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					Castrol Techniclean® PC

Product Data
Solvent Parts Cleaner


Castrol Techniclean® PC is a solvent cleaner for cleaning oily, waxy and greasy machines, automotive parts and engineering components.

Performance Benefits § Cleans effectively leaving a bright and glossy appearance without streak or § § § §
haze Compatible with all paint finishes and most metals Low odour Economical Does not harm the Ozone Layer

Recommended Applications

Castrol Techniclean® PC is suitable for most general purpose solvent cleaning applications. It is ideal for removing most oils and greases and is particularly suited to parts washing applications.

Method Of Use

For parts cleaning, Castrol Techniclean® PC is to be used neat and can be applied by brushing, or used in an immersion tank. Castrol Techniclean® PC cannot be used in vapour degreasing equipment designed for chlorinated solvents.

Castrol Industrial
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Typical Characteristics
Castrol Appearance Density @ 15°C Flash Point, °C Techniclean® PC Colourless Liquid 0.775 45

Handling Precautions
The use of PVC gloves, aprons and goggles is recommended when handling this product. The product should be used in a well ventilated place. Do not smoke or use near sources of ignition.

All reasonable c are has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as of the date of printing. However, such information may, nevertheless, be affected by changes in the blend formulation occurring subsequent to the date of printing. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Castrol Industrial North America Inc. products. The MSDS must be consulted for appropriate information regarding storage, safe handling and disposal of a product.

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