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					                            Top 10 Luxury Cars
The travel machines, aka cars, are man's best dream. Most men and women dream about
the cars that they love. In fact, luxury cars have been a craze for years. Do you like to
drive a luxury car? Well, everybody does. The top 10 luxury cars in the world are real
beauties. They can mesmerize you, entice you and make you crave for one. These top 10
luxury cars in the world can win your heart with a love-at-first-sight experience.

Check out what man has made out of machines. Sheer beauties!

1/ Ferrari Enzo: A whopping $1,000,000 is worth it. Ferrari has been a craze among
sports car lovers and Michael Schumacher has added to the portfolio. This car has a
twelve-cylinder engine. Once again, a Formula 1 technology, this beautiful luxury car has
won the hearts of Ferrari lovers. Carbon fiber body, brake disks of carbon-ceramic and
active aerodynamics, deadly combinations all rolled into one

                                      Ferrari Enzo

2/ Porsche Carrera GT: Worthy of its price, the Porsche has always been a heart-stealer.
With the capacity to produce 450KW power with the help of a V10 engine, this beauty is
sure to rock any contest. So guys and gals, be ready for a brand new luxury queen, the
Porsche Carrera GT.
                                 Porsche Carrera GT

3/ Bugatti Veyron: The most expensive cars, as rated for the year 2009, the Volkswagen
beauty is here to let everyone down. Worth $1,700,000, this car has an extremely
powerful engine, type W16 with 16 cylinders in four groups. Whats more adventurous is
that the speedometer can turn up to 400 kmph

                                   Bugatti Veyron

4/ Koenigsegg CCX: Suitable for the US market, this $600,910 car generated great
interest among power cars lovers. With the capacity to generate up to 601KW of energy,
this car is an enticing piece of art made of aluminum. Be the first one to own a
Koenigsegg CC.

                                    Koenigsegg CCX

5/ Pagani Zonda C12 F: A highly powerful car, the Pagani Zonda is worth $741,000, he
third most expensive in the entire world. This branded luxury car is a sheer beauty. It
became very popular at the Geneva Motor Show which was held in 2005.

                                  Pagani Zonda C12 F

6/ Mercedes SLR Mc Laren: Time for a Mercedes now. How many of you love
Mercedes models? Almost everyone. This new one on the block is a winner too. With the
sporty looks, it has won the hearts of millions of car patrons and car owners. Tagged
$455,500, this model produces 466.8KW power.
                              Mercedes SLR Mc Laren

7/ Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe: A dream car for many, the Rolls Royce is at it once
again. A subsidiary of BMW, the Roll-Royce Phantom Coupe is worth a whopping
$379,000. Running at a speed of 100kmph in merely 5.7 seconds, this car is sure to bend
the rules. A breezy car, the Rolls Royce has an aluminum space frame. Absolutely worth

                             Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

8/ Lamborghini Murcielago: Another beauty on the block. The car can be easily a part
of a beauty pageant with all the models across the globe losing their confidence in
winning. A smart and sleek car, the Lamborghini is a two-seater, just the right one for
you and your love.

                               Lamborghini Murcielago

9/ Aston Martin Vanquish: Did you notice the official James Bond car in the movie
"Die Another Day"? Yes thats the one. Another lovable pick. With a tag of $255,000, this
Aston Martin is one of the most expensive luxury cars around the world.

                                Aston Martin Vanquish

10/ Maybach 62: Trendy luxury car, which gained inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz
Maybach, that was launched in Tokyo about 12 years ago.
Maybach 62

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