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Funeral Plans
    Compassion, Credibility and Community.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider       in our experience to ensure a dignified,
    the benefits of purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral    distinctive service.
    Plan with Creightons Funeral Service.           As part of the Palmdale Group, we are
    For over 160 years, Creightons has been         committed to maintaining the most modern
    the Central Coast’s own funeral service.        facilities and equipment.
    You can have the utmost confidence in our        You can rely on us to take the very best of
    credibility and in our compassion.              care and give you the flexibility of choice
    We have been supporting families over many      to reflect your individual needs.
    generations. Through our personal approach      Locally owned and proudly Australian,
    we’ll listen, we’ll comfort and you can trust   our operations remain focused on the
                                                    Central Coast where we provide 24-hour
                                                    support, 7 days a week.

                                                             4324 1533

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                                                      any special requests. So it makes good sense
    It Just Makes Good Sense!                         to make them well before hand. And after all,
    We all plan for the future, for expected and      why shouldn’t it be your choice?
    unexpected. We take out home and contents
                                                      Payment by either lump sum or instalment,
    insurance, car insurance, health and life
                                                      a Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan gives you
    insurance. Superannuation for our retirement
                                                      the peace of mind to get on and enjoy life.
    is recognised as essential. Such planning
    simplifies our lives and protects those we
    most care about.
                                                      Frequently Asked Questions.
                                                      Your Creightons Representative can provide
    A Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan can help
                                                      any information you may require to assist you
    to ensure you relieve family and loved ones
                                                      in your decision to proceed with a Creightons
    of the responsibility of having to plan and
                                                      Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. Fully mobile,
    finance arrangements at a time when their
                                                      consultations with your representative can be
    grief will be burden enough.
                                                      conducted in the comfort and convenience of
    Your money paid for a Creightons Pre-Paid         your home. To arrange an appointment, just
    Funeral Plan is invested in strict accordance     call the Creightons Care Line.
    with Government legislation with an
    experienced independent and registered fund
    manager – secure and guaranteed against
    future funeral cost increases.
    By pre-planning a funeral with Creightons, you
    choose the type and style of service that you
    want. There are many decisions to make and
    these should reflect your preferences, including

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    What is a Creightons                                  How is the plan carried out?
    Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?                                Keep your contract together with your
                                                          other important documents (Will, financial
    A Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a straight
                                                          records etc.), and inform your family or legal
    forward way of planning for the future.
                                                          representative of their whereabouts.
    When you buy a Creightons pre-paid funeral
                                                          A relative or personal representative simply
    plan you pay for the funeral you want at
                                                          contacts Creightons Funeral Service. All the
    today’s prices and you are guaranteed that
                                                          arrangement detailed in your contract will
    no matter what happens to the costs between
                                                          be carried out.
    now and the day you die, you still receive the
    funeral you have paid for without paying
    anything more.
                                                          What is the benefit in
    Pre-paying also removes the financial burden
                                                          pre-paying my funeral?
    of funeral arrangements and costs from                A Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan allows you to:
    relatives when the inevitable occurs.                   Make your choices now, and fix the
                                                            price of your funeral at today’s costs.
    Who can enter into a                                    Protect your family from the distress of making
    Creightons Pre-Paid                                     difficult decisions at an emotional time.
    Funeral Plan?                                           Relieve your family from any financial
    Anyone can enter into a Creightons Pre-Paid             burden or heartache.
    Funeral Plan, regardless of age or state of health.     Potentially maximise your pension entitlement.
                                                            Any money paid into a Creighton Pre-Paid
    What is in my contract?                                 Funeral Plan is not subject to the income
    Your contract is a written record of the                and assets test or the declining earnings rules
    arrangement between you and Creightons                  (according to current legislation).
    Funeral Services. The original contract is              Have real peace of mind in knowing that it is
    yours to keep. Creightons will retain a copy.           taken care of and the investment is secure.

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    Would I save money                                  I’m in good health –
    by pre-paying?                                      why should I make plans
    It makes financial sense to pre-pay your funeral.    for my death?
    The cost of many funerals has more than             The death of someone you care for, coupled with
    doubled in the last 10 years and prices are         wanting to make the right decisions and a limited
    set to continue to increase in the future. You      amount of time to attend to the numerous
    may have savings set aside for your funeral,        details, leaves many families simply feeling
    however you can never be sure that there will       overawed. There are so many decisions that need
    be enough, or you may be setting aside more         to be made often when they are least prepared.
    than you really need. Bank accounts may also
                                                        Pre-paying your funeral is a decision only you
    be frozen after a death until the estate is fully
                                                        can make. But it is a decision that affects the
    settled usually well after a funeral needs to be
                                                        people you love the most.
    arranged and paid for, placing the financial
    burden on your family.
                                                        Couldn’t my family just deal
    To avoid the worry of future costs it makes
                                                        with it when it happens?
    good sense to lock it in a today’s prices.
                                                        A funeral is something that nobody likes to
                                                        think about, no one likes to talk about and
                                                        few people know what to do. By pre-planning
                                                        your funeral or cremation service and
                                                        cemetery arrangements, you can take steps
                                                        today to make it easier on those who matter.
                                                        A Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan relieves
                                                        family members of the burden and guesswork

7                                                                                                           8
    in trying to make decisions, particularly if      guidelines and that they are safeguarded until
    they do not know your wishes.                     needed. Only when the service has been carried
                                                      out will Creightons be paid.
    More importantly, knowing that it has been
    pre-arranged can bring great comfort to           In the case of Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral
    surviving family members and friends.             Plans the monies are held by Funeral Plan
                                                      Management, part of the Lifeplan Funds
    Having completed your Creightons Pre-Paid
                                                      Management Group. Lifeplan, with nearly
    Funeral Plan, you know you have assisted
                                                      $1 billion in assets under management, has
    those who will be left behind….now you can
                                                      a 150 year tradition of looking after the
    get on with enjoying life.
                                                      financial security of their clients.

    Single or joint application?                      A full disclosure document from Lifeplan
                                                      is available on request.
    A Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan can be
    opened in single or joint names. However, the
    benefit can only be used to provide for one
                                                      How does the capital
    funeral. The surviving applicant must choose      guarantee work?
    to either continue the plan or have the benefits   Your investment in a Creightons Pre-Paid
    paid in full.                                     Funeral Plan is capital guaranteed by
    To ensure that the funeral expenses of both       Lifeplan. This means that Lifeplan guarantees
    members are provided for, it is recommended       to repay the amount of your investment at
    that two Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan         the time the benefit is paid.
    applications be completed.                        This guarantee is supported by separate reserves
                                                      that Lifeplan is required to maintain by law
    How is my money managed?                          and is subject to regular auditing review.
    Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are covered
    by NSW State Legislation. This determines that    What if I change my mind?
    the monies paid for your pre-paid funeral will    The investment of your pre-payment can only
    be held independently by a registered funeral     be cancelled and your money refunded within
    fund manager. This ensures that the monies        a 30-day cooling off period. This period
    are properly invested under strict Government     starts when you receive notification that

9                                                                                                        10
     your application for membership has been          broader Palmdale Group, it is more likely that
     accepted or 5 days after your contributions       Creightons will continue to service the local
     were processed and allocated to your funeral      community for another 160 years.
     plan account, whichever is earlier.               However, the great advantage of your
     If you do wish to cancel your application         investment being held independently by
     during this cooling off period, then you must     Funeral Plan Management is that if anything
     notify Creightons Funeral Services in writing.    should go wrong with Creightons, they will
     If you do cancel during this cooing off period,   assist in organising transfer to another funeral
     you will not incur any entry fees and you         director, or the transfer of payments towards
     will be refunded an amount equal to the           the cost of alternative funeral services.
     contributions you have made.
                                                       What happens if I pass away
     Can I withdraw from                               before I have f inished paying
     my account?                                       off my contract by instalment?
     You cannot withdraw any money from your           All monies paid towards your Creightons
     Pre-Paid Funeral Plan account prior to death.     pre-paid funeral plan will be paid against the
     The plan is designed for the sole purpose of      costs of your funeral service.
     meeting your future funeral expenses.
                                                       Of course, if payment for the plan is not
     What if I move residence?                         complete there will be an outstanding balance
                                                       still owing and invoiced.
     Creightons can help ensure that the new
     arrangements suit you and your family.
     Where necessary, your plan can be transferred
     to another funeral director in your new
     place of residence.

     What happens if Creightons
     goes out of business?
     As the oldest and largest funeral director
     on the Central Coast and as part of the

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Because now                                           relax
we can
Retirement is all about enjoying the best
                                                     Get on with living and call our friendly staff
years of your life... travel, entertaining, music,   about a consultation or free information kit.
movies & sport. It’s also the time you should          Call for an appointment or a FREE information kit:
invest in a Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan.
Releasing yourself and your family from both                     4324 1533
the financial burden and stress of a funeral.

It’s surprisingly economical, financially secure
and completely convenient. In fact, it just
makes good sense.

       The Central Coast’s Own Funeral Service for over 160 years
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