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									Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools                                                      Posting Date:   April 3, 2006
G-3475 West Court Street                                                                    Apply By:   May 5, 2006
Flint, Michigan 48532
Phone (810) 591-8241
Fax (810) 591-3323
                                        Vacancy Notice

        Title              Assistant Superintendent

        Available          July 1, 2006, Full-time position

        Qualifications      Masters Degree or higher (school administration or related area
                            Administrative experience (central office level preferred)
                            Ability to write and speak effectively and employ the use of appropriate
                            Overall knowledge of school programs and services
                            Successful experiences with a diverse student and parent population

        Supervises         Supervisor of Maintenance & Grounds
                           Supervisor of Transportation
                           Supervisor of Food Service
                           Director of Athletics
                           Network Supervisor
                           Supervisor of Information Systems

        Job Focus          Assist the Superintendent in the general coordination, supervision and
                           administration of operational programs and services

        General            1.   Promote an open, supportive, positive, and safe school climate
        Oversight          2.   Coordinate the budget development process in cooperation with the
        Responsibilities        Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Director of Business

                           3.   Assist the Superintendent in short- and long-range planning

        Specific           1. Assist the Superintendent in the direction and supervision of
        Responsibilities      operational services including, but not limited to, the following:

                                   Labor Relations
                                   Facilities
                                   Transportation
                                   Food Service
                                   Pupil Services (non-instructional)
                                   Technology Installations and Maintenance
                                   Workman’s Compensation
                                   Athletics
                      2.   Prepare and administer area budgets in collaboration with each director/

                      3.   Serve as the chief Board negotiator to bargain and maintain contracts
                           with certified and non-certified personnel

                      4.   Oversee the development and maintenance of transportation, food,
                           technology, and facility services, including school safety, in collaboration
                           with supervisors

                      5.   Facilitate processes and appeals regarding student discipline and
                           grievances, in collaboration with building administrators

                      6.   Oversee operation of district athletic programs and facilities, in
                           collaboration with Athletic Director

                      7.   Review and revise Administrative Regulations to Board policies as

                      8.   Assist the Superintendent in the development of short and long range

                      9.   Stay informed of developments and innovations in areas of responsibility
                           by reading current literature, attending professional conferences and
                           meetings, and discussing issues with professional colleagues

                      10. Prepare and submit reports and other documents as required by the

                      11. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.

Terms of
Employment            Two (2) year continuing contract. Forty eight (48) weeks each year

Compensation          Salary and fringe benefits as established by the Board of Education

Application           All interested and qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest
Procedure             and resume by 4:00 p.m., Friday, May 5, 2006 to:

                      Deborah Overweg, Assistant Superintendent
                      Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools
                      G-3475 West Court Street
                      Flint, MI 48532

              An Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer

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