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					Course Catalog
fashion passion beauty style art expression wellness fun
Develop your
Natural Talents.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to express
your creativity and establish a solid professional
career, look no further. Come to the Aveda Institute
and let yourself grow.

02   03
                                                             04 Areas of Study
                                                             04 Career Opportunities
                                                             06 Cosmetology Program
                                                             10 Esthiology Program
                                                             14 About the Institute
                                                             15 Admissions
                                                             16 Schedule, Tuition

The Institute Mission                                           and Administrative Staff
                                                             18 Sources of Financial Assistance
The Aveda Institute’s mission is to provide a quality        19 Student Services
professional education by:                                   20 Academic Information
> creating an environment of trust and respect               21 Graduation
> encouraging a commitment to teamwork                          and Licensing Requirements
> promoting personal and professional development            22 Policies and Standards
> inspiring the continuous quest for knowledge and growth    26 Cancellation and Refund Policies
By supporting our students in this manner, we enable them    28 Ten Commitments for Excellence
to provide service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.   29 The Founder

                                                                    Date of Publication August 2008
Areas                               Career
of Study                            Opportunities

Cosmetology                         Salon/Spa Industry                       Education & Other Fields
Explore the latest styles and       hair stylist                             educator
techniques in hair cutting and      esthetician                              educational director for a product
styling, skin care, nail care and   makeup artist                              manufacturer
makeup.                             manicurist                               consultant/trainer
                                    sales representative                     school owner
Esthiology                          permanent waving specialist              freelance makeup artist
Learn specialized techniques to     hair coloring specialist                 stylist or makeup artist for film,
purify, balance and renew the       salon/spa manager                          theater, fashion or print
skin.                               salon/spa owner

                                    Your training will encompass three types of learning:
                                    Theoretical knowledge, the foundation of your education.
                                    Practical experience, the application of your knowledge.
                                    Professional business-building skills, vital for your success.
                                    Each phase of your education will emphasize a different
                                    combination of learning approaches.

04   05
                    210 Days (approx. 70 weeks)
                  Monday, Wednesday, Friday or
                     Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
          8:00a.m. – 6:45p.m. (10 hours each day)

06   07
Express your creativity and talent in hair, skin and nail
care and makeup application. Our cosmetology course
incorporates 1,335 hours of extensive hands-on learning
to provide you a complete understanding of beauty and
wellness. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to succeed as
a licensed cosmetologist.

Introduction/Alpha Unit                        Beta I and Beta II                     Gamma I and Gamma II
You’ll start by learning the                   Unlock your creativity as you          Get ready to launch your career
fundamentals of cutting, styling               explore the latest trends and          with in-depth training in client
and chemical restructuring of hair;            techniques in hair cutting, styling,   service, time management, self-pro-
skin and nail care; makeup; and                coloring, permanent waving and         motion, goal-setting, merchandising
the related sciences. Lectures,                chemical restructuring. Time in        and entrepreneurship. Your speed,
demonstrations and workshops                   the clinic allows you to become        accuracy and concentration are
concentrate on developing skill                increasingly confident in your         now ready for the salon. You can
and accuracy and reinforcing                   professional abilities, and you        demonstrate competency in all tasks
classroom knowledge. You’ll be                 begin to learn vital employment        required for the skill certification
introduced to retailing, client                and career-advancing skills such       examination, and possess the
servicing and personal development             as successful interviewing and         theoretical knowledge you need
skills. This unit also covers state            resume writing.                        to pass the written examination
safety requirements.                                                                  required by Aveda Institute Des
                                                                                      Moines and the State of Iowa for
                                                                                      licensure. It’s time to realize your
                                                                                      dreams as a salon professional.

Intro/Alpha                                    Beta I/Beta II                         Gamma I and II/Salon Life
60 Days                                        60 Days                                90 Days
Classroom: 360 hours                           Classroom: 180 hours                   Classroom: 225 hours
Clinic: 240 hours                              Clinic: 420 hours                      Clinic: 675 hours
          Curriculum Overview   Cosmetology
                                An Aveda Institute education is rigorous and
                                thorough. Throughout the Cosmetology program,
                                you’ll cover the following topics in varying levels
                                of depth and detail, giving you an exceptional
                                foundation for your professional career.

08   09
Plant Aromaology™             Hair Styling                          corrective coloring
history of aromaology         wet styling                           contemporary techniques
therapeutic effects           fingerwaving                          one dimensional
custom testing and blending   pin curl techniques                   multidimensional
psychology of aroma           roller curls                          foils
methods of application        comb out techniques                   bleach/tone
sensory journey               artistry in hair styling              Skin Care
personal blends               thermal styling                       histology
                              conventional thermal (marcel) irons   disorders
                              electric thermal irons                facials
scalp and hair analysis
                              blow-dry styling                      cleansing
infection control             Hair Cutting                          treatment
sanitation/sterilization      implements and techniques             Makeup
ingredient analysis           sectioning                            color theory
skin disorders                scissors                              contoured and natural
universal precautions         clippers                                makeup application
                              razors                                subtle and dramatic application
Anatomy & Physiology
                              client consultation
cells, tissue and organs                                            Nail Care
muscular system               Permanent Restructuring               manicures/pedicures
nervous system                history of permanent waving           nail design and artistry
circulatory system            chemistry of solutions                massage techniques for hands,
endocrine system              pre-perm analysis                      arms and feet
excretory system              rod selection
respiratory system            perming techniques                    State Rules and Regulations
digestive system              custom perm design and wrapping       Iowa laws and rules
nutrition                                                           safety and sanitation requirements
                              Chemical Hair Relaxing/
Shampooing/Conditioning       Restructuring                         Personal/Career Development
product analysis              product analysis                      time management
procedures/techniques         client hair analysis                  goal-setting
draping for wet and dry       application techniques                team building
  chemical services           equipment, implements and materials   communication
selecting correct shampoo/                                          cover letter/resume writing
                              Hair Coloring                         interview techniques
                              color theory                          job requirements
                              classifications of hair color         employee benefits and wages
                              product analysis
                    60 Days (approx 20 weeks)
                   Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
          8:00a.m.-6:45p.m. (10 hours each day)

10   11
Prepare for an exciting future in skin care
with Aveda Institute Des Moines. Our
Esthiology curriculum provides 600 hours
of skin care training with an emphasis on
using pure flower and plant essences in
treatments. Upon completion, you’ll be
ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician.

                                     PHASES (TWO PHASES)
                                     Introduction                         Alpha
                                     Learn the fundamentals of            Apply your knowledge through
                                     dermanalysis, facial manipula-       clinic experiences while you
                                     tions and equipment and plant        increase your understanding
                                     aromaology™ as you study the         in the classroom. In this unit,
                                     related sciences of anatomy and      you’ll refine your skills and
                                     histology, along with state safety   gain the expertise you need
                                     requirements. Combining theo-        to meet the Aveda Institute’s
                                     retical knowledge and hands-on       skin care and makeup service
                                     experience, this unit puts you on    standards and state safety
                                     your way to a career in skin care.   requirements.

                                     Introduction Phase                   Alpha Phase
                                     30 Days                              30 Days
                                     Classroom: 210 hours                 Classroom: 55 hours
                                     Clinic: 90 hours                     Clinic: 245 hours
          Curriculum Overview   Esthiology
                                An Aveda Institute education is rigor-
                                ous and thorough. Throughout the
                                Esthiology program, you’ll cover the
                                following topics in varying levels of
                                depth and detail, giving you an excep-
                                tional foundation for your professional

12   13
Anatomy & Physiology               Clinic Practice
cells, tissue and organs           clinic set-up
muscular system                    sanitation
nervous system                     time management
circulatory system                 daily goals
endocrine system
excretory system
                                   Aveda product systems
respiratory system
                                   facial treatments
digestive system
                                   full body waxing
Chemistry                          methods of hair removal
                                   Personal/Career Development
safety and sanitation procedures
                                   resume writing
ingredient analysis
                                   interview process
skin disorders
                                   responsibilities of employment
universal precautions
                                   salary plans, benefits and
Makeup                             client retention
color theory                       retail strategies
contoured and classic makeup       incentives
  applications                     listening and communication
dramatic and subtle look           personal development
lash application
                                   State Rules and Regulations
Plant Aromaology™                  Iowa laws and rules
history of plant aromaology        safety and sanitation requirements
psychology of aroma
therapeutic effect
custom testing and blending
methods of application

Facial Massage
relaxation through massage
detoxification massage for
  lymphatic stimulation
basic touch
facial massage
          Aveda Institute
          This is the place!
          Located in the Jordan Creek Town Center,
          the Aveda Institute Des Moines is the ideal
          setting for your professional education.

          Guest Service Areas                           Resource Library and
          A diverse array of clients come to the        Administrative Offices
          Aveda Institute for beauty and well-          A resource library has books on styling,
          ness services. As a student, you will         motivation, health and wellness for your
          have the opportunity to perform a             reference. Team leaders and admissions
          spectrum of hair, skin and nail services      personnel are also available to respond
          in a virtual salon setting, under the         to your questions and concerns.
          supervision of your instructors.

          Student Classrooms                            Aveda Experience Center
          Classrooms of all sizes have been             A retail center for Aveda hair, skin, flow-
          designed to provide the proper                er and plant Pure-Fume™ and body care,
          environment for different types of            makeup and lifestyle products. The store
          learning and activities.                      gives you the opportunity to practice
                                                        your client service and retailing skills.

14   15
 Are you ready to begin?
 If you’re excited about the prospect
 of training at the Aveda Institute, here’s
 all you have to do to get started.

1 Have an informational interview             You will receive a written notice
  with an Admissions Representative.          of acceptance or rejection.

2 Submit a letter of intent describing        Transfer Students
  your reasons and goals for enrolling        Applicants for transfer into
  in the program.                             cosmetology and esthiology are
                                              considered on an individual basis.
3 Submit a letter of recommendation.
  (from someone other than a family           Aveda Institute may, at its
  member).                                    discretion, refuse transfers if
                                              admission requirements, including
4 Submit a copy of your high school
                                              tuition, cannot be met.
  diploma or transcripts or a copy of your
  General Education Diploma(GED).             The Aveda Institute, in its admissions,
                                              instruction and graduation policies,
5 Submit a completed enrollment applica-
                                              practices no discrimination on the
  tion (to be provided by your Admissions
                                              basis of race, religion, color, financial
  Representative) with a non-refundable
                                              status, sex, national origin, age,
  $200 registration fee.
                                              veteran or sexual orientation.

                                              The Aveda Institute does not recruit
                                              students that are currently attending
                                              or admitted to another school
                                              offering a similar program study.

  To schedule an informational
  interview, call the Admissions
  Department at 515-224-5244 or
  toll free 1-877-283-3225.
          Schedule and Tuition

16   17
“Our mission at AVEDA is to care for the world we live in, from the prod-
ucts we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At AVEDA,
we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsi-
bility - not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.”

                        Horst M. Rechelbacher, Founder, AVEDA
          Sources of
          Financial Assistance

          Cash or Credit Card                          Tuition Waiver
          The Aveda Institute Des Moines offers        for Multiple Programs
          a $1000 discount to Cosmetology              Aveda Institute offers a $800 waiver
          students and a $350 discount to              on tuition if you enroll in a second
          Esthiology students who pay their            program. You must begin the second
          tuition in full 30 days prior to first day   program no more than six months
          of classes.                                  from your first graduation date.
          Financing                                    Private Scholarships
          Please see Student Services                  A number of organizations and cor-
          Coordinator for additional payment           porations offer scholarships. Check
          options that are available..                 with our Financial Aid representative
                                                       or with your employer or parents’
          Sallie Mae/Personal Loans                    employers for available scholarship
          Students may be eligible for financ-         programs.
          ing up to 100% of their tuition. See
          Student Services Coordinator for more        Veteran’s Benefits
          information.                                 If you are an honorably discharged
                                                       veteran of the armed forces or
                                                       a dependent of a deceased veteran,
                                                       you may apply for veteran’s educa-
                                                       tional benefits. Please contact the
                                                       Veteran’s Administration Office to
                                                       determine eligibility and or further

18   19

Placement                               Individual Guidance                    Student Activities
With a network of many salons, spas     If you experience personal chal-       While at the Institute, you’ll have
and experience centers nationwide,      lenges, Aveda Institute encour-        the opportunity to participate in a
the Aveda Institute can help you        ages students to contact Student       variety of events and activities that
begin your professional career. We’ll   Services for a list of local crisis    are educational, interesting and just
help you gain the knowledge you         hotlines, which provide personal       plain fun..
need with biannual career fairs and     counseling referrals to a network of   Alumni Association
self-promotional instruction.           professionals.                         Aveda Institute Alumni Association
Nonetheless, the Aveda Institute                                               allows graduates to keep in touch
is primarily an institution of                                                 with classmates, receive advanced
learning and does not guarantee                                                training and placement assistance.
job placement.

          Student Evaluation                           Access to Cumulative Records
          Your progress at the Aveda Institute         Students, and parents of students
          Des Moines will be evaluated on each         under the age of 18, who are in regular
          Phase of your program. Each phase            attendance at Aveda Institute Des
          consists of: written, practical, projects,   Moines, have the right to inspect and
          clinic or model days, quizzes, and           review the student’s educational, finan-
          homework.                                    cial and attendance records to ensure
          Grading Scale                                they are accurate, factual and do not
          100 | 97      A+ High Honors                 violate the student’s privacy or other
           96 | 95      A Honors                       rights. Students and/or parents should
           94 | 91      B                              schedule an appointment with the
           90 | 85      C                              administrative team leader to review
           84 | 80      D                              the student’s records.
           79 Below     F                              Student Information Release Policy
          Satisfactory Progress/Probation              Aveda Institute Des Moines requires
          1 Students must maintain an 80% aver-        written authorization from a student or
          age in each phase to meet satisfactory       parent/guardian (in case of a minor) or
          progress.                                    graduate in order to release academic,
                                                       attendance, enrollment status, financial
          2 Students must maintain 95% atten-
                                                       and/or any other information to agen-
          dance in each phase to meet satisfacto-
                                                       cies, prospective employers, or any other
          ry progress. For a complete description
                                                       party seeking information about the
          and specific number of days that can
          be missed in each phase, please refer to
          your Student Manual.

20   21
and Licensing

    Graduation Requirements                  Additional Hours                        Licensing Requirements
    To receive a diploma from Aveda          If a student, after completing          To receive a license in the state
    Institute, you must:                     the required number of hours            of Iowa, a cosmetology or
1   Meet the minimum course require-         for the course, requests addi-          esthiology student is required to:
    ments.                                   tional instruction, it may be       1   Submit a Diploma issued by a
                                             provided at the discretion of the       licensed school of Cosmetology
    Complete 2100 hours for
                                             administrative team leader, at          Arts & Sciences (including date of
    Cosmetology, or 600 hours for
                                             an hourly rate to be paid by the        graduation).
                                             student in advance. Hourly rate
                                                                                 2   Complete application form and
3   Complete tuition and fee obliga-         is determined by dividing the
    tions.                                                                           licensure fee (payable to the Iowa
                                             current tuition by the number of
                                                                                     Board of Cosmetology Arts &
4   Meet satisfactory progress require-      hours in the course.
                                                                                     Sciences) and submit to the Board
5   Meet service quota requirements.
                                                                                 3   Successfully complete the
6   Participate in extracurricular activi-                                           NIC examination with a score
    ties including career fairs, student                                             approved by the Board.
    shows, student recognitions and
                                                                                 4   Complete an exit interview.
    other activities.

7   Complete Final Practical Exam.
                                       Policies and Standards
                                        To help you achieve excellence in cosmetology and esthiology, we have
                                        established these guidelines to ensure fairness, understanding and
                                        positive work habits among our students.

Standards                             1 Maintaining   a professional appear-          c. Footwear should be professional in
Because every student is a future      ance is vital to success. A professional        appearance and worn at all times.
employee, manager or entrepreneur,     appearance includes:                            No flip flops or tennis shoes are
you must meet these standards of      a. The uniform provided in the student’s         allowed.
professionalism, which will prepare      kit is to be clean, neat and worn            d. Aveda Institute Des Moines reserves
you for the demands of your future       during all classroom and clinic-floor         the right to maintain an esthetic
career:                                  hours. It should not be torn, stained         standard for all students, including
                                         or altered. If it does not meet these         professional personal hygiene
                                         standards, the student has 24 hours           and grooming and, to the extent
                                         to replace it from Aveda at the stu-          appropriate, makeup, appropriate
                                         dent’s expense. The uniforms sup-             facial hair and standard dress
                                         plied are to be worn with full length         code adherence.
                                         black dress pants and solid black shirt.     e. Students who, in the reasonable
                                         No logos, graphics, or prints will be         determination of Aveda Institute
                                         allowed with the exception of official        Des Moines, are not dressed
                                         Aveda shirts. Official Aveda shirts that      professionally will be dismissed.
                                         are black are acceptable.
                                      b. Identification badges are to be worn
                                         as issued during all clocked hours
                                         to identify students to clients. If
                                         badge is lost, the student must
                                         replace it immediately at a cost of

   22   23
    To help prepare you for the workplace, Aveda Institute operates much like a
    professional salon environment. Late arrivals, absences and other interruptions
    in your training have a significant effect on your achievement—just as they would if you
    were an employee in a salon, day spa or other professional environment. By law, we must
    keep track of your training hours for licensure or certification.

2   Students are expected to conduct               3   To ensure that each student          5   All services or work done by students
    themselves in a professional manner                receives consistent and com-             must be assigned by, performed
    at all times and be mindful of the fol-            prehensive instruction in the            under the supervision of, and
    lowing:                                            classroom and clinical environ-          evaluated by an instructor within
    a. To maintain a learning environment              ments, students must remain in           the educational situation. Students
      for all students, anyone who is                  assigned areas or receive instruc-       who refuse an assigned service will
      disruptive in the classroom or on the            tor permission to be in unas-            be dismissed for the remainder of
      clinic floor (rudeness, foul language            signed areas.                            the day. Student kits are to be used
      or other unprofessional behavior)                                                         for assigned services only. Only
                                                   4   To benefit from the training and
      may be dismissed for the day.                                                             authorized solicitation of products,
                                                       technical experience Aveda
                                                                                                merchandise or services will be con-
    b. Food, candy and gum are allowed in              Institute offers, students must be
                                                                                                sidered professional.
      the lunchroom area only. Beverages               mentally alert and have a sober
      can be consumed in the lunchroom                 state of mind. We strongly sup-      6   Students are responsible for their
      and classroom areas only.                        port the National Drug Prevention        own personal property. For the
    c. Because Aveda Institute Des Moines              Program, which does not condone          student to perform professional ser-
      is a smoke-free facility, smoking is             the use of controlled substances         vices, student kits are to be complete
      not allowed on school property.                  and intoxicants. Students using          at all times. Any missing or damaged
                                                       controlled substances or                 kit items will have to be replaced
    d. So as not to interrupt the education-
                                                       intoxicants will be terminated.          by the student within 24 hours.
      al process, students will be notified
                                                                                                Stealing, cheating, defacing or dam-
      of emergency phone calls only. Cell
                                                                                                aging student or school equipment
      phones are not allowed in classroom
                                                                                                will result in termination and require
      or clinic floor.
                                                                                                monetary restitution.
Minor Standard Violations                    Minor Standard Suspension                   Major Standard Violations
Minor violations include assigned            Students who are suspended by the           Major standards include using
area violations, property misuses, cli-      Review Board have up to 30 days to          controlled substances/alcohol,
ent service violations, unprofessional       provide the Board documentation that        defacing or destroying property,
behavior, dress code violations and          the stipulations have been met. Once        stealing, falsifying documents,
any disruptive behaviors determined          the Review Board has agreed that the        committing fraud, abusing and/or
by instructors and team leaders as           student is prepared to comply with the      causing physical harm to others and
interrupting or preventing the regular       professional standards of the school,       violating local, state and federal
operation of the school or interrupting      the student may return to school;           laws. At anytime during a student’s
or preventing the education of other         however, a record of suspension will be     program, the violation of a major
students.                                    recorded in the student’s permanent         standard will result in termination.
Anytime during the student’s program         file. While a student is suspended,
the violation of a minor standard may        no clock hours may be earned, and
result in lost hours, and repeated viola-    tuition charges are suspended.
tions may result in suspension from          If a student on suspension fails to
the school or termination.                   respond in 30 days, the student is
                                             automatically terminated.

               Attendance Policies          Absences                                    will receive a warning letter
                                            If students encounter situations that       communicating that their pool of
                                            mandate missed hours, such as               hours has only 10 hours remaining /or
                                            emergencies and illnesses, each field of    that they have exhausted their
                                            study has a predetermined emergency         Saturday hours. After 105 hours and 15
                                            “pool of hours” that can be used for        minutes of absences or 30 hours and 15
                                            class or clinic time missed. The pool       minutes missed on Saturdays, the stu-
                                            of hours has been established as the        dent is terminated without appeal.
                                            maximum amount of time that stu-            Esthiology: Esthiology students can be
                                            dents can be absent and still achieve       absent for a total of 30 hours, only 10
                                            the quality of skills that will be neces-   of which can be missed on Saturdays.
                                            sary in the workplace.                      After Esthiology students have been
                                            Students are required to maintain 95%       absent for 20 hours or have used their
                                            attendance rate in each phase. Please       10 hours on Saturdays, they will receive
                                            refer to your student manual for the        a warning letter communicating that
                                            maximum number of hours that can            their pool of hours has only 10 hours
                                            be missed in each phase.                    remaining or that they have exhausted
                                            Cosmetology: Cosmetology students           their Saturday hours. After 30 hours
                                            can be absent for a total of 105 hours,     and 15 minutes of absences or 10 hours
                                            only 30 of which can be missed on           and 15 minutes missed on Saturdays,
                                            Saturdays. After Cosmetology students       the student is terminated without
                                            have been absent for 95 hours or have       appeal.
                                            used their 30 hours on Saturdays, they

                                            Please refer to your student manual for the maximum
                                            number of hours that can be missed in each phase.

   24   25
Late Arrival                                 Time Record Policies                      Holidays
All students arriving late must: clock in;   It is a state requirement that the        Aveda Institute recognizes the
proceed to the student service office to     school provide an accurate system for     following days as legal holidays:
complete a “late arrival form”. When         recording all students’ times, services
                                                                                       New Year’s Day
students are tardy more than 3 times in a    and class hours. Students are ultimate-
                                                                                       Memorial Day
phase, they will be dismissed for the day.   ly responsible for tracking hours on a
                                                                                       Independence Day
Students arriving after 8:15 will be dis-    daily basis. Aveda Institute Des Moines
                                                                                       Labor Day
missed for the day.                          will honor documented daily time
                                                                                       Thanksgiving Day
                                             worked, up to 10 hours. This is in
Early Releases                                                                         December 25
                                             accordance with the state of Iowa.
Students leaving early must: obtain                                                    Days off due to legal holidays are
an “early release form” to be signed by      Always scan in/out on the time clock
                                                                                       recorded as such and extend the
instructor. Student should then scan out     at the beginning and end of each day,
                                                                                       enrollment contract.
for the day and proceed to the student       and at the beginning and end of each
service office.                              lunch break.

Notice of Expected Absence
Students planning to be absent must:
obtain and complete a “notice of expected
absence” form, have form signed by
instructor, proceed to student service
office and drop off completed form.
Cancellation and
Refund Policies

  Notice of Cancellation and Refund;             monies returned with the exception of the   After 25% but within first
  Buyers right to Cancel                         non-refundable registration fee.            50% of program……………….50%
  The Contract and the student’s              B Thereafter, a student will be liable for:    (less cancellation charge)
  enrollment can be terminated by               1. The non-refundable
  written notice from one party to                 registration fee plus;
  the other.                                                                                 After 60% (if paid in full,
                                                 2. The cost of any textbooks or
  Said notice shall be mailed, postage             supplies accepted plus;                   cancellation charge is not
  prepaid, either registered or certified,                                                   applicable)….No Refund
                                                 3. Tuition liability is as follows:
  return receipt requested, to the other
  party at the address set out in this con-        Refund Table
  tract or delivered to the Student or the         Students are entitled to, upon
  Administrative Director in person. The           withdrawal or termination, a refund of:
  refund policy is as follows:
A A student who cancels within 3 days of           Within first 10% of program………90%
  signing the enrollment agreement but
                                                   (less cancellation charge)
  before instruction begins receives all

                                                   After 10% but within first
                                                   25% of program………………………..75%
                                                   (less cancellation charge)

  26   27
                         C   The student refund may be more than              Veterans Refund Policy
                             that stated above if the accrediting             If the student receives veteran’s
                             agency or federal refund policy results          benefits for attendance in a state or
                             in a greater refund.                             federally approved course and fails to
                             The school shall acknowledge in writ-            enter the course, withdraws or if the
                             ing any valid notice of cancellation             student is terminated at any time prior to
                             within 10 days after the receipt of such         completion, that student receives
                             notice. Any moneys due the applicant             a refund of all tuition fees and other
                             or student shall be refunded within              charges which exceed a pro rated
                             30 business days of the official                 portion of the total charges. The pro rated
                             withdrawal date or the date the                  portion is determined by the ratio of the
                             school discovers that the student                number of days or hours of instruction
                             has officially withdrawn. The official           completed to the total number of instruc-
                             withdrawal date is determined by                 tions days or hours in the course, in accor-
                             the postmark date on the written                 dance with Chapter 36, Title 38 US Code
                             notification or the date said notice is          Section 1776.
                             delivered to a school director in person.
                                                                              An established registration fee in an
                                                                              amount not to exceed $10 need not
                                                                              be subject to pro-ration. Where the
                                                                              established registration fee is more than
                                                                              $10, the amount in excess is pro rated.

All students who withdraw or are terminated from their program may reapply for
admission, unless termination was due to a major violation. A re-registration fee of
$200 is charged and a letter of commitment must be submitted for re-admittance.
Ten Commitments
for Excellence
The Ten Commitments for Excellence states the commitment all team members
and future professionals are asked to adhere to while at the Aveda Institute. These
are the practices we believe will help us succeed in providing maximum guest
service, business and personal growth, and future professional success. All future
professionals and team members should be familiar with and adhere to the follow-
ing Ten Commitments for Excellence:

First Commitment                           business growth. We as team mem-           prerequisite to client satisfaction and
Commitment of Wellbeing                    bers are committed to take advantage       each team member needs to share in
                                           of internal training as well as external   the responsibility.
We believe wellbeing is the corner-
stone for personal and professional
growth. Without personal and profes-                                                  Eighth Commitment
sional wellbeing, our mission cannot       Fifth Commitment                           Commitment to Value Added
be achieved.                               Commitment to Excellence in All            Value Added is doing and giving more
                                           We Do                                      than is expected. We believe that each
Second Commitment                          With our philosophy we become team         of us needs to go above the call of
Commitment to THE PHILOSOPHY               members, working for each other and        duty. The business will grow in direct
                                           ourselves. We have high expectations       proportion to that value added from
We believe in total commitment to
                                           in terms of conduct and know that          each member.
the team. THE PHILOSOPHY is a guide
                                           each of us is a reflection of the team.
for us to follow in our service to our
clients, support for each other and                                                   Ninth Commitment
team growth.                               Sixth Commitment                           Commitment to Innovation
                                           Commitment to Incredible,                  We believe our strength lies in our
Third Commitment                           Outstanding, Unbelievable Client           passion to implement new ideas and
                                           Service                                    embrace change. We realize that inno-
Commitment to be Goal-Driven
                                           We believe in extending such incred-       vation involves risking failure – but we
We believe that we need to set client,
                                           ible service to all clients, that they     choose to fail our way to success rather
service, and retail goals for our busi-
                                           feel like a guest. We must constantly      than fail passively.
ness and ourselves in order to have
                                           anticipate, meet and exceed our cli-
meaning and growth in our lives. We
                                           ents’ expectations.
understand that growth is impossible                                                  Tenth Commitment
without goals and because of that, we                                                 Commitment to Profits through
are goal-driven.                           Seventh Commitment                         Personal and Team Achievement
                                           Commitment to Selling Through              We are committed to the growth of
Fourth Commitment                          Client Satisfaction                        our Company and in turn will reap the
Commitment to Lifelong Learning            We believe that each team member           benefits of the Company’s financial
                                           is also a salesperson and growth is        success. The success of the Company
Lifelong learning and education are
                                           dependant on sales. Selling is a vital     and our personal success are depen-
the basis for personal, professional and
                                                                                      dent on one another.

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The Founder of
Aveda Institute

Horst M. Rechelbacher
Aveda Corporation founder Horst M. Rechelbacher has redefined the face of beauty
worldwide. For nearly four decades, he has been a major, motivating force in hair care and
the beauty industry. A world-renowned hair stylist, artist, entrepreneur and educator, he’s
a master of innovation: moved by a keen intelligence, artistic talent and quest for knowl-
edge, he has invented and perfected cutting-edge techniques, trends, products and treat-
ments imbued with the multiple benefits of pure flower and plant ingredients.
His beliefs in the powers of nature and his efforts to preserve the environment, combined
with his lifelong commitment to excellence, have spawned a new sense of beauty that
goes far beyond surface image. Reflected in Aveda’s expanding global network of educa-
tional Institutes, salons, spas, and Environmental Lifestyle Stores, the Aveda concept of
beauty encompasses a complete system of care, using plant-based products, treatments
and simple rituals to enhance appearance, well-being and the quality of life. In turn, this
approach also advocates more environmentally responsible business practices and life-
Horst’s dynamic vision and ideas are embodied in the Aveda Institute, which he founded
in 1976. Under his vital leadership, the Aveda Institute has become an internationally
acclaimed center of learning for professionals in cosmetology, esthiology, manicuring,
spa body care and massage. Still actively involved in education, Horst continues to develop
and direct various aspects of Institute curriculum and training, always evolving new
techniques and technologies. The very essence of Horst’s vision and ideas, the Aveda
Institute is a stimulating, interactive learning center that offers a comprehensive program
that blends basic theory with practical experience in real-life salon and spa environments.
Aveda Institute was founded by Horst Rechelbacher and is owned by Aveda Institute, Inc.
Our faculty is a skilled team of experienced instructors with knowledge of classic and
contemporary techniques. Instructors have met program licensing requirements and are
trained in all aspects of hair, skin and nail esthetics, body care and related subjects.
The Aveda Institute New York is a cosmetology school approved and licensed by The
University of the State of New York, The State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary
School Supervision, Room 974, EBA, Albany, NY 12234.
   The Aveda Institute was founded to create some of the
   most successful entrepreneurs in hair, skin and nail
   esthetics, makeup and total body wellness. Our students
   are educated by accomplished professionals, using
   innovative curriculums that blend professional techniques
   with retail and business-building skills.
Integrating the elements. Awakening the senses.
    The Institute emphasizes personal well-being as well as
   environmental responsibility. Using Aveda pure flower and plant
   essences and plant-based products, we affirm the relationship
   between personal beauty, wellness and the environment.

                                                                     Aveda Institute Des Moines:
                                                                     6905 Mills Civic Pkwy. Suite 120
                                                                     West Des Moines, Iowa. 50266
                                                                     Phone: (515) 224-5244 or 1-877-283-3225

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