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									            MILWAUKEE COUNTY

          Administrative and Organizational
             Management Structure Study
          Milwaukee County Airport Division
         General Mitchell International Airport

                 Proposal Due Date

                 December 14, 2007
                                  Table of Contents

1.0   Introduction                                                                 3

      1.1    Invitation                                                            3
      1.2    Description                                                           3
      1.3    Receipt of Proposals                                                  3
      1.4    Questions Regarding the Request for Proposals                         4
      1.5    Proposal Schedule                                                     4
      1.6    Professional Service Contract                                         5

2.0   Project Scope                                                                6

      2.1    Objectives                                                            6

3.0   Proposal Terms                                                               7

      3.1    General Conditions                                                    7
      3.2    Proposal Requirement                                                  7
      3.3    Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program                        8
      3.4    Evaluation Criteria                                                   8
      3.5    Special Requirements                                                  9

  A. Professional Service Contract
  B. Department of Transportation and Public Works – Airport Division Organizational Chart


  B. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Section 1.0 Introduction
1.1   Invitation

      Milwaukee County’s General Mitchell International Airport (GMIA) is seeking proposals
      from qualified consulting firms to perform a study of the airport’s administrative and
      organizational management structure. The consultant firm will perform a comparative
      study of the organizational management structure of GMIA with a sampling of other
      airports, of similar size, throughout the country.

      An examination and comparative study of airport personnel salaries and benefits is also
      to be analyzed.

1.2   Description

      GMIA, the largest airport in Wisconsin, is a medium-hub airport comprised of 2,200 acres
      located in the southeastern part of Milwaukee County. In 2006, 7.3 million passengers
      used the 13 airlines that offer daily nonstop flights to approximately 53 cities throughout
      the United States and Canada.

      Lawrence J. Timmerman Airport, also owned and operated by Milwaukee County, is a
      420-acre general aviation airport located in the northwestern part of Milwaukee County.

      The staff of GMIA is made up of approximately 188 employees who work under or in
      conjunction with one of the following departments:

           •   Administration
           •   Finance
           •   Maintenance
           •   Operations
           •   Planning
           •   Marketing and Public Relations

1.3   Receipt of Proposals

      A.       Each Consultant firm wishing to submit a proposal shall submit one original and
               five copies of its proposal. The proposals will be accepted until 1:00 p.m. on
               December 14, 2007. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly
               marked on the outside as follows:

                              Administrative and Organizational
                                Management Structure Study
                             General Mitchell International Airport

                               Holly L. Ricks, M.B.A., C.M.
                            Administrative Assistant III - Airport
                            General Mitchell International Airport
                                    5300 S. Howell Ave.
                                Milwaukee, WI 53207-6189

      B.     The original shall be marked “Original” on its front page or cover, and shall
             contain the original signatures, and, if the proposer is a corporation, the
             appropriate corporate seal. Each proposer shall assume the responsibility for
             making sure all required documents are complete and submitted with the

      C.     Proposals received after the date and time stated shall not be considered and shall
             be returned unopened.

      D.     The Airport may, at its sole discretion, change the Proposal deadline.

1.4   Questions Concerning the Request for Proposal

      A.     Any proposers needing clarification or interpretation of the RFP shall make a
             written request, which shall be received by the Airport no later than_________.
             Questions may be sent by mail, e-mail (preferred), courier, or fax transmission to:

                                Holly L. Ricks, M.B.A., C.M.
                            Administrative Assistant III (Airport)
                            General Mitchell International Airport
                                     5300 S. Howell Ave.
                                   Milwaukee, WI 53207
                                     Fax: 414-747-4525

      B.     Written responses to all questions raised will be sent as addenda to all parties who
             have received the proposal documents.

1.5   Proposal Schedule

      The following tentative schedule is a list of events relating to this RFP.

             Release RFP                                             ___________
             Issue Addendum (if necessary)                           ___________
             Proposal Responses Due                                  ___________
             Proposer Selection                                      ___________
             Approval of Contract                                    ___________
             Execution of Contract                                   ___________

1.6   Professional Service Contract

      A.    The successful Proposer shall be required to execute a Professional Service
            Contract in similar form to the Professional Service Contract (Exhibit A).

      B.    The phraseology and wording of the Professional Service Contract document shall
            not be changed in any respect, nor additions or deletions made to any of the items
            mentioned therein. Any exceptions or proposed revisions shall be submitted as
            instructed. Such submission does not constitute acceptance by the Airport. In the
            event of a conflict between the RFP and the Professional Service Contract, the
            Professional Service Contract will prevail.

Section 2.0 Project Scope
2.1   Objectives

      Perform a comprehensive study of the administrative and organizational management
      structure of GMIA. The departments to be studied are:

         •   Finance and Administration
         •   Maintenance
         •   Operations
         •   Planning
         •   Marketing and Public Relations

      Provide a detailed analysis of the current administrative and organizational management
      structure of the departments, as listed above, and make recommendations for

      It is the desire of management to have the analysis performed, identify the Airport’s
      strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to improve the Airport’s
      organizational and management structure.

      Analyze the current management structure; recommend an organizational structure that
      not only increases diversity, but also the level of minority employees through a system of
      training and development.

      The consultant firm should include with the study comparisons of GMIA to other
      comparably sized airports throughout the country.

      General Mitchell International Airport is owned and operated by Milwaukee County.
      Milwaukee County Government provides certain services for the airport, such as human
      resources, purchasing and capital finance. This is not expected to change. In analyzing
      each airport department, the consultant firm should provide a detailed analysis of the
      positions needed within each department to successfully manage the airports.

      Perform and provide a comparative salary structure analysis of personnel working at
      similar sized airports with personnel at GMIA.

      Attached is the Department of Transportation and Public Works – Airport Division
      Organizational Chart (Exhibit B). Provide a detailed analysis of Exhibit B; outline
      recommendations for improvement.

Section 3.0 Proposal Terms
3.1   General Conditions

      A.    If any Proposer is in doubt as to the true meaning of any portion of the
            documents, contract terms and conditions, or requires any additional information
            to prepare a response, a written request of interpretation shall be submitted to the
            contact listed in Paragraph 1.4. Any interpretation of proposed documents will be
            made only by written addendum duly issued by the Airport and a copy of such
            addendum will be mailed to each Proposer. The County will not be responsible
            for any other explanations or interpretations of these documents.

      B.    Proposers are responsible for reviewing all terms and conditions of the RFP. The
            successful Proposer shall be required to incorporate this entire RFP and all
            attachments as a part of the final agreement. The County shall not be held
            responsible for omissions or errors made in the proposal responses. The Proposer
            shall be fully responsible for conducting all surveys and research necessary to
            have a complete understanding of this RFP.

3.2   Proposal Requirements

      A.    This entire document is to be returned with all requested supporting documents
            attached. The RFP is not to be modified in any way other than filling in the blanks

      B.    Proposals should be prepared in sufficient detail to permit Airport staff to evaluate
            the Proposer’s understanding of the Project Scope.

      C.    Minimum Experience. Include your firm’s experience in performing similar
            projects within the past five years. List the name of the entity for which this
            project was performed along with a contact name and telephone number.

            Attach the resumes of staff members assigned to this project. The resumes should
            include experience and educational information relevant to the performance of the
            work proposed.

      D.    Further, the proposal should contain the following items.

            1.     A proposed fee and fee arrangement, including the labor rates for each
                   employee category that will be assigned to the project.

            2.     A proposed time schedule for the project as described in this Request for

            3.     A schedule of hours committed to the project, by phase, for each personnel

      E.     No oral, fax, or telephone proposals will be accepted.

      F.     All costs directly or indirectly related to preparation of a response to the RFP or
             any oral presentation required by the Airport to supplement and/or clarify a
             proposal shall be the sole responsibility of the Proposer. This includes charges for
             delivery, express, parcel post, packing, cartage, insurance, license fees,
             identification badging fees, permits, cost of bonds, preparation costs, and any
             other costs.

      G.     All proposals submitted shall be valid for a minimum period of one hundred
             eighty (180) days after the date of the proposal opening.

3.3   Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

      The Proposer shall submit an explanation of how they intend to comply with the
      County’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation goal of 17%. The
      Proposer is to state how they will make good faith efforts to meet the 17% goal including
      a list of the DBE firms that will be utilized as well as identifying the percentage of
      minority participation. Proposer is to complete and submit the DBE Participation Plan
      contained in Attachment A, or submit a copy of its DBE Certification. Information on
      DBE requirements may be obtained by contacting the office of Community Business
      Development Partners at (414) 278-5248.

3.4   Evaluation Criteria

      A.     The selection of a Consulting firm to provide professional services for this project
             will be based on the following criteria:

             1.     Qualifications of the personnel for the specific type of work required for
                    this project.

             2.     Level of previous experience.

             3.     Appropriate client references for work performed on similar projects.

             4.     Quality of the proposal with regard to the appraiser’s understanding of the
                    project goals.

             5.     Reasonableness of fees and proposed fee arrangements. Proposers must
                    recognize this is not a “bid” procedure, and a contract will not be awarded
                    solely on the basis of the lowest bid.

      B.     The County reserves the right to:

             1.     Waive any or all irregularities in any proposal;

            2.     Reject any or all proposals if it deems such to be in the best interest of the
                   County and the general public; and

            3.     Cancel this RFP at any time for any reason without making an award if it
                   deems such to be in the best interest of the County and the general public.

3.5   Special Requirements

      A.    Withdrawal and Acceptance of Proposals: At any time prior to the proposal due
            date, Proposers may withdraw their proposals. This will not preclude or disqualify
            them from the submission of alternate proposals prior to the proposal due date.
            After the scheduled time for submittal, no Proposer shall be permitted to
            withdraw its proposal and the submission of such will constitute a valid offer
            subject to its acceptance by the County for a period of one hundred eighty (180)
            calendar days following the due date.

      B.    Rejection of Proposals: Any of the following conditions may be considered as
            sufficient cause for rejection of a proposal:

            1.     No contract shall be awarded to any person, firm, joint venture, or
                   corporation that is in arrears or is in default to the County upon any debt
                   or contract or that is a defaulter as surety or otherwise upon any obligation
                   to the County.

            2.     Any package that is incomplete, conditional, ambiguous, obscure, or that
                   contains additions or alterations not called for or irregularities of any kind,
                   may be rejected for such reasons.

            3.     The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if such is
                   deemed to be in the best interest of the public.

      C.    Project Safety and Security Requirements: Proposer shall comply with all safety
            laws and regulations throughout the term of the agreement. Proposer employees
            may be required to obtain badges to work on the Airport facilities and must
            comply with all safety and security requirements. All costs associated with this
            compliance shall be at the Proposer’s expense.

      D.    Controlling Laws. These documents shall be interpreted, construed and given the
            effect in all respects according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The
            Agreement shall not be assigned by the Proposer in whole or in part without the
            written prior consent of the County. This document and the proposal response
            shall be incorporated as a part of the final Agreement. Any exceptions shall be
            fully noted in the appropriate section or it will be assumed the Proposer agrees
            and is capable of meeting all the RFP and Agreement requirements.

E.   Code of Ethics - County Ordinance 9.05

         (2)(1) No person(s) with a personal financial interest in the approval or denial
         of a contract being considered by a County department or with an agency
         funded and regulated by a County department, may make a campaign
         contribution to any County official who has approval authority over that
         contract during its consideration. Contract consideration shall begin when a
         contract is submitted directly to a County department or to an agency until the
         contract has reached final disposition, including adoption, county executive
         action, proceedings on veto (if necessary), or departmental approval. This
         provision does not apply to those items covered by Section 9.15 unless an
         acceptance by an elected official would conflict with this section.


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