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					                                                                    Clinical Research Administration
                                                                                 GRADUATE PROGRAMS

Clinical research administration continues to evolve into a         Medical Writing for Clinical Research                 (3)
global and complex set of integrated research and business          Leadership and Change in Clinical Research
processes. The graduate degree and certificate programs             Administration                                        (3)
prepare the experienced clinical research professional for
advanced opportunities in the field. A key focus of this online     Electives in the Field of Clinical Research
curriculum is the development of leadership skills in this          Administration (3 credit hours required):
highly specialized field. The rigor of the curriculum balances
the needs of future clinical research leaders to utilize            International Clinical Research                       (3)
successful principles of clinical research administration and       Monitoring Clinical Research                          (3)
management to identify and define strategies to meet future
needs of organizations operating in this dynamic field.
Graduates of this program will hav'e the capacity and               Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Administration
demonstrated competence to be successful in leadership roles        (J 8 credit hours total)
throughout the industry.
                                                                    Critical Analysis in Clinical Research                (3)
                                                                    Clinical Trials Management                            (3)
PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS                                                Partnership with Human Subjects                       (3)
                                                                    The Clinical Research Industry                        (3)
The MS in Health Sciences in the field of Clinical Research         Medical Writing for Clinical Research                 (3)
Administration requires successful completion of 36                 Elective (see above)                                  (3)
semester hours. These include: 6 credit hours of the research
core courses, 9 credit hours of professional core courses, and
21 credit hours in the field of clinical research administration.
                                                                    ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
The Graduate Certificate in             Clinical Research
Administration requires successful completion of 18 credit          Applicants to the program must have a bachelor's degree from
hours of coursework in the field of clinical research               an accredited institution with a GPA of3.0 or higher, two letters
administration. All credits hours earned in this program are        of recommendation, and a one-page personal statement about
transferable to the MS in Health Sciences in the field of           professional interest in the program and professional experience
Clinical Research Administration.                                   in clinical research or a health-related area.

                                                                    Applications are accepted for spring, summer and fall semester
PROGRAMS OF STUDY                                                   admission.

MS in Health Sciences (36 credit hours total)
Courses in the Research Core (6 credit hours)
Research Methods for Health Professionals I            (3)          The faculty at GW is comprised of some ofthe most experienced
Research Methods for Health Professionals II           (3)          professors in the nation as clinicians and researchers, and come
                                                                    to GW with the intent of advancing their particular educational
Courses in the Professional Core (9 credit hours)
                  discipline. We pride ourselves as leaders in our respective fields
Issues and Trends in Healthcare                         (3)
        of study and some of the best distance educators in the world.
The Health Care Enterprise                              (3)
        For this program we have chosen faculty who represent the
Topics in Healthcare Leadership                         (3)
        diversity of constituents that the regulatory affairs profession
                                                                    represent and serve in an effort to provide the graduate with a
Required Courses in the Field of Clinical Research
                 global perspective of clinical research administration.
Administration (J 8 credit hours required):

Critical Analysis in Clinical Research                  (3)

Clinical Trials Management                              (3)

Partnerships with Human Subjects                        (3)

The Clinical Research Industry                          (3)

- - - - - - - WASHINGTON DC - - - - - - ­

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                                                   ABOUT THE GEORGE WASHINGTON
Opportunities include positions such as clinical trials
managers, clinical project managers, clinical research                                           •	    Established in 1825, the School of Medicine is the 1Ith
coordinators, and clinical research monitors.                                                          oldest medical school in the United States.
                                                                                                 •	    More than 600 graduates of the Health Sciences
ADVANTAGES OF A GW HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                     Programs are now leaders of healthcare enterprises.
EDUCATION                                                                                        •	    Nearly 400 sponsored research projects with available
                                                                                                       funding exceeding $64 million with opportunities for
    •	    All courses draw upon the best practices for distance                                        student participation.
          education and are administered through an online,                                      •	    Teaching and research affiliations include Children's
          streamlined web portal. Students are able to access all                                      National Medical Center; Holy Cross Hospital; INOVA
          course materials at anytime. Learners may integrate                                          Fairfax Hospital; the National Institutes of Health;
          the course curriculum and the completion of                                                  Sibley Memorial Hospital; the Washington Hospital
          assignments conveniently into their weekly schedule.                                         Center; and the Veteran's Administration Medical
                                                                                                       Centers in Washington, DC, and Martinsburg, WV.
    •	    Delivers a program of study that builds upon our                                       •	    GWUMC provides many services to the community
          integrated medical center which is situated at the                                           through healthcare delivery, health education and
          center of global regulatory science and practice,                                            training with student participation.
          health policy and clinical practice.
                                                                                            FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
    •	    Courses are rigorous, academically sound and built
          upon the most up-to-date principles of adult learning                             For specific program questions:
          and professional development. All courses balance                                 Joan Butler, M.S, Ed.D.
          theory with practical and contemporary issues that                                Director of Clinical Research Administration Programs
          are relevant for the practitioner-leader in regulatory                            Assistant Professor
          affairs.                                                                          The George Washington University
                                                                                            School of Medicine and Health Sciences
     •	   Academics incorporate a variety of media and                                      900 n rd Street, N.W., Hospital Suite 6174
          technology and are conducted in flexible, convenient,                             Washington, DC 20037
          and interactive formats. Students have easy online                                Tel: (202) 994-4837                 Fax: (202) 994-0181
          access to course materials, faculty, health care and                              Email:
          research experts, as well as other students' expertise,                           Website:
          ideas and experiences.                                                  

     •	   Provides an opportunity to pursue a formal, academic                              Mike Steele
          degree or certificate within the parameters of your                               Executive Coordinator, Graduate Programs
          personal work schedule and geography. The GW                                      The George Washington University
          distance education programs are financially                                       900 23 rd Street, N.W., Hospital Suite 6172
          competitive and offers the same GW standard of                                    Washington, D.C. 20037
          education as our well known on-campus programs.                                   Email:
                                                                                            Tel: (202) 994-0826                  Fax: (202) 994-0181
                                                                                            For admissions and application questions:
Please refer to the Health Sciences website for current tuition                             Office of Admissions
information:                                                                                The George Washington University
                                                                                            School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Warwick Building                                                              2300 K Street, NW, Suite 203
                                                                                            Washington, DC 20037
Students may be eligible for financial aid through their                                    Tel: (202) 994-8528               Fax: (202) 994-0870
employers or student loan programs.                                                         Email:


      The George Washington University does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on the basis of race. color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran
  status, or sexual orientation. This policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures of the University, including admissions to educational programs and
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      Inquiries concerning the application of this policy and federal laws and regulations concerning discrimination in education or employment programs and activities
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