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Product Data

Castrol Techniclean 2000
Mild pH Floor Cleaner

Castrol Techniclean 2000 is an economical, mild pH floor cleaner for removing moderate to heavy duty soils. Though it is particularly well suited for floor cleaning, it can also be used for maintenance cleaning such as machine tool cleanouts. Lean concentrations of Castrol Techniclean 2000 will effectively remove lighter soils. Consequently, you can save money by using less concentrate and reducing cleaning fluid purchases. The mild pH of Castrol Techniclean 2000 makes it particularly operator friendly.

Performance Benefits
Versatile cleaning fluid that can be used for scrubbing floors and general maintenance cleaning. Fast-drying, no-slip finish prevents sticking when used in floor scrubbing equipment and manual operations. Ambient temperature operation saves energy and energy dollars.

Soils Removed With Castrol Techniclean 2000
Adhesive compounds Crankcase and light gear oils Grinding oils Heat treat oils Heavy forming oils Heavy viscosity oils Hydraulic oils Lapping compounds Light forming oils Lubricating greases Medium viscosity cutting oils Polishing compounds Pressing compounds Thin and thick soft-film rust preventives

Metal Safety
Castrol Techniclean 2000 can be safely used on ferrous and aluminum substrates. Consult your Castrol Sales Engineer for questions regarding compatibility.

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Product Data
Recommended Applications & Dilutions
Immersion: 5 - 20% concentration; ambient Maintenance: 15 - 20% concentration; ambient

Case History
Account: Manufacturer of mechanical and structural tubing Customer need: Remove rubber forklift tracks, oil-containing rust preventives, waylubes, grease and tube mill cutting fluids from floors This customer was not satisfied with its previous cleaning fluid when the floors in two facilities were cleaned both manually and with automatic floor scrubbers. In one building, where the customer requires a dry floor with no residue, the water hardness is 9 grains. Castrol Techniclean 2000 is used at ambient temperatures up to 125°F (52°C). Castrol Techniclean 2000 clearly outperformed the previous cleaning fluid in manual operations and with the floor scrubber. It leaves the floor dry and removes forklift tracks as well as oil-containing rust preventives, waylubes and grease. In the other building, where the customer visually inspects the concrete floor for cleanliness, the water hardness is 7 grains. Castrol Techniclean 2000 is used manually and with floor scrubbers at elevated temperatures. It has proven more effective and convenient than previous cleaners from Zep and Ball Industrial. Castrol Techniclean 2000 keeps the floor very clean, eliminating soils such as rust preventives, tube mill cutting fluids, oils and rubber forklift tracks. The floors are now free from residue and slippage. The customer pays $2.25 for haul-off services and the estimated cost savings per year with Castrol Techniclean 2000 are $4,000.

Typical Characteristics
Appearance of Concentrate: Clear fluid pH of Concentrate: 8.0 – 9.5 pH of Solution @ 5%: 8.0 – 9.5 Specific Gravity @ 60o F (16o C): 1.09 Bulk Density: 9.05 Nitrites: None Phosphates: Yes Silicates: None

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Product Data
Concentration Control
By titration: 1. Place (pipet) 50 ml sample of Castrol Techniclean 2000 solution into a flask or beaker. 2. 3. 4. Titrate 1.0 N sulfuric acid from a buret until reaching 4.6 on the pH meter. The concentration of the Castrol Techniclean 2000 solution in % (v/v) can be calculated by multiplying the volume of 1.0 N sulfuric acid in ml by the concentration factor. Prior to running tests on field samples, follow the above method using a sample of known concentration to obtain the concentration factor. Concentration factor = % known concentration/ml acid needed to reach the end point. With Hach kit: Add 2 vials of Castrol Techniclean 2000 solution and 1 pillow of indicator to mixing bottle. Count the drops of 1.0 N sulfuric acid required to change the color of the solution from green to pink. Concentration 1 % (v/v) Drops 1 3 2 5 3 7 5 10 6 15 9 20 12

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as of the date of printing. However, such information may, nevertheless, be affected by changes in the blend formulation occurring subsequent to the date of printing. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Castrol Industrial North America Inc. products. The MSDS must be consulted for appropriate information regarding storage, safe handling and disposal of a product.

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Castrol Industrial Americas 150 W. Warrenville Road Naperville, IL 60563 Tel (877) 641 1600 Fax (877) 648 9801

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