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Human Remains and Associated Funerary Objects from Lake and Harney Counties OR in the Control of the Oregon State Office Bureau of Land Management Portland OR by NPS


									59370                    Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 212 / Monday, November 3, 1997 / Notices

Update on Impacts of the Lawsuit on          consideration. Depending on the              individuals were identified. The five
State Grazing Leases on BLM Permits;         number of persons wishing to make oral       associated funerary objects include a
Report on S&G Technical Review and           statements, a per-person time limit may      shell necklace and chipped stone tools.
Rangeland Resource Teams; Reports by         be established by the District Manager.         Between 1967-1969, human remains
the S&G, Recreation and Public                 The Council’s responsibilities include     representing five individuals were
Relations Working Groups; Reports from       providing long-range planning and            recovered from Table Rock caves, Lake
RAC members; RAC Discussion on               establishing resource management             County, OR during legally authorized
future meeting dates and locations. A        priorities.                                  excavations by the University of Oregon
public comment period will take place        FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ted         Museum of Natural History. No known
at 11:30 a.m. for any interested publics     Graf (208) 769–5004.                         individuals were identified. The eleven
who wish to address the Council.                                                          associated funerary objects include
                                               Dated: October 22, 1997.
                                                                                          woven matting, a winnowing tray, an
                                             Fritz U. Rennebaum,                          obsidian tool, and a basketry fragment.
Deborah Stevens Bureau of Land               District Manager.                               In 1968, human remains representing
Management, Arizona State Office, 222        [FR Doc. 97–29013 Filed 10–31–97; 8:45 am]   two individuals were recovered from
North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona
                                             BILLING CODE 4310–66–M                       the vicinity of Table Rock, Lake County,
85004–2203, (602) 417–9215.
                                                                                          OR during legally authorized
Michael A. Ferguson,                                                                      excavations by Bureau of Land
Deputy State Director, Resources Division.   DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR                   Management staff. No known
[FR Doc. 97–28982 Filed 10–31–97; 8:45 am]                                                individuals were identified. No
BILLING CODE 4310–32–P                       National Park Service                        associated funerary objects are present.
                                                                                             Morphological evidence indicates
                                             Notice of Inventory Completion for           these human remains are Native
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR                   Native American Human Remains and            American based on dental wear and
                                             Associated Funerary Objects from             bone condition. Based on the contexts,
Bureau of Land Management                    Lake and Harney Counties, OR in the          manner of internment, and associated
                                             Control of the Oregon State Office,          funerary objects, the sites listed above
                                             Bureau of Land Management, Portland,         have been determined to be precontact
Resourece Advisory Councils; Notice          OR                                           habitation sites. Archeological and
of a Meeting                                 AGENCY:   National Park Service.             ethnographic evidence indicates these
                                             ACTION:   Notice.                            sites are precontact Northern Paiute
AGENCY:   Bureau of Land Management,                                                      sites and burials based on continuities
Upper Columbia—Salmon Clearwater                Notice is hereby given in accordance      of tool and basketry styles. Oral history
Districts, Idaho.                            with provisions of the Native American       evidence presented by representatives of
ACTION: Notice of Resource Advisory          Graves Protection and Repatriation Act       the Burns Paiute Tribe of Burns Paiute
Council Meeting.                             (NAGPRA), 25 U.S.C. 3003 (d), of the         Indian Colony of Oregon during
                                             completion of an inventory of human          consultation supports this affiliation.
SUMMARY: In accordance with the
                                             remains and associated funerary objects      Northern Paiute people are represented
Federal land Policy and Management           from Lake and Harney Counties, OR in         by the present day tribes of the Burns
Act and the Federal Advisory                 the control of the Oregon State Office,      Paiute Tribe of Burns Paiute Indian
Committee Act of 1972 (FACA), 5 U.S.C.       Bureau of Land Management, Portland,         Colony of Oregon, Confederated Tribes
Appendix, the Bureau of Land                 OR.                                          of the Warm Springs Reservation of
Management (BLM) announces the                  A detailed assessment of the human        Oregon, and the Klamath Indian Tribe of
meeting of the Upper Columbia—               remains was made by Bureau of Land           Oregon.
Salmon Clearwater Districts Resource         Management and Oregon State Museum              Based on the above mentioned
Advisory Council (RAC) on Wednesday,         of Anthropology professional staff in        information, officials of the Bureau of
December 3, 1997 and Thursday,               consultation with representatives of the     Land Management have determined
December 4, 1997 in Missoula, MT.            Burns Paiute Tribe of Burns Paiute           that, pursuant to 43 CFR 10.2 (d)(1), the
   Agenda items include: a briefing on       Indian Colony of Oregon, the                 human remains listed above represent
the status of implementation of the          Confederated Tribes of the Warm              the physical remains of thirteen
approved Idaho rangeland standards           Springs Reservation, and the Klamath         individuals of Native American
and guidelines; discussion of potential      Tribe.                                       ancestry. Officials of the Bureau of Land
issues for future meetings; the status of       Between 1935-1937, human remains          Management have also determined that,
the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem        representing one individual were             pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (3)(A), the
Management Project; and range                recovered from Catlow Cave, Harney           sixteen objects listed above are
improvement/contributed funds. The           County, OR during legally authorized         reasonably believed to have been placed
meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. (MST),       excavations on BLM lands by the              with or near individual human remains
December 3, 1997 and be held at the          University of Oregon Museum of               at the time of death or later as part of
Grant Creek Inn, 5280 Grant Creek Road,      Natural History. No known individuals        the death rite or ceremony. Lastly,
Missoula, MT. The public may address         were identified. No associated funerary      officials of the Bureau of Land
the Council during the public comment        objects are present.                         Management have determined that,
period from 2:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. on              In 1957, human remains representing       pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (2), there is
December 3, 1997.                            five individuals were recovered from         a relationship of shared group identity
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: All               the vicinity of Table Rock, Lake County,     which can be reasonably traced between
Resource Advisory Council meetings are       OR during excavations without permit         these Native American human remains
open to the public. Interested persons       by Joan Oswalt. In 1960, Ms. Oswalt          and associated funerary objects and the
may make oral statements to the              donated these human remains and              Burns Paiute Tribe of Burns Paiute
Council, or written statements may be        associated funerary objects to the           Indian Colony of Oregon, Confederated
submitted for the Council’s                  Oregon State Museum. No known                Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation
                         Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 212 / Monday, November 3, 1997 / Notices                              59371

of Oregon, and the Klamath Indian Tribe       Administration of the United States           (‘‘EPA’’) in connection with the
of Oregon.                                    Department of Commerce, and the               Industrial Lane Superfund Site (also
   This notice has been sent to officials     United States Department of Interior.         known as the Chrin Landfill Site)
of the Burns Paiute Tribe of Burns            Under the consent decrees, the settling       located in Williams Township,
Paiute Indian Colony of Oregon, the           defendants will pay a total of $183,068       Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
Confederated Tribes of the Warm               for natural resource damages.                 Under the proposed Consent Decree 51
Springs Reservation of Oregon, and the           The Department of Justice will             original and third party defendants
Klamath Indian Tribe of Oregon.               receive, for a period of thirty (30) days     agree to reimburse the United States
Representatives of any other Indian tribe     from the date of this publication,            $2.5 million in past response costs
that believes itself to be culturally         comments relating to the proposed             incurred by EPA at the Site.
affiliated with these human remains and       consent decrees. Comments should be              The Department of Justice will receive
associated funerary objects should            addressed to the Assistant Attorney           for a period of thirty (30) days from the
contact Richard Hanes, Cultural               General for the Environment and               date of this publication comments
Program Lead, Bureau of Land                  Natural Resources Division, Department        relating to the proposed Consent Decree,
Management, P.O. Box 10226, Eugene,           of Justice, Washington, D.C. 20530, and       Comments should be addressed to the
OR 97440; telephone: (541) 683-6669,          should refer to United States v. The          Assistant Attorney General of the
before December 3, 1997. Repatriation of      Boeing Company, et al., DOJ Ref. #90–         Environment and Natural Resources
the human remains and associated              11–3–1412.                                    Division, Department of Justice,
funerary objects to the culturally               The proposed consent decrees may be        Washington, D.C. 20503, and should
affiliated tribes may begin after that date   examined at the office of the United          refer to United States v. Charles Chrin
if no additional claimants come               States Attorney, 1010 Fifth Avenue,           et al.,, D.J. Ref. 90–11–2–908.
forward.                                      Seattle, WA 98104; and at the Consent
  Dated: October 29, 1997.
                                                                                            Commenters may request an
                                              Decree Library, 1120 G Street, N.W., 4th      opportunity for a public meeting in the
Francis P. McManamon,                         Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005, (202)          affected area, in accordance with
Departmental Consulting Archeologist,         624–0892. A copy of the proposed              Section 7003(d) of RCRA, 42 U.S.C.
Manager, Archeology and Ethnology Program.    consent decrees may be obtained in            6973(d).
[FR Doc. 97–29017 Filed 10-31-97; 8:45 am]    person or by mail from the Consent
                                              Decree Library, 1120 G Street, N.W., 4th         The Consent Decree may be examined
                                              Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005. In             at the Office of the United States
                                              requesting copies please refer to the         Attorney, 615 Chestnut Street, Suite
                                              referenced case, specify which decree or      1250, Philadelphia, PA 19106, at U.S.
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                                                                       EPA Region 3, 841 Chestnut Building,
                                              decrees you would like to receive, and
                                              enclose a check payable to the Consent        Philadelphia, PA 19107, and at the
Notice of Lodging of Consent Decrees
                                              Decree Library in the amount of $12.00        Consent Decree Library, 1120 G Street,
Pursuant to the Comprehensive
                                              for the decree with Boeing, Kaiser,           N.W., 4th Floor, Washington, D.C.
Environmental Response,
                                              Safeway, Halffman and Washington Iron         20005, (202) 624–0892. A copy of the
Compensation, and Liability Act
                                              Works (48 pages), and/or $8.50 for the        Consent Decree may be obtained in
   In accordance with Departmental                                                          person or by mail from the Consent
                                              decree with Manson Construction Co.,
policy, 28 CFR 50.7, and 42 U.S.C.                                                          Decree Library, 1120 G Street, N.W., 4th
                                              Inc. (34 pages) (25 cents per page
9622(d), notice is hereby given that on                                                     Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005. In
                                              reproduction costs).
October 16, 1997, the trustees for                                                          requesting a copy exclusive of exhibits
natural resources at the Tulalip Landfill     Joel M. Gross,
                                                                                            and defendants’ signatures, please
Superfund Site on Ebey Island in Puget        Chief, Environmental Enforcement Section,     enclose a check in the amount of $12.50
Sound, WA (‘‘the Site’’) lodged with the      Environment and Natural Resources Division.
                                                                                            (25 cents per page reproduction cost)
United States District Court for the          [FR Doc. 97–29012 Filed 10–31–97; 8:45 am]    payable to the Consent Decree Library.
Western District of Washington a civil        BILLING CODE 4410–15–M
                                                                                            Walker Smith,
natural resource damages complaint                                                          Deputy Chief, Chief, Environmental
against defendants the Boeing Company,                                                      Enforcement Section, Environment and
Kaiser Cement Corporation, Safeway            DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                         Natural Resources Division.
Inc., Richard Halffman, Washington Iron                                                     [FR Doc. 97–29011 Filed 10–31–97; 8:45 am]
                                              Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree
Works, Seattle Goodwill Industries,
                                              Under the Comprehensive                       BILLING CODE 4410–15–M
Manson Construction Co., Inc. and R.W.
                                              Environmental Response,
Rhine, Inc. in the civil action styled
                                              Compensation and Liability Act
United States v. The Boeing Company,                                                        DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
et al., Civil Action No. C97–1648–WD.           Notice is hereby given that on October
On the same day, the trustees lodged          22, 1997, a proposed Consent Decree in        Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree
two consent decrees resolving the             United States v. Charles Chrin et al.,        Under the Clean Water Act
trustees’ claims against all defendants       Civil Action No. 39–CV–4244 was
except R.W. Rhine and Seattle Goodwill        lodged with the United States District          Under 28 CFR 50.7, notice is hereby
Industries.                                   Court for the Eastern District of             give that on October 21, 1997 a
   The consent decrees require the            Pennsylvania.                                 proposed consent decree (‘‘the decree’’)
defendants to compensate the trustees           In this action the United States sought     in United States, Commonwealth of
for natural resource damages resulting        reimbursement of past response costs          Virginia, and District of Columbia v.
from the release of hazardous                 pursuant to Section 107 of the                Colonial Pipeline Company, Civil
substances at the Site. The trustees          Comprehensive Environmental                   Action No. 97–1680–A, was lodged with
consist of the State of Washington            Response, Compensation, and Liability         the United States District Court for the
Department of Ecology, the Tulalip            Act (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C. 9607,             Eastern District of Virginia.
Tribes of Washington, the National            incurred by the United States                   In this action brought pursuant to the
Oceanic and Atmospheric                       Environmental Protection Agency               Clean Water Act, as amended by the Oil

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