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									    Knowing makes a difference!
        This presentation was made to prepare you
     better for adopting from Russia. Please choose
       from the topics below to learn more about
      what to expect during your adoption travel

• About Russia                    •Travel to Russia

   •Russian children
                                    •Adoption process
Due to nations diversity Russian
children look different, but
                                      Russian children
equally lovable!
Blue-eyed blondes, brown hair
dark eyed cuties with caucasian
or asian features – all of them are
children from Russia.
We request that families be open to children up to 18 months old. In
some cases, families are referred a child slightly older than their referral
request. The majority of the children adopted to the US are 18-24
months old. The waiting time for girls is longer than for boys. You will
wait more than 2 years when request a child as young as possible.
The more specific you are in your requirements, the longer it takes to find a
child for you. Please, try to be more flexible.
We suggest you to consider very carefully the expectations
regarding your “dream baby”, do it well before your trip and
come up with a realistic picture of the child you want to adopt.

Children in the orphanages look sad and unhappy even though
caregivers give the children care with all the resources they
have. No one can be happy living in an orphanage.

Please, remember that only
loving and caring family can
make these children blossom
and look cute, just
like on these pictures we used
for this presentation.
                                                                  How children are
                                                                   matched with
The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
                                                                    the parents?
   There is a database of all Russian children left
   without parental care and it is the official
   listing for all “adoptable” kids. During first 6-8
   months after getting into the database these
   children are available for domestic adoption
   only. If a child is not adopted by a Russian
   family during this period, then he/she
   becomes available for international adoption.

The CHI does not match you with a child.

 Officials/social workers from the regional department of the Ministry of Education match
 you with a child based on the information from your dossier, your requirements. But they
 put child’s best interests above all.
 The Russian Family Code requires to keep confidentiality of adoption, thus you will not be
 provided with any information about your referred child prior to coming to Russia. However,
 some exceptions can be done for special needs and older children.
               Who are these children?
            • Children who were abandoned/foundlings
            • Children whose biological parents died
            • Children whose biological parents relinquished
              them voluntary or were deprived of their parental
              rights by a court due to:
                –   Financial problems
                –   Asocial life style
                –   Unwanted pregnancy
                –   Alcohol or drug abuse
                –   Criminal or neglect cases

Please be advised that adoptive children come with their own
history and issues. In some cases, dealing with child’s
traumatic past requires a lot of patience and hard work
from the parents, and this is the only way to help your child
to recover.
                                      Very little or no information is available
Information                               about biological parents or prenatal
                                               care despite of our best efforts.
about a child                           In some cases, e.g. when the child is a
                                      foundling, details of his/her birth will be
                                                              never discovered.
You will receive a summary of
the child’s medical history and
diagnoses from the orphanage
during your first trip to Russia.
You’ll be able to talk to the
doctors, caregivers, nurses, and
orphanage director according to
their availability. Families should
come with a list of questions for
the doctor and caregiver. Be
respectful to them as they will
testify in court.
• Can you believe that all these children
  had severe medical diagnoses at the
  time of the adoption?

• Did you know that institutionalization
  causes developmental delays and
  aggravate existing medical problems?

• What do you know about medical
  issues which are common for kids
  adopted from Russia?
 Russian medical diagnoses may sound scary even to a professional
General Practitioner due to differences between approaches applied in
      Russian and American medical schools and terminology.

These are common medical diagnoses of Russian orphans:
                    • Developmental and growth delays,
                                institutionalization effects
                            •   Malnutrition, rickets, anemia, premature
                                birth, low birth weight
                            •   Neurological diagnoses such as perinatal
                                encephalopathy, pyramidal insufficiency,
                                vegetative dystonia, spastic tetraparesis, etc
                            •   Congenital Syphilis and other STD
                            •   Stomach and skin parasites
                            •   Hepatitis A, B, C and its antibodies
                            •   Tuberculosis
                            •   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effect
                            •   HIV antibodies
 Planning makes a difference!
1.   Study professional medical literature (not just forums
     and blogs)
2.   Find good International Adoption Specialist
3.   Once you get the information on your referral, consult
     with your international adoption pediatrician and
     consider the information very carefully.
4.   If you like, CHI can arrange an independent medical
     evaluation by a Russian doctor in the region at the
     family’s expense.
5.   Listen to yourself, talk to your spouse and get to know
     your capabilities for parenting a child with the medical
     issues mentioned above.

          REMEMBER: each adopted child needs
           additional attention and special care!
    Knowing makes a difference!

•About Russia
                      •Russian children

•Travel to Russia
                    •Adoption process
                                            is your child’s
                                             Russia is a beautiful
                                          country, but it is so much
                                           different from America!

Read books about Russia while waiting; during your travel try to relax
  and enjoy it despite of bad weather half a year, grey sky and gloomy
  people. Russia takes time to open up to strangers, but then you’ll be
  able to see its beauty.
Remember it is already a part of your child’s identity, accept it, embrace
  it, celebrate and enjoy!
             The map of Russia
Russia - the world's largest country - lies across Europe and Asia
          and spans 11 time zones through 89 regions.
Russia is huge and divers.

The CHI has its own
representatives from
the Western point in Kaliningrad city on the Baltic
Sea to the Eastern point in Vladivostok city, the
port on the Pacific Ocean.                               VLADIVOSTOK
Our staff is well trained to assist you with all legal
steps and have years of experience
working with American adoptive
parents along with a great relationship
with Russian adoption authorities.

Trust to CHI Regional Representatives
is a key to your successful adoption
                               Are you going to Siberia?

Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk
are typical Siberian cities, mostly industrial, soviet style
and sometimes dirty, but beautiful when covered with
snow in winter or blossoming with flowers in summer.

           Different regions in Russia are like States in
    the USA with their own regional laws and customs.
    Study CHI Russian web-site
                           for more information about
            the regions, including regional legislation.
  Many old cities and towns such as Smolensk, Pskov,
  Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan are located in
  Central Russia. All of them are authentic and
  beautiful with great historic attractions such as
  ancient Cathedrals, monasteries, etc. However,
  small towns in rural areas might look dusty and
  poor because of lack of resources .

The nature here is magnificent,
you’ll enjoy great rivers, mountains
and lands!
                     is the capital of Russia with population of 13 million
                   inhabitants. Nowadays, it is modern European city with
                   busy traffic, fancy people, luxury shops and restaurants,
                        exhibitions and theatres. At the same time, it is
                     crowded megapolis with unsafe industrial suburbs,
                          plugged with police, homeless and beggars.
                        It is the major transportation hub in Russia with 5
                     airports and 8 train-stations. You’ll arrive to Moscow
                    first, and then you’ll go to the region of your adoption.

While staying in the city visit the heart of the country for every Russian –
                 beautiful Red Square. It is a MUST SEE!
                                 Famous Moscow street Old Arbat is the best place for
                                 Souvenir Shopping: samovars, fur hats, scarves, wooden
                                 spoons and of course Matreshka dolls

After a long flight take a walk along Tverskaya street, stop at any
restaurant and try delicious Russian food. Unfortunately, it might
      be difficult to find American food in remote regions, and we
      suggest you to stick with something simple or try traditional
                                    Russian pelmeni, pirogi and blini.
    Keep caution! As in any big city, there are people who may
take advantage of you. Do not carry a lot of money on you and
                        keep your documents in a money-belt.
                                                            Regardless of the region of
                                                            your destination, please, be
                                                            prepared that winters are very
                                                            cold in Russia!
                                                            The average temperature in
                                                            January is about 4-10F, but
                                                            may occasionally drop to
                                                            -20F (below zero) and it feels
                                                            freezing COLD! It is snowing
                                                            from November till April
                                                            almost everywhere and the
                                                            average depth of snow is
Grey sky is quite common, it is actually rarely sunny       about 10-15 inches.
in central Russia. However, the average temperature in
summer is around 65-75F, and sometimes it gets above 100F.
Air-conditioning is rare unlike heating, which is used for 9 out
of 12 months.
Heavy spring and fall rains may damage small roads in rural
areas making the travel challenging.
In big cities Russians often
dress trendy (sometimes in a
bizarre manner). You will see            Clothing tips
women wearing high heels
and dressy suits even during    Wear layers of clothes which can be
winter with great fur coats     easily taken off if it gets warmer.
and hats.
                                Thermal underwear, wool sweaters,
You’ll need to dress up
                                hats, scarves, gloves and boots are
business casual for adoption
                                appropriate for winter. A snowsuit
purposes (formal attire for
court) and don’t forget to      and a pair of tights is a MUST for
bring warm clothes for          children of any age and sex from
winter!                         November till April.
  Knowing makes a difference!

•About Russia
                       •Russian children

•Travel to Russia
                    •Adoption process
 We call the adoption “A Journey of Love” because we truly believe
             it is not just a journey to a different country.
We think that you are actually traveling deep inside your heart to find
   love for a child you are adopting, to find courage to accept the
 unknown and make a commitment for the rest of your life to bring
                  hope, health and home to an orphan.
  started in 1996. Since 1996 we helped more than 1,600 orphans have found their
forever families in the US. You will benefit a lot from our decent experience. We will
   help you, guide you and support you whatever happens during your adoption.

             The following part is about
                  traveling to Russia
Children’s Hope local Russian team
 We have CHI representatives in every region we work with
               The CHI will arrange your international
In-country     and in-country travel, organize
               transportation and accommodation in
arrangements   Russia with the best convenience to your
               adoption plan.

                          We provide you with a personal
                          interpreter and driver from the
                          moment you step out of the
                          plane and for the entire time
                          spent in Russia for adoption

                          The CHI Regional Representative
                          will arrange all official meetings,
                          translate your documents and
                          collect background investigation
                          papers for your child.
                                         Moscow hotels
We suggest you stay one night in
Moscow on the way to the region.
You’ll be tired after the long flight.
A stop over will help you to adjust to
the local time and get ready for all
important steps you are just about
to take in next few days.

                                Moscow is one of the most expensive cities
                                in the world, and it offers high rates for the
                                  hotels. Plan to spend about $250-300 per
                                    night. You might think it is a lot, and we
                                agree, but you will get an excellent service.
                                    Many of our families told us that these
                                                money were very well spent.
              Be prepared to travel from 1,5 to 8 hours from
              Moscow depending on the region of your

 Next day you’ll be flying
   or taking a train to the
 region of your adoption.
    The CHI will purchase
         tickets for you in
 advance, and you’ll need
  to reimburse our travel
            agent for these
expenses. The CHI driver
       will take you to the
   airport and help you to

                                    Please, pack light especially if you are traveling by plane.
                              Russian domestic airlines’ free baggage allowance is only 44 lbs
                                                                per person including carry-on.
Most regional's hotels are soviet style buildings with very simple
but nice and clean rooms.
                                    Prices usually include breakfast buffet and VAT.
                                    All rooms equipped with Russian TV, long
                                    distance phone, bathroom, mini-fridge and
                                    sometimes internet. Rooms are often quite small
                                    to American standards; you can always ask for a
                                    bigger room, but it will double the price.

    The hotels we book for you are carefully
      selected to fit best into your adoption
          activities, in terms of location and
 convenience. There are not many choices in
 general due to poor tourist infrastructure in
        most of the regions. We rely on your
   understanding and hope that you do not
                  expect anything luxurious.
Travel expenses in Russia
• Hotel in Moscow – $$ 235-300 per night
• Hotel in a region - $$ 120-230 per night
• Plane/train tickets - $$ 180-750 per person round trip
• Food, souvenirs, sightseeing – up to you
  (approximately $50 per day per person)
• Child’s US visa fee - $ 380
• Parent medicals at the American Medical Clinic - $750 per person
  (only for some regions)

The CHI does not charge additional adoption fees in Russia. We
   suggest you to bring $$3000-3500 for each trip in cash, new
   unmarked $50 and $100 bills.

It is safe to pay by credit card in the US Embassy, and in the hotels in
     Moscow and regions.

All payments are in Russian Rubles only. At present the exchange rate
    is 1 dollar per 24 rubles (with a tendency to decrease).
                              Time frames
              Each region in Russia has its own requirements for
  international adoption. Depending on what region you are
  adopting from, you’ll need to stay in Russia from 4 to 7 days
  during your first trip.

For the second trip, the stay will be about 21 days (subject to court
  decision depending on whether the 10-days waiting period
  enforced or waived).

               You may choose not to stay in the region during this
               10-days waiting period, and go back to the US
               instead and come again for a short third trip to pick
               up your child and get official documents (5-7 days).
       Knowing makes a difference!

                      •Russian children
•About Russia

•Travel to Russia
                    •Adoption process
                   ADOPTION PROCESS
       The very first official step you have to do in the region
                  is visit the Ministry of Education

Officials at the MOE will select a
child for you from the regional
database of all orphans available
for international adoption. They
will try to select a child closely
matching your requirements.
At the MOE, you will be given
the referral, which is a brief
information about the child,
his/her full name, age, orphan
status, medical diagnoses and
orphanage’s location.
             Usually, there are several orphanages in a
             region. They are located in 1-3 hours drive
             from the region’s capital city.
             Orphanages’ conditions vary from very poor
             to very good, but all of them kept clean and
             they provide best possible care to the
Orphanages       Unfortunately, even the best orphanage can not
                     provide enough love and care for a child, and
                    substitute for caring and loving parents. Most
               orphans are suffering from institutionalization and
               have developmental delays and medical problems.
    At the                          You will meet the director of the orphanage
                                       to talk about you child’s biological family
    orphanage                         history, medical diagnoses, behavior, etc.

                                            Your interpreter will translate all your
                                     questions and director/orphanage’s doctor
                                      will try to answer at their best knowledge.

Write down all the information, ask for copies
of your child’s vaccination, growth chats, etc.
to send it to your international adoption
specialist back in the US.
Ask as many questions as you can, always be
polite and respectful.
           The first meeting with your child
                                                      Try to stay calm and don’t cry not to scare
                                                     your child.
                                                      Do not expect a child to jump into your
                                                     laps and smile right away. You are a stranger
                                                     to him/her.
                                                      Slow down, let him be with his/her
                                                     caregiver for a first few minutes, then take a
                                                     toy and attract child’s attention.

If your child is crying, it is actually a good sign which
shows that the child recognizes strangers and feels
attached to the caregivers.
Toys, rattles, and cookies could help you to break the
ice. Have it with you every day you visit the orphanage.
During your first trip, you will visit your
child at the orphanage every day to spend
together as much time as possible, but in
compliance with the schedule of the

We suggest 1-2 hours per day/visit in order
not to overstimulate the child.
Ask the staff if you can feed your child,
change the diapers, and play outside.

                                              During your communication with
                                              the child, you’ll be observed by the
                                              social worker who will later express
                                              his/her opinion to the judge during
                                              the court hearing.
                                              Try to be at your best and show
                                              affection to your child.
                You’ll have few days to think
                about adoption, consult with
                your doctor, family and your

                When you are ready to make
                the commitment to adopt the
                child referred to you, we will
                take you to a Notary Office to
                sign an Adoption Petition to
                the Region Court.

You’ll need to specify a new name you are
giving to your child in this Adoption Petition.
                             Second referral
Not always the first match is right. If , for medical reasons, you decide
  not to adopt your first referred child you’ll need to talk to the CHI
  Regional Representative ASAP. You’ll have to go to the Ministry of
  Education to request the second referral. If possible, you’ll be given
  the second chance.

We’ll do our best to ensure that a family does not leave the region
  without a child matched. We’ll do everything possible for you, but
  remember, we depend on the MOE decisions. It might take few
  more days to find another child for you and you would need to
  extend your stay in the region.

We know how difficult it is to decline the referral, say “NO” to the child
  and yourself, and explain your decision to the officials. We
  understand that you are making a life-changing decision! Be sure,
  the CHI Regional representative will support you in any situation
  with no questions.
               Leaving your child at the orphanage
Depending on the region, you’ll need to spend
5-7 days in Russia during your first trip. You’ll
have to go back to the US and wait for 2-6
months before your second trip. During this
time, the judge will be examining the case and
social workers together with the CHI will be
collecting documents proving official
abandonment of your child or relinquishment
documents from the birth parents.
We understand how difficult this waiting may
be for you. We will do everything possible to
prepare all the documents for the court hearing
as soon as possible. However, the bureaucracy
process takes time, just like in the US, and stays
beyond our control.
                   Second trip
• Both parents must be present at the Court Hearing.
• The judge will set the court hearing date according to
her/his schedule. The CHI will inform you about the date
when it is announced and usually 1-2 weeks before the
• You will need to update some of your documents before
the second trip - keep in touch with your adoption
• Pack for your trip in advance, get everything ready before
the call – you’ll be in a hurry.
 The Court

Some regions require that
you see your child before the
hearing. Thus, you might
need to arrive few days in

Before the hearing we will tell you what questions are typically
asked at the court. Your interpreter will help you during the
hearing. The hearing may last from one hour up to full day.
The court decree becomes official ten days after the court hearing,
subject to the judge’s decision.
     10 days waiting period
Ten days waiting period for the decree to get into force is mandatory for all civil
   cases in Russia. However, it can be waived by the judge under certain
   circumstances, i.e. serious child’s health problems.
If 10 days waiting is waived, you’ll spent 4-7 days in the region during your second
    trip. In most cases/regions adoptive parents have to obey this 10 days waiting
    period. The child stays in the orphanage before the decree comes into force.

                                 You may choose to go back to the US and
                              come back to Russia for the third time on the
                             11th day to pick up the child and collect all the
                                   documents. Collecting documents in the
                                              region usually takes 2-4 days.
                                             Based on the Court Decree you will
                                             need to obtain the following

                                                The Adoption Certificate
                                                The Birth Certificate with
                                                child’s new name and your names
                                                as parents

Having these documents you’ll apply for
    the International Passport
       for your child which is necessary
                     for flying to the US.

 CHI coordinator, interpreter and driver
  will help you to comply with all these
Picking up your child from the
orphanage is very exciting for you but
might be scary for your child!
Bring toys, food, warm clothes,
underwear, tights and snowsuit (for
winter). Dress your child warm!

                Don’t forget to thank caregivers and nurses as well as the director of
              the orphanage – they took care for your child while he/she was waiting
                     for you. Giving small presents is appropriate but not necessarily.

No donation to the orphanage is required as it is already included into your final fee
to the agency . Though it would be nice to buy something for children, depending
on the orphanage’s needs (toys, diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc., within $100-150).
       The US Embassy
     The process of adoption is finalized in
     Moscow. Regardless of the region of
     the adoption, all parents must visit the
     US Embassy in Moscow for an
     interview in order to receive
     Immigration Visa for their adopted

Pre-Visa medical examination of the
adopted child is required by the US Law with
no exceptions and can be performed in
Moscow one day before the interview.
The CHI Moscow office will provide qualified
help, translation and transportation during
these days in Moscow.
On the day of your departure to the US, our
interpreter and driver will take you to the airport.
They will help you to check in and make sure
you successfully pass the border control, and
then wish you all the best in your new life.
All information in this presentation, including timelines
   and procedures, is for your information only.

Currently, Russia is revising the guidelines for foster and
  adoption care which may cause changes in the
  adoption process and timing. The more flexible you are
  in your expectations, the less stressful the process will
  be for you.

Please, understand that you are getting the most
   precious gift from Russia – its child. This is a big
   privilege. People here do expect you to respect all
   regulations and requirements, even if some of them
   seems odd. Please, show your respect to this country
   on behalf of all adoptive parents who already found
   their children here or just waiting for this chance.
           We hope that your adoption will be smooth and pleasant.
Just stay motivated, don’t be afraid of difficulties and focus on the child your are

The moment you hug your baby all months of dreaming, waiting, worrying and
traveling will turn into your adoption story, as touching and moving, as this one,
                          presented by one of our families:
all over Russia
are waiting for

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