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									Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry was a post-modernist, and so was into new art forms. He was an architect and had a deconstructionist style. That is he moved away from the traditional styles of architecture. Gehry wanted to create something different. He dealt with forms and space which are key design elements. The materials and environments used were very important. His free and idiosyncratic style broke free of regular styles. There was a use of glass and titanium. The work starts out very practical and a model is made of the site. There are two or three scales used in his work. The site in Bilbao Spain was industrialized and run down, that is why it was chosen. He integrated the building with the highway that made the museum part of the landscape. The Guggenheim Museum is done at water level which means it does not overwhelm the surrounding buildings. Gehry grew from each and every project; they were all parts of his learning. The Bilbao Building was started by making sketches on paper. They looked very primitive and abstract. Then he made a model out of cardboard, which were essentially three-dimensional sketches. On a computer wire framing software was used that could tell him how much each proposed project costs and how to actually make the building. Everything was custom made. In his Guggenheim Museum there are massive ceilings. There are spirals and a use of tan to give some color. There is a lot of sunlight let in. This was through glass windows that had metal for solar control. The metal curved structures are seen from the outside. The sight of outside buildings makes the link between them. It gives the building a connection to the rest of the landscape. There are nineteen galleries on three levels. Gehry had a good relationship with art and worked closely with the artists. There are huge galleries for the artists’ works. The light up in the cat-walk is for performance art in these galleries. The museum also features square rooms for more contemporary art. The light in these smaller rooms was from the ceiling and this sunlight was defused by a plain room. A very effective way to use light and simple color to make the artists works come out better for the viewer. Buildings are Gehry’s children and he puts all his energy into them.

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