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					John Doyle Ethics 215w Mandatory Drug Testing

Mandatory drug testing is done for the overall need of society. In a business setting it is done to insure safety to others. While one person may be the one doing a drug, if that person has an accident and hurts five others, the drug testing was a good choice for that business. This is taking a utilitarian view on this subject. However, if this issue is taken someplace where there is no or minimal risk of injury to others because of drug use does it have any grounds under the utilitarianism view? My answer to this would be that No, it does not justify drug testing. I do not believe drug testing under any grounds is justified, especially for college students. Looking at this utilitarian view there is no argument that will show how catching these people on drugs will benefit the rest of society. James Q. Wilson is against the legalization of drugs. There are many issues he brings up with this. It would be cheaper and more accessible to everyone, even children. The number of addicts would increase and all consequences that go along with being an addict would follow in this increase. The productivity across the nation would go down because of drug use. He discusses the war on drugs and how there has been some success in this but more has to be gained. Legalizing drugs would not solve the problem but only give these people access to these drugs they are trying to get away from. There are only a certain number of people who use drugs. If drugs were legalized this number would grow exponentially. There are many gains that have been


accomplished over the years in this war. The number of addicts has not changed and this shows success. According to Wilson drug testing is something important that must be done for the better of society. Douglas N. Hasak says that there is a moral right to use drugs. Drugs are used recreationally at times during activities such as spring cleaning. This does not harm anyone. Now, legalizing drugs may not be the issue. But there is no reason to drug test college students who will not be out to harm anyone. The jails are already crowded enough and there does not need to be more petty criminals because of small drug charges. This war on drugs that has been declared is probably just a reaction to the bad spot America is in at this time. There has to be something to blame and drugs are easy. The conclusion that adult use of recreational drugs is protected by a moral right does not entail that drug use is beyond moral reproach. (Husak, 329) In conclusion here drug testing is unethical for certain people. It is not right. The main drug that will be found in a person’s system during a drug test will be marijuana. There is minimal harm concerned with this drug compared to many many others. Those others are which will not show up at all. Therefore drug testing is irrelevant. It is so easy to fool these tests and the drugs that are the most harmful are out of a person’s system within hours. If there were a way to find harmful drugs such as cocaine after an extended period of time then drug testing would be ok. But there isn’t, cocaine is out of your system within days. And so drug testing college students would do nothing more but to catch all those who smoked a little bit of pot during the summer and nothing to curb harder drug use.


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