Writ of Removal-Polk County by davidvine


									INFORMATION FOR SERVICE OF WRITS OF REMOVAL We in the sheriff’s office understand the urgency in the service of Writs of Removal. We appreciate the cooperation we have had from landlords in the past. We hope this will be an aid to those who are not familiar with our policy of service. When the deputy receives a writ he or she will contact the plaintiff or his attorney and set up a time to execute the writ. This time and date will be determined by the workload in each deputy’s area, usually this is no longer than 3 days. The deputy will then go to the property listed and advise the residents they have to vacate the premises by a certain date. We feel that this is about 80% effective in getting people to move themselves, which reduces the expense of the landlord. The deputies are there to keep the peace, not to physically move the people out. If the landlord starts the process prior to the arrival of the deputy then the deputy will assume that the property has been returned to the landlord and the deputy is no longer needed. The landlord will supply: 1. At least three able bodied people, or more if the job requires it. 2. Several boxes and plastic bags. 3. Materials to secure the premises. 4. If there are vehicles on the premises they must be removed. If the landlord is unable to supply enough people for the job, then the writ will be temporarily set aside until such time as the Deputy can reschedule it and more help can be obtained. If for some reason the deputy is unable to contact the plaintiff then the Writ will be returned to the Clerk’s office after 30 days have elapsed from the time of issuance and will have to be re-issued at a later date. Thank you for your assistance Bill Cromer Manager Civil Division

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