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Admin Assistants Training Daily Procedures Manual document sample

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									                                   GENERAL FUND DEPARTMENTS: Financial Administration

The mission of the County Tax Assessor/Collector (TAC) is to provide fast, friendly and efficient
tax collection services for the taxpayers of Fort Bend County. The TAC also provides expert
timely tax research and information referral. The TAC must efficiently collect property taxes,
automobile/truck and boat sales taxes, vehicle registration fees, beer, wine and liquor license fees,
and provides all the services relating to these collections.

The TAC is responsible for establishing the percentage of collections to fund the current budget,
and to see that collections meet or exceed the budgeted amount. The mission must be
accomplished in the most cost effective, fiscally responsible manner.


Goal 1
Collect ad valorem taxes for all taxing entities in the County to eliminate duplication of
    Objective 1      Provide, on request, information on available tax collection services to any
                     taxing entity in the County.
    Objective 2      Upon request by the taxing entity, following the passage of a resolution, the
                     County tax collector may perform tax collections for the entity. The costs of
                     collecting the taxes are established by the State Legislature.
Goal 2
Issue and mail property tax bills by October 1st, or as soon thereafter as possible after the
Commissioners Court have set the tax rate.
    Objective 1   Work with the Central Appraisal District, the Commissioners Court and the
                  Budget Office to set the tax rate by the target date.
    Objective 2   Encourage the Commissioners Court to set the tax rate by September 30 to
                  allow early collection of taxes for all entities.

Goal 3
Continue to provide the taxpayers with the most convenient service possible. Do so by
utilizing more technology rather than more staff.
     Objective 1   Utilize commercial business locations where feasible as sub-offices for
                   limited transactions such as automobile re-registrations.

Goal 4
Establish satellite offices in other areas of the County in order to provide convenience of
service to taxpayers.
    Objective 1     Establish a satellite office in the Katy/Cinco Ranch area first.

FORT BEND COUNTY BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2003                                                     103
GENERAL FUND DEPARTMENTS: Financial Administration

Goal 5
Continue to automate collection procedures to reduce customer-waiting time, provide
receipts, increase accuracy and ease of retrieval of records, and to enter revenues in the
proper accounts without manual operations.

Goal 6
Remit weekly property tax collections to the governmental entities.

Goal 7
Work with local citizens, and with the jurisprudence committees of the Texas Association of
Counties and National Association of Counties to promote legislation beneficial to all

Goal 8
Finish back years optical scanning. Establish and implement procedures daily work
scanning in place
    Objective 1   Network computers for record retrieval from optical disks.

                                               2001             2002            2003
                                             ACTUAL           ACTUAL         PROJECTED

No measurements submitted.

104                               FORT BEND COUNTY BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2003
                                  GENERAL FUND DEPARTMENTS: Financial Administration

FUND: 010 General
AGENCY: 003 Tax Assessor/Collector
ORGANIZATION: 0030 Tax Collector/ Assessor
ACTIVITY: 1100 Financial Administration

                                   EXPENSE BUDGET
CATEGORY                             2001 ACTUAL        2002 ADOPTED      2003 ADOPTED
Salaries and Personnel Costs            $1,993,822       $2,186,477       $2,218,043
Operating and Training Costs            $129,946         $105,263         $199,867
Information Technology Costs            $2,630           $9,779           $7,342
Capital Acquisitions                    $0               $0               $0
TOTAL                                   $2,126,398       $2,301,519       $2,425,252

                               2003 AUTHORIZED POSITIONS
Job Title                                          Job Code       Grade        Count
Tax Assessor/Collector-Tax Dept.                      0003         14            1
Clerk II (Tax)-Tax Dept.                             0566T         05            2
Clerk II (Auto)-Tax Dept.                            0567T         05            4
VIT Clerk II (Tax)-Tax Dept.                         0586T         05            1
Information Officer III-Tax Dept.                     0603         06            1
Clerk III (Tax)-Tax Dept.                            0639T         06            3
Clerk III (Auto)-Tax Dept.                           0640T         06           14
Clerk III Tax Research (Tax)-Tax Dept.               0652T         06            6
Administrative Secretary (Tax)-Tax Dept.             0681T         06            1
Clerk III-Tax to Clerk IV-Tax Dept.                   0702         07            1
Clerk III-Tax to Clerk IV-Tax Dept.                  0750T         07            1
Department Coordinator (Auto)-Tax Dept.               0814         08            3
Department Coordinator (Tax)-Tax Dept.                0815         08            2
Accounting Clerk III (Tax)-Tax Dept.                 0882T         08            1
Administrative Assistant (Tax)-Tax Dept.             0975T         09            1
Administrative Assistant (Auto)-Tax Dept.            0976T         09            1
Asst Division Sprvsr (Auto)-Tax Dept.                0970T         09            3
Asst Division Sprvsr (Tax)-Tax Dept.                 0971T         09            1
Division Supervisor (Tax)- Tax Dept.                 1048T         10            1
Automobile Manager-Tax Dept.                          1206         12            1
Tax Manager-Tax Dept.                                 1207         12            1
Total Authorized Positions                                                      50

FORT BEND COUNTY BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2003                                           105
               GENERAL FUND DEPARTMENTS: Financial Administration


                                                                 ORGANIZATION CHART

                                                                  Tax Assessor/
                                                                                            Admin. Secretary

                         Automobile                                  Accounting
                                                                                                                  Tax Department
                         Department                                  Department

                     Auto Div. Supervisor                          Admin. Assistants                          Tax Div. Supervisor
                                                                  Investments, Tax, &
                                                                        Auto (3)

    Richmond             Sugarland          Missouri City                                       Tax Collections                         Tax Research

    Asst. Div.           Asst. Div.          Asst. Div.            Accounting Clerks                 Asst. Div.                           Asst. Div.
    Supervisor           Supervisor          Supervisor                II, III (2)                   Supervisor                           Supervisor

     Dept.                 Dept.              Dept.
                                                                                                       Dept.                               Dept.
   Coordinator           Coordinator        Coordinator
                                                                                                     Coordinator                         Coordinator

Clerks II, III, IV     Clerks II, III, IV   Clerks II, III, IV                  Clerks II, III, IV                           Clerks II, III, IV   VIT Clerks II, III
      (8)                    (6)                  (6)                                 (5)                   Info. Officer          (6)                  (2)

               106                                                 FORT BEND COUNTY BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2003

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