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					                            IACREOT eNewsletter
A Monthly Publication for Members                                                           March 2009

38TH Annual
and Trade Show
July 7-11, 2009

                                                                                         In This Issue
 Members,                                                                            Welcome to Spokane !!!
                                                                                     IACREOT Eagle Award
 The 38th Annual Conference and Trade Show promises to be one of the best ever,        Meet Michael Winn
 highlighted by great educational programs and IACREOT's unique brand of             IACREOT Supports Full
 networking. Take advantage of IACREOT's new website to register on line. If you        Funding of HAVA
 have any questions relating to the Conference, please contact me at the Executive      A Message from
 Director's office.                                                                   President Bill Cowles

                                                                                       A Message from
 Tony J. Sirvello III, Executive Director                                                   President
                                                                                          Bill Cowles
                          WELCOME TO SPOKANE !!!

                                                                                     The calendar says that
                                                                                     Spring has arrived! I
                                                                                     know it is so in Florida
                                                                                     (already been to the
                                                                                     beach for a nice long
                                                                                     weekend) but also know
                                                                                     that it isn't necessarily so
                                                                                     in other parts of the
                                                                                     county or world, YET.
                                                                                            With the start of Spring
                                                                                            comes the blossoming of
                                                                                            new and beautiful things
                                                                                            all around us. The same
                                                                                            can be said about

                                                                                            IACREOT Website
                                                                                            The much anticipated
                                                                                            new and improved
                                                                                            website made it's debut
                                                                                            on Wednesday, March
                                                                                            25, 2009. The new
                                                                                            website has been
                                                                                            redesigned, updated and
                                                                                            became interactive. You
                                                                                            should have received
                                                                                            your announcement,
                                                                                            which included your
                                                                                            username and password.
                                                                                            If you didn't receive the
                                                                                            notice please email our
                                                                                            Project Manager, Lonn
                                                                                            Fluke, at
                          The Spokane Convention Center                                     Take time to go through
The Spokane Convention Center will be home to IACREOT business sessions,                    the new site and become
                                                                                            familiar with all of the
division seminars and the trade show. A recent issue of Convene magazine had this           information available.
to say:                                                                                     From now on, you can
                                                                                            go online to register for
"The Silver LEED Certified Spokane Convention Center is just one of the many                conferences, educational
incredible new and renovated properties in Spokane. It offers exceptional                   programs, and renew
convenience, extraordinary service, breathtaking beauty and over 372,000 total              your membership. You
square feet of eco-conscious, unique and accommodating space. In the midst of a             will be able to go online
                                                                                            to verify your CCPAP
safe, 100 acre park, the Convention Center is within a quick walk of more than 2,500        credits and credits
hotel rooms, fantastic eateries, world-class wineries, hip martini bars, and incredible     earned at the Annual
shopping."                                                                                  Conference.

                                                                                            This has been a major
                                                                                            task for our association. I
                                                                                            want to personally
                                                                                            express thanks to our
                                                                                            IACREOT Management
                                                                                            System team lead by our
                                                                                            Project Manager, Lonn
                                                                                            Fluke and Committee
                                                                                            members Bob Saar, 1st
                                                                                            Vice President, Malise
                                                                                            Prieto, Membership
                                                                                            Chair, Karen Sheaffer,
                                                                                            Treasurer, Connie
                                                                                            Joiner, Education Chair,
                                                                                            and Tony Sirvello,
                                                                                            Executive Director for all
                                                                                            of their hard work.

                                                                                            Call to Conference for
                                                                                            the 38th Annual
                                                                                            Conference in Spokane
                                                                                            The Call to Conference
                                                                                            will be in your mailbox by
                    The Davenport Hotel and Tower (Host Hotel)                              April 1st but why wait,
National Geographic Traveler 2009 Stay List said:                                           check it our on the new
"The Davenport Hotel and Tower, Spokane's 1914 grande dame, spreading across      
three blocks in the city's heart. Opulent classic design a point of civic pride; stunning   NOW! Why not just go
                                                                                            ahead and go online and
atrium, original skylights. Ask the concierge for History Detective scavenger hunt          register for the
handout and unlock hotel''s secrets. Stroll Riverfront Park (site of 1974 World's Fair;     conference. Then make
ten wineries a short drive away."                                                           your hotel and flight
                                                                                            arrangements. The Call
Make your reservations today - Call 1.800.899.1482 and ask for the IACREOT                  to Conference has the
Group Rate of $150.00 per day.                                                              conference agenda,
                                                                                            details on each division's
                                                                                            programs, and
                                                                                            information on our
                                                                                                conference speakers and

                                                                                                Vicky Dalton, our
                                                                                                Conference Chair and
                                                                                                Lonn Fluke, Presidential
                                                                                                Advisor did an
                                                                                                outstanding job with the
                                                                                                Call to Conference
                                                                                                packet. You will want to
                                                                                                be in the Great
                                                                                                Northwest this summer!
                                                                                                Spring like weather in
                 The Doubletree Hotel City Center (Overflow Hotel)
"When looking for a Downtown Spokane Hotel, the Doubletree Hotel is located in the              New Officer and
                                                                                                Delegation Director
heart of downtown Spokane, sits directly on the Spokane River and is connected via
                                                                                                I am pleased to
sky-bridge to the Spokane Convention Center. The Doubletree offers guests several               announce that Linda
amenities, including complimentary shuttle service from the airport.                            Montgomery, Greene
                                                                                                County, Missouri,
Make your reservations today - Call 1.800.222.8733 and ask for the IACREOT                      Recorder of Deeds has
Group Rate of $134.00 per day.                                                                  accepted the position of
                                                                                                Director-at-Large for the
                                                                                                Recorder's Division.
                            IACREOT EAGLE AWARD                                                 Gary Ott, from Salt Lake
                                                                                                City, Utah, asked to be
                                                                                                replaced as the Division
                                                                                                Director. Linda and other
                                                                                                members of the
                                                                                                Recorders Division have
                                                                                                put together an
                                                                                                outstanding program for
                                                                                                the conference. Check it
                                                                                                out. It's in your Call to
                                                                                                Conference packet.
                                                                                                Richard Stuckhoff,
                                                                                                Greene County,
                                                                                                Missouri, County Clerk
                                                                                                has agreed to replace
                                                                                                Linda Montgomery as
 What is the Eagle Award? The Eagle award is a prestigious award presented to an                the Delegation Director
IACREOT member who submits an article based on an "office best practice". We                    for Missouri.
would like for IACREOT members to share their office success with other IACREOT                 Got to be Springtime in
                                                                                                Greene County!

Criteria for the Eagle Award                                                                    CCPAP in St. Louis
(Your program must do one or more of the following)                                             Two courses this April
                                                                                                18th and 19th in St.
Offer a new service to county/jurisdiction/parish residents, fill gaps in the availability of   Louis. Hope you are
existing services, or tap new revenue resources, Improve the administration or                  planning on attending. I'll
                                                                                                be there. Does
enhance the cost effectiveness of an existing county/jurisdiction/parish government             springtime in St. Louis,
program.                                                                                        mean a baseball game?
                                                                                                Check the website for
Promote intergovernmental cooperation and coordination in addressing shared                     detail and registration for
problems.                                                                                       these courses.
Support the "Green" initiative, your program has created new ways to be                         I'm feeling the Spring
environmentally conscious                                                                       fever! Are you?

The program must have proven measurable results (e.g. cost saving, enhancing
employee productivity, improved constituent service, promote better                                  Quick Links
intergovernmental cooperation).

The program must be innovative and not rely on the application of techniques or
procedures that are common practice in most counties/jurisdictions/parishes of similar
population size.

Submit no more than one typewritten 8 ½ x 11 page                                                  If you know of a
With no smaller than a 10 font to:                                                               member that is not
Bernard J. Youngblood                                                                           receiving the monthly
WayneCountyRegister of Deeds                                                                 eNewsletter, please
IACREOT Eagle Award Chair                                                                   send me an email @
400 Monroe Street 7th floor                                                        
Detroit, MI48226                                                                            and I will add them to
                                                                                                    the list.

Title of Best Practice
Description of the best practice
Objectives of the best practice
Benefits of the best practice
Measurable results/ success of the program
Why your program is worthy of the Eagle Award

Deadline to submit your best practice is May 1st, 2009. You will be notified by May
30th if your article met the criteria and is eligible to receive the Eagle Award. The
Eagle Award Committee will select one entry to be posted on the IACREOT website,
featured in the eNewsletter and the post-Conference edition of gBiz. The AWARD will
be presented during the Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington, July 7-11,

In this month's issue, IACREOT member Michael Winn is featured.
                                MEET MICHAEL WINN

Michael B. Winn has been an IACREOT member since 2000. Michael currently
serves as Assistant Division Director of Elections in the Travis County Clerk's office.
He is responsible for and manages an office of what he says are "18 brilliant
individuals." IACREOT has been a great professional influence and a very important
source of great information and close friendships. The classes are interesting and the
sharing of best practices is most rewarding. Being a member of an international
organization that believes in diversity and sharing of best practices in an almost
family-like atmosphere is a truly wonderful experience !

Michael brings with him more than 20 years of experience in community service
organizations. He has a strong background in public relations, team development, and
project management. Michael has always sought to become involved in organizations
that promotes the understanding of multicultural activities of individuals and highlights
the achievements and talents of all. "I really feel like that is a goal of being a member
of IACREOT." What better organization to be a part of? Michael currently serves on
several committees and encourages anyone who has just joined IACREOT to get
involved and be a part of an exciting organization on the move. "There is something
for everyone and the relationships made are invaluable." Michael best describes
IACREOT as "A diverse group of professionals who work together to provide
education, awareness, ideas and best practices to issues facing today's public
servants." Michael lives with his wife, Elizabeth and they have two children in Round
Rock, Texas. When not working, they enjoy snow skiing and playing Wii
IACREOT Joins Other Organizations in Petitioning Congress for
Full Funding of HAVA

                       MAKE ELECTION REFOR A REALITY-
                       SUPPORT FULL FUNDING FOR HAVA

March 17, 2009

Dear Member of Congress:

We, the undersigned organizations, are deeply appreciative of the funding
appropriated for the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in FY08 and FY09 and urge you
to support full funding and appropriate the remaining $470 million of authorized
funding in FY10. Of this amount, $442 million is for the federally-mandated processes
and equipment that state and local governments were required to have in place for
federal elections beginning in 2006 and $28 million is for assisting state and local
governments in making all polling places accessible and the protection and advocacy
payments. It is imperative that state and local governments receive all of the funding
they were promised to fully implement statewide voter registration databases, to keep
up with the spiraling costs of purchasing and maintaining voting equipment and to
ensure proper poll worker training and voter education in this environment of
continually changing voting processes and procedures.

The lack of full federal funding for HAVA has led many state and local governments to
scale back on their initial plans for implementation. Most devastatingly, initial
Congressional delay in providing proper funding for the Election Assistance
Commission (EAC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
ultimately prevented the timely development of the voting system guidelines and the
implementation of a federal voting system certification program. This led to cost
increases for state and local governments that in some cases were unable to utilize
existing equipment and others that had to replace voting equipment more than once in
an effort to comply with evolving guidance to ensure both accessibility and security.
While the efforts of the EAC and NIST have since been funded, delay in their funding
has contributed significantly to cost increases for state and local governments.

Full funding is necessary to fulfill the promise of HAVA and provide resources to state
and local governments to meet the new and changing expectations for voting
equipment and procedures. Should you have any questions, please contact the
organizations listed below.


Organizations Representing State and Local Election Officials
International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers
National Association of Counties (NACo)
National Association of Election Officials (The ElectionCenter)
National Association of State Election Directors (NASED)
National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS)
National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)

Civil and Disability Rights and Voter Advocacy Organizations
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Asian American JusticeCenter
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
BrennanCenter for Justice at NYUSchool of Law
Common Cause
Fair Elections Legal Network
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers
of America, UAW
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
League of Women Voters of the United States
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund
National Council of La Raza
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund
Paralyzed Veterans of America
People For the American Way
Project Vote
Union for Reform Judaism
U.S. Public Interest Research Group

                                IMPORTANT NOTICE
Recently we sent an email with your username and password for the new IACREOT
website. If you did not receive the email, contact Lonn Fluke, IMS Project Manager @


Tony J. Sirvello III
IACREOT Executive Director
2400 Augusta Drive, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77057