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									Top Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia
Each of Indonesia's most beautiful beaches in the world is the best option. Here are my
top five of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia are:

1. Balikpapan - an Indonesian island of Borneo in the port on the East Coast. This small
town with its blue skies and a desolate city is cleaned. Of city life is not always a nice
place can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil trip is seen. airplane rides or car and boat trips can
be accessed through. Found in other locations, with facilities including the beautiful and
exciting place to see many beaches. This place is ideal for those who want to stay a
pleasure, but without the noise can be a peaceful and quiet willing.

2. Manado - North Sulawesi, which is the capital of Indonesia's provinces. He is a
resident of the beautiful beach of the bay area for many people. There are also other
attractions here that the sites of the coast. There are many tarsiers will find here makes
this place famous. And everyone once they see these animals Manado Bay Beach will
enjoy the trip.

3. Makassar - the capital of South Sulawesi is the largest city on the island. The beaches
are beautiful here this weekend at the beach well known for the gathering. Visitors to the
beach and enjoy a picnic with your family and friends can swim in the water.

4. Jayapura - where the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, particularly the beautiful
Amai Beach a famous beach in Indonesia and many beach lovers and nature have found a
perfect getaway location.

5. Ambon Island - Maluku Indonesia, part of the hill and is very attractive. Ambon during
the month of October and April the best time to go visit the beach when the summer rains
and without cloudy sky is. This is a summer family vacation trip is the perfect place to

Here are the top five most beautiful beaches of Indonesia should look like. Other
beautiful beaches and charm of this wonderful country that will surely delight all those
who visit. Explore them all when you go to Indonesia and all the best holiday.

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