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									                       Yearbook ADS 2010

July 1, 2009

Dear senior parent,

The Hassayamper yearbook staff is making preparations for the 2010 yearbook. If
you would like to purchase a senior ad for your son or daughter, you can do so
now. This is a chance to congratulate your senior on the occasion of his or her

If you are not familiar with this tradition of showcasing your student’s life, you
need only look as far as any Hassayamper. If you do not have a copy of a
previous yearbook available, you can view one at the Prescott High Library.

If you are interested in purchasing space in the Hassayamper yearbook, please
visit the high school website at and
download the complete packet.

The packet not only includes the deadline dates and ad prices, it includes
templates, font choices, and pages of frequently asked questions. Return your
ad to Pam Willard, the yearbook advisor, at Prescott High School by the
deadline of your choosing. Payment, pictures, and message for ALL ads are due
by November 30, 2009

The staff highly recommends that you get professional photographic copies
made of originals. Color copies from a copy center are not usually of high
enough quality and will not reproduce well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 928-445-2322
extension 215. My email address is Email
inquiries receive faster replies than voice mail.

You can also reach the senior advertising editor via email at


Pamela Willard
Advisor, Prescott High School yearbook

                                                 Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 1
                     Yearbook ADS 2010

                                How to pick a senior portrait
                                  for the 2010 yearbook.

                               *all senior portraits for the 100th
                               edition of the yearbook will be taken
                               in the royal blue graduation gown.

   1. When your proofs arrive, choose a head and shoulder’s
      shot that shows off your student in his or her best light.
   2. At the bottom of that photograph is either a pose
      number or a JL number.
   3. As you prepare to mail your proofs back to the
      photography studio, include a note that says that you
      want this particular photograph, Pose number
      ___________ to be the yearbook choice.
   4. This photo will be added to the website that goes to the
      yearbook company where it will placed in the yearbook.
   5. However, if the pose you choose is not dress code
      appropriate, another pose will be selected by the
      yearbook staff.

                          Dates to remember:

Construction will determine the dates of this year’s senior portraits.
Please check the website frequently for updated information. All
parents will be receiving information for senior portraits via US Mail
over the summer. But for more information, please call Lifetouch

 The best number to directly reach Lifetouch is 480-296-2887. If you
       don’t want to dial long distance call 1-800-450-3866.
              Toll-Free at 888-596-5756, Ext. 2887

                                             Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 2
                          Yearbook ADS 2010

            All senior advertisements, including senior pictures are due no later
                                 than November 30, 2009.

                   How to Order a Senior Ad for the
                    2010 Hassayamper Yearbook
•   All photographs must be identified with your name or your child’s name. We
    suggest using address labels or an Avery label. Either type the information or use
    a Sharpie marker to write the information on the label before placing it on the
    back of the photo. Please, do not write on your photographs with a ballpoint
    pen. Remember to allow the Sharpie marker ink to dry before stacking the

•   Keep in mind that you will need to choose photographs that “fit” our preferred
    template. It is difficult to place a horizontal photo into a vertical box on a
    yearbook page. Please consider this when choosing your photos.

•   DO NOT CUT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS! We are able to take any size photo and
    reduce or enlarge it to fit the space on the template, but we will not cut it.

•   Although our yearbook is an all-color publication, you may submit black and
    white or sepia toned photos.

•   Original artwork may be submitted just like a photograph. (Pencil drawings do
    not scan well.)

•   Keep in mind that while “naked baby” pictures may be cute in the family album,
    they may be embarrassing in a high school yearbook and we will not use them.

•   Please do not submit photos in which the subjects are wearing clothing which
    advertises or promotes alcohol, drug, or tobacco products. Do not submit
    pictures of the subject (s) wearing a bikini or any other “revealing” clothing.
    Pictures in which visible cleavage appears will not be accepted.

•   Do not submit photos in which the subjects are making any hand gestures or
    wearing clothing with inappropriate screen prints, words or graphics.

•   The staff reserves the right to reject any photo which is deemed inappropriate for
    the above reasons or other objections not listed. The staff also reserves the right to
    modify the template choice due to space restrictions and photos provided.

                                                    Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 3
                             Yearbook ADS 2010

   •   When you write your message, please include attribution for any words which are
       not your own. For example, please cite the author for quotes, poems, etc. or the
       artist for song lyrics. If you are quoting, please verify the quote for accuracy.
       Please do not submit copyrighted material; it will not be published.

   •   Be sure to submit good quality photographs and digital prints. Reprinting a
       damaged photograph will not improve the quality. Be sure to print digital images
       or scans on good quality photo paper. Printing photos on regular copy paper
       dulls the image. We recommend having your digital images printed at a store
       with photo services. Do not email images unless they are 300 dpi. They will
       reproduce as grainy, pixilated images due to low resolution.

   •   Digital images must be submitted as a JPG and the recommended DPI is 300+.
       Images from cell phones, web pages and email do not do well in the yearbook
       due to their small size and low resolution. Please email images to: or

   •   Please do not submit irreplaceable photos. We may have to send some pictures
       to a production plant out of state. They return the photos to us in May; we return
       the photos to your child at the end of the school year. It does not happen often,
       but pictures have gotten lost in the process. You can get good quality copies
       made of your pictures. Please take this precaution with your “priceless” photos.

   •   If you would like your photos to appear in a particular order, be sure the selected
       photos fit in the space allotted and then include a diagram of where and how
       you would like the pictures placed in the advertisement. If your pictures do not fit
       in the spaces you have chosen, we will switch the pictures to find the best
       possible fit. We will try to accommodate your photo placement preference.

The early bird deadline is Friday, Sept. 11, 2009. By submitting your ad order, photos,
message and payment by this date, you will save money. The second deadline is
Friday, October 16, 2009. The final deadline is Monday, November 30, 2009. This is the
absolute last day the staff will accept a senior ad.

You or your child may turn in the order form, photos, message, and payment (exact
cash or a check made out to PHS Yearbook.) to room 215 or to the main office.

You may mail your order to the high school with attention to the yearbook advisor:

                   Prescott High School
                   1050 North Ruth Street
                   Prescott, AZ 86301

                                                      Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 4
                                 Yearbook ADS 2010

          Please note the price increase with each subsequent deadline. Plan ahead to
                               make sure you get the best

Parent’s Name (Please Print)_______________________________________________

Mailing Address________________________City___________________Zip___________

Contact Number (Home)__________________(Cell)____________________________


Best way to contact you and when? _____________________________________________

Senior’s Name__________________________________________________________

Student's favorite color_________________________________________________

Is this a surprise? (Please Circle)         YES           NO

If you mark “yes,” we will NOT contact your student should we have a question.

*If you are waiting for your senior portrait to be delivered and will submit it at a later date, (last
day November 30) please check the box below:
        □ I will submit a senior portrait as soon as I receive it.

*If you would like to place the same senior portrait that will be appearing in the senior class
section of the yearbook into your senior ad, please check the box below. You do not need to
submit the picture. We will have it on a disk:
        □ Use the same senior portrait which will appear in the yearbook in my ad

Please type or print the text you wish to appear in your ad on a separate sheet of paper.
Questions? Call the ad editor at 445-2322, ext 215. Please, do not call the main office. Or email our
editor at

Special instructions should NOT be written on the photos. Write special instructions on the
template, which you can download from the high, school web site and include it with your
                 PLEASE PRINT the name to appear on full-page ad border

           (No more than 25 characters) Please leave a blank space between names.

                                                              Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 5
                                  Yearbook ADS 2010

   PREORDER YEARBOOKS IN THE BOOKSTORE AT ANY TIME. Yearbooks are available during
   registration for $50. After registration, the price rises to $65 for a yearbook.

      The final deadline for senior ads is Nov. 30, 2009. No ads will be accepted after this date.

      Please read all instructions before filling out the order form. If you have any questions
      please call the ad editor at 445-2322 EXT 215. Do not call the front office. But remember,
      emails receive faster responses.

      INSTRUCTIONS: Please be sure the following items have been submitted. We need:

           □ order form         □message             □ photo(s)            □payment

All items must be turned in on or before Nov. 30 before we can begin processing your ad.
Please select the ad and the template that you wish to purchase by placing a check mark in the
appropriate blanks. Templates can be found on page 9.
           Full Page 8 ½ by 11 inches recommended 6-10 photos up to 50 words
                       ___ $300 (Early Bird Now - Sept. 11 Deadline)
                       ___ $340 (Sept. 12-Oct. 16 Deadline)
                       ___ $375 (Oct. 17-Nov. 30 Deadline)

____ Template A ____ Template B ____ Template C ____ Template D ____Template E ____Template F

         Half Page 8 ½ by 5 ½ inches       recommended 4-5 photos up to 30 words
                   ___$150 (Early Bird Now- Sept. 11 Deadline)
                   ___$170 (Sept. 12-Oct.16 Deadline)
                   ___$190 (Oct. 17-Nov 30 Deadline)

____ Template G ____ Template H ____ Template I ____ Template J ____Template K ____Template L

         Quarter Page 4 by 5 inches               recommended 1-2 photos up to 15 words
                   ___$90 (Early Bird Now-Sept. 11 Deadline)
                   ___$120 (Sept.12-Oct. 16 Deadline)
                   ___$140 (Oct. 17-Nov. 30 Deadline)

____ Template M ____ Template N ____ Template O ____ Template P ____Template Q ____Template R

   Font Choice: __________________________ (see page 10)

   Number of pictures submitted: # _____                                 TOTAL DUE $________

                                                              Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 6
                                Yearbook ADS 2010


Why do senior ads need to be turned in so early?
Our yearbook plant sets the deadlines—we do not arbitrarily select this date. We need to tell
them how many pages will be purchased. We MUST know the numbers in Mid-November.

When will my pictures be returned?
All pictures will be returned to the family sometime in February. It is extremely important that you
write your child’s name on the back of your pictures so we can get them back to you.
However, mistakes sometimes happen and we have had pictures lost. Therefore, if you
absolutely cannot live without the pictures, please make a high quality color copy and submit
that instead.

Do I need to reduce or enlarge the pictures I’m giving you?
In the age of digital images we can scan your photograph and reduce or enlarge it using
image software. We can take an 8x10 picture and make it fit a 2x3 inch image box. But it is
difficult to take a smaller image and make it larger. We’ll try, but it may not look its best at a
larger size.

How many pictures should I put in the ad?
For full-page ads, we recommend 6-10 pictures and for ½ page ads we suggest 4-5. Truly, the
choice is up to you but remember, the more pictures you have, the smaller they will appear in
the book, especially when you add text. Too many pictures (i.e. more than 20 for a full page
and 10 for a ½ page) will make the ad look cluttered and busy and you risk having pictures that
are hard to distinguish because of their small size.

I want to create the ad myself on the computer. How can I give it to you digitally?
Please submit your ad, fully designed, as you want it to appear in the yearbook on a CD rom. In
the envelope, please include a print out of the ad on glossy paper. The copy will let us know what
the ad looks like. It will also be used in the scanner if your digital copy is unreadable. We use
Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Macintosh computers at school. We are not compatible with Microsoft
Publisher. IMPORTANT: Be sure your file or pictures are saved in jpg format and that each picture is
300 dpi or higher. Do not email photos that are smaller than 300 dpi. They will not print clearly in the
yearbook due to the low resolution.

I don’t like the template selections. Can I design my own?
Yes, but please stick to the following sizes: Full page ads are 81/2 x 11 inches. Half page ads are
8 ½ by 5 ½ inches, if horizontal. Vertical half page ads are 4 by11 inches. Quarter Page ads are
4 by 5 inches.

What types of visual images do you accept?
We cannot use slides. We do not pull still images from video. For legal reasons, we cannot include
baby pictures that show body parts below the waist. Also, we cannot reprint photos that are copy
write protected, such as senior portraits, without the written permission of the photographer or
photography studio.

                                                             Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 7
                               Yearbook ADS 2010

Can I use a piece of artwork in the ad?
Due to copyright laws, only original artwork can be reprinted. In the past, people have tried to
use an image from a greeting card or sticker only to have the plant refuse to print it.
Copyrighted materials include pictures of trademark items, logos, and characters (e.g. Nike
symbol, famous artwork, Mickey Mouse)

Can my ad be a collage?
Yes, but we strongly discourage it. Too often the pictures on a collage fall flat after the
yearbook printing process. Collages must be on glossy paper no larger than 8 ½ by 11. Your ad
cannot be three dimensional (i.e. no scrapbook materials); it should be fairly flat because the
ads are scanned into our yearbook program.

I’m still waiting for senior pictures to come in and use in the ad. What do I do?
The best thing to do is get pictures taken early enough for them to come back in time. You
can contact the photographer and ask them for a proof copy that you can submit. However,
please let the photographer know this copy will be reprinted in a senior yearbook ad. You
don’t want to have the words PROOF in your student’s ad. Another suggestion is to simply use
a different photo from home, keeping in mind that the senior picture will already be in the
senior section.

What name should I put on my child’s ad?
Everyone has different preferences. A majority of the parents will put the first and last names
only. Some parents will include a middle name or a nickname. It is your decision if you want to
use a formal name or the commonly used name (e.g. Theodore Brown vs. Ted Brown).

Can I purchase an ad for a group of people?
Yes, but each ad will be billed to only one person. For example, John Doe can have a senior
ad with pictures of friends and activities, but it will appear with his name only (not “Friends
Forever,” “JD, PK, & RG,” or something like that.) Twins/Siblings graduating in the same class
can have both names appear on the same ad, of course.

Can I see a proof of my ad?
Unfortunately, we are not offering this service this year, so please be extra cautious for
spelling/grammar errors, etc. However, if you can’t live without seeing a proof of your ad,
please email and ask for a PDF proof to be emailed to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All ads must be paid for in the high school bookstore. The bookstore takes personal checks or
cash. Checks should be made out to “PHS Yearbook.” Sorry, our school does not have the
ability to accept credit cards at this time. If writing a check, please write your student’s school
id number on the memo line to help us credit your account properly. Payments that are
mailed directly to the yearbook advisor will be deposited in the bookstore the next school day.

How do I submit the ad?
When you have collected your pictures and written your text, place them in an envelope with
your payment and order form. Either mail it to PHS Yearbook Ads, 1050 N. Ruth Street, Prescott,
AZ 86301 OR drop it off at the high school office in Pam Willard’s mailbox located on the
bottom row of teacher mailboxes.

                                                           Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 8
Yearbook ADS 2010

            Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 9
             Yearbook ADS 2010

                   Font Choices
        QuickTime and a
are     QuickTime and a
      needed to see this picture.
are     Qu c     e a da
      needed to see this picture.
are     QuickTime and a
      needed to see this picture.
are     QuickTime and a
      needed to see this picture.
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      needed to see this picture.
are     QuickTime and a
      needed to see this picture.
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      needed to see this picture.
are     Qu c     e a da
      needed to see this picture.
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      needed to see this picture.
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      needed to see this picture.
are     Qu c     e a da
      needed to see this picture.
are     Qu c     e a da
      needed to see this picture.
are     Qu c     e a da
      needed to see this picture.
are   needed to see this picture.

                                    Senior Yearbook Ads: 2010 10

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