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									                                                                                  Ohio Tourism Division / Safelite AutoGlass
                                                                                   Travel Ohio Coupon Book Partnership
                                                                                             Participation Form

Program                      In order to increase traffic to Ohio travel destinations, the Ohio Tourism Division has partnered with Safelite AutoGlass to create an exciting promotional
Summary:                     opportunity for Ohio's travel destinations. Customers of Safelite AutoGlass will receive a coupon book redeemable at travel destinations across the state of
                             Ohio. The coupons will provide money saving, added value or special promotional opportunities that will drive business to the participating travel destinations.
                             Each participating travel destination will submit a coupon offer which will be included in the coupon book given to all Safelite customers. This promotion will
                             increase traffic to Ohio destinations as well as increase road travel which fuels Safelite’s business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your coupon in the
                             hands of thousands of potential visitors from Ohio! Due to space limitations, Safeline will make the final coupon selections.


Contact Name:

Contact Phone #:


Email Address:

Website Address:

Coupon Offer/                TYPE HERE (50 Word Limit)
50 Word Limit

Expiration Date:

Logo Included:                     X Yes      No
(If logo included please
submit in .eps format)

Safelite AutoGlass is                Yes      No
permitted to distribute
materials at this location

           Safelite AutoGlass reserves the right to make final selections of coupon for inclusion in the Travel Ohio Coupon Book
Please return this form no later than 07/23/2008 for consideration. Please make checks payable to Ron Foth Advertising and
                                                   send checks and forms to:
                                                      Ron Foth Advertising
                                                         Attn: Tim Kern
                                                     8100 North High Street
                                                     Columbus, Ohio 43235

           Contact Tim Kern at Ron Foth Advertising at 614.888.7771 or with any questions.

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