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									                       Instructions for Completing the Performance Contest Entry Registration
    This form is to be submitted by Local Performance Contest Chairmen to the TMTA Performance Committee. Local chairmen may use this form for their local
                            teachers' entries, but only one form per association is to be submitted to the TMTA Performance Committee.

1. Locate tab at bottom of this page that says "Student Entry Sheet". You will click on that tab when you are ready to enter your data.

2. Type in the data for each box. Do not type in the grey boxes.

3. Use the drop down menus where indicated. Click on the box. You will see an arrow - click on the arrow and the menu will appear.

4. While working on your file, frequently save your work by clicking on "save as". Save your file as Performance_Year_Local where year is the four
digit current year and local is the NAME (not the initials) for your local association.                       EXAMPLE: Performance_2000_Dallas

5. Submit file via e-mail to NO LATER THAN the deadline date published online.
6. FEES must be postmarked to the TMTA Office by the deadline date. Fee payments must be accompanied by the MP Form with copy to the VPBA. An
e-mail confirming receipt will be sent.
7. Fill in the information boxes for "Additional Local Information" below.

                                                       Agreement and Electronic Signature
 The association submitting this form affirms that all entering students have been thoroughly advised of the rules of the contest and agree to all rules.
Submission of this form constitutes an electronic signature for the President and Performance Contest chairman of the above Association. Violations of
                                                      the rules will be grounds for disqualification.

Additional Local Information - (scroll down)
List judge(s) used in local Piano Contest(s)

List judge(s) used in local Instrumental

List judge(s) used in local Vocal Contest(s)

Are any student participants students of non-members? ( Use drop down menu)
List the names of any non-member teachers participating in the Contest.

List the names of students of non-member teachers participating in the
Contest. Indicate if the student is a Student Affiliate Member.
                               Alias for                                                               Contest
                             Student (For                                                             Category
                Number                                                                   School
Association                    posting      Student's Last Name   Student's First Name            (Click in cell for
              (For posting                                                               Grade
                             schedule on                                                            drop-down
              schedule on
                               website)                                                                menu.)
             Winner or
(Click in
 cell for                Student's Address - Street   City   State   Zip   Home Phone
                                                                   Theory Test
Cell Phone   Student's E-mail   Parent's names   Parent's e-mail
                                                                   Grade Level
                                      Fall or Spring
Association where Theory   Theory
                                    Test? (Use drop-   Teacher's Name, Last/First   Teacher's Addres - Street
       Test taken           Score
                                     down menu.)
City   State   Zip   Teacher's E-mail   Teacher's phone
                                       preference of
                                        contest day
Other teachers during past 12 months                   Selection #1
                                       to volunteer
                                        (Use drop-
                                       down menu)
Composer             Selection #2   Composer
           Time #1
Time #2   Selection #3   Composer
                                    Time #3
Selection #4   Composer
                          Time #5
Selection #5   Composer
                          Time #6
Selection #6   Composer
                          Time #7

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