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					                     Student Allocation Funding
                         Table of Contents

History and Background                            2
Allocation of Fees                                2
Purpose                                           2
Student Allocation Review Board                   2
Student Allocation Committee (SAC)                3
Funding Process                                   3
Eligibility                                       4
Appeal Process                                    4
Areas Available for Funding                       5
Limitations on Funding                            7
Items Not funded                                  7
University Fiscal Affair Policies                 8
Security Costs                                    9
Advertising                                       9
Sodexo                                            9
Guillot University Center                         9
Local Vendors who accepts Purchase Orders         10
Appendix                                          11
        Request for Funding Form                 12
        Sample Proposed Event Budget             14
        Example of Budget Documentation          15, 16, 17
        Event Evaluation Form                    18
        Appeal Form                              20
        Review Board Outcome Report Form         21

                      Student Allocation Fee Proposal
History and Background
The University Board of Trustees, with the support of the Student Government Association,
approved in June 2005 and again in June 2006 an increase in the Student Activity Fee to $10 for fall
2006 semester and to $15 for the spring 2007 semester. The fee increased in increments of $5 per
semester until it reached a cap of $25 in Spring 2008 semester.

Allocation of Fees
The money generated from the student activity fee will be split with 45% allocated to the
University Program Council and 42% allocated to the Student Allocation Committee for the 2008-
2009 academic year. The remaining 13% of the fee is designated for Leadership and Volunteerism
programs sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement and for salary support for the
Coordinator of Programming. A maximum of up to 20% of the Student Allocation Committee
budget may be allocated for Equipment and Facility. The Student Allocation Review Board will
meet in the Spring of 2009 and 2010 to revaluate the division of funding. Funding begins October
1 of each year to coincide with the University’s fiscal year; however, proposals may be submitted
prior to the funding year.

The University understands that organizations and their activities contribute to the educational,
cultural, social, and professional development of the University of North Alabama. The Student
Allocations funding process was created to respond to the needs of the recognized student
organizations and enable these groups to develop programming based on the educational mission
of the University as outlined in the University Catalog and Student Handbook.

Student Allocation Review Board
This Student Allocation Review Board will review policies, procedures, and end of the year budget
reports to ensure that the student activity funding is being used effectively and efficiently for
student programming and development as aligned with the mission of the University. The Board
will facilitate the selection process for the Student Allocation Committee. This review board will
also review requests for appeal and determine if an appeal is warranted. If an appeal is granted,
the board will make a decision on the funding.

The board will be comprised of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Director of Student
Engagement, Student Government Association President, and two student members at large to be
elected through a student vote during the Student Government Association Officer Elections. The
student members at large must be a full time student at the Junior, Senior, or Graduate level and
have a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA. Student members at large may not serve on any branch of
the Student Government Association. The Student Government Association President will appoint

the two student members at large should no student run for election to the board with approval
by two thirds vote of the SGA Senate.

Student Allocation Committee (SAC)
The Student Allocations Committee will review funding proposals that are submitted to the Office
of Student Engagement. The student committee members are selected through an application
and interview process facilitated by the Student Allocations Review Board. The students must
have a minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA and have completed at least one semester at UNA. The
students selected for this committee may not serve on any branch of the Student Government
Association. Quorum for the committee will be seven for funding decisions to be made.

This committee shall be comprised of the following members:
    Director of Student Engagement
        The Director serves as chair and is non-voting member of this committee. In case
        of a tie, the Director can break that tie.
    One faculty member
    Six student representatives at large:
        A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours as an undergraduate or
        graduate student.

The Student Allocation Review Board will facilitate selection of the Student Allocation Committee
members in April following SGA Officer Elections. The Student Allocation Committee members will
begin serving the first Monday after fall semester classes begin in August through the first Monday
in May prior to study day.

Funding Process
   1. In order to allow the committee to make a decision in a timely manner, proposals must be
      submitted to the Office of Student Engagement by 4:30 p.m. on Fridays, no later than four
      committee meetings in advance of the proposed event date, six committee meetings in
      advance if contractual agreements are required. Due to coordinating funding paperwork
      within the timelines set forth by the University Fiscal Affairs Office, there will be NO
      EXCEPTIONS to this deadline.
   2. Proposals are reviewed by the committee on Mondays at 3:30 p.m.
   3. Organizations are allowed to have up to three student representatives appear before the
      Student Allocation Committee.
   4. Once the committee reviews the proposals, a decision will be made on funding. An e-mail
      notification will be sent the following day and an official letter will be mailed to the
      recognized student organization mailbox within one week of the meeting regarding the
      status of the proposal.
   5. Once the proposals are approved, the student group must meet with the Office of Student
      Engagement within a week to ensure paperwork is completed properly.
   6. After completion of the program, the student organization must submit a Post-Event
      Summary and all receipts within two weeks of the completion of the project. Failure to
      complete summary and turn in receipts will result in loss of allocated funds and
      potentially affect the eligibility of future requests.

    7. Student organizations may appeal the committee’s decision in writing to the Office of
       Student Engagement within five academic days upon receipt of the letter.
    8. Money may not be spent without going through the Office of Student Engagement.
    9. Authorization must be given through the Office of Student Engagement to request
       contracts from speakers, speakers’ agencies, and entertainment groups. Authorized
       University officials must sign the contracts; otherwise, the student organizations will be
       held responsible for all the contract fees.


    1. All RSOs requesting funding must have the president and treasurer (or another designee)
       attend a Student Allocations funding workshop in order for their application to be
       considered complete. In addition, any student RSO representative completing an
       allocation funding request must have gone through the training. These workshops will be
       hosted by the Office of Student Engagement.

    2. Only those organizations recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and in good
       standing will be eligible for funding. The office reserves the right to require a roster of
       membership. For an organization to maintain University recognition, the group must
       follow the criteria as outlined in the Student Handbook.

    3. Organizations that receive Educational and General (E&G) funding such as Student
       Government Association, etc. through departmental funding from the University are not
       eligible for Student Allocation Funding.

    4. Activities which are open to all students may be considered for funding as long as the
       activity does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age,
       disability, sexual orientation, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.

    5. Leadership and conference travel are eligible for funding.

Appeal Process
Recognized Student Organizations may submit an appeal to the Student Allocation Review Board
based on one or more of the following:

    1. Procedures were not followed as outlined in this manual.
    2. The committee deviated from the written policies.
    3. Facts, which align with the policies, missing at the time of the initial proposal.

The following are the steps for an appeal process:
   1. The requestor appeals the Student Allocation Committee using the Appeals
        Form stating the grounds for the appeal. The appeal must be submitted to the Office of
        Student Engagement within five academic days from the date of notification of the
        outcome of the request.

   2. The Review Board will determine if the appeal meets any of the previously stated grounds
      for an appeal and will complete the Appeal Outcome Report Form to document this
      review. This Review Board will notify the Student Allocation Committee and the requestor
      of the outcome. The decision on the appeal must be communicated within five academic
      days from the date the requestor submitted the appeal. Copies of all review board appeal
      decisions must be sent to the Student Allocation Committee Chair or his/her designee.
   3. The Review Board, when reconsidering the proposal, may choose: 1) to
      stay with the original decision made by the allocation committee or 2)
      to award the original allocation. This decision must be communicated to the requestor
      within five academic days from the date when the appeal decision was made.
   4. If the appeal is not granted, the original decision goes unchanged and the requestor is to
      be notified that their appeal was denied.

The decisions of the Student Allocation Review Board are final. Appeals are not granted solely on
the basis of disagreement with the decision of the Student Allocation Committee.

Areas Available for Funding

   1. Program Support
      The University of North Alabama will have some type of campus wide programming needs
      that contribute to the well-rounded experience for their students. This helps to build a
      vibrant community. Campus wide programming boards/committees and organizations
      that program events fall into this category:

       a.   Lecture/Speaker programs
       b.   Healthy Living programs
       c.   Music programs
       d.   Movie series
       e.   Organizations may request a lump sum for a series of programs or events.

   2. Equipment
      All equipment is to be listed under this category. Clubs and organizations from time to time
      need upgrades of equipment to support their purposes and activities. While the University
      has a responsibility to provide the basics, there are other needs that facilitate the
      opportunities for student involvement and campus-wide programming. The equipment
      must remain on campus and be available to all recognized student organizations.
      Equipment funded by the fee becomes property of the University.

       a. Poster Printers
       b. Equipment for Club Sports
       c. Equipment for the RSO Resource Room

3. Facilities
   A portion of the student activity fee may be used for facility upgrades. The fee may not be
   used to build a facility or to do major renovations that do not apply to student usage.
   Below are examples that fall into this category:

   Renovating/upgrading student lounges, painting, wall hangings, fitness rooms and areas
   other than classrooms that are heavily used by students.
   office furniture for student offices, furniture student lounges and other student areas.

4. Recreation
   This area includes support for club sports, intramural and open recreation. Improvements
   in health and fitness areas should be listed under Facilities and equipment for these
   programs should be listed under Equipment. Examples of appropriate listings would be…

   a. Club Sport teams which may be given start-up funding and then limited support for the
      following three years
   b. Fees for officials
   c. Registration fees for tournaments
   d. Vehicle charges for traveling teams should count under this category and not under the
      travel category.

5. Diverse Population and Issues
   This category speaks specifically to programming and equipment purchased for, and in
   support of or enhancing the understanding of non-traditional issues. ALL programs,
   regardless of what category they would be considered for, dealing with diversity should be
   listed in this category except for travel expenses to get to diversity events or programs.
   Some examples that fall into this category are:

   a. Gender issues
   b. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender issues
   c. Multicultural issues

6. Travel
   This category speaks specifically to travel for students to go off campus for events that
   Students Activity Fee funds are used to support this travel. Travel is permitted without
   geographic restriction. Travel is defined as travel expenses for lodging, vehicle rentals,
   airline tickets, private vehicle transportation and registrations fees that the Student Activity
   Fee is paying toward a given trip. This Travel category does not include travel meals, airline
   baggage fee, parking fee and bus shuttle to and from the airport. Travel paid to bring
   speaker and performers to campus should be included as part of the category the speaker’s
   or performer’s fee is under.

   Funding for travel is limited to $3000 maximum.

Limitations on Funding
   1. Student organizations may conduct approved fund raising activities at Student Activity Fee
       supported events providing the purpose of the activity being supported by the fee is not
       fund raising and the event is free and open to the University community.
   2. Student travel or any related expenses for travel away from campus. Refer to travel
       section under eligibility.
   3. Wearing apparel is an allowable expenditure but the request must show:
       a. how the item(s) enhance the out-of-class experience; and/or
       b. all students must have equal access to items being offered, the exception being items
           such as uniforms that must be returned to the University at the end of the season or
           fiscal year.
   4. University courses or organizations whose members are required to register for credit as a
       condition of membership.
   5. There is a funding limit of $4000 per event.

Items Not Funded:
   1. Partisan political activity or support of any candidate for campus or public office.
   2. Legislative lobbying efforts or to student organization whose primary purpose is to
       influence legislation. The only exception is bus travel for Higher Education.
   3. UNA faculty, staff, and students of sponsoring organization may not receive any non-
       contractual personal gain from program or activity.
   4. Activities which generate unrestricted funds. This means that events that charge a
       monetary admission fee will not be considered for funding.
   5. Money may not be used to purchase items for the purpose of fundraising or re-sale.
   6. Any activity which is illegal.
   7. Funding will not be provided for grants-in-aid, scholarships, wages, loans, individual
       membership dues, or other compensation to members or officers of organizations.
   8. Funding cannot be used for donations or charitable contributions. Non-monetary
       charitable contributions are acceptable (i.e. clothing drive, canned food drive).
   9. Retroactive funding will not be eligible to cover prior commitments.
   10. National association group or individual membership dues.
   11. Legal services or jail bond funds.
   12. Any programs involving alcoholic beverages or other drugs.
   13. Non-student generated programming.
   14. Library materials

University Fiscal Affair Policies
Bidding Process:
Certain items must go through the University Purchasing bidding procedures. The
following must be bidded:
    a) For any order of T-Shirts that is larger than $2,000.00 will have to go through a bid process.
       T-shirt bids must allow 2 – 2 ½ weeks for bid submission & return.
       To formally bid T-Shirts the following has to be provided to the Office of Student
        Type of shirt (ex. Crew, V, long or short sleeve, etc)
        Material (ex. 50/50 blend; heavy weight Cotton; etc.)
        Color of shirts
        Quantity by sizes
        Date needed
    b) All publication materials in excess of $1,000 must be placed through a bidding process
       through the University Purchasing procedures.

In State Travel Maximum Allowable:
        a) All receipts for lodging must be attached.

Out of State Travel:
       a) All receipts for lodging must be attached.
       b) Gas is reimbursed by mileage at the rate of $0.55 per mile for privately owned vehicles.
           University vans usage is $0.62 per mile.

       Usage for University buses are charged as follows: start time 30 minutes before

       c) 12 to 24 hours at $100.00 for the first 50 miles. Over 50 miles is $1.22/mile.
          8 to 12 hours at $85.00 for the first 40 miles than $1.22/mile there after.
          4 to 8 hours at $75.00 for the first 30 miles than $1.22/mile there after.
          Less than 4 hours is $22.00 for the first 10 miles than $1.22/mile there after.
          In addition there is a charge for the bus driver at @12.00/hour (minimum of 4 hours).
          With trips 6 hours or more, a meal must be provided for the driver and lodging for
          overnight stays. Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of usage time. The
          University buses are 24 and 28 passenger capacity.

Travel Receipts:
Hotel receipts need to be turned in for Out of State and In State Travel. If a rental vehicle is used,
gas receipts must be turned in.

Purchasing Policies: Items over $200.00 must be put on a Purchase Order. A list of some of the
vendors that accepts University Purchase Orders is listed on page 10 in the manual. Anything that
is purchased without a Purchase Order WITH the approval from the Office of Student Engagement
will not be reimbursed for taxes. Anything that is purchased without a Purchase Order WITHOUT
the approval from the Office of Student Engagement will not be reimbursed. All Purchase Orders
must be made at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Any purchases that are done on line needs to
be coordinated with the Office of Student Engagement.

Contracts: Contracts to vendors, entertainers etc. needs to be done at least 4 weeks in advance of
the event. Contracts are to be coordinated with the Office of Student Engagement in order to
have it processed in a timely manner.

Coke Products: The University has a contract with Coca-Cola. If groups are planning to buy Sodas,
the drinks will have to be Coke Products.

Security Costs:
Charges for University police coverage for events are as follows:
       a) Officers - $30.00 per hour, guarantee of 4 hours starting 30 minutes before the event.
           Supervisors - $35.00 per hour, guarantee of 4 hours starting 30 minutes before the
       b) Request needs to be made to Gloria Michaels, Public Safety Office, Ext 4826, at least
           one week in advance before the event. All materials MUST be
           approved by the Office of Student Engagement before printing.

       All advertising must have the Student Allocation Committee Logo or statement that says
       Made Possible by the Student Activity Fee. All advertising must be pre-approved by the
       Office of Student Engagement if it is being purchased through the Student Activity Fee.

      All food from Sodexo requires a Purchase Order at least 2 weeks before the event. Any
      event in the GUC or Towers Cafeteria that requires food/refreshments needs to be
      coordinated with Sodexo. No outside catering/food will be allowed in the GUC or Towers
      Cafeteria without Sodexo’s permission. Sodexo may be contacted at or
      at 256.765.5662.

Guilliot University Center
        Scheduling of rooms in the GUC, the Performance Center, the Atrium, the Memorial
        Amphitheatre, Norton Auditorium, Flowers Hall, Stone Lodge, needs to be done through
        the department of University Events in Room 202, GUC. Scheduling should be done well in
        advance depending on the availability of the facility. University Events may be contacted at


Affordable Button.Com                           Target
Alpha Embroidery                                Subway
Allegra Printing                                Southern Family Market
Bills Florist                                   Southern Bar-B-Q
Books-A-Million                                 Somethin’ Elegant
Campus T-Shirts                                 Shoals Trophy Shop
Coca Cola                                       Shoals Family Ford (for vans & bigger
Coleman Group                                   cars)
Dixie Signs & Decals Inc                        Sam’s
Domino’s Pizza                                  Shoals Community Theatre
Goodman Sports                                  Sodexho
Grand Rental Station                            Swank Motion Pictures
Herald Printing                                 Target
Hobby Lobby (requires PO and store card)
Ideal Travels
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Legends Steakhouse
Long Lewis Ford
Office Depot
Papa John’s Pizza
Paper & Chemical Supply
Printers & Stationers, Inc.
Ricatoni’s Italian Grill

Doublehead Resort, Leighton, AL
Comfort Inn
Crow’s Neck Resort, Mississippi
Hampton Inn & Suites
Holiday Inn
Marriott Shoals & Spa

Anchor Tours
Adventure Tours
Spirit Coach LLC

Request for Funding Form                12

Sample Proposed Event Budget            14

Example of Budget Documentation         15, 16, 17

Event Evaluation Form                   18

Appeal Form                             19

Review Board Outcome Report Form        20

                              STUDENT ALLOCATION COMMITTEE
                                    REQUEST FOR FUNDING
                                This application must be typed.

General Information on Organization
Organization(s) Name _________________________________________

Student Preparing Form ___________________________________________
Position Held in Organization _________________________________
E-mail Address                                         UNA Box #_______________
Telephone ____________________________________________________

President’s Name _________________________________________________________
President’s Signature ______________________________________________________
Contact # _______________________ Email____________________________________

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name______________________________________
Faculty/Staff Advisor’s UNA Box # _______________ Telephone ____________________
Faculty/Staff Advisor E-mail__________________________________________________
Faculty/Staff Advisor Signature ________________________________

Name of the Event _____________________________________ ___________________
Date of Event ___________ Time _________ Location __________________________

1. Provide a detailed description of the program, project, or activity for which funds are
   (If the program involves an artist, a performing group or a speaker, give the name of the
   person or group.)

2. Justification for Request. Explain how the program will benefit the campus as a whole (i.e.
   how students will be impacted) and indicate the estimated attendance number that your
   organization is hoping to attract.


3. Prepare and attach a proposed budget of the event using the budget template
   provided. Must attach documentation verifying all estimated costs from vendors.

       Examples include but are not limited to:
           Hotel name, address, phone #, website and costs; (see page 15 in manual)
           Airline name, dates, times and costs of flight; (see page 16 in manual)
           Artist’s name, address, phone#, website and costs; (see page 17 in manual)

4. After the completion of the event, please fill out the event evaluation sheet. Return the
   evaluation and receipts to the Office of Student Engagement no later than two (2) weeks
   after the event has taken place. Remember, failure to complete this could result in the group
   not being eligible to receive future funding.

5. All advertising plans and designs must be submitted with the proposal.

6. All estimates should be attached to the proposal. Examples includes but not
   limited to hotel information and costs, airline information and costs, vendor
   estimates and contract information.

      List all expenses provided by
Organization(s), Sponsorships, or other                     AMOUNT
       outside donors if applicable
Decorations for event                                  $200.00
Door prizes                                            $100.00
T-shirts                                               $300.00

                                                 Total expenses funded by
                                          Organization(s),Sponsorships, etc   $600.00

 Requesting the following expenses to
           be funded by the SAC                            AMOUNT
DJ for Event                                           $750.00
100 color event posters at $10.00 each                 $1,000.00
75 pizzas at $10.00 per pizza                          $750.00
150 2 liters of coke at $2.00 each                     $300.00
200 cookies at $1.00 each                              $200.00

                                                    Total Funding Request
                                                               for the SAC    $3000.00


                                   Courtyard Louisville Airport 819 Phillips Lane,
    Louisville, Kentucky 40209 USA Phone: 1-502-368-5678 Fax: 1-502-368-5685

             Confirmation Number: 83129490
             Your hotel: Courtyard Louisville Airport
             Check-in: Friday, March 12, 2010 (03:00 PM)
             Check-out: Sunday, March 14, 2010 (12:00 PM)
             Room type: Guest room, 2 Queen
             Number of rooms: 1
             Guests per room: 1
             Guest name: MARY JANE
             Reservation confirmed: Friday, August 7, 2009 (14:56:00 GMT)
             Guarantee method: Credit card guarantee, Visa

    Summary of Room Charges                                                              Cost per night per room (USD)
    Friday, March 12, 2010 - Sunday, March 14, 2010 ( 2 nights )                         114.00
    Weekend rate
    Estimated government taxes and fees                                                  17.11
    Total for stay (for all rooms)                                                       262.22
             Complimentary on-site parking
             Changes in taxes or fees implemented after booking will affect the total room price.

    You may modify or cancel your reservation online (see details below), or call 1-800-321-2211 in the US and
    Canada. Elsewhere, call our worldwide telephone numbers.

    Contact us if you have questions about your reservation.


Thank you for choosing Delta. We encourage you to review this information before your trip. If you need to
contact Delta or check on your flight information, go to, call 800-221-1212 or call the number on
the back of your SkyMiles® card.

Passenger Information
SkyMiles Number: *******665

Billing Details

Receipt Information


Fare:            169.30 USD
Tax:              33.90 TX
Total:           203.20 USD

. Detailed Tax Information

Total Tax: 33.90 USD

Now, managing your travel plans just got easier. You can exchange, reissue and refund electronic tickets at Take control and make changes to your itineraries at

Flight Information
TICKET #: 00623107706480
                                 Bkng                          Meals/ Seat/
Day Date       Flight     Status Class       City        Time Other Cabin
--- ----- --------------- ------ ----- ---------------- ------ ------ -------
Thu 23JUL DELTA 6350*       OK     K   LV HUNTSVIL/DEC 545A            9C
                                          ATUR                        COACH
                                       AR ATLANTA       745A
          *Operated by COMAIR

Thu 23JUL DELTA 1001                  OK       K     LV ATLANTA             824A         V      17C
                                                     AR SAN ANTONIO         952A               COACH

XF             9.00    ZP             7.20    AY             5.00    US            12.70



                                                           DATE: 4/30/08

BILL TO:                                                   FOR: Delicious
University of N. Alabama                                   LOCATION: Performance Center, GUC
615 North Pine St.
Florence, AL 35632                                         SHOW DATE: 4/24/08

                                 DESCRIPTION                                       AMOUNT

  UPC Concert                                                                       $2000.00

                                                                     BALANCE DUE     $2000.00

Please make check payable to:


If you have any questions concerning this invoice, please contact:

Office Manager
615-254-7553 ext. 207

                                Student Allocation Committee
                                       Event Evaluation
                                           Page 1 of 2
                                This application must be typed.

Organization that received SAC funding

Title of Event

Date of Event                              Location of Event

Number of People who attended              Total SAC money spent on event

What worked well for this program?

What did not work well for this program?

What did you learn from the program? If you attended a conference, what do you think you can
bring back to share with students and/or the campus community?

Was the Student Allocation Funding process user friendly for you? If not, what can be done to
improve the process?

     Please fill out both sheets, attach advertisements and return to the Office of Student
 Engagement no later than two (2) weeks after the event has taken place. Remember, failure to
      complete this could result in the group not being eligible to receive future funding.

                         Student Allocation Committee
                               Event Evaluation
                                  Page 2 of 2

                              This must be typed.
  Expenses             SAC                  SAC             Actual Amount
                    Requested            Approved               Spent

Total Amounts   $                  $                    $

                                 STUDENT ALLOCATION COMMITTEE
                                          APPEAL FORM

Request for appeal must be submitted the Office of Student Engagement within 5 academic days
from the date of notification of the funding request decision. A copy of this form should be given
to the individual submitting the appeal to the Review Board. The Office of Student Engagement
should keep the original form to submit to the Review Board. Once the Review Board completes
the review process a copy of this form and the Appeal Review Form must filed in the Office of
Student Engagement.

Name & title of individual submitting form: _______
Name of Student Organization:
Telephone number & email:
Date of appeal form submitted:       ______                                             ______

Give a brief description of initial funding request:


Date of event:
Date funding is needed by:                                                              _______

List rationale of the Student Allocation Committee for denying all or partial funding:


Appeals are not heard solely on the basis of disagreement with the decision of the Student
Allocation Committee. Listed below are the grounds for an appeal that are honored by the Student
Allocation Board. Check box(es) that reflect the reasons you feel there are the grounds for this

1) Procedures were not followed.

2) Committee deviated from written policies.

3) Facts, which align with the policies, missing at the time of the initial proposal.

Based on the box(es) checked for the grounds, write an explanation justifying this appeal. Please
attach any supporting documentation:

                             REVIEW BOARD OUTCOME REPORT FORM

To be completed by the Review Board reviewing the appeal. The Review Board must notify both
the requestor of the appeal and the chair of the Student Allocation Committee with the outcome
of the appeal within five academic days from the date the requestor submitted the appeal.

List the name and title of Review Board members present:
Name                                       Title
Name                                       Title
Name                                       Title
Name                                       Title
Name                                       Title

Name of the Student Organization requesting the appeal:
Date Student Allocation Committee notified requestor of funding decision:
Date Appeal Form was submitted to the Office of Student Engagement: ____________

Check box(es) the Student Organization/Department/Individual used as their rational for filing this
1) Procedures were not followed.

2) Committee deviated from written policies.

3) Facts, which align with the policies, missing at the time of the initial proposal.

List requestor’s appeal summary:


Review Board’s Decision:
Appeal Granted                                 Appeal Denied

Date Appeal Board’s decision made:                      ____________________________________

Explanation of Decision:



Description: Advertising Proposal Budget Allocation document sample