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					                          OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL: June 16th-26th, 2011

                      KEEP FOR YOUR REFERENCE!

During the 14th annual Ottawa Fringe 60 performing groups presented more than 300 shows during
the 11-day festival. The Ottawa Fringe returns 100% of ticket sales to the artists themselves.
Shows submitted to the Fringe are unjuried, uncensored and chosen by lottery. In 2010 The Ottawa
Fringe gave over $70,000 back to the artists involved in the festival.

Participating in the Ottawa Fringe Festival

The Festival is committed to giving artists the opportunity to produce work in a non-juried arena.
Applications are accepted into a venue lottery, rather than through a juried selection process. The
only constraints on material or content are the consideration of legality and the health and safety of
all those involved, including artists, staff, volunteers and audiences. The Fringe reserves the right to
enforce necessary safety measures.

                              APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE PROCESS

Entry forms are accepted into a lottery, with adherence to the following geographically tiered quotas:

    50% of the slots are reserved for local companies (companies applying from within
    30% for national (companies applying from outside Ottawa/Gatineau, but within Canada)
    20% for international (all other companies).
    A minimum of 5 of our slots are held for CAFF touring applicants.
    2 spots are reserved for Youth companies (created by young performers)

We have revised our application timeline for 2011. The new application dates are as follows:

    We begin accepting applications as soon as they are made available (early-mid September)
    Deadline for applications is Monday November 15th at 5:00pm local time.
    The public lottery will be held by the end of November 2010. The exact date, time and
     location will be send to you by email and available on our website.
    Only successful applicants will have their payment processed.
    All applicants will be notified (via e-mail) of their acceptance / waiting list status by one week
     following lottery.
    Applications arriving after November 15th 2010 will be placed on a waiting list and assigned a
     venue slot if and when they become available.

                                     APPLICATION PROTOCOL

 In order to be considered for acceptance into the Festival, each company must submit a complete
  Festival Application Form and Application Fee. Please keep a copy of your Application Form.
 There must be one Primary Contact person for each company. Each company must have a
  different contact person. If a single company wishes to submit more than one show for
  consideration, please call or email the Producer to discuss the matter.
 Applications can be submitted in the following ways:
      o Via email:
      o Via fax: 613-232-2931
      o Via mail: 2 Daly Avenue, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6E2, c/o Natalie Joy Quesnel,
          Executive Producer
 Applications submitted without the appropriate fees will not be considered for lottery.

                                FEES AND WITHDRAWAL POLICY

 1-60 minute shows: $600.00 (taxes included)
 61-90 minute shows: $650.00 (taxes included)
 Please make sure you apply within the correct time category. Giving you more than a 60 minute
  time slot, if that’s what you applied for, will not be possible. If you apply for a 61-90 minute slot
  and your show is less than 60 minutes, we will not be able to issue a refund. Choose wisely.
 Companies must submit withdrawals from the festival in writing by January 15, 2011 to receive
  a full refund, minus a $30 processing fee (Taxes included)
 Companies must submit withdrawals from the festival in writing by February 15, 2011 in order
  receive 50% of their application fee refunded, minus a $30 processing fee (Taxes included)
 Withdrawals after February 15th forfeit all entry fees.
 Non-Sufficient Funds: If your fee is returned NSF, the applicant will have 7 days to submit new
  payment PLUS a $30 processing fee PER failed payment. After 7 days, the applicant will be
  removed from the lottery or from participation in the Festival, no exceptions.
 Waitlist Policy: If we are unable to offer you a space in the Festival immediately, you may choose
  to be on the wait-list. Fringe will hold your cheque until we can get you into the festival or until
  you choose to be removed from the list.

                                     FESTIVAL INFORMATION


 If your application is accepted, your show will be scheduled into ONE venue and rotated with
  other shows over the length of the Festival. Venues will be assigned with consideration to your
  technical requirements, but we cannot make any guarantees based on your requests. However,
  we do the absolute best we can.
 Festival scheduling: All Festival performances will be scheduled June 16th – 26th 2011.
 Curtain times will vary from day to day, venue to venue.
 Time slots will be assigned to best accommodate each group, with the final decision at the
  discretion of the Festival Producer.
 Please note: Artists participating in multiple shows assume the risk that schedules may overlap.
  The Fringe makes NO guarantees it will be able to accommodate conflicts.
 Also note: The Ottawa Fringe Festival overlaps with the Montreal Fringe and the London Fringe
  festivals. Please contact us if you plan on applying to one of these other festivals.


 Festival applicants will be informed via e-mail no later than one week following the lottery as to
  whether their application has been accepted or wait-listed. It is encouraged that each designated
  Company Contact is required to have an e-mail address and regular access to the Internet.
 In addition to the information posted on-line, Company Contacts will receive regular e-mails from
  the Ottawa Fringe Producer. It is vital that Company Contacts read these e-mails promptly and
  thoroughly, as they contain vital information about Festival policies, deadlines, events,
  opportunities, etc.
 Information for the program guide and PR campaign, technical needs, and other information will
  be requested via on-line forms. Deadlines for the completion of these forms will be sent out via
  participant e-mails.


 Each Festival Company sets its own ticket prices. Ticket prices must be whole dollar
  amounts only, with a minimum ticket price of $0 / ticket and a maximum ticket price of
  $10 / ticket.
 Single Tickets
      All tickets to shows programmed by the Ottawa Fringe are sold at the Fringe Central box
        office, and by Ottawa Fringe staff and volunteers.
      Ottawa Fringe will sell up to 50% of each show in advance, and will charge the customer a
        $2 service fee for each advance ticket sold.
      “Day of” sales will take place at venues only.
      Artists at the Ottawa Fringe Festival receive 100% of their listed ticket price with the
        exception of Frequent Fringe cards.


 Tech requirements MUST BE SIMPLE, as Festival venues may be equipped with only VERY
  BASIC lights and sound.
 You will have only 15 minutes to set up your show, and only 15 minutes to strike it. This
  Festival rule has NO EXCEPTIONS. Please plan accordingly!
 Ottawa Fringe hires a Venue Technician to work with the companies at each Fringe-
  programmed venue. The Venue Technician has discretion over all tech conditions for his or her
  venue, and runs all the technical rehearsals for that venue. In performance, this technician is
  available, if needed, to run either lights or sound for your production. If you have additional
  technical elements (video, slides, complicated sound cues, etc.), you must provide a technician to
  run these.
 There is enough time for each company to have only ONE technical rehearsal in the venue.
  Tech rehearsals are three hours long. All technical rehearsals will take place in between
  June 13th and 16th 2011. All companies should be advised that daytime techs may be
  unavoidable. If you know you have conflicts during the tech rehearsal dates, please notify the
  Fringe prior to April 1st. Companies participating in the Montreal Fringe Festival will have a tech
  date to accommodate their Montreal schedule.


 Ottawa Fringe collaborates with media sponsors to advertise the Festival, produce Festival
  posters, and print 10,000 copies of the official Festival Program Guide. Show descriptions,
  photos, and performance times of all Festival shows are printed in the Program Guide, along with
  a schedule grid and other Festival information.
 Ottawa Fringe coordinates press relations for the Festival as a whole. We send out a Festival
  press kit and additional press releases, and make sure that local theatre critics are aware of the
  performance schedule. The Festival will also schedule opportunities for companies to participate
  in public Festival promotional events.
 In order to attract Festival audiences, YOU MUST MARKET YOUR OWN SHOW (sandwich
  boards, self-produced mailers, handbills, posters, face-to-face spontaneous sidewalk interaction,
  word-of-mouth, etc.). Put as much time and imagination into your marketing as you do your
  production. The more you promote your own show, the larger your audiences and the more
  compensation returned to you. So make sure your show stands out! Visual presence and
  accessibility is a must!
                                SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES
What YOU do:                                 What WE do:

                                                       Accept applications and assign venues.
   Complete and submit an Application Form            Schedule your show for the Festival.
    and Fee.                                           Communicate with Festival companies via
   Choose your show and, if applicable, make           regular e-mails and on-line information
    necessary arrangements for production               forms.
    rights.                                            Coordinate Festival fundraisers (TBD) and
   Read all Festival e-mails and on-line               Preview Party.
    information.                                       Provide basic lighting and sound, plus a
   Provide all information on on-line forms by         stage tech, at your venue.
    deadlines.                                         Arrange ONE technical rehearsal in the
   Arrange and pay for production rights and           venue.
    actors’ fees.                                      List all shows in the Program Guide and on
   Prepare your production with simple                 the website.
    technical requirements.                            Coordinate Festival-wide PR and marketing
   Provide a stage manager to coordinate your          campaign.
    load-in and load-out as well as a tech to run      Provide advance ticket sales for your show.
    any special technical aspects of your show.        Schedule PR events and inform local theatre
   Provide Ottawa Fringe with photos and               critics of shows and schedules.
    information for Program Guide, and website         Provide ticketing, box office and front-of-
    by the deadline                                     house personnel.
   Market your show actively and                      Return 100% of your show’s ticket sales to
    imaginatively.                                      you.
   Prepare your show and bring it to the

The Ottawa Fringe Theatre Festival is a proud member of The Canadian Association of Fringe
Festivals and follows a mandate of 100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible with 100% of
box office going back to the artist in the festival!
                            2011 Ottawa Fringe Festival Application Form
                                              Indoor Theatre
           IMPORTANT: This application will be accepted only if all areas are complete and legible.
       If you have any questions regarding this application please contact the festival office by email:

                                     PERFORMANCE INFORMATION
   * Please include any information that is available. You will have an opportunity to update or change
   any information after you have been accepted into the Festival. If any information is not available
   please write N/A.

   Title of Show: ___________________________________________________________________
   Playwright/Author: __________________________________________________________
   Production Company:_____________________________________________________________

                                          CONTACT INFORMATION
   (Please note that this is the information we will be using to issue final payments at the end of the
   festival. The contact name cannot be changed once this form is submitted. However, please advise
   us if you have any change of address so we can process payment accordingly.)

   Name: __________________________________________________________________________
   Address: ________________________________________________________________________
   City: ____________________________________________________________________________
   Country: ________________________________________________________________________
   Postal/Zip Code: ______________________________________________________________
   Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________
   Phone: __________________________________________________________________

   Type of Show: (Check which ones best describes your show)

      Play – Drama
      Play – Comedy
      Dance
      Musical/Opera
      Music/Cabaret
      Improv/Sketch/Stand-up Comedy
      Poetry/Storytelling
      Mime/Mask/Clowning                                      Duration of Performance:
      TBA

   Audience: (Check which one best describes                          1-60 Minutes
   your show)                                                         61-90 Minutes

      For Younger Audiences
      Parental Guidance                                       Language of Presentation:
      For All Ages
      Mature Audiences Only                                                  English
      TBA                                                                    French

                                                    BILLET INFO
If you are local, are you willing to billet (host) a national or international artist?   Yes   No
If yes, we will contact you in the new year for more information.

If you are national or international, will you need housing? Yes No
If so, how many people? ___ Can they share a room? ___ a Bed?____ Any Special needs? _______
                                           Verification Page

Please note that your application will only be completed upon receipt of this application with your
signature and payment to:
                                        The Ottawa Fringe Festival
                              c/o Natalie Joy Quesnel, Executive Producer
                                          2 Daly Ave, Suite 100.
                                                Ottawa, ON
                                                 K1N 6E2

                                        Application checklist

      By signing this application you are entering a contract with The Ottawa Fringe Theatre Festival
       stating that you understand and accept the rules and guidelines of The Ottawa Fringe.
      After February 15th, 2009, NO application fees will be refunded.
      The Ottawa Fringe artists are determined by a fair and random lottery. Groups will be notified
       within 1 week of their festival status.
      You may submit more than 1 show in The Fringe. You may not submit the same show, or the
       same company, more than once into The Fringe.
      Arts groups are responsible for securing all rights, royalties, copyrights and union waivers for
       published works or Equity/UDA actors.
      Fringe cannot guarantee scheduling accommodations for actors.
      Monies must be paid in full at the time application is submitted to be entered in the lottery.
       Only successful applicants will be charged. Payments will only be processed if you are accepted
       to the festival.
      Please advise The Ottawa Fringe Festival in writing as soon as possible of any changes to the
       information submitted in this application.

Please sign here to indicate that you accept, understand and agree to abide by all the information in
this application form and the application information pages.

I, _________________________ do hereby agree to all of the terms and have enclosed a cheque or
credit card number for $__________CDN. I understand that acceptance to the festival is not
guaranteed and that my payment will be processed upon acceptance into the Festival.

Signature: _______________________________Date: ___________________________________

Credit Card Information:     Type:___________ Number:_______________________________

                             Exp Date _______ Name of Card Holder ____________________

                  Deadline for Application Submissions is: November 15th 2010

                                       FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Date Received:                                      Method of Payment:
Category:                                                          ___Credit Card
    Local
    National
    International
                                                          Received by: _____________________

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