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									Accounting and Finance
                   Degree Courses
                   BSc Accounting and Finance                52
                   BSc Accounting with Management            53
                   BSc Accounting with Law                   54

                   Related Courses
                   BSc Business Finance and Economics       124
                   BSc Economics with Accountancy           123

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                                                                                        | Accounting and Finance

Admissions Policy                      Career Prospects                      attracted grants for research
                                                                             into IT in accounting; accounting
We encourage and welcome               Our programmes of study are           and organisational change in
applications from students with        research led and academically         the National Health Service;
varied educational and experiential    stimulating while facilitating        accounting regulation; and
                                                                                                                    Key facts
backgrounds to promote diversity       students’ career development.         financial accounting history.
and widen access for all. Each            In the third year, with the        These specialisms inform the           Teaching is research led,
applicant is considered on his or      guidance of an academic adviser,      teaching of modules in our             innovative and linked to the
her individual merits and we           students may select an                degree programmes.                     business world and employers
welcome applicants with alternative    individualised programme of study
qualifications. International          geared to their professional career                                          Norwich Business School offers
students are welcomed and have         needs from a range of optional        Professional Accreditation             excellent career prospects with
a long and happy tradition of          modules within the School and/or                                             88.8 per cent of graduates in
studying within the School.            across the University. A large        The BSc Accounting and                 employment or further study
                                       proportion of our accounting          Finance degree grants exemption
                                       graduates take up professional        wherever possible from selected        Rated joint 2nd in the 2008
Teaching and Assessment                training with accountancy firms.      examinations of the UK                 UK National Student Survey
                                          Others enter a wide variety of     professional bodies in accordance      for student satisfaction
Rated ‘Excellent’ in the latest        positions in business, commerce       with their individual policies on
government audit of teaching           and the public sector.                exemption. These include:              Norwich Business School
quality. Our programmes of study                                             Association of Chartered Certified     offers a friendly and inspiring
are module-based with student                                                Accountants (ACCA); Chartered          environment for students to
learning facilitated through a         Research Areas                        Institute of Management                study and develop as
combination of lectures, seminars,                                           Accountants (CIMA); Chartered          individuals
presentations and computer-based       Our primary emphasis has always       Insurance Institute (CII); and
lab sessions. Most modules are         been the link between accounting,     Institute of Chartered Accountants     Our Developing Business Skills
assessed by both coursework and        information systems, and decision-    in England and Wales (ICAEW).          module enables students to
examination, others solely by          making. Our aim is to develop our                                            develop self management skills
coursework, examination or             graduates’ mastery of basic                                                  which are essential for future
project.                               accounting and finance skills;                                               employment
    All degrees in the Norwich         confidence with the associated
Business School have a common          technology; and their ability to                                             ‘Yomping the Nations’ winners
first year. Degree classification is   communicate intelligently with                                               in 2005 and regional finalists
based on performance in the            specialists in other related                                                 2007 – a biennial nationwide
second and third years of study.       disciplines. Our faculty has                                                 business competition

“UEA was one of only a few universities that
offered Accountancy with Law and I really
enjoyed it. In my third year, I took a module
in music, as I love singing. UEA has a really
modern outlook and you can gear your course
towards what you need.”
Rachel Smith, Accounting with Law

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Accounting and Finance              |

                                          This degree is particularly           by economists in solving             Year 3
Accounting and Finance                    appropriate for students              business problems.
                                          planning to enter the               • Information Systems and              You will study the following
                                          accountancy profession and            Business Research: introduces        modules:
                                          obtain a professional                 business information systems’        • Advanced Financial Accounting:
BSc Accounting                            qualification after graduation,       concepts as well as basic              develops accounting skills and
and Finance                               but also provides an excellent        quantitative methods for               the ability to critically assess
UCAS code N400                            foundation if you plan to make a      summarising and analysing data.        financial accounting principles.
A level (typical offer): BBB-BBC          career in commerce, industry or     • Developing Business Skills: aims     • Audit and Accountability: aims
International baccalaureate: 31-30        financial services such as            to encourage the development           to provide an introduction to the
Special entry requirements: grade B or
above in GCSE Maths or equivalent         banking, fund management or           of key management skills.              theory and practice of auditing.
Length of course: 3 years                 insurance. This degree grants                                                The emphasis is on the external
                                          exemption from all foundation                                                audit of limited companies.
                                          stage examinations of the UK        Year 2                                 • Accounting Theory and Practice:
                                          professional accountancy                                                     seeks to develop your critical
                                          bodies, subject to passing          You will study the following             understanding of practical
                                          course modules at a given level.    modules:                                 accounting techniques within the
                                          Further professional stage          • Financial Accounting: studies the      context of a sound theoretical
                                          exemptions may also be                theory and practice of financial       framework of knowledge.
                                          granted.                              accounting and reporting.            • Advanced Management
                                                                              • Management Accounting:                 Accounting: is concerned with
                                                                                will develop concepts introduced       the design and functioning of
                                           Year 1                               in the first year.                     accounting information within
                                                                              • Information Systems for                organisations in both private
                                          You will study the following          Management: addresses the              and public sectors.
                                          modules:                              changing role of information         • Two modules from any School
                                          • Introduction to Financial and       technology and management              in the University which may
                                            Management Accounting:              information systems.                   include: Strategic Brand
                                            provides a foundation in the      • Business and Company Law:              Management; Business Skills for
                                            theory and practice of              provides an introduction to            Managers; Entrepreneurship and
                                            accounting and an introduction      contract and company law.              Small Business; Business Ethics;
                                            to the role, context and          • Quantitative Methods for               Quantitative Methods for
                                            language of financial reporting     Business: used for analysing           Business; Business Finance;
Course brochure: Tel 01603 593711           and management accounting.          and solving problems.                  Principles for Corporate
or email
                                          • Introduction to Business:         • Business Finance: examines             Strategy; Management
                                            enables you to understand the       financial issues from a business       Consultancy and Development;
                                            context of an organisation and      perspective by linking theoretical     Knowledge Management;
                                            its environment.                    explanations of financial debates      Marketing; Social Responsibility
                                          • Introduction to Organisational      and phenomenon to real and             and the Law.
                                            Behaviour: develops your            applied business examples.
                                            understanding of the structure,
                                            functioning and performance
                                            of organisations.
                                          • Economics for Business:
                                            introduces the central concepts
                                            and methods of analysis used

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                                                                                              | Accounting and Finance

                                         This degree is designed for         Year 2                                  • Operations Strategy and
Accounting with                          students who wish to study                                                    Management: aims to equip
Management                               accounting whilst broadening        You will study the following modules:     you with the relevant knowledge
                                         their interests into the study of   • Financial Accounting: studies           and management skills
                                         management. The first year is         the theory and practice of              necessary to effectively and
                                         the same as that for the degree       financial accounting and                efficiently develop strategies
BSc Accounting                           in Accounting and Finance and         reporting. This includes an             for the delivery of high quality
with Management                          provides an introduction to           examination of current and legal        services and/or goods in
UCAS code N4N2                           accounting, finance and               professional requirements as            complex and dynamic
A level (typical offer): BBB-BBC         business. Second year modules         they relate to limited liability        environments.
International baccalaureate: 31-30
                                         and third year optional modules       companies in the UK.
Special entry requirements: grade B or
above in GCSE Maths or equivalent        are designed to enable you to       • Management Accounting:
Length of course: 3 years                specialise in either accounting       you will develop concepts             Year 3
                                         or management to facilitate your      introduced in the first year
                                         chosen career path. It provides       such as cost structures and           You will study the following:
                                         an excellent foundation if you        relationships, decision-making,       • An advanced financial
                                         plan to make a career in              uncertainty, budgets, variance          accounting or advanced
                                         management accounting,                analysis and behavioural                management accounting
                                         commerce or banking.                  aspects.                                module.
                                            The Norwich Business School      • Human Resource Management:            • Three modules chosen from
                                         has a compulsory first year           develops an understanding and           within the Norwich Business
                                         structure for all degree              critical awareness of people            School, such as: Information
                                         programmes introducing                resourcing and performance              Systems for Management;
                                         students to a broad range             management.                             Business and Company Law;
                                         of topics.                          • Business Finance: critically            Quantitative Methods for
                                                                               examines contemporary financial         Business; Audit and
                                                                               issues from a business                  Accountability; Advanced
                                         Year 1                                perspective through the linking         Management Accounting;
                                                                               of theoretical explanations of          Behavioural Aspects of
                                         You will study the following          financial debates and                   Marketing; Strategic
                                         modules described in more detail      phenomenon to real and applied          Management; Entrepreneurship
                                         on page 52:                           business examples.                      and Small Business;
                                         • Introduction to Business          • Principles of Marketing: is             Management Consulting and
Course brochure: Tel 01603 593711        • Introduction to Financial and       concerned with the marketing            Development; Marketing;
or email
                                           Management Accounting               function of an organisation.            Social Responsibility and
                                         • Introduction to Organisational      It seeks to develop awareness           the Law.
                                           Behaviour                           and understanding of marketing        • Two modules from any
                                         • Information Systems and             as an integrated business               School in the University.
                                           Business Research                   activity and focuses on the
                                         • Economics for Business              framework of theory which
                                         • Developing Business Skills.         underpins an organisation's
                                                                               responses to market demand.

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Accounting and Finance              |

                                          This degree includes options              • Information Systems and                 philosophical theory but
Accounting with Law                       from the Norwich Law School                 Business Research                       pre-supposes no prior
                                          and will be of particular interest        • Economics for Business                  knowledge of philosophy.
                                          if you are aiming to pursue a             • Developing Business Skills.           • Legal Issues in Business:
                                          career in finance or commerce.                                                      introduces you to legal issues
BSc Accounting with Law                   The course enables you to                                                           arising in business by your
UCAS code N4M1                            develop your understanding of             Year 2                                    participation in an imaginary
A level (typical offer): BBB-BBC          the law while gaining financial                                                     enterprise. Both the enterprise
International baccalaureate: 31-30        and managerial skills. The first          You will study the following modules:     and product encounter legal and
Special entry requirements: grade B or
above in GCSE Maths or equivalent         year provides an introduction             • Financial Accounting: studies           business issues relating to the
Length of course: 3 years                 to accounting, finance and                  the theory and practice of              EC, dispute resolution,
                                          business. Second year modules               financial accounting and                commercial agreements,
                                          and third year optional modules             reporting. This includes an             defective products, consumer
                                          are designed to enable you to               examination of current and legal        credit, intellectual property, data
                                          specialise in either accounting             professional requirements as            protection, enterprise structure,
                                          or law to facilitate your chosen            they relate to limited liability        premises and workforce.
                                          career path. Depending on your              companies in the UK.                  • Business Finance: critically
                                          choice of modules, this degree            • Business and Company Law:               examines contemporary financial
                                          also gives some exemptions                  provides an introduction to             issues from a business
                                          from Law Society examinations.              contract and company law.               perspective through the linking
                                                                                    • Management Accounting: you              of theoretical explanations of
                                                                                      will develop concepts                   financial debates and
                                           Year 1                                     introduced in the first year such       phenomenon to real and
                                                                                      as cost structures and                  applied business examples.
                                          The Norwich Business School has             relationships, decision-making,
                                          a compulsory first year structure           uncertainty, budgets, variance
                                          for all degree programmes                   analysis and behavioural              Year 3
                                          introducing students to a broad             aspects.
                                          range of topics. You will study the       • Business Ethics: explores some        You will study the following:
                                          following modules described in              of the most important ethical         • An advanced financial accounting
                                          more detail on page 52:                     problems generated by modern            or advanced management
                                          • Introduction to Business                  business practice. An emphasis          accounting module.
                                          • Introduction to Financial and             is placed on the application of       • Two modules from the following
Course brochure: Tel 01603 593711             Management Accounting                   ethical theories to practical           range: Commercial Law;
or email
                                          • Introduction to Organisational            situations. The module material         Sociology of Law; Company
                                              Behaviour                               rests on a foundation of                Law; EC Law; Intellectual
                                                                                                                              Property of Law.
                                                                                                                            • One module from the following
                                                                                                                              range: Information Systems for
                                                                                                                              Management; Quantitative
                                                                                                                              Methods for Business;
                                          “The University has a unique campus                                                 Advanced Financial Accounting;
                                          atmosphere which no London university                                               Audit and Accountability;
                                          could have matched. This, together with                                             Accounting Theory and Practice;
                                          the top class facilities, made it the                                               Advanced Management
                                          perfect choice.”                                                                    Accounting.
                                                                                                                            • Two modules from any
                                          Harpal Chhokar, BSc Accounting with Law                                             School in the University.

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