Laurie Anderson - DOC by DocDoyle


									Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson was a performance artist and a major contributor to art. She did one performance that was in four parts. This was in the United States. There were electric violins and a projection of drawings and images. There were constant comments and it was five hours long. “Songs and Stories of Moby Dick” was done with a hand instrument called a talking-stick. These performances were art and three-dimensional so classified as sculptors by other artists. In the video viewed in class there was a beeping noise. What is her message? Anderson acts like an answering machine. Saying, “Who are you and what are you doing”. There were motions with the hand against the light making a shadow. This has several meanings, one is that the hand can be used to put down and block the light. The hand as a gun, or the hand as something attractive, may be what is wanted. This was a new type of language. The USA can be viewed as the mother referred to. Anderson wanted people to think about her videos. She took the stage and acted out a part, but this was to create a new reality. Each word spoken has meaning, the length and sounds of the words are important. They give it what the elements of art give a painting. The length is like lines in a drawing. The sound is like the balance in a painting. She speaks about real-life issues that everyone thinks about. In her work titled “Only an Expert” she uses light very effectively. Even the background of her photos is important in this. There is a simple view of it and this gives her more focus where she is trying to move it to. When she speaks words they are much focused and may sound like garble but it is like a work of Picasso. The simplicity of color used makes the whole work of art brought together better. Anderson hits the nail on the head with a flawless blend of music, words, and images.

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