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COMMUNITY BUSINESS BANK                                    STOP PAYMENT ORDER                                         Checking or Money Market Account
This stop payment applies to the item which conforms EXACTLY to the description on this form. The Bank will not be bound by this order until it has had a
reasonable period of time to act upon it and has received written authorization. In the case of preauthorization EFT items, notice of at least 3 business days
preceding the schedule date of the EFT transaction is required. This order will not be effective if the Bank has already cashed the item or is already committed to
honor the item provided by the laws regarding check or EFT processing. I also agree that I may not stop payment on any point-of-sale EFT or ATM transaction.
Unless renewed, this order may be disregarded after 6 months from the date it is received by the Bank. This order will be cancelled if the account is closed or
transferred. IF THE ACCOUNT IS LATER REOPENED, A STOP PAYMENT ORDER MUST BE PLACED. If the Bank is able to and does stop payment on the
described item, the payee or other holder of the item might still be able to recover the amount of the item, plus other damages, directly from the person who drew
the item. If the Bank incurs expenses, such as court costs or attorneys fees, because it has honored this order, the undersigned will reimburse the Bank for all
those expenses on demand. That amount may, at the Bank’s option, be taken from any account maintained at the Bank by the undersigned, whether or not
demand has previously been made. This check was not negotiated with the use of MasterCard/VISA Check Guarantee Card.

 ACCOUNT NUMBER:                                                                        CHECK DATE:

 CHECK NUMBER:                                                                          CHECK AMOUNT:




                                                            ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Your stop payment order has been accepted. However, the check upon which you requested payment to be stopped may be posted over your instructions if:
     1. The check upon which payment is to be stopped has not been completely and accurately described.
     2. The stop payment order is not received in time or manner to permit the Bank a reasonable opportunity to act upon the order.
     3. The Bank has accepted or certified the check.
     4. The Bank has paid the item for cash.
     5. The Bank has paid the item and no longer has a right to return the check.
     6. The item has been deposited or received for deposit for credit to an account of a depositor with our Bank.

Checks are processed in random order. It is, therefore, impossible for the bank to determine, nor are we required to determine, if a check has been presented for
payment on the same day a stop payment order is received. ACH/Draft Customers: I understand that placing a stop-payment order on an ACH item or draft will
not cancel my authorization with the originator of the ACH transfer. I understand that I must send a letter to the originator to cancel the automatic payments. As
required by Federal regulations, this stop-payment order must be received three business days prior to our receipt of the ACH item.
By law, an oral stop payment order will not be binding unless we receive written confirmation from you with in 14 days of request.

                                                                                    SIGN AND FAX YOUR COMPLETED STOP PAYMENT REQUEST TO:
X___________________________                               _________
CUSTOMER SIGNATURE                                               DATE                                          Community Business Bank
                                                                                                                Attn: Central Operations
RELEASE ORDER                                                                                                     (916) 376-8421 (Fax)
The undersigned hereby revokes the Stop Payment Order.
                                                                                    A Stop Payment Request may also be placed through our Online Banking system.
                                                                                    Do not use this form to place a stop payment on a pre-authorized debit transaction.
X___________________________                               _________                Instead, complete an ACH Debit Stop Payment Request form.
CUSTOMER SIGNATURE                                               DATE
                                                                                    If you need assistance, or would like to place an oral stop payment request, call us at
                                                                                    (916) 830-3569 during regular banking hours.

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                                                       BANK USE ONLY – RELEASE STOP PAYMENT ORDER
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