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									         Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communication l Bachelor of Science

Why Choose Advertising/Integrated Marketing                                               Required Courses                                           Credit Hours
Communication?                                                                            BUSINESS CORE
Ferris' Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communication (AIMC)
program is at the forefront of a revolution that's sweeping the                           ACCT 201     Principles of Accounting 1                         3
advertising industry: using advertising and promotion techniques in                       ACCT 202     Principles of Accounting 2                         3
concert for maximum effect, rather than applying them separately.                         BLAW 321 Contracts and Sales                                    3
Our program is highly regarded by employers because it's one of the                       BUSN 499     Integrating Experience                             3
first to take this up-to-date approach. And there's another thing they
like about Ferris' program. Ferris students have opportunities to                         FINC 322     Financial Management 1                             3
apply what they're learning in real-world settings. They can interact                     ISYS 321     Business Information Systems                       3
directly with industry professionals, engage in projects with real                        MGMT 301 Applied Management                                     3
clients, and develop complete integrated marketing communication                          MGMT 370 Quality-Operations Mgmt                                3
campaigns which are all reasons Ferris AIMC graduates are highly
regarded for being able to "hit the ground running."                                      MKTG 321 Principles of Marketing                                3
                                                                                          STQM 260 Introduction to Statistics                             3
Get a Great Job                                                                           MAJOR
Ferris' Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communication grads get                          AIMC 101     Intro to Advertising/IMC                           1
great jobs. They have careers in the best ad agencies in the country
from New York to LA. Fact is, the biggest agency in the U.S. has                          AIMC 222     Prin of Advertising/IMC                            3
had more Ferris grads working in its headquarters than from any                           AIMC 301     Advertising/IMC Career Seminar                     2
other university. Some Advertising/Integrated Marketing                                   AIMC 312     Layout and Production                              3
Communication career options are: advertising manager, account                            AIMC 324     Promotional Writing                                3
executive, account coordinator, account planner, creative director,
copywriter, media planner, media buyer, media sales, traffic                              AIMC 334     Fundamentals of Media                              3
coordinator, production specialist, or research director. And, there                      AIMC 486     Advertising/IMC Management                         3
are many others.                                                                          AIMC 488     Advertising/IMC Campaigns                          3
                                                                                          MKTG 231 Professional Selling                                   3
Admission Requirements                                                                    MKTG 322 Consumer Behavior                                      3
Applicants are expected to meet 3 of the 4 criteria listed below in
order to be placed directly into a College of Business bachelor/                          MKTG 425 Marketing Research                                     3
associate degree program. Any mitigating circumstances will be                            CONCENTRATIONS (CHOOSE ONE)
considered on an individual basis by the College of Business Dean's                       Account Manager Concentration
Office.                                                                                   AIMC 376     Media Strategy and Tactics                         3
l   High school GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).                                              MKTG 434 Advanced Selling                                       3
l   English ACT of 16 or higher or SAT of 370 or higher                                   Choose one AIMC 491 or                                          3
l   Math ACT of 19 or higher or SAT of 460 or higher                                      with advisor Directed Elective
l   Reading ACT of 19 or higher                                                           approval:
                                                                                          Choose one MKTG 375 or                                          3
                                                                                          with advisor MKTG 410 or
Applicants not meeting the above criteria for direct admissions into a                    approval:    MKTG 475
specific COB program, but still meeting Ferris State University                           Choose one AIMC 375 or                                          3
admissions criteria, will be placed into the College of Business in the                   with advisor ECOM 375 or
Pre-Business program until they meet the admission criteria for the                       approval:    ECOM 383 or
program into which they desire entrance. Transfer student                                              MKTG 383 or
admission criteria can be found on the transfer student webpage.                                       PREL 240
                                                                                          Media Concentration
Graduation Requirements
The Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communication program at                             AIMC 376     Media Strategy and Tactics                         3
Ferris leads to a bachelor of science degree in business. Graduation                      ECOM 375 Bus to Bus E-Commerce MKTG                             3
requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in the business core classes, in the                           STQM 270                                                        3
major classes and overall.                                                                Choose one AIMC 491 or                                          3
                                                                                          with advisor Directed Elective
                                                                                          Choose one ECOM 383 or                                          3
                                                                                          with advisor MKTG 383
                                                                                          UNIVERSITY GENERAL EDUCATION
                                                                                          Communication Competence

                                                                                          More Information
                                                                                          Marketing Department
                                                                                          119 South Street/BUS 212
                                                                                          Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
                                                                                          Phone: 231-591-2426

                                                                                          The College of Business is accredited by the Association of Collegiate
                                                                                          Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP.)

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