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Basic Guide to Zodiac Personality Traits
Discover what your zodiac sign says about you, your friends, family, or that
certain someone you have an interest in? Below you will find the 12 Sun Signs
and the general zodiac personality traits affiliated with each sign.
                           Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18
                            Pisces: Feb 19 – Mar 20
                             Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 19
                            Taurus: Apr 20 – May 20
                            Gemini: May 21 – Jun 20
                             Cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 22
                              Leo: Jul 23 – Aug 22
                            Virgo: Aug 23 – Sept 22
                             Libra: Sept 23 – Oct 22
                           Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21
                          Sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21
                           Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19
             Aries Zodiac Personality Traits
For those of you born under this sign, others may see
you as self-absorbed because you know what you want
and you want what you want, when you want it. You are
not shy when it comes to doing what is necessary to
bring attention to yourself. You often act on faith and
courage. You do not usually need others to entertain you
and you know how to have fun. You have a child-like
innocence to you. Aggressive tendencies and
impulsiveness could get you into trouble because you
often have no regard for the consequences
Strengths: Determined, confident, passionate, grateful,
Weaknesses: Low tolerance, argumentative, not
apologetic, dramatic.
Charismatic marks: Age gracefully, athletic body,
carefree attitude, a leader.
Likes: To present yourself well, a challenge, books, to
work with your hands, a well oiled machine, to serve.
Dislikes: Indecisiveness, receiving advice, being
stagnant, wasting a good talent.
Favorite environment: Where there is action, can face
fears, competition, freedom, where you can blend in.
            Taurus Zodiac Personality Traits
Taurus people like comfort for themselves but also for
others as well. They often are very good cooks and
enjoy the company of others. They have a great sense of
humor and are easily befriended and the life of the
party. Taureans are usually good with money because
they fear poverty and make great business partners. Like
Sagittarius, it takes a whole lot to make you angry but
when pushed too far, you can be a danger to others or
yourself. Your nonjudgmental nature and placidness
draws people to you.
Strengths: Understanding, giving, endurance, physical
strength, trustworthy, easy-going, stable.
Weaknesses: Sneaky, impulsive, can be lazy without a
hobby, hold grudges.
Charismatic marks: Solid, big bones, muscular,
tendency to gain weight.
Likes: The finer things in life, consistency, being host,
family, to learn through experience rather than books.
Dislikes: Synthetic fabrics, indecisiveness, change,
being bored, the cold.
Favorite environment: A secluded home close to
nature or the water. Good food is also important as good
company. Comfort are a must.
               Gemini Zodiac Personality Traits
Geminis have many clever ideas but may have a tough time
following through and often leave a trail of half-done projects
behind them. They maintain a hectic pace and change their
minds often and in some cases their entire lives, successively.
They will distance themselves if they end up in pointless
situations or among people who are not engaging. They can
talk themselves into or out of just about anything. Geminis
think nothing of throwing caution to the wind and tend to rush
into things. In general they are fun, open-minded companions,
experimental and always willing to try new things. Generous
but Unreliable. Are quick to pick up new skills and usually
multi talented and very good with numbers.
Strengths: Good listener, energetic, very intellectual, clever,
good memory.
Weaknesses: Overindulgent, can be quite scattered, nosy,
bores easily, impulsive, manipulative.
Charismatic marks: Chatter box, likes to be in the know,
Likes: Travel, muscle cars, likes to journal, to be amused,
change, social situations.
Dislikes: Being stagnant, routine, solitude, making plans.
Favorite environment: Where ever there is action, places
where people gather to gossip, concerts, museums, the fair.
               Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits
If you are born under this sign you are passionate and
protective over close friends and family and equally over
others who are vulnerable or weak. You are patriotic and loyal
to everyone you hold dear. You like to tinker and are always
in a state of renovation. You are sensitive and will retreat if
you feel you are being criticized. You tend to dwell on the
past and are good problem solvers. You look out for others
and will push others if needed when you see that it is in their
best interest. Cancers often eat and drink too much and must
keep in check as not to overindulge because this could lead to
Strengths: Loyal, people love to be around you, spontaneous,
resourceful, nurturing.
Weaknesses: Explosive temper, martyr complex, tend to
overreact, controlling at times.
Charismatic marks: Need to be needed, may have stomach
upset due to worrying, strong hands, medium build.
Likes: Water, boats, art, home-based hobbies, a good meal,
restoration, helping loved ones.
Dislikes: Gossip, sharing feelings openly, any criticism of the
women in their lives.
Favorite environment: Cancer is most comfortable at home,
close to family, familiar things, and dear friends, enjoying
food and drink.
                  Leo Zodiac Personality Traits
Leos often get moody if they don’t get enough attention, it
hurts their pride. They almost always wear their heart on their
sleeve but there are those few that can be deceptive and
secretive. No matter what the situation, they love a challenge!
They want the fame and fortune and are real go getters and
because of this they tend to be successful in whatever they
accomplish. Leo’s are extroverts and exude confidence…
others see this as bragging and conceited behavior but
although vain, Leos are very soft-hearted and very fond of
children, animals and those in their inner circle. Passionate.
Emotionally intense.
Strengths: Warmth, leadership, pride, friendly, creativity,
passion, generous.
Weaknesses: Vain, self-centered, stubborn, cynical,
inflexibility, lazy around the house.
Charismatic marks: Physically strong, carries excess
weight, piercing eyes, large face.
Likes: The spotlight, holidays, fun with friends, expensive
things, bright colors, groups/parties, to brag, money, comfort.
Dislikes: Being ignored, authority, confrontation but will
fight ferociously for what they believe in.
Favorite environment: Any place where Leo has a chance to
be brave or shine in front of others.
                Virgo Zodiac Personality Traits
Virgos tend to have practical skills and talents such as math
and science they are interested in biology, medicine and are
great writers and puzzlers. They are perfectionists. Many
Virgos are introverts and like to assess the situation before
hand, proceeding with caution and can be choosy. They can
be frugal and think before purchasing. Virgo people are clean
freaks and like to be organized. If there is a crisis or traumatic
situation a person born under this sign is a good person to
have around because they can stay calm, cool and collected.
Often tend to hide emotions, therefore seen as cold. They fuss
over diet and exercise even thought they often are on the slim
side because they are always on the go.
Strengths: Strong ethics, intellectual, rational, dependable,
Weaknesses: Vain, sarcastic, obsessive, often feels
unsatisfied, critical.
Charismatic marks: Can suffer from anxiety and digestive
difficulties. Most stay relatively slim and fit. Bony knuckles.
Likes: Attention, high quality, cleanliness, nutrition.
Dislikes: Taking orders, vulgarity, accepting help form others.
Favorite environment: Virgo is most comfortable when at
home taking care of others or animals or taking care of
someone in need.
                Libra Zodiac Personality Traits
Libras often are extroverts and like to flirt and show off their
social skills. They feel good when they look good and don’t
mind spending money freely to make them both happen.
Libras are more often than not, very indecisive, others see this
as being noncommittal. Roots for the underdog and believes
in fairness. Often feelings and opinions are suppressed
because the need to be liked by others is so great. Likes to
keep the peace and will even lie to avoid conflict. Generally
people born under this sign are naturally graceful and would
find yoga, pilates or thai chi beneficial since they fluctuate
Strengths: Flexible, charming, likable, diplomatic, social.
Weaknesses: Indecisive, holds a grudge, needy, self-pity, lies
to self and others.
Charismatic marks: Likes to look good, graceful, medium
build, flirtatious.
Likes: Fashion, a clean home, being fussed over, to spend
money frivolously, to share.
Dislikes: Sloppiness, conflict, being pressured, injustice, bad
Favorite environment: Any place that is luxurious and the
company is harmonious. Very social and happiest when in a
                  Scorpio Zodiac Personality Traits
Scorpios have a way for figuring out what is going on. Are highly
intuitive, which makes them either very compassionate and empathic
or very cruel and vindictive. They will show an incredible amount of
sympathy for those who deserve it, but none for those that cause
their own misfortune. It’s all-or-nothing with a Scorpio, they are big
risk-takers. Adversity makes them stronger. They are not afraid of
the things most people fear, Scorpios don’t like to show any
weakness and fear others having power over them. All signs have a
bright side and a dark side, but with Scorpio, these sides are more
pronounced, either they represent the height of integrity or the depth
of diabolical cunning. They will risk their lives unthinkingly to
protect those they care about. Slow to trust. They don’t just talk the
talk, they walk the walk.
Strengths: Passionate, stubborn, determined, ambitious, a true
Weaknesses: Jealous, unforgiving, distrusting, secretive, violent,
Charismatic marks: Piercing eyes and a powerful gaze, muscular,
often suffer from hard-to-diagnose symptoms due to anxiety.
Likes: Truth, facts, being right, teasing, extreme sports, a worthy
Dislikes: Dishonesty, authority, passive people, small talk, revealing
Favorite environment: Dark, sensuous places, any situation that
offers power or rouses strong feelings.
             Sagittarius Zodiac Personality Traits
For those of you born under this sign, people may view you
as a very quiet, reserved, strong, silent type. You hold things
dear to you very close. Others can push your buttons but it
takes a lot for you to explode but when you do, watch out!
You have a sense of humor not often seen. You tend to be
very punctual and reliable. You are someone people find easy
to talk to because you tend not to judge or give a strong
opinion. You seem withdrawn but in fact you are very much
plugged in. Smart with money. Always willing to go the extra
Strengths: Giving, idealistic, loyal, great listener and friend.
Weaknesses: Impatient, can be rude, explosive temper,
sometimes let’s others take advantage of you.
Charismatic marks: Generally tall, strong legs and back but
soft around the middle. Prefers comfort over style. Masculine.
Women of this sign can be flighty and easily distracted. Has
selective hearing.
Likes: To be busy, the outdoors, freedom, travel, children.
Dislikes: Details, being confined, too much chatter, needy
people, drama.
Favorite environment: Outside, on the move.
                 Capricorn Zodiac Personality Traits
Capricorns are people you can depend on, they keep promises and
fulfill obligations. They like to stay on paths that are tested and true
and are slow to trust. They are self-conscious and have a fear of
public humiliation. They tend to suffer in silence so not to burden
others in turn may have a hard time establishing deep relationships.
They are honorable and trustworthy and don’t like debt. Capricorns
have to be careful not to be such perfectionists because they often
are hardest on themselves and can suffer anxiety and depression.
They are practical with money almost to the point of self-
deprivation. They tend to be slim and are not inclined to
overindulge. Often they go through hardships early in life and
become more laid back later, this makes them age in reverse. They
are old souls.
Strengths: Reliable, classy, self-disciplined, thoughtful, humorous,
Weaknesses: Know-it-all, holds grudges, condescending, expects
the worst, over analyzing.
Charismatic marks: Medium to small build, small bones, tougher
than you look, age well.
Likes: Family, tradition, a good bargain, quality craftsmanship,
understated status, music, animals, simplicity.
Dislikes: Almost everything at some point.
Favorite environment: Behind the scenes calling the shots, eclectic
environments , anyplace as long as they are in charge.
              Aquarius Zodiac Personality Traits
If you are born under this sign you probably prefer to
socialize and work in groups rather than alone, you may also
enjoy testing a willing opponent in an intellectual debate. You
like interaction with both people and machines or fascinated
with technology. You like things to be fair and often root for
the underdog. Some may label you as unpredictable but you
are quite logic and rational. Many Aquarians are collectors of
unusual things.
Strengths: Broad-minded, authentic, benevolent,
independent, whimsical.
Weaknesses: They often have trouble saving money and
spend it as soon as they get it. Represses emotion, stubborn.
Charismatic marks: Striking to look at, chiseled face, fragile
Likes: To be social, stands for what they believe, helpful,
deep conversation, understanding.
Dislikes: Conflict, limits, loneliness, boredom, broken
Favorite environment: Groups or any place ideas are made.
                   Pisces Zodiac Personality Traits
Pisces often appear unstable or unreliable because they change their
minds so often. Pisces people tend to put others needs before their
own and may become resentful or develop a martyr complex
because of it. They will care for others during hard times but they
have difficulty caring for themselves. Pisceans have lively
imaginations, which is a source of creativity and as a way to escape.
Their moods may fluctuate quickly. The lows are very low but
bounce back extremely fast. Often a Pisces person will act as
peacemakers and prefers to avoid conflict. Some are impractical and
irresponsible and tight with their money, while others are very
Strengths: Strong will, perceptive, warmhearted, crafty, loving,
smart, musical.
Weaknesses: Often plays the martyr, a worry wart, sad, internal
Charismatic marks: Soft, sometimes small to medium build. Can
easily read their emotions because it written all over their face.
Likes: Spiritual, solitude, visual stimulation, sleep, romance, music,
always searching.
Dislikes: Criticism, cruelty, annoying people who think they know it
Favorite environment: On or near the Ocean or water. The theater.

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