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Powers of attorney                                                                                        factfile

There may come a time, when you face difficulties with
managing your financial affairs or your health and
welfare, and wish someone could do this on your
behalf. We have an experienced team that specialises
in providing all the advice you will need.

Forward thinking                                                        Expert guidance from Spofforths
As none of us can predict what may happen in the years                  We understand that establishing Power of Attorney can be a
ahead, we recommend signing a Power of Attorney as a                    sensitive matter for family and friends. Our advisers will take
sensible precaution to guard against an unknown and                     the time to consider your circumstances, explain the options
uncertain future. At Spofforths, we believe Powers of Attorney          and help you decide which version is best for you. We can
should be considered as one of the basic building blocks of             then make arrangements, handle the paperwork and deal
life - rather like making a will.                                       with any complex issues that may arise. Our offices provide a
                                                                        professional meeting environment or we can visit you in the
At certain times in our lives there may be good reasons why
                                                                        comfort of your own home, whichever you prefer.
we wish others to perform duties that we would normally
handle ourselves. In the event of an accident, illness, or              Depending on your personal circumstances, there are various
infirmity life still goes on, but it can often be too late to arrange   types of Power of Attorney to consider. We have extensive
a Power of Attorney. When that happens a member of the                  knowledge about the various versions available.
family, failing whom, the Local Authority may have to make an
application to the Court of Protection. Doing so can be both
expensive and time consuming.                                                                                               Private Client Services
Private client

Powers of attorney                                                                                                                                     factfile

Who should you appoint as your Attorney?                                                                             Your business affairs
The priority is to choose somebody you trust and who knows                                                           It is not only personal matters that can be handled with Powers
you well, as they will need to act in your best interests.                                                           of Attorney, business affairs can be also dealt with.
Spofforths specialises in acting as attorneys – can we help you?

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
                                                                                                                         Your peace of mind
These cover finances as well as welfare, medical and health care
issues. A Property and Affairs LPA is required for all financial                                                         FREE DOCUMENT STORAGE: We can store all of your
matters including managing accounts and investments and                                                                  important documents, for example, wills, powers of
paying bills. Health and Welfare LPAs deal with health care,                                                             attorney, house deeds and trust documents.
decisions to consent to or refuse medical treatment, carers and                                                          These will be readily available on request.
where someone should live. They are particularly relevant to a
person who wishes to safeguard their interests in the event of an
accident, illness or forgetfulness, or any form of mental incapacity.
                                                                                                                     Find out more
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)
                                                                                                                     If you’d like further information about our professional and
EPAs have been replaced by LPAs but an EPA signed before                                                             friendly service, please ask to speak to an adviser from
2007 remains valid. EPAs are limited to financial matters only.                                                      Spofforths Private Client Services:
Onset of Mental Incapacity                                                                                           Tel: 01403 253 282
EPAs are valid both before and after the onset of mental                                                             Email:
incapacity unless otherwise specifically stated. They must be
registered though in the Office of the Public Guardian following
the onset of mental incapacity. LPAs are not valid until they have
been registered and then whilst a Property and Affairs LPA can
be used straightaway a LPA cannot be used until the donor
lacks mental capacity.

Registration of LPAs and EPAs
An LPA has no legal standing until it is registered with The Office
of The Public Guardian. EPAs must also be registered but only
after the donor is deemed to be mentally incapable of managing
their own affairs.

General Powers of Attorney
A simple form of Power of Attorney, generally over financial
matters, that does not have to be registered but ceases to
operate as soon as the donor looses mental capacity.

Special Power of Attorney
These are designed to cover a special purpose e.g. the sale of
a house but otherwise the rules for a Special Power of Attorney                                                                                                             Bri hton
are the same as for a General Power of Attorney.
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