made available for more advanced mobile marketing campaigns.

mCommerce Issues in Mobile Marketing – Getting consumers to spend using their mobile is an overarching
objective of many mobile marketing campaigns. Non premium messaging certainly has its place, but greater
effort is expended for programs that seek to create purchasing opportunities for consumers through their
mobile devices. Abstracts should expound on current mCommerce issues related to mobile initiatives and the
related challenges and successes.

The Mobile Advertising Value Chain – A session on this topic would seek to establish a comprehensive
understanding of the mobile advertising (m-Advertising) value chain from both the industry's point of view and
from the consumer's standpoint. Abstracts should identify 1) the key players in the space, 2) what is needed to
bring both advertiser and wireless carrier to the table to accelerate this opportunity, and 3) the key differences
between mobile marketing and mobile advertising.

Utilization of Key Advertising Delivery Channels – There exist a number of compelling alternatives to engage
consumers through the mobile device including SMS, on portal, or through the mobile Internet to name just a
few. A session on this topic would feature an in-depth look at the potential utilization of all key advertising
delivery channels including MMS, in-content download, idle screen and mobile TV. Abstracts should analyze the
opportunities for each channel and explore the strategies that have thus far been adopted by many members of
the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Aligning Brand Interest with Mobile Opportunity By adding mobile to the overall marketing mix along with its
unique, personal, and cost-effective methods for connecting businesses and consumers and one might think this
is the ideal setting for all stakeholders. Abstracts for this session should articulate how brands, marketers and
advertisers perceive mobile and its ability to connect with individual consumers and what impediments are
preventing more widespread adoption.

Mobile Advertising Potential – Various forecasts have place the revenue potential for mobile advertising at
anywhere from around $100 million now to numbers exceeding several billion in just a few short years.
Abstracts for this topic should focus on the expected growth of mobile advertising in both the short and long
term. What are the key drivers behind this extraordinary potential? What factors will determine the viability
and promise of mobile advertising? How will usage, revenue and application development influence this
growth? How will subscriber growth via 4G and other advanced networks further impact the offer?

Mobile Marketing – There are nearly 300 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. As consumers continue to
discover the connected nature of wireless, advertisers are also drawn to the personal, interactive, and effective
options that mobile affords. Research shows that leading Internet sites that have a presence on the mobile
Internet can extend their reach by 13%. Abstracts for this topic should examine the various types of mobile
marketing including mobile web (text and banner) and mobile video, taking into account the types of
advertising, campaigns, and the related forecasts for these major areas of mobile marketing.

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