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					Blender (The Most Powerfull 3D Animation Tools)

Blender, it’s remember me with a tools in my kitchen. Yeah, it has same name with that. But in
this case Blender is one of the free software that can make 3D image with many feature. If
you ever use 3DstudioMAX, MAYA, or Lightwave, yeah, this software have same function with
that. Blender was made by Ton Roosendaal, and in 2007 established the Blender Institute to
coordinate and facilitate Open Projects related to 3D movies, games or visual effects. in April
2008 the Peach Project, open movie "Big Buck Bunny", was completed in the Blender
Institute. Currently the open game Apricot is being in development. The official website of
Blender is I think that Blender is great, it looks from more feature
and the advantages that come with blender.

The excellence of Blender is :
This is the first best point that I means. Because you can get blender for free, without
payment for licence. And I think blender have good expectation in animation industry.

I say like that because, you can work for fast and eficient with combination between keyboard
and mouse. For beginner, you will feel hardly, but with try to spend a little time by using
blender you will get a new experience, and that’s FUN.

Like other 3D software, blender can use to make 3D movie, game, 2D/3D animation, and
visual effect. From some function that blender have, I like using blender for making game.
Blender have internal game engine with Python as core programming. So easy and once
again that’s FUN.

This is also one of the best excellence of blender. With Python as base programming, and
blender was made using Python, so blender have small installer and installed package. As
you know that, for the newer version of blender 2.48 on Windows Operating System have
installer as executable file about 9 MB and 13 MB in zip file.
You can compare with other comercial 3D software that have big size in your hard disk.

5.Cross Platform
Blender can run with many Operating System, that is Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS
X, Solaris, and Irix. A something that can not found in other 3D Software.

6.Compatible with Old Machine
With the small size and many feature inside, blender can run on OLD MACHINE. For
example, I using blender in my PC with specification : Intel Pentium III 450MHz, 256MB of
RAM, Radeon 9200 grphic adapeter, 40 GB of HDD, and CDRW. You can imagine and
compare my spec with your computer. So OLD. And you can compare with other 3D software
that need big resources .

So, don’t wait until tomorrow, Lets Blending Your Imagination with BLENDER..!!!

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Description: The most powerfull of 3D Animation Tools. it's free, light, costumizeable, and multifunction.