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No matter what degree or
 what experience you have,
 you still must be perceived
 as competent, professional
      What is a resume?

Webster’s definition: a summing up; a
 summary, statement of job applicants
 education and previous experience

Career definition: an electronic or paper
 presentation describing why you should
 receive an interview for a job opening

Document of introduction to an employer
An Excellent Resume
Two Characteristics of People
who create excellent resumes

They have put extensive effort into creating
 the resume
They seek constructive criticism from
 qualified people (career services, advisors,
 professors, recruiters, communication
 experts, family, professional references)
 What makes a resume

Emphasis on Education, Accomplishment
Easy to Scan
Content, Strong
Job Appropriate
Types of Resumes
      Types of Resumes

Listing of Jobs
Most relevant, recent history first
Emphasis on education
Simplest, most traditional of resumes
      Types of Resumes

Functional (Skills)
Cluster experiences under major skill areas
Limited paid work experience
Changing careers
Not worked for a while
Presents strengths
More challenging to write
      Types of Resumes

Combination Resume (Creative)
Uses elements of both chronological and
 functional resumes
Used to improve the clarity or
 presentation of a resume

Anita Jenkins
     123 College Avenue
 Bloomington, Indiana 47905
       (812) 447-7777

Annie Schaffer
                                 123 E. 8th St.
                    Bloomington, Indiana 47401
                               (812) 744-4568

David James   123 Adler Rd Bloomington, Indiana, 47401, 330-1010
Professional Objective
    Professional Objective

Tell the employer what you want to do for them

Information should be focused on meeting their
 needs and solving their problems

Identify at least two of three: job type,
 employer / industry, skills and responsibilities
 you want to perform in this position.
  Professional Objective

THIS……….               NOT THIS…
Seeking a challenging A draftsman position
 position in design     in which I can use my
 technology utilizing   people skills and
 knowledge in AutoCAD, abilities to advance in
 Solid Works, Pro E,    a small to mid-sized
 CAD / CAM              company with room
                        for growth.

 Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington, IN, 8/10 to present
  Pursuing an A.A.S. in Design Technology
  Concentration: Architecture
  GPA: 3.7/4.0 Deans List 12-10

 Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington
  Design Technology A.S. degree; expected graduation date, May 2011
  GPA: 3.2/4.0

 Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington, Indiana
  Design Technology - AAS                 May 2010
  Chancellors List, December 2009; GPA 3.5/4.0

            Not Impressive
August 2008 - currently enrolled at Ivy
 Tech in the program of Design
 Technology. I have a 2.8 grade
 average and go nights.

 AutoCAD Certification; 12-09 Attained
 certified user credential upon completion
 of Advanced CAD, Design 220 course
    Related Course Work

Technical Graphics
Advanced CAD
Logic, Design, and Programming
Kinematics of Machinery
Systems Analysis and Design
Parametric Solid Modeling
CNC Programming

The purpose of the skills section is to
 provide a summary of the skills you offer
 to the employer --- that relate to the kind
 of job you want to do for them.
      Example of Skills

Computer Systems: Microsoft Office,
 Novell NetWare, AutoCAD, Solid Works,
 Pro Engineering, SketchIT
      Example of Skills

Software: Access, Excel, PowerPoint,
 Outlook Express, Front Page, Internet
 Explorer, Netscape Navigator
      Example of Skills

Experience with Engineering Terminology,
 DFM, test method and process validations
 (IQ, OQ, and PPQ)
Experience with Design of Experiments
 (DoE) and product / process Failure Mode
 and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
 Summary of Qualifications

Summarize for the employer why you are
 qualified to do the job you say you want.
Specify the reasons why the employer
 should hire you.
Summary of Qualifications

Familiar with design operating systems
Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office,
 Exchange Administrator
Experienced in graphic illustration
Experienced in installing and configuring
 drafting workstations

 “Work” or “Professional” Experience are
 categories indicating paid positions

 “Experience” or “Related Experience” are
 categories indicating either paid or unpaid

Include job title, employer name, city and
 state, dates of employment.

Description of skills used, learned.
 Highlight accomplishments of your work.

Emphasize the job title by listing it first –
 Some prefer to list employer name first

 Emphasize skills versus duties

 It is important to present experience as
     an action-oriented contributor

 Prioritize
  Example of Experience

Assistant Manager, Whitestone
 Cleaners, Bloomington, In (1/98-3/10)
 Interfaced (action verb) extensively
 (descriptor) with customers (object)
 troubleshooting problems and generating
 solutions (end-result).
   Example of Experience

Front Line Server, McDonald’s
 Corporation, Bloomington, IN (1/99-3/10)
 Took orders promptly and accurately
 (action verb) from customers (object)
 including counter and drive up (descriptor)
 keeping orders flowing and providing
 excellent customer satisfaction (end-result).
  Example of Experience

MIS Coordinator, HOPE Foundation
 Bloomington, In (5/03 - present)
 Provided (action verb) information
 management support (object) for all plant
 users (descriptor) contributing to the
 highest rate of employee computer use
 over a two-year period (end-result).
  Example of Experience

Programmer Associate, ProsLink
 Technical Company, Inc., Bloomington,
 IN (1/2009 to present)
 Monitored and controlled (action verb)
 computer processing (object) including
 output queues, printing, and output
 distribution (descriptor) keeping
 operations on schedule (end-result).

Provide an overview of the professional,
 extracurricular, and community activities that
 compliment your ability to perform the job
Can be a main section or subsection with
 education section
Emphasize what you did
Other headings may be “Interests” “Community
 Involvement” “Civic Engagement” “Service”
    A Word About Length

As long as it takes to do the job
Information on resume should be
  Relevant, concise, complete, accurate,
   without errors
  Organized, easy to scan
  Don’t “squeeze” it on
  No “fluff”
  Generally 1 page for entry level

Professional references are people with
 whom you have some formal relationship
 such as an instructor or work supervisor
Generally 3-5 references are preferred
Essential - discuss your job search with your references.
List an individual only if he or she has
 agreed to be a positive reference
Accompany your resume, presented upon
 interview request
     Reference Examples

Mr. John Doe, Professor
 Ivy Tech Community College
 200 Daniels Way
 Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Ms. Jane Smith, Engineering Tech Supervisor
 Limestone Company
 123 College Ave
 Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Resume Winners

Proof read with an advisor, friend
You will get the interviews
You will be prepared to talk about career
 accomplishments and goals
You will be able to use social media sites
 for networking purposes
You are encouraged to present your
 resume to Career Services. Thanks!

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