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					The Founding Fathers of the United States believed that over time even the most thought out and researched governments would begin to fail. One could not give too much power to the government because then the people would want to take over. One could not give too much power to the people because then the government would have to impose stricter laws which in turn would be viewed as cutting down on rights. These were the arguments of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Alexander Hamilton believed that putting the Bill of Rights into the Constitution it was only giving the government an excuse to look at that item. For instance, since freedom of the press is mentioned then this gives the government something to look at to create an argument. The Federalists believed that a Bill of Rights would only cause disagreement between the government and the people. The Anti-Federalist’s did believe that the Bill of Rights was needed. They thought it would be needed to protect our rights. Has this become a problem today? Federalism is a political system in which national and regional governments share powers and is considered independent equals1. This was how these Founding Fathers decided to organize the government. There was also the chance of a Unitary System, where the citizens would only vote for the central government and then the central government would appoint people to be on regional governments. Then of course there was the possibility of a Con-federal System. The voters would then be electing members of the regional independent governments who would then in turn pick who should be in the central government. This opens up the question even more of who should run the government. The people, the main government, or regional governments. The decision was to form a federal system. There are several reasons for this, one being that it keeps the people and government closer. The federal government can pass overall guidelines to the states who in turn can then tune them to their voters. This also reduces conflict, both in the regional and national views. There were disadvantages to this system too. It was believed that a federal system would create confusion, since the state government would essentially be a middle man. So, since the Federalists won and were able to organize the Constitution and United States Government with a Federal


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Democracy, the Anti-Federalists were able to put in the Bill of Rights to give guidelines for the governments and protection for the people. There are benefits and disadvantages to the decisions of these men. It is up to the individual state to decide how the constitution should be organized. Some states use what is known as a direct democracy. This allows ballot initives to happen and the citizens to directly impose or delete parts of the constitution. This came across to Alexander Hamilton while he was writing The Federalist Number 10. He worried about ……………These fears became realized in 1997 when Paul Allen used money to basically buy votes and have a new stadium built for himself with the taxpayers and state’s money.

Mayor Eddie A. Perez had closed door meetings, this meant that the citizens were not allowed to see or hear what decisions were being made. They were discussing support for a new arena in Hartford,

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