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					Clean Soil Acceptance Letter

Re: Clean Soil from Various Locations (Job Sites)

This certification is in reference to disposing Clean Soil from various construction sites,

managed/controlled by _________________________________, who will be disposing soil at
                         (Contractor/Property Owner)
various San Jose Transport/San Jose Landfill sites. As the person or party responsible for
designating the above referenced material as clean, I certify that no contaminants have been
introduced into this material by agricultural, commercial and/or industrial means. These
contaminants include, but are not limited to:

    •   PCBs
    •   Heavy Metals
    •   Petroleum Products
    •   Volatile Organic Compounds
    •   Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
    •   Pesticides/Herbicides
    •   Asbestos, Asbestos-containing material and/or Serpentine Rock

I also certify that no deliberate or willful omissions of composition or properties of the waste
exists; all known or suspected hazards have been disclosed to the appropriate landfill personnel;
and the waste is not designated a Hazardous Waste by the US EPA or State of California.

Please contact _____________________________________ , should you have any questions or
concerns regarding the disposal of soil from our various job sites.


___________________________________ _______________________________________
(Signature)                                     (Print Name)                            (Date)

Individually and as representative for _____________________________________________
                                      (Contractor/Property Owner)
281 Yamane Drive ● Gilroy, CA 95020 ● Tel. (408) 848-4441 ● Fax (408) 848-1774 ● www.sanjosetransport.com