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Career Objective in Supply Chain Management by sel32858

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Career Objective in Supply Chain Management document sample

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									                                   Harry E. ‘Nick’ Nicholls Jr.
222 Freedom Court                                                                            (phone) 972/342-8431
Rockwall, TX 75032                                                                              (fax) 972/772-3680                                                                

Senior level business sales, operations, marketing, new business and product development position where my
creative, strategic, problem solving, supply chain logistics, sales, marketing and distribution channel management
and leadership experience will be employed to develop and advance the vision and mission of the organization.


Director, Channel Development & Program Management – NCLC (now Intechra)                             2002 - Present
 Created international IT and Telecom asset disposition operations
 Increased annual revenues 38% for fiscal 2003.
 Restructured supply chain and distribution channel operating functions to facilitate a 26% higher volume of
    product refurbishment without increase in human resources.
 Directed this IT and Telecom equipment reseller‟s e-Commerce sales channel growth to a top 100 seller in the
    virtual electronics sales category.
 Integrated customer service and management functions to better service sales channel customer base.
 Negotiated and approved all supplier channel contracts and sales distribution channel agreements.

Vice President, New Business Development – CS Wireless Systems, Inc (MCI Broadband Solutions) 1996 – 2002
 Instrumental in the development of this start-up company‟s strategic direction and day-to-day management,
    along with full P&L responsibility for this $24 million annual revenue company.
 Established strategy created and directed development of ten (10) operating units‟ MMDS licensed wireless
    spectrum usage for delivery of video and data services.
 Directed the construction of the first commercial long-haul wireless high-speed (30 Mbps) Internet access
    service in Dallas Texas, which was showcased for business‟s sale to WorldCom/MCI.
 Merged 10 local market operation offices, saving lease, utility, personnel, and operating expenses. Consolidated
    customer management and billing systems to single platform, saving accounting and administrative costs.
 Directed the consolidation and enhancement of a national customer management and service call center for
    analog and digital wireless video and wireless data/Internet services. Merged customer call and dispatch
    activities and built a new single call center in Plano, Texas.
 Conceptualized, negotiated and introduced a DIRECTV multi-channel video service solution overlay for CS
    Wireless Systems‟ Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), commercial and single family units/homes markets.
 Directed all negotiations with commercial and MDU property owners and DTH video providers.

Vice President, Business Sales and Consumer Marketing - OpTel, Inc.                                      1995 - 1996
 Directed the expansion of this private telecommunications company‟s business partner and customer base from
    108 properties and 16,000 customers in three (3) cities to over 650 properties served and 112,000 customers in
    ten (10) cities in 18 months.
 Conceptualized and directed both the business-to-business (C-Level) sales and consumer marketing and sales
    strategies of this private telecommunications company, as well as creating and directing both organizations.
 Directed all sales activities and negotiations to C-level private property business owners, increasing exclusive
    property access rights-of-entry for telecommunication products over 500%.
 Directed cable penetration growth from 47% to 53% of potential homes passed and telephone penetration
    growth from 19% to 43% of potential homes passed.
 Directed all public relations and lobbying efforts.
 Negotiated all private property right-of-entry (ROE) agreements, license fee contracts, marketing services and
    agency agreements.
 Awarded 1995 Private Telecommunications Operator of the Year
                                                                                  H. E. „Nick‟ Nicholls Jr. - Resume
                                                                                                           Page Two

Vice President, Programming, Marketing and Sales - Post-Newsweek Cable                              1994 - 1995
 Created and directed the establishment of a consumer marketing department for the cable division of The
    Washington Post.
 Conceptualized and established the consumer and new product marketing strategy for the 500,000 customer
 Negotiated all program supplier contract renewals and marketing services contracts.
 Conceptualized and directed the most successful cable data service launch of The Sega Channel, achieving the
    highest penetration of all new launch cable Multi-System Operators (MSOs).

Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Programming - Coaxial Cable Communications                        1989 - 1994
 Increased subscriber penetration 8.8% points during a recession, reversing a 3.5% point decline in penetration
    the preceding five years.
 Conceptualized and directed the launch of addressable technology services in Coaxial‟s 80,000 subscriber
    Columbus, Ohio system. Accomplishments include the successful introduction of multiple Pay-Per-View (PPV)
    channels, Premium Service multiplexing, ANI/ARU services and de-bundling of the “Standard” level of service.
 Established strategies for Coaxial‟s ancillary services including growth of additional outlets, remote control
    units, Classified Advertising Sales services and creation of a comprehensive programming guide.
 Reorganized Coaxial‟s corporate and systems‟ marketing, sales and programming departments, decreasing total
    marketing expense 27.2% and marketing and sales cost-per-connect by 25.9%. Established an in-house
    advertising and publishing group, overhauled and automated the direct and telemarketing sale groups, created
    research and retention functions, established a marketing financial analysis function and re-deployed the video
    production department.
 Conceptualized, presided over and directed the principal marketing strategy for the Central Ohio Cable
    Cooperative. Strategy included research, an ongoing tune-in and awareness program and four acquisition
    campaigns annually.
 Negotiated all program supplier contract renewals, marketing service contracts and Central Ohio Cable
    Cooperative agreements for this MSO.

Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Division II - Warner Cable Communications, Inc.                  1980 - 1989
 Directed the launch of addressable technology in 29 of 52 Warner Cable systems in Division II. Principal
    launch tactic was the creation of direct sales teams in each location.
 Developed the multi-unit commercial (bulk billed) business into a 956 account, 41.5 thousand units, $3.2
    million annual revenue business.
 Created an automated Division Telemarketing Center that generated 26.3 thousand premium service connects
    for Division II in 1988.
 Developed a long-range historical database, which facilitated analysis and forecasting of subscriber and pay
    migration trends.
 Began career with Warner as technician in the Houston, Texas operation.

University of Houston:                      -- Industrial Technology

Active Member:                              -- LakePointe Church
                                            -- Chandler‟s Landing Civic Association
                                            -- Boy Scouts of America
                                                      Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow
                                                      Previous Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster
                                            -- Dallas Internet Society

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