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									2005-6                                                                                 year 10 SOW.xls                                                                         Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                           Differentiation /
 Week       Theme        Key Questions     Learning Objectives        Starter Task/ Learning Activities         Learning Outcomes          Resources                           Links

                                                                      Brainstorm - What was life like in
                                                                       1900 for the poor? Health, work,
                                                                     living condition. Generate a spider
                                                                                                               Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                    diagram assessing prior knowledge                                                           Core and
                                                                                                                understanding by oral
                                                                         tapping into work done at the                                                     foundation text
                                                                                                                 and written work on
                                                                       beginning of year 9. Pupils feed                                                     books. Pupils
                                                                                                                source analysis. They
                                           To understand why         back their ideas and use source A                                                       could also do
                                                                                                               will also identify the key
                           Why did the      the reforms were          (p6) to comment on their findings.                                                  further research
                                                                                                                 groups who were in
                              liberal    introduced and to use       Does it support or not support their                                                           at
                                                                                                                  poverty in the early
         Introduce Key governments           sources to help         findings? Reliability? Why was this                                    The Modern    www.spartacus.
                                                                                                                  1900's (young, old,
           Stage 4 and      introduce     investigate the life of       photograph taken? Pupils then                                     World p132-133,
  1+2                                                                                                             unemployed, sick).                                         Citizenship
            introduce    reforms to help the poor in the early          attempt to apply thes eideas to                                    Modern World       Pupils could
                                                                                                                     Pupils will also
         liberal reforms the young, old 1900's. Some pupils             source B (p7). Pupils then read                                    History p7-12      also make a
                                                                                                                   understand that a
                                and         will also begin to       through p7-12. Investigating social                                                     scrapbook of
                                                                                                                   number of factors
                          unemployed?        evaluate these         and economic changes, poverty, the                                                       life for a poor
                                                                                                              contributed to the action
                                                 sources                 workhouse and Seebolm and                                                          family in 1900
                                                                                                              of the liberal government
                                                                    Rowntrees study. Pupils copy out the                                                     charting their
                                                                                                              (votes for the poor, guilt,
                                                                       diagram from p133 (The Modern                                                          daily life and
                                                                                                                  public awareness,
                                                                     World) to illustrate this. Pupils take                                                     struggles.
                                                                          notes and answer questions
                                                                          coomenting on sources and
                                                                          attempting to evaluate them.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                          Author - B. Evans

                                                                     Recap what we know about
                                                                sources. What is important to look
                                                              for? Pupils are divided into groups of
                                                                  five or so (they need to be equal
                                                                 ideally). They have two sheets of
                                                              paper per group and one pencil only.
                                                                They are each given a number 1-5
                                                               and all the 1's are asked to come up
                                                               and look at two pictures for a total of
                                                                20 seconds. They must go back to           Pupils will share ideas
                                                                                                                                     Pictures relating
                                                              the group and reproduce the sources         and produce the things
                                                                                                                                     to liberal reforms
                                                              as accurately as possible (it is not an     in the sources they feel                        Pupils could
                                                                                                                                       (e.g. Source A
                                                                  art competition however - it is all     are important. They will                          attempt to
               Hidden     How do we read                                                                                             p136 and Source
                                          To break down and     about reproducing important detail         communicate this as a                        generate their    Art, working
             Camera -      sources and                                                                                                A on 138 of The
    2                                    reproduce the source that can tell us about the meaning of      group and reinforce their                        own political   with others,
          Using sources    decide what                                                                                               Modern World or
alternate                                   in a group and      the source). Wait two minutes and                 ideas and                              cartoon about      thinking
           to investigate     detail is                                                                                                 Source J p17
                                               interpret it     bring up number 2's and so on. All         understanding. Pupils                        liberal reforms       skills
          liberal reforms   important?                                                                                                 Modern World
                                                               the pupils come up twice. They can          will comment on other                          to apply this
                                                                                                                                         History). A3
                                                               record information in picture or note     drawings and assess the                           knowledge.
                                                                                                                                       paper and one
                                                              form and work out strategies as they          effectiveness of their
                                                                                                                                      pencil per group
                                                                    wish. This will take around 25        work and that of others.
                                                               minutes. Give the pupils 15 minutes
                                                                  and two fresh pieces of paper to
                                                               reproduce the sources as best they
                                                                     can. The drawings are then
                                                                    displayed at the front (with the
                                                                  originals) and the group discuss
                                                              what is important and why and which
                                                                 drawing is the most accurate and
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                         Author - B. Evans

                                                                 What would you do with children, old
                                                                     people and the unemployed if it      Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                                                                                                             Core and
                                                                    were up to you in 1906? In pairs        understanding by oral
                                                                                                                                                         foundation text
                                            To understand the     work three things you would do for         and written work on
                                                                                                                                                          books. Pupils
                                            reforms that were     these three groups. Feed this back        source analysis. They
                                                                                                                                                           could display
                                            introduced and to      and comment on any problems or        will also identify the ways
                The        How effective                                                                                                                the reforms and
                                               assess their       weaknesses in these ideas? Pupils        the reforms helped the      Modern World
   3)      Application of were the Liberal                                                                                                              effectiveness as Citizenship
                                             effectiveness at      read through the reforms for each      key groups but also the      History p13-17
           the Reforms      Reforms?                                                                                                                       a table using
                                           helping the 'at risk'     group and make notes on these       limits of this help. Pupils
                                                                                                                                                        headings and a
                                           groups. Did they go      reforms. Pupils also consider the    will also understand why
                                                                                                                                                          layout of their
                                               far enough?        sources on old age pensions (p13-           some people (tax
                                                                                                                                                         choice for help
                                                                 14) and evaluate the sources for bias     payers) were hostile to
                                                                                                                                                          when revising
                                                                 and reliability. They then answer the          the new ideas.
                                                                         questions in the book.

                                                                                                      Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                                                        understanding by oral                    www.learningcu
                                                                   Using the learning curve website
                                            To understand the                                            and written work on           
                                                                       pupils can investigate the
                                            reforms that were                                           source analysis. They                    n1906to1918/g7
                                                                  effectiveness of the reforms using
           (ICT Lesson)                     introduced and to                                        will also identify the ways www.learningcurv /gallery7.htm
                           How effective                         primary sources reproduced on this
   3            The                            assess their                                            the reforms helped the This is a revison
                          were the Liberal                       website. A worksheet can be used to                                                                        ICT
optional   Application of                    effectiveness at                                         key groups but also the 906to1918/g2/gal exercise to help
                            Reforms?                                focus the pupils on finding out
            the Reforms                    helping the 'at risk'                                     limits of this help. Pupils    lery2.htm         reinforce
                                                                     information on the three main
                                           groups. Did they go                                       will also understand why                       knowledge
                                                                   groups. The website divided the
                                               far enough?                                                some people (tax                        already gained
                                                                   evidence up to make this easier.
                                                                                                       payers) were hostile to                       in lessons
                                                                                                            the new ideas.
2005-6                                                                              year 10 SOW.xls                                                                          Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                       Pupils will understand
                                                                                                       how to answer source
                                                                                                     based questions on their Modern World
                                                                                                      own and apply the skills History p42-44.
                                                                Pupils complete the paper 2 type       built up over the last 5 The work should
                                                               assessment in lesson under exam            weeks. Pupils will        be marked
                         How great an To assess the impact
                                                              conditions. Pupils are directed to use identify some bias and      promptly and a
                        impact did the of the liberal reforms                                                                                             Complete for
   4     Assessment                                             their source skills to answer the          unreliability and    grade included in                          Exam skills
                       Liberal Reforms     from using the                                                                                                  homework
                                                                questions and look at the marks        incorporate evaluation    the afl marking
                            have?        sources available
                                                               available to make a judgement on         into their answers to     frame for Key
                                                                    the length of the answer.         differing degrees. Pupils Stage 4 along
                                                                                                         will make mistakes      with the pupils
                                                                                                     inevitably and this needs     target grade.
                                                                                                     to be discussed and built
                                                                                                               on later.

                                                                   Pupils look at source 3 p47 of 'Into
                                                                                                           Pupils will demonstrate a
                                                                  the Twentieth Century'. What is this                                                        Core and
                                                                                                           knowledge of the ways in
                                                                  picture showing? What are the roles                                                     foundation text
                                                                                                               which women were
                                                                  of the woman and the man and how                                                        books. Use the
                                                                                                            achieving equality with
                                                                   are they different? Pupils then look                                                      spartacus
                                                                                                               men throughout the
                        What freedoms                                 at the 'angel of house' model                                                          website to
                                                                                                               nineteenth century
                         were women          To identify the ways explained on p46-7. Around the room                                      Into the      research further
                                                                                                            show an understanding
         Opinions on    obtaining? Did         that women were          are placed flashcards with                                        Twentieth      to find out about
                                                                                                            of the impact legislation                                      Citizenship,
   5      Female       the 'Angel of the         gaining more      descriptions of the rights some acts                                 Century p46-7,    the two groups
                                                                                                             could have had on the                                            SMSC
          Suffrage       House model        freedom in the mid to of parliament gave women (with no                                        p68-69,              that
                                                                                                              attitudes of men and
                        still stand up in         late 1800's.      dates on them). Pupils must move                                     flashcards,      campaigned for
                                                                                                                women to female
                              1901?                                 round the room and complete the                                                         the vote for
                                                                  activity on p68. This is then fed back                                                     women or
                                                                                                              discuss and evaluate
                                                                     as a timeline. Question 2 is then                                                   www.johndclare.
                                                                                                             conflicting evidence to
                                                                  completed finally commenting on the                                                     net/
                                                                                                             arrive at a considered
                                                                    validity of the 'angel of the house'                                                         m
                                                                               model in 1901.
2005-6                                                                                 year 10 SOW.xls                                                                              Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                               Foundation text
                                                                                                                                                                 books. This is
                                                                                                                                                                 more suitable
                                                                      Pupils look at source 3 p47 of 'Into                                                        for the lower
                                                                     the Twentieth Century'. What is this                                                       ability. Use the
                                                                     picture showing? What are the roles                                                            spartacus
                                                                     of the woman and the man and how        Pupils will demonstrate a          Into the            website to
                           What freedoms                              are they different? Pupils then look       knowledge of how              Twentieth       research further
                            were women          To identify the ways     at the 'angel of house' model       womens' rights changed         Century p46-7      to find out what
            Opinions on    obtaining? Did         that women were     explained on p46-7. Pupils use the     up to 1901 and compare             sheets,           some of the
alternate                                                                                                                                                                              ICT,
             Female       the 'Angle of the         gaining more       this to the 'angel of the       arguments for
 (lower                                                                                                                                                                            citizenship
             Suffrage       House model        freedom in the mid to    and use the interactive game on      house model' to reach a       ociety_culture/wo       and against
                           still stand up in         late 1800's.       women's rights. The pupils can       considered viewpoint on       men/launch_gms        were possibly
                                 1901?                                  complete a chart of how women        whether it still applied in   _victorian_wome       for the starter
                                                                        achieved more rights by 1901 in                 1901.                   n.shtml            next lesson
                                                                          areas such as jobs, money,                                                            (about perhaps
                                                                      education among others. This may                                                          the two groups
                                                                       be more suitable for lower ability.                                                             that
                                                                                                                                                               campaigned for
                                                                                                                                                                   the vote for
2005-6                                                                   year 10 SOW.xls                                                                   Author - B. Evans

                                                                What might be some of the
                                                             arguments for or against women
                                                          getting the vote? (using last lessons
                                                            homework task). Explain to pupils      Pupils demonstrate
                                                          that, meanwhile, alongside all these       understanding of
                                                           events, many different people were       nineteenth-century
                                                             arguing for and against votes for    arguments for female
                                                                                                                                              Core and
                                                               women. (Could illustrate with      suffrage by matching
                                                            examples of individuals, eg John         these to types of
                   What were the    To understand the                                                                        Into the     textbooks or on
                                                             Stuart Mill, Mrs Humphry Ward ,    individual involved. They
                   arguments for   different factors that                                                                   Twentieth          the web
         For and                                          Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst, also explain why some
   5                and against    led people to argue                                                                    Century p70-71, www.johndclare. Citizenship
         against                                               David Lloyd George, Sylvia            groups and some
                     womens'          for and against                                                                      Modern World net/
                                                          Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett, Annie women would not have
                     suffrage?      womens' suffrage                                                                      History p18-20    m for more
                                                             Kenny, Emily Davison) . Look at         supported female
                                                                                                                                           research and
                                                             sources 1-4 p70-71. Give pupils         suffrage, thereby
                                                           sample arguments and ask them to       demonstrating deeper
                                                           match them to individuals involved.     knowledge of social/
                                                           Check pupils' understanding of this      political values and
                                                             work by asking them to suggest                attitudes
                                                          social and political types who would
                                                           not have argued or campaigned for
                                                                    votes for women.
2005-6                                                                           year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                                      What might be some of the
                                                                   arguments for or against women
                                                                getting the vote? (using last lessons
                                                                                                         Pupils demonstrate
                                                                  homework task). Explain to pupils
                                                                                                           understanding of
                                                                that, meanwhile, alongside all these
                                                                 events, many different people were
                                                                                                        arguments for female
                                                                   arguing for and against votes for
                                                                                                        suffrage by matching                       Core textbooks.
                                                                     women. (Could illustrate with                                  Into the
                                                                                                           these to types of                      This is really for
                         What were the    To understand the        examples of individuals, eg John                                Twentieth
    5                                                                                                 individual involved. They                   the higher ability
          (ICT Lesson)   arguments for   different factors that    Stuart Mill, Mrs Humphry Ward ,                               Century p70-71
alternate                                                                                              also explain why some                       as the primary
             For and      and against    led people to argue Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst,                                 www.learningcurv                        ICT
 (higher                                                                                                   groups and some                           sources are
             against       womens'          for and against          David Lloyd George, Sylvia                       
 ability)                                                                                              women would not have                           hard and
                           suffrage?      womens' suffrage      Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett, Annie                             906to1918/g3/gal
                                                                                                           supported female                         require good
                                                                    Kenny, Emily Davison) . Using                                  lery3.htm
                                                                                                           suffrage, thereby                       analytical skills
                                                                  Learning Curve website pupils can
                                                                                                        demonstrating deeper
                                                                 investigate the case for and against
                                                                                                         knowledge of social/
                                                                  and feed back their findings. Pupls
                                                                                                          political values and
                                                                must find at lest 4 arguments for and
                                                                  4 against and who said them. They
                                                                also need to comment on why those
                                                                people would have that point of view.
2005-6                                                                            year 10 SOW.xls                                                                    Author - B. Evans

                                                              How have people tried to get their
                                                             way in the past? (link back to work
                                                             on N. Ireland, Make poverty history
                                                             campaign, Al Qaeda). What are the Pupils will demonstrate
                                             To develop
                                                              advantages/disadvantages of the        understanding by
                                          knowledge and
                                                                campaigns? Pupils investigate    analysing the methods of
                                         understanding of
                                                                  Suffragist and Suffragette          Suffragists and           Into the
                         How did women                         campaigns. Use focused, limited        Suffragettes and        Twentieth              Core and
         Suffragists and                 methods used by
   6                      campaign for                          research in which pupils must            identifying        Century p72-75,         foundation      Citizenship
          Suffragettes                    suffragists and
                            the vote?                        classify different methods used and strengths/weaknesses of     The Modern             textbooks.
                                        suffragettes and the
                                                               the reasons why these methods        the methods. Some       World p142-145
                                                              were used (p72-75 of text books).   pupils will also identify
                                            tages of their
                                                             More able pupils use timelines and the way the campaigns
                                                              timeline commentaries to indicate    developed over time.
                                                              when and why methods changed,
                                                                and what the differences were
                                                                   between the two groups.

                                                                                                    Pupils will demonstrate
                                              To develop
                                                                                                       understanding by
                                           knowledge and
                                                                                                   analysing the methods of
                                          understanding of
                                                               Recap knowledge on differences of        Suffragists and             Using
    6                                        campaigning
                          How did women                       camapigning from last lesson. Pupils      Suffragettes and       www.learningcurv
alternate Suffragists and                 methods used by                                                                                          differentiated
                           campaign for                        can take their timelines and answer         identifying                       ICT
   ICT     Suffragettes                    suffragists and                                                                                          worksheets
                             the vote?                          the 'big question' on the web page strengths/weaknesses of 906to1918/g4/cs
 Lesson                                  suffragettes and the
                                                                       using primary sources          the methods. Some          3/g4cs3.htm
                                                                                                     pupils will also identify
                                             tages of their
                                                                                                    the way the campaigns
                                                                                                      developed over time.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                     Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                         Core and
                                                                    What happens if someone kills
                                                                                                           Pupils will demonstrate                      foundation
                                                                 themselves for what they believe?
                                                                                                             understanding of the                       textbooks.
                                                                    How do people and the media
                                                                                                           power of terrorism and                    Using learning
                                                                 react? Pupils read through p21-23
                                                                                                             martyrdom and how it                     curve website
                                                                     looking at sources about the
                                                                                                            can be manipulated to                       pupils can
                                                                    campaigns of the Suffragettes.
                                                                                                            support a cause. They                   further research
                                                To develop       Watch a small snippet of the video
                                                                                                           will also formulate their                   the death of
                          How effective      knowledge and      1914-1918 (showing the 1913 Derby
                                                                                                          own ideas about whether Modern World       Emily Davison
                            were the        understanding of      and the 'suicide' of Emily Davison
                                                                                                           Emily Davison intended History p21-25, to support their
         Suffragists and activities of the     campaigning            and her funeral). Refer this
   7                                                                                                        to kill herself based on Video 1914-18,    ideas about    Citzenship
          Suffragettes Suffragists and      methods used by      information back to the starter and
                                                                                                             source evidence form     The Modern       whether she
                                the           suffragists and        the objectives. Did this act of
                                                                                                          the book. Pupils will also   World p144    intended to die
                          Suffragettes? suffragettes and how 'martyrdom' work? For whom? Did
                                                                                                               make a sustained                     or not. For lower
                                           effective they were. Emily Davsion intend to kill herself?
                                                                                                                judgement about                        ability more
                                                                Pupils also look at the reaction of the
                                                                                                          whether the Suffragettes                  information is at
                                                                   authorities. Study source J. Who
                                                                                                             helped the cause and                   www.johndclare.
                                                                  designed this poster? How do you
                                                                                                           some will qualify this by                 net/
                                                                 know? Answer questions. Plenary -
                                                                                                              considering 'how far'                     m with self
                                                                     Did the Suffragettes help the
                                                                                                                   they helped.                          contained
                                                                            women's cause?

                                                                                                         Pupils will understand
                                                                                                         how to answer source
                                                                                                       based questions on their
                                                                                                                                                       This work can
                                                                                                       own and apply the skills
                                                                                                                                                       be completed
                                             To use sources                                              built upover the last 5
                                                                                                                                                      for homework if
                                           critically to make a                                             weeks. Pupils will
                                                                                                                                                       not completed
                         How important sustained judgement                                              identify some bias and
                                                                                                                                                       in the lesson.
                            were the     about how successful     Pupils answer the questions on p45-        unreliabality and
                                                                                                                                                     Alternatively two
                         Suffragettes in the Suffragettes were     47 as fully as possible using their  incorporate evaluation      Modern World
   8      Assessment                                                                                                                                   lessons could Exam skills
                         helping win the and to become more             previous knowledge and            into their answers to     History p45-47
                                                                                                                                                         be used to
                             vote for       familiar with the                understanding                differing degrees but
                                                                                                                                                       complete this
                            women?            language and                                                more readily than on
                                                                                                                                                     fully if pupils are
                                          demands of paper 2                                             their last assessment.
                                                                                                                                                        not confident
                                          exam type questions                                           Again pupils will make
                                                                                                                                                     about doing it at
                                                                                                       mistakes inevitably and
                                                                                                             this needs to be
                                                                                                        discussed and built on
2005-6                                                                         year 10 SOW.xls                                                                        Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                      Core and
                                                              By 1915 lots of women were doing
                                                                                                      Pupils will demonstrate                        textbooks.
                                                            work they could not do before. Think
                                                                                                          understanding by                        Using learning
                                                              of as many reasons as you can for
                                                                                                         identifying the jobs                     curve website
                                                             this change. Share with the person                                   Modern World
                                                                                                           women did, the                             pupils can
                                                            next to you. Pupils use sources and                                  History p26-27,
                                           To assess how                                              freedoms they got as a                         investigate
                                                            information (p26-27) to discuss what                                     Into the
         Women and     How did women women contributed to                                                 result but also the                      further on the
                                                             jobs were done by women and why                                        Twentieth
   9     World War     contribute to the the war effort and                                          sacrificies they made to                     role of women Citizenship
                                                                 the government and attitudes                                    Century p76-79,
           One           war effort?     how important they                                          the war effort. Pupils will                 in the war using
                                                             changed toward the role of women.                                   Video 1914-18,
                                               were.                                                  see that this meant that                         primary
                                                             Into the Twentieth Century can also                                   The Modern
                                                                                                       women's issues could                          sources. A
                                                              be used to support the objectives.                                 World p145-147
                                                                                                     not be ignored any more                        recruitment
                                                              Pupils could also design their own
                                                                                                     and things had changed                       poster can be
                                                             recruitment poster for women using
                                                                                                               forever.                             designed for
                                                             their knowledge and understanding.
                                                                                                                                                 homework if not
                                                                                                                                                   in the lesson.

                                                                                                           Pupils will show
                                                             How do you think war would change
                                                                                                          understanding by                            Core and
                                                                your daily life? Write down three
                                                                                                     understanding key words                         foundation
                                                               changes that would affect civilians
                                                                                                            - recruitment,                           textbooks.
                                                              and discuss with the person next to
                                                                                                            conscription,                          Using learning
                                                              you to prioritise your reasons. Feed
                                                                                                      concientious objectors,                      curve website
                                                              back to the class. Using sources in
                                           To assess how                                                 DORA, censorship,       Modern World         pupils can
                                                             the book p28-32 look at recruitment,
                                            civlian life was                                         rationing. Pupils will also History p28-32,     investigate
                          How were                              conscription, posters and DORA.
                                         affected by the war                                          understand the naïvety     video 1914-18,      further the
          World War        civilians                         Why did the government use posters                                                                     Citizenship.
   9                                     and the powers the                                          of the authorities and the DVD Blackadder         civilian
         One at Home   affected by the                            to recruit rather then conscript                                                                       Art
                                         government had to                                           young men that joined in Goes Forth, The      experience of
                             war?                               straight away? Why were men so
                                           recruit and limit                                          thinking the war would     Modern World         war using
                                                               eager to sign up and fight? Watch
                                               freedoms                                               only last 6 weeks and it       p18-19            primary
                                                                 excerpt from the video 1914-18.
                                                                                                           would be a big                            sources. A
                                                               ('goodbyee' from Blackadder goes
                                                                                                     adventure. They will also                      recruitment
                                                             Forth could also be used as George
                                                                                                      see why the governemt                        poster can be
                                                               talks about signing up to fight and
                                                                                                      changed its policies as                       designed for
                                                             how they have found the war was not
                                                                                                       the war went on out of                        homework.
                                                                   as they thought it would be).
2005-6                                                                              year 10 SOW.xls                                                                         Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                Pupils will show
                                                                                                               understanding by
                                                                                                          understanding key words
                                                                                                                 - recruitment,
                                                                     Using primary sources from the              conscription,
                                                                   learning curve website pupils can       concientious objectors,
                                               To assess how        look at recruitment, conscription,        DORA, censorship,                            Pupils could
                                                                                                                                         Learning Curve
                                                civlian life was  posters and DORA. Pupils can work       rationing. Pupils will also                      work in mixed
                              How were                                                                                                      website
            (ICT Lesson)                     affected by the war in groups to investigate each of the      understand the naïvety                          ability groups
    9                          civilians                                                                                                www.learningcurv
              World War                      and the powers the sections of the site (DORA in action,     of the authorities and the                      and tasks could    ICT
alternate                  affected by the                                                                                    
            One at Home                      government had to       Recruitment and Conscription,        young men that joined in                           be given
                                 war?                                                                                                   906to1918/g5/gal
                                               recruit and limit   Shortages and Rationing, Workers        thinking the war would                          according to
                                                   freedoms           and the War) and bring their         only last 6 weeks and it                            ability.
                                                                 information together as a wall display         would be a big
                                                                          or a class discussion.          adventure. They will also
                                                                                                           see why the governemt
                                                                                                           changed its policies as
                                                                                                            the war went on out of
2005-6                                                                        year 10 SOW.xls                                                                      Author - B. Evans

                                                              Pupils could look at a selection of
                                                            propaganda images and decide who
                                                                  they are aimed at and what
                                                             emotions they are exploiting (many
                                                                         examples are on
                                                                Pupils read through the text and   Pupils shall demonstrate
                                                            answer the questions. They can also        understanding by
                                       To understand the
                                                                 relate back to their posters on    identifying the types of
                       How effective way the government
                                                             women/recruitment to see whether        propaganda used and       Modern World
                            was           attempted to                                                                                           Core and
                                                            they follow the rules of propaganda.     how it tapped into the   History p33-34,                         Art,
  10     Propaganda     government      manipulate public                                                                                     foundation text
                                                              Pupils could also generate a table      emotions of certain    'Trenches on the                    citizenship
                       propaganda        opinion and to                                                                                           books
                                                              looking at the type of propaganda,    groups of people. They       web' site
                      during the war?     assess how
                                                                  who it was aimed at and how        will also formulate an
                                      successful they were.
                                                               effective it was. Pupils could then opinion of how effective
                                                                 prioritise them and disuss the      this propaganda was.
                                                               results. Question 1 2004 paper 2
                                                                would be an example the pupils
                                                            could look at and attempt to answer
                                                            in class discussion. A mark scheme
                                                             is available to mark the answers to
                                                                           exam criteria.

                                                                                                                                                     Core and
                                                                                                                                                 foundation text
                                                                                                                                                   books. More
                                                                                                  Pupils shall demonstrate                          able pupils
                                                                                                      understanding by                               could also
                                                             Show the source J (The Modern
                                                                                                  identifying the full range                         produce a
                                                            World p146). What is the artist of
                                      To understand the                                            of reasons why women                            spreadsheet
                                                          this cartoon attempting to say? How
                      Why were some limitations on women                                          were given the vote and      Modern World            using
         Women and                                         do you know? Using p35-6 Modern
                       women given and the vote and how                                             what limitations there     History p35-36,      quantitative
  12     World War                                        World History pupils answer the key                                                                    Citizenship
                        the vote in   politicians saw the                                         were on the vote. Pupils      The Modern          data on the
           One                                            question. Pupils can then construct a
                          1918?        work of women                                               should understand that       World p146       changing range
                                                          mindmap showing how all the factors
                                        during the war                                                women did not get                             of women's
                                                            contributed to some finally getting
                                                                                                   universal suffrage until                      occupations by
                                                                     the vote in 1918.
                                                                                                     1928 with the Equal                            1918. They
                                                                                                        Franchise Act.                            could analyse
                                                                                                                                                   the data and
                                                                                                                                                 produce graphs
                                                                                                                                                     of trends.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                     Author - B. Evans

                                                                    Show the source B p38 and ask       Pupils will demonstrate
                                          To understand the      pupils to write down what the poster       understanding by
                                         very hostile attitude   is trying to make you think and three identifying the ways the
                        What was the of the people towards        ways it tries to convince you. Share      poster demonises
                        attitude of the   Germany and the           this with the person next to you   Germany. Pupils will also
                       British people at    success of the            Have they got the same three      identify some problems
                                                                                                                                                        Core and
                        the end of the       propaganda              things? What does this tell you      that may arise at the     Modern World
  12     After the War                                                                                                                                 foundation        Art
                         war towards      campaign and the            about the effectiveness of the    peace conference as a       History p37-38
                        Germany and difficulties this was to      poster? Pupils read through p37-38      result of this attitude
                       the Paris Peace generate when the            and postulate potential problems          such as harsh
                         Conference?       peace had to be         with the public's view of Germany    punishment, inability to
                                         negotiated in 1919        and how this conflicted with Lloyd     forgive and lingering
                                             after the war.          George's desire on how to treat       resentment on both
                                                                                 Germany.                         sides.

                                                                                                        Pupils will understand
                                                                                                        how to answer source
                                                                                                      based questions on their
                                                                                                      own and apply the skills
                                                                                                                                                       This work can
                                            To use sources                                              built upover the last 3
                                                                                                                                                       be completed
                                          critically to make a                                             weeks. Pupils will
                                                                                                                                                      for homework if
                                        sustained judgement                                            identify some bias and
                        Britain and the                                                                                                                not completed
                                        about how clever and                                                unreliabality and
                         First World                                                                                                                   in the lesson.
                                           subtle the use of     Pupils answer the questions on p39- incorporate evaluation
                        War. Was the                                                                                                                 Alternatively two
                                          propagana was in        41 as fully as possible using their    into their answers to      Modern World
  13     Assessment          use of                                                                                                                    lessons could Exam skills
                                         World War One and             previous knowledge and            differing degrees but      History p39-41
                         propaganda                                                                                                                      be used to
                                           to become more                   understanding                more readily than on
                          subtle and                                                                                                                   complete this
                                            familiar with the                                           their last assessment.
                            clever?                                                                                                                  fully if pupils are
                                             language and                                              Again pupils will make
                                                                                                                                                        not confident
                                         demands of paper 2                                           mistakes inevitably and
                                                                                                                                                     about doing it at
                                        exam type questions                                                 this needs to be
                                                                                                       discussed and built on
                                                                                                      later but they should be
                                                                                                      building in confidence in
                                                                                                             their answers.
2005-6                                                                               year 10 SOW.xls                                                                        Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                             Core and
                                                                    What would you do to Germany if
                                                                                                              Pupils will identify the                      foundation
                                                                     you were in charge of the peace
                                                                                                            aims and motives of the                       books. Higher
                                                                      treaty? What would the public
                                                                                                             'big three' and see that                      ability could
                                                                      expect? Pupils read about the                                     Modern World
                          What were the                                                                        they had conflicts of                    research on the
                                              To identify who the  different leaders and link what they                                 History p50-53,
                          aims of the 'big                                                                    interest that would be                     spartacus site
             Great                           'big three' were and   wanted to their level of suffering in                               The World Re-
  14                        three' at the                                                                   hard to solve. Some will                     either in lesson   Politics
          Expectations                        what their motives the war. They make notes on the big                                      Made p4-5.
                            Paris Peace                                                                        draw this information                           or for
                                                and aims were.    three and what their primary motives                                 www.spartacus.s
                           Conference?                                                                       from a range of written                        homework.
                                                                  were. Higher ability pupils could also                      
                                                                                                            sources whilst others will                     Pupils could
                                                                            research this on the
                                                                                                            use a more limited range                       display this
                                                                                                                    of sources                          information as a
                                                                  W/paris.htm using the sources there.

                                                                     What would you do to Germany if      Pupils will identify the
                                                                                                                                                     This is suitable
                                                                     you were in charge of the peace    aims and motives of the
                                                                                                                                                      for the higher
                                                                       treaty? What would the public     'big three' and see that Learning Curve
                          What were the                                                                                                                ability as the
    14                                        To identify who the     expect? Pupils analyse primary       they had conflicts of      website
          (ICT Lesson)    aims of the 'big                                                                                                           sourec work is
alternate                                    'big three' were and                 sources at              interest that would be www.learningcurv
              Great         three' at the                                                                                                             difficult but it       ICT
 (higher                                      what their motives hard to solve. Some will
           Expectations     Paris Peace                                                                                                                   can be
 ability)                                       and aims were.          g5/cs1/default.htm about the       draw this information r/g5/cs1/default.h
                           Conference?                                                                                                              scaffolded using
                                                                      different leaders and their aims.  from a range of written        tm
                                                                                                                                                       a worksheet
                                                                    There is a downloadable worksheet           and pictorial
                                                                                                                                                        and table.
                                                                            to go with the activity.          primarysources
2005-6                                                                          year 10 SOW.xls                                                                          Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                      Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                                                         understanding by
                                                              Recap who the 'big three' were and
                                                                                                       completing a map of
                                                             what they primarily wanted from the
                                                                                                       Europe to reflect the
                                                             peace neagotiations. Pupils then get
                                          To understand the                                             changes they have
                                                                into groups of three following the                                                      Pupils could
                                       complex nature of the                                                agreed and
                                                                   instructions on p26-27 of the                                                        continue to
                        What would you discussions and to                                            understanding the scope
            Peace                                             textbook. Pupils then work together                                 The World Re-       research to see
                          have done at appreciate that each                                            and the difficulties of
  15      simulation                                          to try and come up with a workable                                  made p26-29 +           if the real    Politics
                        the Paris Peace leader had his own                                            making a lasting peace
            Game                                                 peace that fits their aims. Mini-                                    maps               agreement
                          Conference?    considerations and                                             that all agreed with.
                                                               plenary at the end of lesson one is                                                     reflected their
                                        they were not always                                          Pupils will also see how
                                                                  then continued next lesson by                                                          settlement
                                          shared by others.                                          the leaders attempted to
                                                              answering the questions to analyse
                                                                                                       stop war in the future
                                                             how it went and what the pupils have
                                                                                                       and how compromise
                                                                                                          was essential for

                                                                Odd one out - Which leader is the
                                                                      odd one out Lloyd George,                                                           Core and
                                                                    Woodrow Wilson or Georges                                                            foundation
                                                              Clemenceau? As long as the pupils                                                          textbooks.
                                                                give a reason for their choice it is Pupils will demonstrate                          www.schoolhist
                                                                 fine. Pupils can work through the      understanding by           The World Re-
                                                              work section on p6-7 of the World Re- identifying the actual           Made p6-7,       nks/versailles.s
                                                               Made. Pupils should also fill in map changes that were made         Modern World       html gives more
                                        To understand the
                                                               of Europe to accurately identify and    to Germany by the          History p53-56,       SEN friendly
                        What was the devastating effect on
                                                                   label the land lost by Germany.     Treaty of Versailles          The Modern        information to
                          effect on       Germany of the
         The Treaty of                                         Pupils can also work through p116-    (military, geographical       World p23-26,           reinforce
  16                   Germany of the treaty and identify the                                                                                                           group work
          Versailles                                          117 of Peace and War and complete among others) and some            Peace and War         knowledge. It
                           Peace         geographical and
                                                                the tasks in pairs diagnosing what   of the possible effects.     p116-117, video     also gives links
                         Treaties?     military changes the
                                                               the main aims of the clauses were.     Pupils will be able to       'peacemakers'          for further
                                         settlement made
                                                              Pupils can also watch 'Peacemakers' prioritise these clauses       (60 mins), map of        research.
                                                               video using their list of claims as a considering how upset        Europe (in filing     Higher ability
                                                                     guise and see how the video     they would have made             cabinet).        pupils can use
                                                               demonstartesc these aims and any the people of Germany.                                 learning curve
                                                                other information that is useful (to                                                    website to do
                                                               reinforce the aims of the 'big three'                                                        further
                                                              and how their priorities changed and                                                        research.
                                                                  how they compromised to get a
2005-6                                                                           year 10 SOW.xls                                                                         Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                        Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                                                             understanding by
                                                                                                          identifying the actual
                                                                                                       changes that were made
                                                                                                          to the central powers
                                                                                                                                                          Core and
                                                                                                       after the war and also to
                                                               Recap - what other countries helped      draw parallels between
                                                                                                                                                      textbooks. The
                                                                 Germany in the First World War?            how Germany was
                                                               (link back to peace simulation game        treated and how they
                                          To understand the                                                                                           net is good for
                                                                knowledge) Pupils produce a table      were treated. Were they The World Re-
                         How did the       settlements with                                                                                          the lower ability
                                                                to sum up the other peace treaties     treated better or worse?        Made p8-9,
                        Treaty Makers    Bulgaria, Turkey and                                                                                          and provides
           The Other                                             using the information on p59-60 of           Pupils will also       Modern World
  17                     deal with the   Austria-Hungary and                                                                                           self contained    politics
         Peace Treaties                                          Modern World History. This could          understand specific       History p59-60,
                         other Central   the restrictions they                                                                                       chunks of study
                                                                 also be done in pairs. Pupils could            terms: self         www.johndclare.n
                           Powers?         placed on these                                                                                           on the Treaty of
                                                               also work through p8-9 of The World            determination,                et
                                               countries                                                                                                  Versailles
                                                                     Re-Made or alternatively a          reparations, mandate,
                                                                                                                                                     breaking it down
                                                               photocopy of this could be used as a     territory. Pupils will also
                                                                                                                                                     but some of the
                                                                          homework task.                    know some of the
                                                                                                                                                        links can be
                                                                                                         impacts of the treaties
                                                                                                                                                     very text heavy.
                                                                                                             on the countries
                                                                                                            involved. This will
                                                                                                       provide a link to the later
                                                                                                         work on the League of
2005-6                                                                                 year 10 SOW.xls                                                                    Author - B. Evans

                                                                        Look at the sources on p136-7 in
                                                                       'Peace and War'. Discuss in pairs
                                                                         what the cartoons are showing.          Pupils will show
                                                                        Feed back to class. What are the        understanding by
                                                                        cartoonists opinions? How do we decoding the meaning of
                                                                          know? Pupils then attempt to        political cartoons and
                                                                                                                                                       Nice summary
                                                   To assess the        empathise with the people at the       using this to identify
                                                                                                                                                      for lower ability
                                                   fairness of the     time to discuss how you can know contemporary opinions.
                               Could the                                                                                               Peace and War         at
                                               settlements and how     the future. Further sources can be    Pupils will also reach a
                              treaties be                                                                                                p136-137,    www.johndclare.
   18       Justification                       the people saw it at    worked through on p61-62 of The      conclusion about how                                         empathy
                            justified at the                                                                                           Modern World net/peace_treati
                                                  the time. To use      Modern World. Plenary: Was the       successful the treaties
                                 time?                                                                                                  History 61-62  es6.htm. Core
                                                 sources to reach a       treaty a mistake? Pupils work     were. Pupils will also use
                                                                                                                                                      and foundation
                                                     conclusion              through the paper 1 type          this knowledge and
                                                                       assessment on p63 Modern World understanding along with
                                                                       History. This can be discussed first     prior knowledge to
                                                                         to reinforce prior knowledge of     answer a paper 1 type
                                                                        vocabulary used in questions and           assessment.
                                                                         the marks available for certain

                                                                        Look at the source A on p63 of
                                                                      Modern World History and discuss                                                  The paper 1
                                                                                                                 Pupils will show
                                                                        in pairs for 3 minutes about the                                                    type
                                                                                                                understanding by
                                                   To assess the     meaning of the cartoon to introduce                                                assessment
                                                                                                            decoding the meaning of
                                                   fairness of the   prior knowledge of political cartoons.                                           p63 in Modern
                               Could the                                                                      political cartoons and  Two cartoon
              (Hidden                          settlements and how Put pupils into groups and follow the                                               World History  Thinking
    18                        treaties be                                                                      using this to identify sources, one
             Camera) -                          the people saw it at     same guidelines as in week 2                                                     can be      skills, art,
alternate                   justified at the                                                                 contemporary opinions. pencil per table,
            Justification                         the time. To use       'hidden camera' lesson. Good                                                  completed for group work
                                 time?                                                                       Pupils will also reach a   A3 paper
                                                 sources to reach a    sources can be found on p137 of                                                homework after
                                                                                                              conclusion about how
                                                     conclusion        peace and war (sources 5 and 6).                                                   a brief
                                                                                                             successful the treaties
                                                                        This can then be followed up by                                                discussion in
                                                                      using p61-62 Modern World History                                                   lesson
                                                                          to investigate in more depth.
2005-6                                                                       year 10 SOW.xls                                                                     Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                               Design a flag
                                                           Look at the poem called 'League of                                                 for the League
                                                           nations' by Henry Lawson in 1919                                                    of Nations. A
                                                       Pupils will demonstrate                         superb
                                                            info/lawson/leagueofnations.htm.          understanding by                       summary of the
                                                             What does this tell us about the     displaying knowledge in                      structure and
                                                             aims of the League? Pupils can       a diagram of the League                     function of the
                        How far did   To understand the work through p64-67 Modern World           and a mind map taking     Modern World     League can be
                       weaknesses in   structure of the    History to analyse the structure and   account of weaknesses      History p65-67,    found at at
         The League of the League's    League and the      weaknesses of the League. Pupils             and potential        The World Re- http://en.wikiped
  19                                                                                                                                                              Art
            Nations     organisation weakness inherent in    could annotate a diagram of the        consequences (good       Made p10-11,
                        make failure     the league's         League making sure they take          and bad). Balance is      The Modern     ue_of_Nations.
                         inevitable?    oraganisation     account of the special commissions.          important when         World 28-29      Excellent for
                                                                This information regarding        assessing the League of                     research. Also
                                                           weaknesses is displayed in a mind       Nations as many exam                          nice lower
                                                             map. This could be worked on in       questions ask pupils to                   ability sum up is
                                                          pairs. Pupils can also use p10-11 of          consider this.                                at
                                                          the World Re-Made. This could also                                                 www.johndclare.
                                                          be used a homework if photocopied.                                                 net/league_of_n
2005-6                                                                              year 10 SOW.xls                                                                         Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                            Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                  How is a referee at a football match
                                                                                                                understanding by
                                                                   seen as a success or failure? Does
                                                                                                            analysing the crises in
                                                                    success or failure depend on your
                                                                                                           the 1920's and first of all
                                                                  point of view? Who is best to decide                                                      Lower ability
                                                                                                                classing them as
                                                                   success or failure? Discuss in pairs                                                      could use a
                                                                                                            successes and failures
                                                                    and feed back. Using p22-23 The                                                          sheet in the
                                                                                                            and then identifying the
                                                                   World Re-Made pupils can continue                                                        filing cabilnet
                                          To understand what                                                reasons why they were
                                                                         to work in small groups and                                     The World Re-     called 'League
                                           the successes and                                                 successes or failures.
                                                                    construct a table summarising the                                    Made p22-23,        of Nations -
         Success and      How successful failures of the League                                              Pupils should pick out
                                                                    crises and explaining whether they                                    The Modern          Success or
  20     Failure in the   was the League in the 1920's and why                                                 the inability to stop                                        Geography
                                                                  were successes or failures. This can                                    World p31,         Failure' in a
            1920's         in the 1920's? these were seen as                                                   countries who were
                                                                  be presented to the rest of the class.                                 Modern World      quiz. There is
                                             successes and                                                   powerful, determined
                                                                     In the plenary pupils are asked to                                  History p69-69            an
                                                 failures                                                      aggressors due the
                                                                  see what successes and failures had                                                      accompanying
                                                                                                           League's weakness (link
                                                                        in common and see a broad                                                             powerpoint
                                                                                                           back to prior knolwedge)
                                                                    overview. (This could be displayed                                                       presentation
                                                                                                               and that where the
                                                                      as a see-saw as on p31 of The                                                       (see Mr Evans).
                                                                                                           League were successful
                                                                  Modern World and/or a colour coded
                                                                                                              they were mediating
                                                                   map). Pupils can then complete the
                                                                                                             between small, weak
                                                                                work section.

                                                                What is inflation? Why do prices go
                                                                                                            Pupils will show
                                                                   up? Class discussion. Show the
                                                                                                           understanding by
                                                                1923 bank notes with an explanation
                                                                                                         explaining the links                         The article
                                                                   that by Nov 1923 there were 16
                                                                                                       between invasion and                             could be
                                             To understand the     billion marks to the pound. What
                                                                                                        hyperinflation in their                       finished for
                                                 effect of the  would 500 million marks get you in a                              The World Re-
                             How was                                                                    article. Pupils should                       homework or
         Reparations                           reparations on        shop? Read through p20-21.                                   made p20-21,
                             Germany                                                                  also empathise with the                      alternatively thw
  20     and Ruin in                         Germany and how Teacher exposition is needed to fully                                 selection of                            empathy
                          affected in the                                                            German perspective and                         ork section on
          Germany                           the French invasion           explain the cause and                                  hyperinlation era
                          early 1920's?                                                                express trong feelings                        p20-21 could
                                             of the Ruhr led to  consequences. Pupils complete a                                   banknotes.
                                                                                                     toward the Allies for their                         form a
                                                hyperinflation   newpaper front page from German
                                                                                                       problems. Appropriate                          substantial
                                                                 point of view explaining the French
                                                                                                       selection of images is                          homework
                                                                 invasion and the consequences in
                                                                                                            also important to
                                                                  the strongest possible terms. ICT
                                                                                                         illustrate the article.
                                                                      can be used to produce this.
2005-6                                                                         year 10 SOW.xls                                                                        Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                           Pupils will show
                                                                                                          understanding by
                                                                                                       prioritising the aims of                       Core and
                                                               You are Gustav Stresemann who
                                                                                                      Stresemann and seeing                        foundation text
                                                             has just taken over the job of leader
                                                                                                       how the agreements in                            books,
                                                             of Germany. What are your priorities
                                                                                                     the 1920's achieve these                     differentiated by
                                                                 in order? Write them down and
                           How did     To understand how                                              aims. Many of them do.                        outcome and
                                                                 share with your partner. Do you
                          European      the international                                              Pupils should also see     The World Re-   the work section
                                                              agree on any? Pupils read through
         Improving the    politicians  agreements of the                                                     the potential        Made p30-31,    on p30-31 could
  21                                                          p30-31 of The World Re-Made and
            Peace        improve the   1920's helped build                                               weaknesses in the         The Modern       be completed
                                                               The Modern World and construct a
                       peace? Would it  and develop the                                                 agreements and how        World p32-33     for homework.
                                                             timeline of diplomacy between 1921-
                            work?             peace                                                      eastern frontier of                       Good summary
                                                             1929 showing the main events. How
                                                                                                           Germany is not                           once again at
                                                                do these agreements fit with your
                                                                                                          guaranteed, how                         www.johndclare.
                                                               aims as German leader? Do they
                                                                                                       dependent Germany is                        net/
                                                                     achieve what you want?
                                                                                                     on foreign loans and how                             m
                                                                                                      the Kellogg-Briand Pact
                                                                                                       could be side-stepped.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                           Author - B. Evans

                                                                Write a definitions for what you think
                                                                       militarism, extremism and
                                                                     nationalism are. Feed back to
                                                                reacha definition. These definitions
                                                                   should be written down using the
                                                                 acronym MEN. This will help pupils
                                                                                                               Pupils will show
                                                                to remember it. (particularly as MEN
                                          To understand and                                                   understanding by
                                                                  cause trouble - this will be popular
                                         define the key terms                                              defining the key terms.
                                                                    with the female part of the class
                                             and see how                                                  They will also complete a
                                                                   anyway!). Use p71-74 to illustrate                                    Modern World
                                           depression led to                                               mind map showing the                             Speeches could
                        How far did the                           this taking care to explain the 'wall                                 History p70-74,
          Militarism,                    further problems for                                             effects of MEN and write                           be completed
                         depression                              street crash' briefly. Pupils can read                                 powerpoint 'wall
         Extremism,                       the League - some                                                a speech showing how                              for homework    business
  21                    make the work                             through and complete a mind map                                      street crash' (see
         Nationalism                     new, some building                                                leaders used these to                             and read as a    studies
                        of the League                              with MEN as a starting point and                                        Mr Evans),
           (M.E.N)                        on older problems.                                               motivate their people to                           starter next
                        more difficult?                            showing the consequences. They                                      Roads to War p4-
                                          To explain how far                                               aggression. Pupils will                               lesson
                                                                    could also write an inflammatory                                            5
                                         the problems made                                                asses the problems and
                                                                speech imagining they are the leader
                                        the leagues job more                                                address 'how far' the
                                                                   of a country undergoing problems
                                               difficult.                                                 problems made the work
                                                                  including the MEN points. Plenary:
                                                                                                            of the league difficult.
                                                                    how far? (linking back to the key
                                                                question). Some speeches could be
                                                                 read out and the class could check
                                                                 whether they include MEN in them.
                                                                 Pupils could finish them and add to
                                                                           them for homework.
2005-6                                                                          year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                                 Look at Source F (p75 Modern
                                                                 Woirld History). What does the
                                                                                                                                                     Once again a
                                                             source mean? Whose side is it on?
                                                                                                                                                   lower ability ICT
                                                            How do you know? Pupils attempt a
                                                                                                                                                      worksheet is
                                                            card sort where they have the events
                                                                                                                                                      available at
                                                                   of the Manchuria crisis in an
                                                                                                             Pupils will show                      www.johndclare.
                                                             envelope and they must put them in
                                                                                                            understanding by                       net/league_of_n
                                                             the correct order. Once this is done
                                                                                                       completing and adding to                       ations6.htm.
                                       To understand the and discussed as a class pupils can
                                                                                                          a card sort. They will    The Modern          Core and
                                         reasons why the          then read through p34-35 The
                                                                                                        also be able to analyse    World p34-35,    foundation text
                      Why did the     League failed and to      Modern World. Pupils must then
                                                                                                          and evaluate politcal    Modern World      books. Pupils
  22     Manchuria   League fail in   arrange the events in complete at least two further cards to                                                                   exam skills
                                                                                                        cartoons regarding the     History p75-77, complete their
                      Manchuria?           order to allow     fit into their timeline. This can then
                                                                                                          crisis. Pupils will use Roads to War p6- own political
                                        comparisons with     be stuck in their books. Analysis of
                                                                                                         prior knowledge of the           7          cartoon about
                                          Abyssinia later      Lytton's report must also be done
                                                                                                       League's weaknesses to                       the Manchuria
                                                             using the sources on p77 of Modern
                                                                                                       reach a conclusion about                     crisis using the
                                                                  World History. Pupils can also
                                                                                                        why the League failed.                          principles
                                                              attempt to sort consequences into
                                                                                                                                                     established in
                                                                long/short term. Sources in past
                                                                                                                                                       year 10 for
                                                            exam papers could also be useful to
                                                                                                                                                     reading them
                                                                practice answering paper 1 type
                                                            questions e.g cartoon 'The Doormat'.
                                                                      (powerpoint available).
2005-6                                                                           year 10 SOW.xls                                                                   Author - B. Evans

                                                                    Exhibit some of the cartoons
                                                                 designed last lesson by blowing
                                                               them up to A3 size so the class can
                                                                 see them. The pupils must read
                                                               through p36-37 of he Modern World            Pupils will be able to
                                                                   (or p12-13 Roads to War) and           identify the reasons for                     Core and
                                                                 construct a timeline similar to the     the invasion of Abyssinia                    foundation
                                       To understand the            one for Manchuria. Teacher              and the reasons why                      textbooks. A
                                         reasons why the            exposition of reasons for the            Britain and France                       lower level
                                                                                                                                      The Modern
                                     League failed and to          invasion (possibly on a spider          helped. Pupils will also                 summary plus
                                                                                                                                     World p36-37.
                      Why was the       link the events to      diagram) and this could be used to        draw parallels between                       links and
                                                                                                                                     Roads to War
                       Abyssinian     those in Manchuria.     scaffold the similarity/difference idea.   Manchuria and Abyssinia                       questions
                                                                                                                                    p12-13, Modern
  23     Abyssinia      Crisis so      To understand that         The next activity can be done in          and see many of the                       available at Geography
                                                                                                                                     World History
                     devastating for      this failure was          pairs. Then pupils must draw           same events occurred                    www.johndclare.
                      the League?      devastating to the      parallels between the events to see        and the same mistakes.                   net/league_of_n
                                     League as a result of       similarities (excuse, some aims,              Pupils will also                     ations6b.htm.
                                     the actions of Britain        unwillingness for intervention,       understand the the terms                  Learning Curve
                                            and France.          bodged attempt to save face, no          of the Hoare-Laval Pact                  could be better
                                                                compromise from aggressors) and           and the reasons for the                      for higher
                                                                differences (aims, initial help from      horror the public felt at                      ability.
                                                              Britain and France). Nice powerpoint                    it.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                     Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                         Pupils will be able to
                                                                                                       identify the reasons for
                                                                                                      the invasion of Abyssinia
                                           To understand the                                            and the reasons why
                                             reasons why the                  Pupils use                  Britain and France
                                          League failed and to helped. Pupils will also                         This is more for
                           Why was the show the League as           ains/mussolini/default.htm to      draw parallels between www.learningcurv the higher ability
                            Abyssinian    a villain to a degree. investigate the crisis using primary Manchuria and Abyssinia        although
  23       (ICT Lesson)
                             Crisis so     To understand that      sources and information. This is      and see many of the     llains/mussolini/d differentiated      ICT
optional     Abyssinia
                          devastating for     this failure was   scaffolded by key questions and this same events occurred           efault.htm,    worksheets wil
                           the League?      devastating to the       could be the framework for a      and the same mistakes.        worksheets         improve
                                          League as a result of     worksheet to accompany the              Pupils will also                         accessibility
                                          the actions of Britain             investigation            understand the the terms
                                                and France.                                            of the Hoare-Laval Pact
                                                                                                       and the reasons for the
                                                                                                       horror the public felt at

                                                                                                       Pupils will understand
                                                                                                       how to answer source
                                                                                                     based questions on their
                                                                                                     own and apply the skills
                                                                                                       built upover the last 3
                                                                                                          weeks. Pupils will
                                              To use sources
                                                                                                      identify some bias and
                                            critically to make a
                                                                                                           unreliabality and                             The
                                           sustained judgement
                                                                                                      incorporate evaluation                       assessment can
                           Why did the         about why the     Pupils answer 5 questions on p81 as
                                                                                                        into their answers to     Modern World      be done in the
  24       Assessment       League of          League failed          fully as possible using prior                                                                exam skills
                                                                                                        differing degrees but      History p81      lesson or can
                           Nations fail?     answering paper 1                 knowledge.
                                                                                                        more readily than on                          be set for
                                            type questions with
                                                                                                       their last assessment.                         homework
                                               an exam mark
                                                                                                      Again pupils will make
                                                                                                     mistakes inevitably and
                                                                                                           this needs to be
                                                                                                      discussed and built on
                                                                                                     later but they should be
                                                                                                     building in confidence in
                                                                                                            their answers.
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                              Pupils will go over the work this year -
                                                              Liberal reforms, Suffragettes, World
                                                                 War One Propaganda, Treaty of
                                                                 Versailles as the exam paper will
                                                              comprise these subject areas. Mind Pupils will be prepared
                                           To arrange notes                                                                          Modern World      Pupils can use
                                                               maps can be used as revision tools for the exam by knowing
                        What do I need and revision material                                                                          History, The    this time to ask
                                                                and these can be displayed on the what they have to revise,
  25        Revision    to revise for the and come up with a                                                                         Modern World,    for and address exam skills
                                                                   classroom walls to jog pupil's       how to revise it and to be
                        year 10 exams? revision timetable for                                                                        various GCSE         areas of
                                                              memories. Various exam papers are           ready for the exam
                                               the exam                                                                               exam papers        weakness
                                                               in the history office filing cabinet for        procedure.
                                                                 revision. Exam technique should
                                                                    also be gone through (time
                                                                  management, marks available,
                                                                           source work).

                                                                Odd one out - using prior knowledge
                                                                                                       Pupils will demostrate
                                                                on MEN write down how Hitler used
                                           To understand how                                           understanding by oral
                                                                   this in his challenge to control
                                               Germany was                                              and written answers
                         What were the                              Germany (one point each for                                                        Findings could
                                          affected by the peace                                         dealing with what the
                            long-term                                 militarism, extremism and                                      Modern World     be diplayed as a
         Consequences                        treaties and how                                            goals of Hitler and
                         consequences                            nationalism). Feed back to class to                                 History p82-3,    powerpoint by
  27      of Versailles                      Stresemann and                                            Stresemann were and
                          of the peace                           see the range and similarities. This                                 The Modern       the more able
            1919-23.                         Hitler had similar                                       how they would go about
                        treaties of 1919-                       could be displayed in a table to show                                World p38-39      pupils ofr show
                                            goals but different                                        achieving them (one to
                               23?                               how similar they were overall. Work                                                    next lesson
                                            ways of achieving                                          use peaceful methods,
                                                                  through p82-83 of Modern World
                                                    them                                                  the other force if
                                                                  History using the cartoon and an
                                                                                                         negotiation failed).
                                                                    introduction of appeasement.
2005-6                                                                      year 10 SOW.xls                                                                Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                         As ever a great
                                                                                                                                          summary plus
                                                                                                                                         questions are at
                                                           Us appeasement powerpoint to ask                                              net/RoadtoWWI
                                                            pupils (working in pairs) what they  Pupils will understand                    I4.htm. More
                                                             think the two cartoon are saying.    the reasons for and                     suited to lower
                                                             How are they different? This will   against appeasement                     ability. Again for
                                       To understand what                                                                 Modern World
                                                            introduce the two points of view of     and evaluate the                     the lower ability
                                       appeasment is and                                                                 History p90-91,
                                                            appeasement. Use sheets in filing reasoning to reach their                       the sheets
                        Why did the   the range of reasons                                                               powerpoint, The
                                                                 cabinet to sort reasons for    own conclusion. Pupils                     could also be Paired work,
  27     Appeasement   Allies Appease   why we appeased                                                                   Modern World
                                                            appeasement and decide on their must show empathy with                       cut up to form a   German
                            Hitler?   Hitler and empathise                                                                    p42,
                                                              merits (a map will be needed to   the thinking of the time                   card sort and
                                       with Chamberlain's                                                                 appeasement
                                                           demonstrate the proximity of Russia    and see that public                     could be stuck
                                         choice of action                                                                    sheets
                                                             and Germany). This can then be           opinion gave                         into books in
                                                            developed using p90-91 of Modern       Chamberlain little                       the correct
                                                             World History with more in depth            choice.                            categories.
                                                                        explanations.                                                    Homework - find
                                                                                                                                          out the english
                                                                                                                                         for lebensraum,
                                                                                                                                          anschluss and
2005-6                                                                             year 10 SOW.xls                                                                        Author - B. Evans

                                                                                                                                                       Roads to War
                                                                                                                                                      can be used as
                                                               Using 'no hands' go round the class
                                                                                                           Pupils will demonstrate                       homework
                                                                and ask each one for a definition of
                                                                                                               understanding by                        sheets or can
                                                                 the three words set for homework.
                                                                                                           selecting and deploying                       provide the
                                                                 Pupils read through p84-5 Modern
                                                                                                            important information                     basis for more
                                                                World History and summarise the 6
                                          To understand the                                                  and displaying it in a                  in-depth work. A
                                                               actions of Hitler up to 1938 and show
                                        ways Hitler took apart                                            step diagram. Pupils will Modern World      much more in-
                         How did Hitler                             them as a step diagram. This
         Breaking the                      the Treaty using                                               also see Hitler's ractic of History p84-5,   depth study of
                          destroy the                          exercise can also be done with p48-9
  28       Treaty of                        diplomacy and                                                    pushing the limit and     The Modern     the invasion of     German
                           Treaty of                             of Nazi Germany (for higher ability
          Versailles                     threats of force and                                             seeing what happened. It      World p38,     the Rhineland
                          Versailles?                          pupils). This gives the pupils the idea
                                        how others reacted to                                                 is important for the    Roads to War p     suitable for
                                                                  that Hitler is pushing the limits of
                                                 this                                                      pupils to see that Hitler                  higher ability is
                                                                   what he can get away with and
                                                                                                           had no grand plan. This                            at
                                                                'stepping up' the threat. This is then
                                                                                                           is important later when                    www.learningcu
                                                                   fed back to the class. Source F
                                                                                                             assessing the rise of         
                                                                  should also be analysed and the
                                                                                                                    Hitler.                           shots/snapshot
                                                                        questions answered.

                                                                    Look at the map of Europe (with
                                                                  Austria labelled). Can you think of      Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                                                                                                            Core and
                                                                  any reasons why Hitler might want       understanding by making
                                                                   to take over Austria? (Clue: think        their own timeline of
                                                                                                                                                          books. The
                                                                    back to the Treaty of Versailles).         events leading to
                                                                                                                                                          work section
                                           To understand the     Roads to war p 22-23. (You can also          Anschluss with the
                                                                                                                                     Modern World      can be used as
                         Why did Hitler    reasons for Hitlers   use p85-6 of Modern World History).      pupils prioritising events
                                                                                                                                     History p85-86,      a homework
  28      Anschluss     bother to invade    invasion and the       Use the information to generate a       and choosing where the                                        Geography
                                                                                                                                     Roads to War        task as could
                            Austria?       process he used to       timeline on events building up to       line starts. Pupils will
                                                                                                                                         p22-23                the
                                            achieve his goals    Anschluss (it is their decision where       also appreciate how
                                                                                                                                                       interpretation of
                                                                      to start) but make the timeline     important Austria was to
                                                                                                                                                       source G p86 in
                                                                   stepped. This reinforces that way         hitler and be able to
                                                                                                                                                        Modern World
                                                                 that Hitler took over Austria in steps   explain this orally and in
                                                                  and small acts at a time. Complete              written form.
                                                                             the work section.
2005-6                                                                           year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                                   Look at source G (p86 Modern
                                                                    World History). What does the
                                                                source mean? Whose side is it on?
                                                               How do you know? Why is Mussolini
                                                                in it? Show the video 'Steps to War'
                                                                 which summarises what the pupils
                                                                                                        Pupils will demonstrate                          Core and
                                                                 have done and poses the question
                                                                                                           understanding by                             foundation
                                                                 why did the Czechs not fight back?                                 Modern World
                                                                                                        selecting and deploying                           books.
                                           To understand how     This sets the scene and using p87                                  History p88-9,
                                                                                                            information and                           Differentiated
                                               the policy of     Modern World History explains the                                   The Modern
                                                                                                       displaying it as a timeline                    worksheets.
                                            appeasement was facts. Pupils then complete a map to                                    World p41-43,
                          Why was the                                                                    and a map. Pupils will                       Lower ability
         Czechoslovaki                     applied. To see how show the land taken by Hitler since                                 Roads to War p?,
  29                     Sudeten crisis                                                                       also reach a                               could use     empathy
              a                              devastating the      he took power (a handy map is on                                   photocopied
                         so significant?                                                               substantiated conclusion                     www.johndclare.
                                            settlement was to p39 The Modern World). Pupils then                                       sheets,
                                                                                                         using primary sources                      net/RoadtoWWI
                                           Czechoslovakia and      look at the range of opinions of                                  worksheets,
                                                                                                             about why the                           I3.htm. Higher
                                             to world peace.     people after the Munich conference                                   powerpoint
                                                                                                       agreement was reached                           ability could
                                                                   (p88-89 Modern World History).                                    presentation
                                                                                                       and how people saw it at                           look at
                                                                Pupils can also complete a timeline
                                                                                                                the time                               Spartacus.
                                                                of events using an information sheet
                                                                     available in the filing cabinet
                                                               reinforcing the idea that some people
                                                                    were very optimistic about the
                                                                 settlement (again p42-43 gives the
                                                                same balanced view using sources).
2005-6                                                                         year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                              Show the pupils the nazi-soviet pact
                                                                  powerpoint with the David Low
                                                              cartoon 'rendezcous'. In pairs pupils
                                                                   must state its meaning. Other
                                                               cartoons in the powerpoint support        Pupils will show
                                                                                                                                                      Core and
                                                                  the definitions. Pupils can work  understanding by using
                                                                                                                                Modern World        foundations
                                                                  through p92-94 and identify the      political cartoons to
                                                                                                                                 History p92-4.      textbooks.
                                       To understand why         pluses on each side for the pact.    gauge contemporary
                        Why did the                                                                                               The Modern      Peace and War
                                         the allies were so Pupils then must give them a rank of opinion and explaining
         Nazi-Soviet   Nazis sign the                                                                                            World p45-6.     better for lower exam skills,
  30                                  surprised by the deal          1-10 in importance. This is    this orally and in written
            Pact       pact with the                                                                                            Peace and War          ability.     empathy
                                      and what implications discussed as a class. Plenary: Why        form. Pupils will also
                         USSR?                                                                                                  p138-139, Nazi    www.johndclare.
                                       it had for the future. was the deal signed and why was it analyse the reasons for
                                                                                                                               Germany p50-51,    net/RoadtoWWI
                                                                important? For lower ability Peace   the pact and rank the
                                                                                                                                  powerpoint       I8.htm for ICT
                                                              and War p138-139 is better with less     reasons in order to
                                                                  information, good cartoons and      promote discussion.
                                                                 questions. Timeline could also be
                                                              generated to add the last one (up the
                                                               sudeten crisis) using Nazi Germany
                                                                  p50-51 + a handy alliance map.

                                                                                                    Pupils will understand
                                                                                                    how to answer source
                                                                                                  based questions on their
                                                                                                  own and apply the skills
                                                                                                    built upover the last 3
                                                                                                       weeks. Pupils will
                                                                                                   identify some bias and
                                                             Pupils complete the paper 1 type                                                     Differentiated by
                                                                                                        unreliabality and
                                       To use source skills assessment in lesson under exam                                                        outcome. The
                                                                                                   incorporate evaluation
                       Why did peace    prior knowledge of conditions. Pupils are directed to use                                                   work can be
                                                                                                     into their answers to     Modern World
  30     Assessment     collapse in     course content to    their source skills to answer the                                                     completed for exam skills
                                                                                                     differing degrees but      History p96
                          1939?            answer exam       questions and look at the marks                                                      homework if not
                                                                                                     more readily than on
                                             questions      available to make a judgement on                                                       completed in
                                                                                                    their last assessment.
                                                                 the length of the answer.                                                           the lesson.
                                                                                                   Again pupils will make
                                                                                                  mistakes inevitably and
                                                                                                        this needs to be
                                                                                                   discussed and built on
                                                                                                  later but they should be
                                                                                                  building in confidence in
                                                                                                         their answers.
2005-6                                                                         year 10 SOW.xls                                                                      Author - B. Evans

                                                            Using the 'USA boom' starter pupils
                                                                comment on how many times a
                                                            week they use the items. Could they
                                                              live without them? This gets them
                                                             thinking about their importance and
                                                              how in the 1920's only a few could                                                      Core and
                                                               afford them at first. Pupils look at                                                  foundation
                                                            p136-7 of Modern World history and                                                   textbooks. Nice
                                                                make notes on the 6 reasons for        Pupils will identify and                    summary on
                                                            boom. Higher ability can summarise         summarise the factors           
                                       To understand the      themselves and feed it back to the      for the boom. Pupils will                  schools/gcsebit
                                                                                                                                 Modern World
                    How far did the     factors that led to          class. Pupils then look at a          also take these                       esize/history/us work related
                                                                                                                                 History p139-
                        American      aconomic boom. To powerpoint concerning Henry Ford                   principles to the                     a/5the1920srev    learning,
  31      Boom                                                                                                                  141, powerpoint,
                    economy boom          see how this is       showing how one advance led to        manufacturing industry.                     2.shtml. Pupils  business
                                                                                                                                  The Modern
                     in the 1920's?   illustrated by Henry    another and prosperity in one area      Pupils will also begin to                  can start getting  studies
                                                                                                                                 World pp50-56
                                               Ford.          had a knock on effect. Pupils then         assess how far the                        pictures and
                                                            take this 'prosperity cycle' and apply     changes represented a                         resources
                                                                 it to one of the inventions in the             boom.                               together for
                                                             starter (not the car). Pupils continue                                                their project
                                                               to look at why other industries did                                                over the next 2
                                                                not boom and why not everyone                                                         lessons.
                                                            benfitted p139-141. Pupils must then
                                                                   assess 'how far' the economy
                                                            boomed. This can be done orally and
                                                                      should be written down in

                                                              Pupils must work in groups of 5 or so                        websites include -
                                        To understand the       to produce a wall display showing                          www.lawlessdeca
                                         changes that the      the different aspects and important  Pupils will select and
                                      USA went through in changes in the USA in the 1920's.            deploy relevant           2.htm,           Pupils work in
                                       the 1920's in areas          They must make it easy to       information about the        mixed ability
                    What were the         such as music,      understand for someone who knows         1920's and use         uk. Modern         groups and can
         Roaring                                                                                                                                                     Group
  32                  'Roaring            entertainment,       nothing about the subject and they independent research as World History           be given roles
         Twenties                                                                                                                                                   Work, art
                     Twenties'?       politics, crime, sport,      may use ICT to research and      a group to answer the   p142-152, The             to help
                                       women and to see           retrieve pictures although they     key questions and     Modern World          differentiation
                                       how much we owe cannot simply print out text and stick display this answer as a        p49-59 and          and inclusion.
                                          today to these        it on. They must cover all the key       wall display.      various one off
                                             changes.         areas. This can be scaffolded for the                         volumes in the
                                                                            lower ability.                                   history office.
2005-6                                                                            year 10 SOW.xls                                                                       Author - B. Evans

                                                               Pupils write down as many effects of
                                                                alcohol as they can in 5 mins. This
                                                                  is fed back to the class. This will
                                                                  reflect the class's view of alcohol        Pupils demonstrate
                                                                  (usually bad) and introduce ideas        understanding by using
                                                                   why it was banned. Using p149              own knowledge to                           Core and
                                                                 Modern World History reasons are         generate spider diagram                       foundation
                                                                  written down in a spider diagram.          which is added to by    Modern World       textbooks.
                                                               Pupils then look at their reasons and      information selected and History p149- Pupils are given
                                         To understand why      see if they fit in with these reasons.        deployed from the     151, The Modern the coursework
                                           prohibition was         Discuss cartoon (source I) and          textbook and the video.    World p59-60     to do in their
                       Was the failure
                                        introduced and also     interpret it as it is in the coursework     This gives the pupils a      'History's      own time.    exam skills,
  33     Prohibition    of prohibition
                                       why it proved so hard   (do the same with table at bottom of         grounding in the facts       Greatest         Various     citizenship
                                       to enforce and why it           p150 as this is also in the          before they embark on    Blunders' video websites such
                                          ultimately failed.   coursework). Watch video 'History's         the coursework. Pupils       (30 mins),     as spartacus
                                                                 greatest blunders - prohibition' (30           will also show         coursework           and
                                                                mins). Pupils must try to identify as        understanding of the         sheets      schoolhistory,
                                                                many reasons as they can from the           coursework by asking                     learnhistory are
                                                               video to add to their spider diagram.       questions based on the                       also useful.
                                                                  Pupils are then introduced to the       guidelines for completion
                                                                   coursework. The guidelines are                of the work.
                                                                explained in detail and the deadline
                                                                    is given (the week before the
                                                                            summer break).
2005-6                                                                           year 10 SOW.xls                                                                     Author - B. Evans

                                                                   Q+A - How much does a house
                                                                   cost? £100,000. If you buy that
                                                                                                         Pupils will demonstrate
                                                                house where do you get the money
                                                                                                         understanding by orally
                                                                from? If the house goes up in value                                                    Core and
                                                                                                          drawing similarities to
                                        To understand why you are ok but what if it goes down                                                         foundation
                                                                                                            the housing market
                                       the stock market was in value because no-one wants to                                                          textbooks.
                                                                                                            today and using the
                                          so popular at the      buy houses. What do you do? Do                                                      Pupils could
                                                                                                             information in the
                                           time and why it      you sell or do you hold on hoping it                                              generate a song
                                                                                                        textbooks and their prior Modern World
                        Why did the     ultimatley crashed.       will recover its value? This is the                                             or poem similar
                                                                                                        work to generate a cycle  History p153-
         Wall Street   crash happen     Also to understand same if yo buy shares in a company.                                                     to the example    Business
  34                                                                                                      of depression to show 154, The Modern
          Crash        and what was       how it hit ordinary      Read through p153-154 Modern                                                    in The Modern      studies
                                                                                                         how the effects led to a World p59-62,
                        its effects?   people and look at its World History and it is summarised                                                      World p62
                                                                                                             chain reaction that   powerpoint.
                                        wider effects linked            nicely in a powerpoint at                                                     (source B)
                                                                                                           affected everyone to
                                         into Hitler's foreign                                                demonstrating
                                                                                                           some degree. Some
                                          policy discussed     depth/usa19191941/resources/Boom                                                    the effect on a
                                                                                                           pupils will also make
                                          earlier in the year    andBust2.ppt. Pupils have already                                                   victim of the
                                                                                                          judgements about the
                                                                  designed a cycle of prosperity to                                                     crash.
                                                                                                         possible effects abroad
                                                                 show the mechanism of the boom
                                                                                                           in UK and Germany.
                                                                  they can now generate a cycle of
                                                                   depression to illustrate the bust.

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