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									   North American Portability Management (NAPM) LLC
                    Report to NANC
                    October 10, 2007
                                   Mel Clay, Co-Chair
                                  Tim Decker, Co-Chair

1. NAPM New Member Sub-committee

      The NAPM LLC established a sub-committee to develop ways to improve the process
       used for the recruitment of new NAPM LLC members;
      The goals for the team are:
          o Review qualifications to become a NAPM LLC member and recommend changes
              if needed;
          o Develop a communications package;
          o Develop a NAPM LLC website that potential candidates can access;
          o Add 3 to 5 members to the NAPM LLC during 2007-2008.
      Results to date:
          o Qualifications have been reviewed, no changes needed;
          o A communications package has been developed and is attached;
          o The communication package is being shared with Industry groups such as LNPA
              WG, NPAC Cross Regional, CTIA, USTA etc.
          o Development of a NAPM LLC website is in process with an anticipated launch
              during the 4th quarter 2007. The website URL domains reserved are
    , as well as .biz, .net, .org, and .us;
          o There have been several companies that have contacted the NAPM LLC with an
              interest in membership. The communication package and membership
              information have been shared with all interested companies detailing
              requirements for membership. To date one company has had repeated
              communication with the NAPM LLC and is process of getting internal approval
              to become a NAPM member.
          o The Industry segments that have shown interest are Cable and CLEC.

2. LNPA WG SOW recommendations

           o The LNPA WG has recommended to the NAPM LLC that separate Statement of
             Work documents be developed by NeuStar for PIM 51 and PIM 61. The SOW
             requests have been provided to NeuStar from the NAPM LLC. Details on PIM 51
             and PIM 61 will be provided by the LNPA WG.

November 30, 2006                   NAPM LLC                            NANC Report
3. FCC Meeting on Cost Causer

           o The FCC Wireline Competition Bureau, Pricing Policy Division requested an
             informal meeting with the NAPM LLC to discuss the LNP Cost Causer petition
             RM-11299 that is before the FCC.
           o The NAPM Co-Chairs, one of the NAPM PE’s and a member from Sprint Nextel
             attended the meeting.
           o The FCC staff questioned the NAPM on how ports are identified and if there are
             alternative ways of handling SV modifications.
           o An action item was assigned to the LNPA WG through the NANC Chairman. The
             action item will be discussed in the LNPA WG report.

4. Data request from the Iowa Utilities Board

      NeuStar informed the NAPM LLC of a data request from the Iowa Utilities Board
      NeuStar provided the requested data.
      The Iowa Utilities Board plans to use the data to assist with the development of its 3rd bi-
       ennial telecommunications competition survey.

November 30, 2006                       NAPM LLC                                NANC Report

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