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									                                                   Crabapple Middle School
                                               Recovery Policy: “Project Achieve”
                                                         2009 – 2010

For all students to reach proficiency of standards as measured by academic progress in their coursework and on the state CRCT and to
eliminate the need for Crabapple Middle School students to attend summer school for recovery of course credit.

Proficiency of standards is the benchmark we want all students to achieve. The state of Georgia defines it in terms of the following:
(1 – below level; 2 – on level; and 3 level – above) on the annual Criterion Referenced Competency Tests given each spring. The
overall performance of students and schools is evaluated against these state competencies. Given the fact that students learn at
different rates and in different ways, our school-wide recovery policy will provide the necessary support to achieve this goal.

Professional Development:
Teachers participated in the Assessment Module provided by the district as well as resources from Classroom Assessment for Student
Learning by Stiggins, Arter, Chappuis and Chappuis on January 4, 2010. Teachers developed and reinforced their understanding of the
assessment process, including summative, formative, and their use in the standards-based classroom.

Phase I: First Semester Recovery Plan
An analysis on the failure data for the last two years reveals that a significant number of students fail one or more courses first
semester. Based on this information, we are implementing a first semester recovery plan to make it possible for students to recover
failing semester grades during the first interim grading period of second semester. This will provide students with a stronger
foundation in the content area to enable them to be more successful going forward into second semester.

The structure for the school-wide first semester plan includes the following components:
     Students failing an academic course for the semester will be given the opportunity to recover that failing grade.
     Students will receive an ‘Incomplete’ for the subject on the first semester report card; parents will receive a letter attached to
         report card explaining the new policy.
     Teachers of record will analyze first semester grades and identify the standard/concept failed and create a recovery plan for
         the student.
                   Example: Student A failed Math first semester and the teacher determines that working with fractions (add,
                   subtract, multiply and divide) is the area of weakness that contributed to the failing grade. The teacher creates a
                   recovery plan to address fractions only.
     Students will complete recovery assignments during Focus class during the first 4 ½ weeks of 3rd Quarter
     Teacher of record will grade completed assignments and do a complete grade replacement of the failing grade(s) for first
     First semester average is then calculated with replacement grades entered and a new report is printed and sent home.

Phase II: Assessment Recovery Plan
The Leadership Team worked diligently to develop a school-wide plan that would be equitable for all students and applicable in all
subject areas. We have incorporated much of Rick Wormeli’s work along with Thomas Guskey, Robert Eaker, and Robert Marzano
in the development of the recovery policy.

The structure for the school-wide recovery policy includes the following elements:
     Replace grade for grade or keep the highest grade (no student will be penalized for striving to improve their grade)
     Any student can recover
     Written communication to parents regarding recovery options
     One retake per task
     Students are required to demonstrate at least 80% mastery on the assignments before a retake is scheduled
     Recovery should happen as soon as possible after a failing grade but can be up to 10 days prior to the end of the semester for
         yearlong classes and 4 days prior for quarter classes
     Recovery will be teacher initiated for any student failing an assignment; students can initiate anytime they want to achieve a
         higher grade

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