Helping rural China Are these happening in your University or school After presenting lectures in PowerPoint paper based questionnaires are handed out Lecturers manually c by vsh20797


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									Helping rural China...
Are these happening in your University
             or school?
 After presenting lectures in PowerPoint, paper based
 questionnaires are handed out.

 Lecturers manually correct, add up scores, computer
 percentage and record to score sheets one by one.
 Highly paid lecturers doing this time consuming slow
 out dated chore?

 Lots of used papers accumulate. Not green.

 Faculty head difficult to know the students’ progress
 until the end of year exams.

 Learning of English or other languages is difficult.
 Need a better way.
 Current online connection in University very slow.
The five “impossibles” achieved with AGE
With AGE this is possible … a value preposition to MOE.

   1. Easy availability of multimedia contents throughout the country
      Rural and urban with or without broadband , anywhere , anytime, any poverty level

   2.. Empowering teachers to the next level for a greener world
   3. A greener world through paperless homework by all schools.
   4. Abilities to collate students’ performance data for the entire country very
     easily and anytime – an impossible task today without huge cost.
   5. No more this                      but this

       With AGE it is very easily achieved by all developing countries.
     AGE supports PowerPoint
             Students’ performance monitored anytime

  Lecturer shows PowerPoint          Clicks link to AGE questionnaires
      slides on a subject

 Lecturer obtains spreadsheet        AGE password given for module
reports of students’ scores and
  sorts the answers to create        Students answer questions with
             reports.                  their laptops in lecture hall.
         Reports sent to
        Head of faculty.

Lecturer downloads answer files        Finished , students send answer
  from emails of students to                 files to lecturer ‘s email
       SCORE FOLDER                     or give to lecturer by USB drive
    AGE’s Homework Cycle….     Repeat next cycle

                                         Lecturer passes the module to
Lecturer creates the module              students via email /USB drive

Lecturer uses AGE to collate              Students run the module and
   all students’ scores to                do the exercises in their home
 Electronic Spreadsheets.                          computers
Lecturer sends spreadsheet
      to Head of faculty

Lecturer collects the answer
                                          Students send answer files to
   and place into his/her
                                          Lectuer via email or USB drive
    Other free software included
         All links here are valid only if the software had been installed first

   Free Wordweb dictionary
    Very useful when looking up for words. Beats any
    paperbased dictionaries. Run Wordweb (valid if installed)
   Speakonia – Text to speech software
    This assists students how to pronounce any word...based
    on Microsoft Speech engine. Speakonia Text-to-speech
   Irfanview graphic programs infanview
    for teachers to convert and maintain their graphics.
     AGE Modules Management
   It is so easy .. A child can use it.
   Just open the folder and click the icon to
   Module would be transferred automatically
    to the right folder in computer.
   Each module has its own folder.
   Easy to merge powerpoint, Hotpotatoes
    and AGE modules into it. - 1 system
   Each courseware or lecturer can have
    its/his own folder tree. Very easy to transfer out
            Our Free seed contents
                 all free for unlimited downloads

   Preschools – multi languages Chinese, Malay and English
   Primary schools UPSR English revisions/tutorials/model tests
   Lower Secondary PMR English tutorials/model tests
   Chinese Mandarin basic hanyu pinyin tutorials for International
    students, basic conversation and words. Primary schools exercises
   Additional Maths SPM Tutorials/model tests Forms4/5 O levels
   > 400 E-books- instant home library
    Aesops' fables, children stories, Novels, Sci-fi, Poems, Plays,
    Adventure stories, Short stories, Miscellaneous stories.
   Plus many more from teachers, MOEs around the world!
               Click to see list

         Users only need a yearly subscription to
                  AGE educator tool.
     How simple it is to create
          AGE modules
   Just copy and paste ….
       Click here to see video

   Uses any html editor e.g. MS Frontpage
    to help create AGE modules
   Allows import of Powerpoint ,
    Hotpotatoes or other java script
    modules into AGE.
               Benefits to University
   Good complementary solution to existing Powerpoint,
    flash and CD Rom platforms
   Abilities to monitor all students performance anytime
   Cost of implementation for entire university very low
    (almost zero!)- we pay you in fact
      and the amount of expensive lecturers’ time saved.
   Use existing infrastructures to implement
   Reach out to all areas by
    1. Pre- install entire contents in 1 pen drive (5 years of contents)
    2. download through all kinds of speed from dial up to broadband
    3. In absence of Internet connection… mobile phone can be used.
           No need for satellite links to access
   Easy to develop contents by University/Lecturers.
        Go green Go paperless
   Teachers/Lecturers create their own digital contents !

    Entire cycle => generate contents => students use
    =>collate answers = > into Spreadsheets.
                  All paperless

    Ease lecturers’ workloads tremendously.

    Why pay thousands to lecturers/teachers to do tedious and
    manual work and mess up our environment with more paper
    from virgin forests ?
    Read this shocking truth about paper

   Go Paper less and reduce the economic pressure for paper.
    That is the ONLY way businessmen understands.
    Teachers Exchange - can share among each other in our Teachers’
    exchange Center.
             AGE is good for students
              We would show how….
Students can
   Easily obtain lessons & homework . Anytime, Anywhere, carry around, any
    financial situation - Don’t have to look for Starbuck.

    Getting their contents through CDs, online schoolnet, dial ups , mobile
    phones, satellites.
    When this is the case, usage of AGE would be nearly as good as books.
   Save money for canteen than paying for papers to do homework
   Fast learning modules are available to them

   Language learning easy - like English and Mandarin with voice
    Take it home - when lessons cannot be completed in class, students can copy
    and do them at home

   Lighter school bags       - becomes a pen drive.  Future schoolbag
          Schools, kindergartens &
   Increase use of ICT in schools/Unversities
   Overcome lack of teachers/lecturers
   Better overall performance by students (more exercises plus
   Less pressure on schools to have large computer labs
       since home computers are being used for education
   Access very easily contents universally used and shared
      (don’t have to look for Starbuck or unreliable Internet access)
   Contribute to a greener world when less paper is used and discarded
   Able to monitor students’ performance
   Students do not have to pay for papers used for tests.
       (better to spend the money in the school canteen)
   Why pay teachers thousands to write on blackboards and all the
    chores from preparing to correcting the students’ answer papers?
      - the most boring part . Instant paperless and instant results!
    Use AGE in your University or
           school today
   Start now to use AGE

   We supply you with AGE tools
     and contents !

   If enough students sign up, we
    even PAY your University or
   No need to budget! Project will be
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