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					Chicago Movers - Checks Performed By Rental Companies

When you head to employ or rent any car, you'll find that it would have been through a
thorough check. The rental company will have a check list of the car or van which you're
about to rent. I have gathered a list of checks which the rental company will go through
before and after the car van or truck is rented. When you collect the car van or truck, it
might have had a valet and would generally be in excellent condition. Most vehicles are
under a year old.

Exterior checks

Front windscreen
Rear windscreen
Windows - this would include things like all fixed and door windows
Drivers Headlamp
Passenger Headlamp
Driver side indicator
Passenger side indicator
Also any indicators which may be fitted to the vehicle as this will likely differ
Driver’s side tail lamp
Passenger side tail lamp
Driver door mirror
Passenger door mirror
Front grille
Boot lid
All doors
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Driver side tyre
Driver side rear tyre
Passenger front tyre
Passenger side rear tyre
Spare tyre
Drivers side front wheel trim or alloy
Driver side rear wheel trim or alloy
Passenger side front wheel trim or alloy
Passenger side rear wheel trim or alloy

Interior Items Checked
Radio or CD player
Boot carpets
Floor mats
Parcel shelf if fitted
Driver side door trim or panel front
Driver’s side door trim or panel rear
Passenger side door trim or panel front
Passenger side door trim or panel rear
Driver’s seat
Passenger seat
Rear seat
Tool kit and car jack
Drivers hand book
Also any attachments including cup holders or satellite navigation systems.

Once you've been presented the car that you are planning to rent, it is highly advisable to
check out the vehicle yourself for any defects and to point them out to the sales person.
Always ask the advisor to note down any points which you've found, by doing this you
can dispute any damage at a later date.

As the majority of the check lists are greatly standard, it's not fairly often any items are

The assistant will also tell you about the type of fuel which the vehicle that you are
renting utilizes, this may either be petrol or diesel. Make sure not to fill up with the
wrong type of fuel. When you open the fuel flap, you'll be reminded also what fuel to

Some rental companies supply cars with a full tank of fuel - this could be very convenient
because you might be in a rush to get on with your journey. But at all times remember to
return the car van or truck with a full tank of fuel as well. The reason why is simply
because the hire company might charge you additional prices compared to high street

When booking, you may ask for a car which is automatic or manual transmission , this
generally depends upon the type of car they have. Most prestigious cars have automatic
transmission compared to the small to medium cars.

Customers ought to also ask about the level of insurance that is covered when they rent.
In a lot of cases, the insurance will not cover for missing wheel trims or damaged alloys
petrol caps, tools, or the spare wheel, it might not cover electric aerial damage, glass or
tyres. Generally it'll not cover accidental damage or negligent damage. You will always
be charged for cigarette burns.

Yet another thing to bring up is to return your car, truck or van in a clean condition. You
may get charged to valet the returned car if it's found to be overly filthy. The price of
cleaning can vary. Once it has been fully cleaned, it will be examined once more and any
damage will be charged to you.

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